Two Year-Old Walmart Shooter A Year-End Scream for Gun Law Reform



It’s the end of an eventful year and the beginning of a new one. I had visions of a fresh start as I sat down to write my final political words of 2014. I’ve had a lot to say about American gun culture over the past 12 months and figured it might be refreshing to explore a different issue. But as I perused The New York Times and came across the headline, Woman at Walmart Is Accidentally Shot Dead by 2-Year-Old Son, I was reminded that it’s nearly impossible to forget about guns in this country for any length of time.

Early this week in a Hayden, Idaho Walmart store, a toddler pulled a concealed weapon from his mother’s purse and fatally wounded her at close range. Almost everyone in the nation can agree that this is a terrible, terrible tragedy. It seems likely a similar number of us would concur that avoidable mistakes were made. Why then can we not come together to change the omnipresence of guns in American culture?


Every moment, in a home, public space, school or office, lies an avoidable accident waiting to happen. Lieutenant Stu Miller, a spokesman for the Kootenai County, Idaho sheriff’s office was interviewed for the Times story. Writers Bill Morlin and Kirk Johnson quote the officer: “‘This situation is such a tragedy, particularly happening so close to the holidays,’ Lieutenant Miller said. Asked why the woman might have felt the need to go armed to the Walmart, he said that carrying a weapon was not particularly remarkable or unusual. ‘It’s pretty common around here — a lot of people carry loaded guns.'”

There are too many guns, and they are too commonly toted around like a charming accessory. That is exactly the problem.

At the end of a column I wrote in late November, Why Ferguson Is Also, And Again, About Guns, a conservative commenter misappropriated a famous quote from Samuel Adams. The insinuation that I prefer “the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom” was leveraged as a suggestion to take my citizenship elsewhere. This predictable right wing retort speaks volumes about the tired, repetitive state of our national public safety conversation. It’s a dangerous bullying tactic designed to scare dissenters into stony silence, as though the only choice we have is between suppression of Second Amendment rights and the unchecked proliferation of weapons. If you’re not for the latter, you must advocate the former. Ergo, you’re a traitor invited to self-deport.

We should be able to soberly discuss whether we collectively want to continue policies that render a family trip to the grocery store a potentially lethal outing. Does one’s Constitutional right to bear arms (as least as some individuals interpret it) really trump another’s right to life? Isn’t that’s somewhere in the Bill too? Where is the balance and how do we locate it together? Because Dear God, we’re not even close.

The events in Hayden also beg questions about timing. Morlin and Johnson interviewed Stefan T. Chatwin, the city administrator, for the Times piece and quote him as saying “that guns are a part of the culture here. The city amended its gun laws just last week, he said, to conform with state laws and make it clear that a gun owner is justified in firing a weapon in defense of persons or property.”

How many more residents are walking or driving around packing heat, ironically fearing the unknown assailant more than the reality that “for every time a gun is used in self-defense in the home, there are 7 assaults or murders, 11 suicide attempts, and 4 accidents involving guns in or around a home?” How long until the Gem State has its own Trayvon Martin case? Idaho’s six percent ethnic minority population better leave the hooded sweatshirts in the closet.

We’re going in the wrong direction in an effort to find a sensible balance between freedom, individualism and community. The choice between self-interest and neighborly responsibility is not either/or. I am tired of reading stories like Hayden’s. I don’t want to hear anymore – but not because I’ll stick my fingers in my ear and deny there’s a problem. Let’s demand our lawmakers do something. Because right now in Idaho there’s a two year-old child without a mother who hasn’t lived long enough to grasp that he was the agent of her demise. His concealed carry suffering has just begun.

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  1. Whats ironic that part of Idaho is home to white nationalist, neo Nazis or whatever you want to call those, I will be nice, people. So if you all look alike share the same hateful beliefs what is there to fear?

    I am sorry but I guess the 2 year old was the good guy with a gun.

    I was taught that the human brain was the crowning glory of evolution so far, but I think it’s a very poor scheme for survival.

    Kurt Vonnegut

  2. I am sorry that the mother was killed by her child. No mother or child should have to go through this.

    This is not an issue about gun control. It an issue that gun owners need to be more careful and follow the rules of owing and using guns.

    Just like cars. If you allow a 2 year to get behind the wheel and he/she manages to start the car and put into gear – bad things will happen. That is why we are told not to leave kids in cars.

    The mother carrying a concealed weapon did not follow the rules and paid for it.

    I and many of my friends carry concealed and we always and always follow the rules. When kids are around, we are even more careful.

    We need to focus on teaching people to follow the rules of concealed carry and make sure they understand these rules.

    Guns do not kill – people do. People who don’t follow the rules cause accidents.

  3. Accidents with guns. Guns made for one purpose. To kill.

    Whats better then being an avid gun person?

