The Decline Of Newspapers and the ‘News’


Sadly, the decline of newspapers continues. I learned from an award-winning photographer who was just laid off that editors are asking reporters to use their i-Phone cameras to cover stories. A newspaper in New Jersey is now skipping proofreading editors, thus laying off proofreaders, and reporters filings are going straight to the web page, unchecked. A newspaper in Detroit recently posted a Page One photo of a well-known figure, only it was his brother! Experienced journalists are being laid off and replaced with inexperienced journalists to save money.

Filling the void of these lost professionals are slanderous and unethical bloggers with agendas and no journalistic education. Without being vetted, they are often employed as freelancers by newspapers and are used as reliable journalists. It is common that these bloggers never bother to contact the person they are writing about, have no proof, and have no second or third sources, a mandatory journalistic practice. They just make things up, and when it hits the internet, it goes on record as fact. Then Wikipedia judges accept all of it as fact even when it destroys innocent people. The New York Times recently reported on these practices and how widespread they are becoming.

Make no mistake, there are many journalists, bloggers, and editors who maintain a high standard of journalistic professionalism. Every day they fight against the tide of gossip and misinformation disguised as news. They diligently maintain the separation of facts and opinion to keep their profession honest. They cannot win, however, if their employers continue to lay them off and replace them with those less skilled and less ethical. When will newspaper managements, on the whole, stand up against this tide themselves and keep quality as their professional goal? When will they realize that they are destroying the product that they claim to be trying to save?

An unemployed journalist friend who I hold in highest regard told me recently that it is all over, they just haven’t closed the doors yet. Perhaps he is right. The only way I can tell this story is here on Facebook.
How ironic.

Hitting ‘post’ now, without an editor to proofread it…

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15 Replies to “The Decline Of Newspapers and the ‘News’”

  1. I was told in 1992 by a major newspaper publisher his was a “dying industry.” These people knew it before we did and progress, or lack thereof, happens. I do miss the lack of Edward R. Murrows, Walter Cronkites, Huntley and Brinkley and anyone with integrity being involved in the news business.

  2. I used to put on my coffee and go to the corner and pick up my copy of the Chicago Sun times, Defender and the Tribune and read all of them from back to front.

    Now with a click I can get my news. In a way I miss the paper and the smell of it but like the whip and buggy time marches on

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  5. i don’t think it’s the medium thru which the “news” is distributed … printed paper or electronic

    it’s the total destruction of the profession of un-biased investigative journalism that has totally screwed the citizens of the usa

  6. So true. Our media, by and large, has sold its soul and those who wish to safe it are fighting an uphill battle on a slippery slope. I do believe the newsprint industry is on its last breath, soon to be followed by magazines, and sadly books in due time.

  7. While this may not be the best place to do so, I want to wish the Politicus community a Happy New Year. Be safe and be well!

  8. In the meantime can cable TV news become any worse in 2015? With such people as Chuch Todd at the helm of Meet the Press the answer is probably yes.

  9. Some say the time of the print is gone. I was once told that print has been around for as long as man started to communicate with each other. Cyber space is here to stay, but lasting printed memories will always have its place. Without electrical power what is printed in space will surely stay there and never be reached. Printed memories out side of space will be in front of the face and needs nothing but two or many to remain there in place. Nothing against cyber space, but when one stops and think about it and its technology, man’s untrustworthiness with keep printed print in need. It would be truly arrogant to believe that man can be totally trusted when it comes to printing in cyber space.

  10. This article served as a reminder to renew my subscription to my “local” newspaper. In my opinion, we should do everything possible to keep them alive.

  11. Stop subscribing to NH Union Leader, because they never put in editorials nor letters to the editor unless they are from Republicans or conservatives.
    The editor is Always negative on President Obama.

  12. So newspapers are now doing what Faux News has been doing for years. Filing made up bullshit and innuendo as ‘News’.

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