NYPD Disrespects Mayor De Blasio By Booing And Heckling Him During Graduation Ceremony

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Two days after hundreds of NYPD police officers turned their backs on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as he spoke at Officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral, the mayor was heckled and booed at the NYPD graduation ceremony in New York Monday. The police force has thrown a lot of blame the mayor’s way over the deaths of two NYPD police officers. Police union head Pat Lynch went so far as to say the mayor has blood on his hands after a deranged murderer assassinated Wenjian Liu and Ramos before turning the gun on himself December 20th.

Apparently, Lynch and many members of the NYPD feel de Blasio’s statements in the wake of the Staten Island grand jury decision surrounding the death of Eric Garner were disrespectful to police. After NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted for killing Garner, the mayor discussed the ruling and general police conduct within the context of his family. Mayor de Blasio is married to a black woman and has biracial children, He explained that in the past he’s spoken to his son about the way he needs to conduct himself around police, acknowledging police tend to treat young black men differently than whites.

The same night of Lynch’s inflammatory comments, officers gathered at the hospital where Liu and Ramos were treated. When de Blasio passed by them, they all turned their back to him to show they blamed him for the two officers’ deaths. Two days later, de Blasio asked protesters to cease demonstrations against police brutality until after the two men were laid to rest. Despite the mayor’s calls for no protests and a non-politicization of the funerals, hundreds of officers still made a display of turning their backs on the mayor as he spoke. Even NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton criticized the cops who took part in the protest, especially considering the mayor had been asked to speak at the funeral by Ramos’ family.

Despite Bratton’s criticism and the general feeling that the NYPD officers acted inappropriately over the weekend, new recruits and officers decided to once again treat the mayor with a certain level of disrespect. When he was introduced at the graduation ceremony, a healthy dose of boos could be heard in the arena. During his speech, de Blasio told those in attendance, “You didn’t create these problems, but you can help our city to overcome them. You can be part of the solution.” Someone in the crowd yelled out, “No! You did!”

Below is video of de Blasio’s speech at the ceremony, courtesy of PIX11:



While it is understandable that law enforcement in this country feels a bit over-criticized these past few months, considering the number of high-profile killings that have taken up the news cycle and led to nationwide protests. However, at the same time, they also have to realize that criticism and examination will only lead to a better way of policing and eventually build more trust in the communities they are sworn to protect and serve. Police officers cannot, and should not, expect unequivocal support for all of their actions and words. They need to accept that they are public servants and, as such, they are open to a wide range evaluations, and yes, criticism.

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  1. Every single one of those @$$h01es should have his graduation status revoked. If I had ever pulled anything like this on the job, my chief would have been the first one to kick my @$$ out of the department.

  2. The “instigators in blue” should all receive pink…as in “pink slips” on their way out of the event.

  3. If they’d stop breaking out the tear gas and tanks every time someone complains about them, the police would get a lot less flack from the people, if you’ll pardon the pun. Their boss the Mayor is elected by the people. The NYPD needs to check their attitudes. With few exceptions they’re the only ones who think they’re clever about this.

  4. 2 suggestions for police.
    1) Mandate smart guns only for all police. No longer have the excuse that the victims of blue murder deserved it because they tried to get police gun. If it doesn’t work for anyone but the person it is issued to then it is not a threat. Also add condition of employment thatthe police can only own smart guns even personal weapons at home, Found with a dumb gun immediate grounds of dismissal and revocation of all benefits etc.
    2) All settlements for police misconduct and legal fees defending these uniformed thugs comes out of the police pension fund. If to many complaints, settlements they end up eating catfood in retirement. It is time these people started to take personal responsibility for their actions rather then hide behind the taxpayers checkbook.

    An addedendum Disrespect of civilian authority is grounds for immediate dismissal with loss of all benefits, retirement etc.
    The only words when addressed by civilian authorities is Yes Sir or No Sir.

  5. As a former police officer let me say that
    the actions of these officers is inexcusable. Those of us who wear the badge
    or have worn it have a sacred duty to set
    a high example and never say or do anything which would bring dishonor or even the appearance of dishonor on ourselves and our communities. I am
    disappointed in these officers and I
    expect better from them and all police officers.