    Being alive

    We need to focus on teaching people guns are never an answer

  4. The town of Hayden is just north of Coeur d’Alene THE home of the white nationalist movement
    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich in Hayden Lake, Idaho

    Neo-Nazi Builds North Idaho Compound to Replace Defunct Aryan Nations

    So maybe she was armed for the coming race war. All I can say is Darwin rules once again

  5. ..“for every time a gun is used in self-defense in the home, there are 7 assaults or murders, 11 suicide attempts, and 4 accidents involving guns in or around a home?”

    Did you even read this study? First of all it only counted a self defense use if the gun was actually fired. And flies in face of the CDC report that confirmed there were several hundred thousand self defensive uses per year.

    What is your “sensible” compromise? Please for once I’d like the left to give us the final laundry list of their perfect compromise. I’ve never received an answer. Maybe because the final solution is bans and confiscation? Or Australian type laws with a smattering of CA?

  6. Why the paranoia? I’ll tell you why.She is a regular viewer of Fix News. FN has its predominately white viewers scared of their own shadows! The boogeyman is EVERYWHERE! They are terrified to leave their homes for fear of a black man ready to attack, murder, and especially, rape white women!
    Be on guard! Arm yourselves! So now you have morons like this woman that has a very low crime rate, and perhaps a very low black population feeling that she needs to arm herself with a gun that was not secure, around children, and probably didn’t know how to use the darn thing!

    If you are willing to believe everything a propaganda entertainment show says, you deserve whatever happens for not using the brains God gave you!

  7. Before everyone owned a car, death in a car accident was rare. Before everyone started carrying guns around, not very many people died from gunshot wounds.

    Probability and statistics.

  8. How about if you are convicted of a felony or are mentally ill you cannot own a firearm. Here is one that I am quite sure you are against no more gun shows and background checks on every purchase from a licensed dealer. I know this one you really would be against but a 1000% tax on ammunition with the exception on gun ranges. And for the sake of it since you only have 4 limbs, the max of the amount of guns you can own at one time is 4

  9. WTF do you and all your friends need to be carrying guns for? Are you that fearful of the world around you? Or do you just need to feel powerful?

    Jeebus Cripes, when is this country going to attain a collective emotional maturity more advanced than that of the average 14-year-old boy?

    I’m also sick of going to incidents where our run sheets inform us that there are X number of weapons inside the occupancy. (Will they be used against us?). And God knows where the ammo is stored. Do we run the risk of explosion as well as fire?

    Third-world country trying to convince itself that it still has first-world quality of life.

  10. “Guns don’t kill’

    The ONLY function of a gun is to kill. If your intent weren’t to kill, you wouldn’t have a gun.

  11. Why do you and all of your friends need to carry concealed weapons? Are you that afraid of the world around you? Or do you just need to feel powerful?

    When is this country going to advance beyond the collective emotional maturity of a 14-year old boy?

    Another thing: I am sick of going to incidents where our run sheets indicate there are X number of weapons in the occupancy. Will they be used against us? And where is the ammunition being stored? Do we run the risk of explosion as well as fire?

    The USA has devolved into a third-world country trying to convince itself that it still has first-world nation status.

  12. I’ve thought of that. The Lusitania went down exactly because her hold was full of ammo which should never have been on a passenger liner.

  13. Look I ask him a simple question of what is a guns purpose and he didn’t answer and you expect his lizard brain to answer your thought provoking question?
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  14. The husband was quoted as saying that his wife had gun training as did he and that they are a “gun family.” Apparently she was a research scientist. It goes to show you that these incidents have nothing to do with intelligence. Some of the most educated people are paranoid and live in an alternate reality. She must have been trying to keep track of the several children in her charge that day. One moment of distraction with a gun around – disaster. A gun is not your wallet people.

  15. And where is the ammunition being stored? Do we run the risk of explosion as well as fire?

    No. Read “Fire Journal” for January, 1977.

  16. I am just waiting to see what it will take…
    Sandy Hook….no
    A two year old killing his mother…no…
    I don’t care about that stupid mother who was killed by her own gun by her own son because she was an idiot…she was an asshole… I want to see it make some kind of difference to the sacred gun lobby and the extremely stupid Rethuglicans.

  17. You gotta be a crazy person to think of carrying a loaded gun to WalMart to shop. And you gotta be a crazy person to go to WalMart knowing that management allows crazy people with guns in their stores. There is good psychotherapy available for those of you who feel too insufficient to go about life without a killing machine in your pocket. I suggest seeing a good psychiatrist and finding out the underlying psychopathology of that insufficiency and trying to amend it in a harmless way.

  18. And the psychological damage to the 2 year old when in later years he will be in psychotherapy when told he killed his mother when he was 2 years old. Beggars belief.

