Steve Scalise Voted Against Martin Luther King Holiday Twice

New U.S. House GOP Majority Whip Steve Scalise voted against making Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a state holiday twice while he was in the Louisiana state legislature. The Republican Congressman, who is under increased scrutiny for addressing a White Nationalist group in 2002, has spent the week in damage control mode. Scalise is trying to distance himself from David Duke and the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO). However, his voting record to reject accepting the Martin Luther King holiday will do little to quell suspicions that he is a racist.

In 1999, Scalise cast one of only three votes against establishing the holiday. In 2004, he was just one of six lawmakers to vote down a bill to make MLK day a state holiday. 90 lawmakers supported the measure. Scalise continues to deny that he had any knowledge of EURO’s white supremacist ideology, though one would think the name itself provides a bit of clue.

While rejecting the Martin Luther King holiday doesn’t necessarily out Scalise as a hardcore white nationalist, it does suggest that his views on race are suspect at best. He says he detests hate groups. Then he awkwardly compares a hate group to the League of Women Voters. That bizarre comparison reveals how unoffensive he really finds white supremacists. Or alternatively, it proves that he hates civic minded women who want to provide information to voters. Either position is indefensible.

Steve Scalise will continue to try to run from his dubious association with white nationalists. He may even convince himself that he is “color blind”. However, his two votes against the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday now seem to take on a new significance. At a time when Scalise is trying to distance himself from white racists, his two votes against the MLK holiday are coming back to haunt him. As well they should. Pandering to racists may be smart electoral politics in Metairie, Louisiana. However, it doesn’t look so good when that politician hits the national stage. Now that Scalise is under the national spotlight, his past may undo him politically. His days as Majority Whip may already be numbered.

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  1. So to paraphrase Lionel Richie / Kenny Rogers, it seems Scalise is “Once, Twice, Three times a racist republican scumbag”.

  2. Who votes for these pieces of human waste? He knew Duke was part of the group. If he claims to not have known, he shouldnt be in office if hes that stupid.

  3. In Washington, he’s in his racist circle of friends, and they would never admit any wrong doing by their KKK brother, let alone force him to step down.

  4. Someone with a surname like Scalise living in Louisiana should me more careful about associating with white nationalists or not supporting MLK Day.

    He must be ignorant of the history of Italians in his state. Italians in New Orleans were the victims of the one of the largest mass lynchings in the US.

    David Hennessey, a police chief, was assassinated and the Italians were blamed. Nine Italians were arrested, and found either not guity or had mistrials declared. As a result, an angry nativist mob stormed the jail, apprehending the nine men, plus two other Italians being held there (not related to the murder). Those eleven men were lynched by the vigilante mob.

    After the lynching, hundreds of Italians were arrested “on the false pretext that they were all criminals.”

  5. (Continue)

    As for Scalise not voting in favor of MLK Day, he must also be ignorant of how Italians in Louisiana also died for the ideal of equality.

    In 1899 in Tallulah, five Italian shop keepers were lynched by an angry mob for the “crime” of treating black people as equals in their stores.

    As an Italian-American Scalise disgraces the legacy that the early Italians in Louisiana left, having been killed because of nativism, and killed for embracing equality.

    Had he been alive back then, and had EURO existed, he would have been one of the LAST people they would have invited to speak to them. He would have been a target of their vitriol.

  6. If not mistaken, that was the same year that David Duke made the statement that (paraphrased).. “his Klan mentally types would be in 3 piece suits with briefcases and in the board rooms across this nation”. Apparently he was not just spouting hot air from his foul racist mouth. He knew then he had the likes of this aspiring politician in his racist boot camp. Now that would be some research coup if it was found out that Duke’s statement was made on or about that time. Anywhere around that date is validation that his man’s mentality is not going to change no matter what he spouts from his racist mouth. Understand, if what is suspected is true, then it has been well planned in advance, to continue their racist plans. Anyway, Duke may have inadvertently exposed his racist future foundation he was building for his racist lot at that time. Always said that of 100% of these racists, one only have to worry about that thinking 1%. The rich 1% gives good insight into this societal reasonin…

  7. We already have a tea bag caucus in the republican party, now we will have a neo-nazi KKK caucus, that should persuade democrats who let us down and did not vote in the mid-terms to come out and vote.

