Nancy Pelosi Blasts John Boehner For Supporting House GOP Leader Who Addressed Hate Group

Nancy Pelosi hammered John Boehner for not standing up to the extremists in his own party after it was revealed that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise gave a speech to a racist hate group.

Pelosi’s office released a statement that called out Boehner for refusing to stand up to Republican extremists,

Whip Scalise’s involvement with a group classified by the Anti-Defamation League as anti-Semitic and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group is deeply troubling for a top Republican leader in the House.

However, actions speak louder than whatever Steve Scalise said to that group in 2002. Just this year, House Republicans have refused to restore the Voting Rights Act or pass comprehensive immigration reform, and leading Republican members are now actively supporting in the federal courts efforts by another known extremist group, the American Center for Law and Justice, which is seeking to overturn the President’s immigration executive actions.

Speaker Boehner’s silence on this matter is yet another example of his consistent failure to stand up to the most extreme elements of his party.

Boehner eventually did release a statement where he supported Scalise, “More than a decade ago, Representative Scalise made an error in judgment, and he was right to acknowledge it was wrong and inappropriate. Like many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, I know Steve to be a man of high integrity and good character. He has my full confidence as our Whip, and he will continue to do great and important work for all Americans.”

Democrats have pounced on the fact that the third ranking House Republican addressed a group of racists and white supremacists. DCCC National Press Secretary Josh Schwerin said, “Steve Scalise chose to cheerlead for a group of KKK members and neo-Nazis at a white supremacist rally and now his fellow House Republican Leaders can’t even speak up and say he was wrong. While David Duke defends Scalise, Speaker Boehner and Leader McCarthy are refusing to condemn Scalise’s choice of allies. Republicans in Congress might talk about improving their terrible standing with non-white voters, but it’s clear their leadership has a history of embracing anti-Semitic, racist hate groups. Republicans are off to a banner start for their new Congress – on the path to break their own record for least popular Congress in history.”

The news that a top Republican member of the House has been palling around with David Duke is confirmation of what most Americans already knew about the Republican Party. Democrats have chosen to focus their attacks on the meaning of Boehner’s silence. Boehner’s refusal to condemn a member of his leadership team suggesting that the Speaker remains a weak leader who can’t be expected at any time to do the right or necessary thing.

Republicans are showing their true colors, but the problem is made exponentially worse by Speaker Boehner’s refusal to push back against the extremism in his party.

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35 Replies to “Nancy Pelosi Blasts John Boehner For Supporting House GOP Leader Who Addressed Hate Group”

  1. Trent Lott, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Steve Stockman, Beauregard Sessions, Paul Braun, etc etc etc……

    Republicans are a white nationalist party and if you don’t believe me then the sun rises in the west

  2. The House democrats should deny quorum and refuse to show up as long as Scalise holds a leadership position in the House.

  3. They’d need to be sure that they were close at hand in case the R’s figure a way around the quorum rules.

  4. Boehner is simply supporting normal GOP hatred of America and Americans — a group at a time, with third party speakers representing the GOP view.
    The goal is to bring down America. It is something their Evangelical wing has been touting for decades (watch episodes of the 700 club and related televangelists from the 70’s).
    Cute part is — the Bible supports the fall (assuming Washington stands as the symbolic Babylon) “Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America’s Destruction” (eBook is FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers) Amazon /Death-Over-Life-Revelation-Destruction/dp/1497427169
    Of course — the Tea Party and Boehner also represnt anti-Christs who are against the poor, sick, and elderly … apart from their obvious hatred for military veterans who failed to die by the sword, and now deserve their promise (republican denied) reward for service to the nation.

  5. All I can say is why don’t you start thinking for yourself. This is no different that what Pelois and feinstein have done. I made a mistake by being a democrat, and now I’m an independent And now
    Pelois brings up something that happened 14 yrs ago. Look what she has done. We have to pass it to know what is in it.

  6. I think I know the reason why his drunkenness is supporting the racist.

    When the teabaggers take control next year there will be an election for Speaker. The baggers don’t like him and if they don’t play the keystone cops like last time can caused some serious damage or at least embarrassment.

    Even Eric son of Erickson has said that anti-Boehner forces in the House have close to the number of votes they need to deny him another term, or at least embarrass the speaker by sending him to a second ballot.

    So he cant get rid of him because if he do his own power can be in jeopardy.