  19. Guns have 4 uses – deterrence, intimidation, control and lethal force and only the latter causes injury or death. Shooting someone is a last resort as every law abiding gun owner knows every bullet has a lawyer attached to it.

  20. Guns have 4 uses – deterrence, intimidation, control and lethal force and only the latter causes injury or death. For law biding citizens, shooting someone is a last because every bullet has a lawyer attached to it.

  21. Re: “How about if you are convicted of a felony or are mentally ill you cannot own a firearm”

    It’s currently illegal to own a firearm if you are convicted of a felony. Since if doesn’t seem to be a much of a deterrent, how about imposing a mandatory death sentence on any recidivist with a violent criminal history that uses a firearm to commit a crime regardless of the person’s upbringing, living environment, age, ethnicity, IQ or mental health?

  22. Obviously, from your comment, all the cops in the US need to go to constant psychotherapy since they all carry loaded guns everywhere they go.

  23. Re: the so-called gun show loophole and the 40% or 80% of firearm sales that transpire without a background check – the Brady Campaign cites that statistic to a 1997 DOJ report ( – Table 8) that interviewed criminals serving prison sentences to determine where they got their firearms. In that study 39.6% said they got their guns from private sales or transfers from “family and friends” which didn’t require a background check. This begs the question – what are the scruples of the family and friends of a criminal? I don’t know what new law you could pass to close a loophole that would force likely witting family members or criminal cohorts to run background checks on other criminals when all the parties involved will probably ignore any relevant laws. Note, in the same study, another 39.2% said they obtained their guns illegally (which obviously didn’t require a background check) while only 0.7% said they got their guns from gun s…

  24. Re: “background checks”

    If the total extent of what you really want is universal background checks, the answer is simple and easy – give anyone free, anonymous, public access to the federal NICS background check database of persons prohibited from owning firearms and then tell private sellers if you sell or give a firearm to someone and don’t retain a piece of paper that documents you did a favorable NICS check on the buyer, you could be held liable if they commit a gun-related crime. There is no reason to get the government involved any further in the process unless you have other goals in mind like a federal registry of all firearms.

  25. Sorry – guns are designed to kill. Exclusively. They weren’t designed to deter, intimidate or control. Guard dogs and signage are designed for that. Guns were invented and engineered exclusively to end life. This country’s love affair with an instrument of death is SICK. And it’s not as if one needs a gun to survive, either. No other first-world nation has this peculiar obsession.

    Then again, I did say that the USA is really no longer a first-world nation.

  26. Yeah, right. In August 2005 I was at a house fire where the ammo DID go off. It was a fully-involved structure fire so we weren’t going inside, but it most certainly was causing explosions inside.

    So don’t try to bvllsh1t me. Gas tanks don’t NORMALLY rupture and ignite with a car fire, either. But it has happened.

  27. Re: “How Can A Convicted Felon Receive Firearm Rights?”

    If a felon is willing to follow the law and appeal process through the judicial system to have his/her gun rights restored, what’s the matter with that? I ‘d be more concerned about felons that try to obtain guns illegally.

  28. Re: “Sorry – guns are designed to kill. Exclusively.”

    I never said they weren’t designed to kill – I just said that’s not how they are always used.

  29. I would like to know how and why guns with such soft triggers are made and sold. Guns that can be fired by 2yos and dogs or simply by being dropped! Insanity.

  30. I use them to chop up vegetables, cleave meat, and cut down lianas…no, sorry, that’s my machete.

  31. As a co-author with a former NYPD officer, I can say that officers in any jurisdiction larger than Podunk Junctions do need regular access to psychotherapy. The good officers are not only stressed out by their job, but by having to do it in the face of obstruction by brutal and venal colleagues and superiors. As for the latter, with regular access to counseling, they might either have been kept from turning or weeded out.

  32. “How long until the Gem State has its own Trayvon Martin case? Idaho’s six percent ethnic minority population better leave the hooded sweatshirts in the closet.”

    Actually, don’t sweat the hoodies. As long as nobody is planning to pound some guy’s head into a sidewalk, they should be all right.

  33. What I really can’t comprehend is the insane love affair with GUNS! What the h#ll? What’s with the paranoia about no giving up your gun until it’s pried from your “cold, dead hands?”

    I can’t imagine feeling like this. I’ll bet these people take their guns into the shower with them because you just never know. Remember “Psycho?”

  34. >What I really can’t comprehend is the insane love affair with GUNS! What the h#ll? What’s with the paranoia about no giving up your gun until it’s pried from your “cold, dead hands?”

    >I can’t imagine feeling like this. I’ll bet these people take their guns into the shower with them because you just never know. Remember “Psycho?”