  8. Steve Scalise is a feature, not a bug, of today’s GOP

    Many leaders in the Republican Party and its amen corner are shocked—SHOCKED!—to learn that one of its top figures in Congress addressed a white supremacist group in 2002. But Rep. Steve Scalise’s outreach to the white power crowd shouldn’t have come as a surprise to the likes of Erick Erickson or Jennifer Rubin or anyone else. After all, the complete Republican takeover of Dixie in November’s midterm elections represented the culmination of 45 years of the GOP’s Southern Strategy. And as it turns out, the likes of Trent Lott, Haley Barbour, John Ashcroft and so many more of the GOP’s best and brightest casually trafficked in race-baiting and antebellum nostalgia to make it all possible.
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  9. “He says he detests hate groups. Then he awkwardly compares a hate group to the League of Women Voters.” This is absolutely false – where does he say that the racist group is anywhere a similar group to the League of Women Voters? He said he spoke to a liberal group as well, although he’s not liberal. He said he spoke to all different types of groups. Personally, my opinion is this guy is a buffoon but for you to say he compared the groups on the same plane shows how intellectually dishonest you are.

  10. Perhaps you misunderstand what I mean by he compared the two groups…

    I said he compared the two groups, not that he considered the League of Women Voters to be a similar group ideologically. The awkward comparison is this…

    “I don’t support any of the things I have read about this group, but I spoke to a lot of groups during that period,” Scalise said. “I went all throughout South Louisiana. I spoke to the League of Women Voters, a pretty liberal group. … I still went and spoke to them.”

    “I still went and spoke to them” is a reference to say “see, even though I think they are liberal, I talked to them anyway.” By doing that he is sort of saying speaking to the European-American Unity and Rights Organization was no big deal because I also spoke to liberal groups like the League of Women Voters. That is a comparison and an awkward one at that.

  11. How can they be shocked when the whole right wing is blatantly prejudice? Am I supposed to believe they respect our AA President?..when they have posted racial insulting pictures of him and his family since he got into office? I have never in my life seen such an ugly blatant display of racism and hate for this president as the republicans show us every single day. I would be so ashamed if I was their child. Think of the level of respect their children will grow up with for people of color. They wont have any. Its planned that way. How can anyone watching the GOP publicly lie about this Pres and make open racial slurs vote for them? PBO is not a mean man..he is a humble decent man. But the right wing I notice hate humbleness. They prefer hate shrewdness greed like bush “I AM THE DECIDER” then proceed to let Americans die so he can have a war.. destroy America & our reputation. Why are they so destructive and hateful? Denying immigration reform denying jobs all these years.

  12. A lot of people forced to flee one party are forced into the other. Actor Rob Schneider was chased out of California by regulations on his business by democrats.

  13. Oh, the repubes never meant that they were going to do any actual outreach. They were just going to refine their ‘message’ so they’d seem somewhat less racist than they really are.

  14. I don’t think they should have created MLK Day either. I think a Frederic Douglas Day would be more historically appropriate. Rev. King may have just been following orders from Kennedy and Johnson anyway. Is Johnson going to get a holiday?

  15. He voted 2x against a Martin Luther King’s holiday in Louisiana. Just check his voting records in Congress and check who he has been targeting… He walks like a clan, talks like a clan and behaves like a clan…guess what? He is a clan.

    Now, the De Facto GOP leader is David Duke the grand Wizard of the KKK, he had ordered House speaker Boehner not to mess with Scalise or else he should watch is back…

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