Fox News Host Makes Unsubstantiated Claim That Obama And Eric Holder Are “Anti-Police”

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While guest hosting Fox News’ Hannity Monday night, Katie Pavlich said during a panel discussion that President Obama “has a track record of being anti-police” without providing any concrete proof of that being the case. She also stated during the segment that Attorney General Eric Holder’s “track record with the police is not a good one.” Besides making unsubstantiated claims about Holder and the president, Pavlich also used Rev. Al Sharpton as a dog whistle, portraying him an a cop-hating radical who has a close association with the White House.

It appears that the whole point of the short, two-minute long segment was to demonize Obama and allow Pavlich to make the case that his views, and that of his administration, are in lock-step with Sharpton, who she sees as a race-baiting hatemonger. On Monday, prior to the show going on the air, Pavlich wrote an opinion piece for The Hill in which she made the case that Sharpton is one of Obama’s top advisers and it is concerning that someone who spews so much hate regarding race has as much access to the president as Sharpton does.

Considering Al Sharpton has taught his followers and young men in the black community to judge and hate those born with a different skin color, it’s alarming how much access he’s had to the most powerful offices in the country. Sharpton is a liar, conman and professional manipulator. Throughout his years on the public stage, which have been many, the majority on the left have embraced his ideas and upheld him as a go-to source on problems plaguing the black community. Sharpton has been performing this act for years, and he’s finally made it to the A-list on the White House visitor’s log.

When “peaceful” protesters took to the streets of New York City for Al Sharpton’s Million Marchers earlier this month, many of them chanted, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do want them? Now!”

Did Sharpton rightly condemn them? No. Instead, he offered soft rhetoric and tried to distance himself from his own supporters in order to evade responsibility for their actions. When NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were executed, Sharpton had the audacity to turn himself into the victim and tried to gain sympathy from the press by playing an alleged death threat voicemail.

Will President Obama ever condemn Sharpton? Will Holder? No, and it’s because they truly agree with his ideas and believe in his positions, regardless of whether those ideas and positions are based in fact or help the country move forward.

Having already written a hit piece on Sharpton and the White House, Pavlich essentially used the Hannity segment not to moderate an actual discussion about the issues between the NYPD and political leaders on the left, but instead to continue her narrative that Obama is influenced by the hate-filled rhetoric of Sharpton and, because of that, has a natural inclination to hate police. It really didn’t matter that she couldn’t prove POTUS or Holder have poor track records when it comes to law enforcement, or they’ve ever made policy decisions or statements that would reflect poorly on police, it just matters that she believes it is the case, so it must be so.

A former Obama delegate, Brian A. Benjamin, did try to push back on Pavlich’s remarks. However, after pointing out Sharpton had condemned the killings of two NYPD police officers and had donated money to their families, Pavlich cut him off and said he only did that after the deaths. (Because, I guess, Sharpton is supposed to speak out against NYPD killings BEFORE they happen.) Pavlich then wrapped up the segment by making the following comments.

“President Obama’s track record with police is not a good one. Eric Holder’s track record with police is not a good one. This administration certainly backs up what Al Sharpton thinks. But we have to go.”

Period. End of story. We’re all done here. Time to move on.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Mediaite:



Obviously, this is just par for the course for Fox News and the right-wing media as a whole. Pavlich followed the Fox script perfectly by ending the segment with a fact-free statement and not allowing any bit of a retort as she tossed it to commercial, thus leaving that final thought with the viewer. Benjamin’s reaction as they went to break says it all.

24 Replies to “Fox News Host Makes Unsubstantiated Claim That Obama And Eric Holder Are “Anti-Police””

  1. Fox News Host Makes Unsubstantiated Claim

    Not to overstate the obvious but how often does Faux Snooze ever substantiate claims about President Obama or AG Eric Holder?

    Quoting Darrell “Issa asshole” Issa and other GOP muckrakers obviously can’t be counted as substantiated.

  2. The only people fanning racial hatred is fox and their teabagging sycophant’s. From day one they have been broadcasting these lies with their handkerchief wearing house negroes co-signing every lie along the way.

  3. Pavlich is the perfect example of race-baiting. They accuse people of color of playing the race card when they are the ones holding the deck. There has to be something we can do to stop this kind of hate-mongering from the right. It is not free speech when you go on air and lie with the intention of inciting hatred. The right-wing wants a race war so badly they can taste it, they are despicable.

  4. Fox News? Methinks they’ve lost all substantive claim to that word.

    Maybe they’re trying to outdo Breitbart or WorldNetDaily for Mountebank of the Year.

  5. Very similar to what Lou Dobbs ghost writer does frequently on facebook. But this is planned. They all do it on the same day.

  6. Of course, she did not back up her claims. That’s the Fox News way (and I use “News” loosely).

    Having said that, the media needs to stop referring to these protests as anti-police protests (I’ve seen and heard this across the spectrum, from conservatives and liberals, even from MSNBC who the right holds up as being far left when of course they’re not).

    These people are not anti-police – they are pro-police reform. Just like the President and Attorney General are. They want reforms in the police departments across this country. That is all.

  7. Obama and Holder are Anti racist thug cop and the only people who are for them are Fox news and rest of the White Racist Far Right!

  8. So we have come full circle from the McCartney era. If they don’t like you the baggers and rethugs will unleashed the power of the Federal government to investigate you, meanwhile they shut down the IRS for going after the dirty money that funds their campaigns.

  9. Money, as I’ve noticed over the years, turns some people to sh@t. They don’t forget where they come from, they just get this sci fi mindset that they can act foolish. You can’t beat me, I’ve got loads of money. Roger Ailes is only one example, FOX channel. They never intend to be fair and balanced. Just like rasslin’ in the 50’S it’s all phoney and entertainment for the weak minded.

  10. FOX breeds hatred. So I think protestors should start marching in front of FOX and protest. It’s time to shut down their den of evilness and hatred. Hannity get’s these idiots and bimbos to say what he wants to hear and then tries to pass it off as news.

  11. a new stable of stepfords descends upon us uttering completely moronic thing to the cheering of the idiotic fox viewer

  12. Just look at her. If you met her on the street or at any place would you pay any attention to anything she has to say? She probably doesn’t even know what her words mean. Obviously she has been fed the words and opinions and given the bleach and short skirts and told to sit just so her hoohah doesn’t quite show but it might at any time. I would be so ashamed to say and act as she does.
    Why oh why do people, men or women fall for this kind of crap? Sorry but crap is the only word that describes her behavior and her tirade.
    Her parents must be SO proud.

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