    Let’s turn this around:

    >What I really can’t comprehend is the insane love affair with FIRE EXTINGUISHERS! What the h#ll? What’s with the paranoia about not giving up your extinguisher until it’s pried from your “cold, dead hands?”

    >I can’t imagine feeling like this. I’ll bet these people take their extinguishers into the shower with them because you just never know. Remember “Psycho?”

    Look at it this way, Do you have a fire extinguisher in your car? Kitchen? Do you have a first aid kit in either or both places? Likely, if you’re smart. Why? Problems are best resolved immediately, not 5-30+ minut…

  35. … And you can’t put out a fire with a gun. Right tool for the right problem. A fire extinguisher’s not going to do you a bit of good against a mugger or carjacker.

  36. No, I don’t carry a gun in the shower. I do, however, carry one outside the house, where it’s legal to do so. I also have a first aid kit, cpr mask and gloves, multitool, flashlight, poncho, knife, lighter, and some other stuff.

    I have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors on all floors of my house, and first aid kits where needed.

    In my car, I have fire extinguishers, first aid kits, tools, and emergency supplies to include food, water, and shelter. I also have spare head and tail lights, motor oil, flares, and suchlike.

    Bottom line: I, and I alone, am responsible for my own safety and security. I choose not to be a helpless princess, constantly in need of rescue.

  37. Can’t install many screws with a hammer, either.

    A firearm is a tool, same as that hammer. And you can kill someone with a hammer. Or with a fire extinguisher: They’re heavy.

    Or you can use a CO2 or Halon extinguisher to asphyxiate them, a water extinguisher to drown them, Purple-K to give them silicosis, or you can use any incompatible extinguishers against power transmission and generation systems to cut electricity to a region in the middle of a blizzard. Would you prefer freezing to death? I wouldn’t.

    Everything and anything can be used as a weapon to an individual with a mind to.

    Let’s not forget that “calling the police” is merely having another use violence (with a firearm, in all likelihood) on your behalf. So what’s the problem with cutting out the middleman? At least Joe Citizen is answerable to more than one court of law. (Civil and Criminal) A police officer? Yeah, right. An administrative hearing conducted by his boss isn’t the same as a hearing with…

  38. I’m sure your infantile insults are going to win over a lot of new converts to your cause. I’m always fascinated by people that use derogatory remarks to gain consensus on an issue. My brother said it best a few years ago,” I don’t own a gun, but I despise the arrogant elitist attitude of the people pushing for gun control”.

  39. Turn this around:

    “I’m just waiting to see what it will take…
    Joseph McCarthy…No…
    Jenny McCarthy…No…
    I don’t care about that stupid person who said something dumb because they were stupid…they were an asshole… I want to see it make some kind of difference to the sacred free speech lobby and the extremely stupid politicians.”

    Sorry, but there’s this thing called a “Constitution”, and in that Constitution, there’s a “Bill of Rights”, with guarantees to a number of “natural rights”, like “freedom of speech and religion”, (expression) “the right to keep and bear arms”, (self defense) “freedom from quartering troops in your home”, “due process and jury trials”, “reasonable searches and seizures”…

    Take one away, the rest no longer become natural rights, they become “government permitted actions” Like North Korea.

    I refuse to give up my right to self defense because it discomforts you. Same as I would refuse to give up my right to expr…

  40. Since you referred back to your “Ferguson – it’s about guns” post, I gave it a look. Here’s one comment that stood out, for me: “Whatever happened, as another colleague of mine asked this week, “to shooting in leg?” That’s if we accept just cause for firing in the first place.”

    What happened to it, is that “shooting in the leg” has NEVER been a valid practice in defensive shooting. “Shooting to wound” is utterly pure Hollywood BS. You shoot, as Wilson in fact said in his testimony, to stop the threat. That means aiming in the middle of the largest target presented – in other words, center of mass.

  41. Not so. My co-author, then an officer with the NYPD, answered a psych run where a man named (no poop) Anthony Perkins was trying to kill his mummy. He did go and take him down with a non-lethal shot, after which Mr. Perkins was carted off to Bellevue. The young man’s mother was quite grateful for the restraint that was shown. Nowadays, a taser might have been the means of choice.

  42. Arrogant elitist attitude of people who don’t want a score of first-graders or some housewives and toddlers in Kroger to end up looking like a Fearless Fosdick comic? Damn, that’s snobbish of us!