  7. Actually you were never a democrat because we know math. It happen 12 years ago. Now go back to your homeschool and learn simple subtraction

  8. If he made a mistake just once 12 years ago it would be one thing. But he voted Twice against the MLK Holiday sense then! That tells you were he stands when it come’s to Racial Divide! An he can’t get up there an say he didn’t know what that group was about, unless he thinks the American people are that ignorant? I suggest Rep. Boehner gets out an among the Civilians more, so he understands that people are really smart when it comes to this group an the subject they preach———–an sense his Number one Right man was a guest speaker to this group an the pattern of Racism continued with his vote against the MLK Holiday—-we pretty well know what is in his heart about race an how it CONTINUES to be there.

  9. Not only that, imagine the pressure being put on him by those repubs that do not want Duke to out their names. He has to show support or Duke will show the list.

    Duke is blackmailing the repub party for their support of tea bagging white supremacists.

    Sad really. Something about laying down with dogs with fleas and pallin around with terrorists.

  10. Another “I used to be a…”. Think of something original. “Look what she has done”. And, “You have to pass it to know what’s in it”. Run back to your auntie…your Auntie Cedent, because we sure haven’t seen her. If you can’t be civil, at least be literate.

  11. Well, they’ve worked night and day to run off all minority and female voters, so now they’re down to the RepubliKKKlan party.

  12. N0?

    The ACLJ is one of several American Christian groups that are operating throughout Africa to promote conservative Christian laws, with an emphasis on criminalizing homosexuality, including support for a bill in Uganda that would have implemented the death penalty for homosexuals.

    Heck, even other evangelicals don’t trust the organization.

    ACLJ has also involved itself in the prosecution of LGBT in Russia… on the side of criminalizing them for being what they are.

    You don’t consider that hate? I do.

  13. Well, now I think we should cut Scalise some slack here …

    After all, it’s just damn hard to tell a KKK Rally from a GOP one.

  14. Come on trolls. Come on ‘baggers. Let’s hear your defense of this guy. If a dem did it your heads would explode with outrage.

  15. Been to different websites. They’re just down right fraudulent. And the comments? Those people are in it lock, stock, soul, dead ancestor souls, and God. The misinformation is rampant among their readers. Very scary indeed.

  16. Perhaps not, but it DEFENDS hate groups and radical extremists in every place where they think they can make a political point. They have no core principles other than promoting “Christian” power over all others including other Christians of whom they disapprove.

  17. You think no one could or did read the ACA bill? You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? I read it – all 2000 pages – months before it passed to determine whether or not I supported it. I also read the MA law (very different from ACA) and the CA proposed law BASED on the MA law. I read every word. So did the vast majority of Dems. If the GOP couldn’t or wouldn’t – well, shame on them.

    What EVER would you say if a Dem had spoken to an extremist anti-white group 12 years ago (NOT 14)? You’d be over them like white on rice. This isn’t ‘conservative’ values – these are radical hatemongers whose followers have caused physical harm to others, and Duke was WELL known as a champion of those tactics and actions.

  18. there is no comparison.I suppose you think he is a changed man .no just more sneaky about hiding it. and in case you havent heard independents caucaus with democrrats

  19. They weren’t trying to run them off so much as they were just trying to get them to stop being so uppity and to keep to their place.

  20. “We have to pass it to know what is in it.

    Darrell, you need a new talking point. That phrase is moot.

    The ACA is not a secret, it is a necessity that millions of people are benefiting from thanks to President Obama.

  21. Boehner is spineless and has no scruples just like the rest of the GOP.

    Boehner talks tough, but he is nothing but a jellyfish. He’s too busy looking out for himself rather than his constituents, another GOP trait.

  22. Bowner is a spineless drunkard who cannot handle the job he so dearly wanted. He is not a born leader and cannot control his own party of dufuses. Scalise should be immediately kicked out on his butt. You have to be born on Mars to not know who David Duke is and what he stands for. They tolerate nothing from Pres. Obama,even when he doesn’t do all they say. Mid he was unaware who Duke was then he shouldn’t even be a Congressman for being ignorant in associating with this White Supremist. The only thing wrong was that Scalise got caught. So tired of all the politicians with their lames excuses getting away with being abominations to society. Let him loose his position and resign,that is the only thing he should do after associating with Duke.

  23. Yes, he thinks the American people are ignorant. Afterall, they proved they are by giving more power to antisemitic, racist bigots on November 6. So, why wouldn’t he and Boehner think they can get away with it?????

  24. What Republicons offer to this nation is a lesson in the art of lying. They behave more like the devil’s people vs. God’s people.
    We should all be very,very afraid.

  25. You my friend are a republicon INDEPENDENT. So any way you flip it or toss it, you are a card carrying member of an anti-American racist group who wants to see White Supremacy take the place of Democracy.

  26. They’re not in lockstep with Almighty God, they’re in lockstep with the devil. They just use their “god” to further the devil’s agenda.

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