  6. voice of reason Brett! I know I would respect these police men more if, they had stayed at home and done the job they were hired for and paid for by their fellow citizens.
    I have very little respect for any Cop who struts around with badge, gun and all the military equipment they now have these days.
    Strutting around shoving, pushing, arresting ordinary citizens who they should be “SERVING AND PROTECTING.” Just who are they supposed to serve and protect?
    The Mayor has children of mixed race, he
    has reason to inform his children. They should be careful when interacting with police. I know I sure would…..

    I see them all the time in coffee houses, safe fat and very

    well taken care of.

  7. These particular officers actions are unbecoming behavior to officers that wear a uniform. The mayor and the chief of police better deal with these misfits if they want to regain control and respect of that city and the nation. Fire them now…

  8. Somebody at the top better get these a$$holes straight. The work for the mayor and city of New York. If you don’t like it then leave. How the hell do they demand respect from the people when they don’t even respect their boss. These bad eggs will be the death of a lot of good cops. Get rid of them now.

  9. I support Mayor De Blasio … the cops are out of control …

    Maybe he should fire them all and start from the ground up with a force that will support community policing

    All this violence is directly related to lack of economic opportunity in many inner cities. And of course the right wing media will use this to further divide the working class.

  10. I can’t help thinking that this is going to backfire on the police.

    First, they are being dishonest regarding what the mayor has said and done. They are telling flat out lies.

    Second, if they keep it up, it will dawn on civilians, possibly even police supporters, that the police are demanding that the mayor of the city, elected by ALL the people and sworn to serve ALL the people, is to serve only them, the police, and that there is to be no criticism or oversight whatsoever of their actions.

    They are going to start coming across as self-centered, power-mad, demanding, angry, out of control bullies.

  11. Probably like many of you, I was utterly appalled at the infantile behavior of the NYPD who turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at the funeral of one of their own.

    Saw a very apropos Tweet perfectly summarizing their toddler actions:

    Complete list of groups who stage protests at funerals:

    – Westboro Baptist Church

    – New York Police Department


    [NOTE: Tried posting this in another article – but no luck, so I’ll try again. Maybe it’s held for the Mods to take a look since I’m a newbie]

  12. I was told by a person present that the heckling and booing did not come from police officers. Yet, if one reads the title of the article it appears to imply it did. Then within the text it does nothing to change that implication.

    Is that not misleading reporting?

  13. Lets summarize:

    It was a NYPD graduation. Who was present? Could it have been Police?

    The Chief of the NYPD has already said the booing was wrong of them to do.

  14. So every news outlet that covered the event said the booing came from the officers but this one friend of yours said it didn’t? Well my cousin aunt from my fathers side said he saw bigfoot and I believe her

  15. …in the Fleet we had a word for the NYPDs behavior…INSUBORDINATION…I think much of this is because there are union negotiations for their contracts; and Lynch is organizing this to come to the table as big tough guy…this will backfire all over the entire NYPD…even the good cops will be tarred by Lynch’s brush…

  16. …currently across this nation, some departments seem to forget…the military, and the police are under CIVILIAN control for a very good reason…without civilian control, a police state is inevitable…the Pentagon owns a large share of the blame; distributing combat equipment to police departments with-out any training or controls…not even checking if the equipment gets to or stays in the designated police department…I don’t have the link, but there are articles pointing out that military equipment including machine guns have gone AWOL…where does that missing equipment go??? Certainly not to convert for civilian use…{Be the first on your block to own an ARMORED CAMPER!!! Never again worry about other campers infringing on your space; machine gun turret included with a REAL full auto military machine gun mounted to protect your family from…Tent Campers!!!}
    I feel less safe every day…

  17. Iran’s supreme leader vilifies U.S. police on Twitter, says #BlackLivesMatter
    In a series of blunt tweets over the holiday weekend, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei entered America’s debate on race and police violence — comparing unrest in states like New York and Missouri to conflicts in the Middle East.

    On Sunday he tweeted: “#Jesus endured sufferings to oppose tyrants who had put humans in hell in this world& the hereafter while he backed the oppressed. #Ferguson”
    Read More

  18. Just petty! Childish. This type of demonstration shows a total lack of respect and political maturity. To turn their back on the mayor because they don’t agree with his thoughts throws the police department on a bad light. The NYPD should be A-political. STAY OUT OF THE POLITICS. Just do your jobs in a professional way, keep the respect you deserve, don’t tarnish it it with these petty actions.
    From a New Yorker.

  19. They work for the city. They do NOT work for the mayor. That said, when union talks come up, this is not going to go well for them. That means the hundreds of thuggish police will take down all the others with them.

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