  43. I always love to read about the emotions people have about how bad firearms are in a civilized society. You blame suicides, accidental shootings, paranoia, you blame the 2nd Amendment for being archaic…etc. What you really need to do is blame the person who doesn’t have the proper training and maintain awareness for the firearm. Don’t BLAME GUNS on being the problem. Because with all your logic, I can put up the same arguments, with Alcohol, with Automobiles, and kitchen cutlery. Do you want to ban those items? Of course not! We live in a land of liberty. Living in a land of liberty, we have certain inalienable rights….self protection is one of them. The one thing that makes even the weakest victim on equal par with a stronger aggressor is a person properly trained with a firearm. If you don’t like living in a land of liberty, you have freedom of choice. You are more than welcome to move North or South of the border. There will ALWAYS be firearms in America!

  44. Well sir what about Switzerland, they allow their citizens to own rifle that are not only semi automatic but can also go full auto. And there is that little thing called the Second amendment that absolutely drives Prog-lib SJW’s moonbat crazy.

  45. No, the second doesnt drive anyone crazy, people like you do. People who think guns are a way of life and who go moonbat crazy over open carry. You see, YOU are dangerous

  46. You used to live in a land of liberty. But you havent for a long time.

    It doesnt matter how well a person is trained, more and more every day people are using guns to solve problems. The agressor crap is just that. If someone has the low down on you, they wont wait while you get your penis out to shoot back. Dump the wee lame arguments

    I would go with banning alcohol. Thats fine with me. But not blaming guns along with people, thats pretty naive

  47. Please do not speak of nothing you know of. The Swiss since have a policy of neutrality does not have a standing army as we understand it. But they have a militia which every able body male keeps a firearm and they have training to defend their country which begs the question, what militia do you belong to that defends the country?

  48. OK just a reminder. When you are drinking your moonshine and decide to clean your weapon please make sure it is not loaded so we don’t have to ridicule your dumbass

  49. Ok Kriski let’s scrap the whole Constitution, cause that sounds like what all you Prog-lib SJW’s want in the end. And don’t give me that Tarbh Cac about compromising, gun owners have been compromising since the passage of the NFA.

  50. Guns are made to expel a projectile. Using them to kill is the choice of the individual possessing the gun. Guns are also used in certain circumstances to save the life of the individual possessing the gun. Defensive gun uses occur a minimum of 60K times a year and as many as 2 million times a year.

  51. Excuse me? Ask Nico Carlisle about-Huh? ( What’s that? He was shot by the husband of the woman he was holding an gun to during a home invasion? Well, damn.

    Just because _you_ don’t have the time or an opportunity to pull out a weapon doesn’t mean your significant other, friend or nearest Good Samaritan doesn’t either. You can use a hammer to pound in a nail, or you can try a screwdriver. Don’t claim “hammers are useless” because you’re deathly afraid of smacking your thumb. You, not me.

    Next, Prohibition in the 1930s: how well did that work out? What? Not well? Only 13 years and 74% in favor of repeal of it, to include the largest campaigner, (Carnegie) due to the widespread flouting of the law, crime, and ineffectiveness.

    Oh and you seem to be fascinated by the size of everyone’s penis. You might want to seek professional help with that. Be sure to bring up your irrational fear of inan…

  52. Oh whoopee. So you have an example. You are desperate.

    Sorry, your little cliche arguments are worthless. Guns are guns, not hammers, bowling balls or spoons. Get a grip

    I am not the one that has to use a gun in place of no penis. You are. Take your 6 yo argument on the road

  53. Re: “Well I guess the 2 y/o was part of your unorganized militia.”

    No – 10 USC 311 says the person has to be at least 17

  54. I see that the He-Man Cheeto Eaters Club (aka the “Men’s Rights Advocates”) have arrived.

    These are the people that, now that the white middle class has finally collapsed (after forty years of dropping real wages), aren’t smart enough to identify, much less blame, the banksters and other glorious captains of industry who screwed them. Instead, they – encouraged by warmed-over John Birch Society crap spewed by FOX and the billionaire fascist owners of various media outlets – blame nonwhites and females for all their woes.

  55. While this piece is meant to shock us into believing that accidental discharges kill so many people, the true facts don’t quite get there. The National Safety Counsel shows that less than 2 people a day die due to accidental discharges, while roughly 10 people a day die from something as preventable as drowning. Accidental discharges equate to less than .5% of all unintentional fatalities. So while I feel for this family that lost her, it is important to read more than one source to make sure the facts are correct before judging.

  56. Shocked? We are not shocked by this. To many times we have read and wrote about the utter stupidity of people who are ignorant of guns harming themselves or others. Now you may want to put lipstick on a pig and call it Monique but its still a pig

  57. Its their fear against all darkies because we’re out to kill them all…right GOP? Be afraid as the GOP feeds them their daily dose of fear mongering against all minorities–and they actually have minorities in their party shockingly enough. They, their children, loved ones will die by their very own guns…stupid is as stupid does. You cannot help these idiots. WTH would you need a gun in Walmart with a 2 year old child in toe? in your safe white neighborhood? That poor child will have to grow up knowing he killed his own mother. Think how damaged this child will be. But nooo..we must have our guns. Then die by them you idiots. Good luck to you idiots and your BS 1st Amendment rights. Why did you not do this under bush? oh yeah..he was not to be feared..he only lied us into war…destroyed US…let Americans die..but you need guns now that we have a black president? What a bunch of moronic weak petrified idiots. Your fear is killing your kids mothers sisters brothers friends!

  58. Hi Tiger; Switzerland’s gun laws are often touted as an example of “free reign” gun models with low crime and high safety, but that is a gross simplification of their practices. In Switzerland, all fit citizens are expected to do two years’ military service in the capacity of a militia of sorts. If, for whatever reason, be it physical, mental or psychological, one is not deemed fit for service, one can never own a firearm of any sort. Never.

    Likewise, there are two other factors that contribute to their high level of safety; firstly, guns are not perceived as a God-given right, but a civic duty. They are viewed first and foremost to defend the state, not the individual, which, as Waldman states in his book on the history or the Second Amendment, is implied by the wording “security of a free State” as being the intent of the Second (i.e. it is to protect the nation, not the individual). Secondly, whilst guns are common, ammo is not and it is not stored at home. Worth thinking …

  59. Yeah we can. There was not need to take a gun when you have a 2 year old with you. Or she should not have taken the 2 year old knowing she would be packing in case heaven forbid a black person appeared. I mean that is why she packs right? Those darkies?

  60. You make a good point Robyn; also worth noting is that the deaths per million miles driven (the measure the automotive industry uses for safety) has dropped by 90% since cars became privately owned en masse due to the implementation of safety technology and improvements in both legislation and standardisation for safe use of vehicles. Imagine if gun deaths dropped by 90%…

  61. Because she clearly was a FOX viewer…people who watch fox set themselves up for this and anything negative that can possibly happen to you. Since they convince you of the complete opposite. The NRA brain washes you into believing you need a gun 24/7 because heaven forbid the black guy in the WH is out to take your guns away. The President has never ever said he would. Its white paranoia. Gotta show that no black man is gonna tell THEM what they cannot do. So they make their own laws interpret them to fit their insane fantasies..their children or mother gets killed by their very own belief system. I call it self genocide. Go ahead knock yourselves out. I’m just glad I’m not one of you idiots who feel they must, have to have a gun on them. All these years we never had this. Now an AA president in the WH and we need guns! SYG designed b/c of this black pres to justify killing black young men. You see how well thats been working for them? Live by the gun die by the gun. And you will

  62. Rights, responsibilities and laws have always been intertwined; is it a violation of the Second that you aren’t allowed to fly armed? Few gun control advocates are either expecting or demanding total abolition of firearms as either a right or as property; however, as with cars or anything else that has the ability to inflict death or injury, the expectation should be that responsibility goes hand-in-hand with rights. Gun laws that place intelligent practices in place are not a punishment against lawful gun owners, but merely a structure to enhance safety. Will it stop all crimes? No. Will it eliminate gun violence? No. But these are not excuses to do nothing, nor to adopt an either/or approach, assuming that you either have access to all guns, all the time or no guns any time. Society doesn’t work like that. Here in Australia, you can own guns, but responsible gun laws halved our murder rate, and even aided in dropping our violent crime rate, since criminals have less access to guns….

  63. Oh please….Let’s be really clear. Guns have ONE purpose, which is to kill a person or animal. That is the only reason the thing was designed. And professional gun carrying people know that when they decide to use it, that is the INTENDED outcome. If the person or animal does not die, then they messed up. It’s intended to kill. Guns have ZERO other purpose. Stop with the bullshit.

  64. True Andrew, guns are used to defend against home invasions; but they are more commonly used by one spouse on another. A study across the OECD in 2012 found that American women are eleven times more likely to die at the hands of their current or a former intimate partner than any other women in the OECD.

    Prohibition was a disaster, but the analogy is interesting; there are limits on alcohol today, such as age, overuse and irresponsible consumption. And this too, is the goal of many gun control advocates – to put in place intelligent practices and laws that enhance safety…

  65. It was a horrible tragedy. The lesson we should learn is that off-body carry is not an option for people who are around children.

    As for why we need an armed society, blame those who allowed the crime rate to rise in the late 1960s. We complained to the government for a quarter of a century without things being put back they way they were, only to be told that there wasn’t much police could do about street crime until the root causes — racism, poverty and economic inequality — were eliminated.

    We were pretty free of robbery until the 1960s despite those root causes, but no matter — apparently something changed.

    So until there’s a general agreement that racism, poverty and economic inequality have been sufficiently ameliorated, we have to accept that there’s not much police can do — and therefore must be ready to shoot back ourselves. That’s just the way things are.

    We’ll just have to learn from these horrible events and refine our tactics.

  66. The right wing,Fox,NRA and crazy people have made us a nation afraid of our own shadows. ,I would never,as a Mother,carry a gun that could easily be obtained by my children. They are grown now,but I still will not have a gun or any weapon within reach of a small child. Leaving your purse open is inviting trouble when you conceal carry. You are to protect the child,not endanger them or you. I still will never carry a gun and continue my faith in humanity. Guess if it’s my time something will happen. I cannot be so afraid of just shopping at Wal Mart that I would take a weapon with me. It’s crazy for stores and any business to allow this. Guess it makes them feel more powerful,I think it just shows how paranoid they are.
    We are turning into a really sick society. Guess they take them to weddings and funerals too,maybe a Kindergarten Graduation. What a horrible way to exist,being afraid of your own shadow.

  67. I reserve the right to polite doubt. Your article is light on details and heavy on hand wringing. Handgun trigger pull weights typically run from 4 to 13 pounds. It is unlikely that a two year old would have the strength to pull that trigger. Note also that, in our litigious society, guns don’t “go off” by themselves, or fire when dropped. Please supply details like make, model, caliber and trigger pull weight of the gun in question so that we who understand such things may judge. Otherwise you will appear a mendacious Democrat who dances in the blood of the dead to gain political advantage.

  68. You have a reading comprehension problem, Kitten? I already said that this was years before tasers were invented and that’s why he gave Psycho a flesh wound.

  69. An armed society brings more danger than it solves; a study done in Philadelphia in 2004 found that individuals carrying guns were 5 times more likely to suffer gunshot wounds than those not carrying, and 4 times more likely to be fatally shot. A 2012 OECD study found American women are 11 times more likely to die at the hands of a current or former intimate partner than any other developed nations’. A psychology study done in 1994 (it’s worth a read: found that guns can evoke feelings of aggression by what is called ‘priming’. Guns give the illusion of safety and empowerment, but in reality, they provide neither…

  70. If you were to make an argument without resorting to the kind of invective beginning with “mendacious Democrat”, your argument would be worthy of more serious consideration. However, pretending it is, it is still rebuttable. Guns may either be manufactured with hair triggers– the early Glocks were notorious for this– or be retooled after manufacture to have them. I will, however, consider your implication that the Tooth Fairy did it and framed the kid, so long as you can state a motive.

  71. WHy dont you look it up since this article is all over the place. Be a big shot. Do it.

    You dance in the blood by defending guns.

  72. Please provide facts to support your contention that violent crimes are up because the FBI and every other reputable source says they are way, way DOWN.

    What is different is that society as a whole is demanding that white people treat people of color as human beings. We white people too often live in fear of said POC because we’ve been brainwashed by the Willie Horton ads onward. I have good reason to fear violent people – WHITE men and women who have extremist views because they do the most harm to OTHER white people including police.

    So we pack guns. Children die. Spouses die. And the crime rate IS falling, but not because of gunslingers. Because bit by bit we are creating a more just system.

    If that’s anathema to you, keep on packin’. And good luck to the ones around you.

  73. A COCKED firearm may discharge by very slight trigger pressure, being dropped, or other sudden motions.

    We don’t need to know the make or model.
    What we need is less, “More American STUPID”.

  74. I remember reading about “smart guns” – guns with hi-tech locking mechanisms, meant to ensure that only the owner of the gun could fire it. The locks work in a way that the owner could unlock it quickly enough to defend themselves in an emergency, but are still complex enough that unlocking them has to have been intentional(no “butt-dialing”). The lock would also “time-out” if the owner stops holding the weapon for a period of time.

    Smart guns are something that would likely prevent things like this from happening. But the NRA opposes the development of smart guns – I’d call that proof of their malicious intentions right there…

  75. Yep, the picture is me. The “princess” crack could be elaborated as, “I’m not going to have my b@11s chopped off so I can become a helpless weenie”.

  76. Your co-author seems to have acted in typical NYPD fashion. A lot of them seem to be pretty incompetent with guns. No reputable firearm instructor will tell you to “shoot to wound”.

  77. I can’t tell you what a “reputable” firearms instructor would tell you to do. I can tell you that the purpose of a law officer is to serve and protect the public, not to save his own *. The public would have been neither served nor protected by killing a psychiatric case in front of his distraught mother.

    As you appear to be a self-preserving coward, I am glad you are not in law enforcement.

  78. @Reynardine,

    The ONLY time you’re justified in using deadly force is to save yourself or another innocent person, from death or grievous bodily harm. Any time you draw a gun, you’re using deadly force. If the psych case wasn’t enough of a threat to warrant use of deadly force, he shouldn’t have been shot AT ALL. “Shooting to wound” indicates that the shooter did not, in fact, consider himself under threat of death or grievous bodily harm, and therefore was not justified.

    Read this, and get back to me when you know what you’re talking about.

  79. Elitist attitudes? Tell that to the everyday Americans of New town who had their 6 and 7 yr.olds die looking down the barrel of an assault weapon with a whackjob pulling the trigger. It must be ok with you that any crazy mentally ill person can have a weapon, as long as it doesnt kill your kid. Right?

  80. The idiots dumb enough to fund the neo nazi NRA. Fools they are.

    N = not
    R = Really
    A = Americans
    easily influenced, home-schooled, sheeple, stupid, women-haters.
    This 2 yr.old should be removed from this family. Clearly, child neglect.

  81. @djchefron, nobody’s trying. I was using that by way of saying that I refuse to be some kind of defenseless or helpless weenie who has to be rescued all the time, instead of being prepared to rely on my own resources in an emergency or crisis.

  82. That 2004 “study” was total garbage, as is pretty much anything by Arthur Kellermann. In this particular case, he didn’t bother to differentiate between legal permit carriers, and CRIMINALS. Most of the people in his so-called “study” were gang-bangers and drug dealers.

    Go get some real stats by actual criminologists, and get back to us.

  83. Its funny, everyone else gets along just fine without that stuff

    I have no problem with preppers. However many of them are simply

    para noid

    Some of them are people with skills I have used in the past and some are far past me.

  84. No Glock ever made, had a “hair trigger”. Standard trigger pull is 5.5 pounds. You may have heard something from your NYPD co-author friend, but anybody from NYPD is probably biased. NY special-orders their Glocks with 11-pound trigger pulls. They did this in order to deal with a rash of New York police officers doing stuff like shooting themselves in the @$$.

  85. The NRA, and other gun-rights advocates, don’t oppose the development of “smart” guns. They oppose MANDATING their use. New Jersey has a law in place that would retroactively outlaw all “dumb” (aka normal) guns in the state, 3 years from the time the first “smart” gun lands on the market, anywhere in the US.

    Current state of the art in “smart guns” — they’re VAPORWARE. They. Don’t. Frigging. Work.

    @TheOldBear, I’ll make you a deal: When “smart” guns are available that don’t cost any more than a normal gun, and are so reliable that the Secret Service Protective Detail has used them exclusively for three consecutive Presidential terms, THEN I’ll buy one.

  86. Most posters are here post on a variety of topics but you are a one trick pony. If you vote do you vote for the candidate that will let you own any type of weapon so you can blow your dick off?

  87. Every morning, before I drink my coffee, I have to beat my c ock. That’s because lengthening days put roosters on the warpath, and if I don’t hit him with a broomstick, the little s hit flies at me the minute I let the chickens out. I bet you beat yours first thing every morning, too, but it not only doesn’t have feathers, it’s made out of metal.

  88. This happens to be the only thread I’ve seen on here — followed a link from elsewhere. Politically, I favor minimal state interference across the board. I’m pro-choice. I believe in equal rights across the board, for any age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion or lack thereof. I support ending the War on Drugs. I support repealing the PATRIOT Act. I support minimizing foreign intervention, where our national security is not actually involved. I believe absolutely in all ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

    That said, I do NOT support any politician, or group, that seeks to undermine my ability to look after myself as I see fit.

  89. When you resort to argumentam ad penem, you demonstrate that you have no real points to make.

    Game, set, and match. You lose.

  90. 2 y/o with guns? Tragic, yes. Accident? Hmmmm:

    While it is not entirely rare for small children to get a hold of their parent’s guns, one local gun expert described this accident as a “perfect storm.” In her 20 years of experience, Robin Ball the owner of Sharp Shooting Gun Shop, told KREM 2 she has never seen anything like this.

    A “perfect storm”? Really? Let’s ask the Great Gazoogle, shall we? In 2014, how many 2-year-olds were involved in an accidental shooting? I found an average of one a month reported in the news:
    Read More

  91. Okay, Dex; let’s assume that a medical doctor studying the medical effects of the presence of gun when regards to medical treatment somehow managed to be vastly incorrect in his medical-effects study, or the 2006 study (, which was conducted by a team of PhD’s, again with the intent of studying if gun possession has an adverse effect upon one’s safety, from a medical (i.e. the likelihood that one will be injured or killed whilst carrying a firearm) perspective, is somehow failing to define just who should and who should not be part of a study to do with gun violence, then please explain why the U.S. has more gun deaths, both per capita and absolutely, than any other nation in the OECD? Why are American women eleven times more likely to die at the hands of a current or former intimate partner than any other country in the developed world? If it’s not the presence of guns, then what is it? Magic? Bullet Fairies?

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