Florida Becomes 36th State To Recognize Gay Marriage

gay marriage

A federal ruling makes Florida the 36th state to allow same-sex marriages. On New Year’s Day, U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle clarified a previous order, by stating that county clerks are bound by the U.S. Constitution not to enforce the sunshine state’s gay marriage ban.

The clarification, opens the path for clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses on Tuesday. Some county offices are considering opening at 12:01 AM Tuesday to begin issuing marriage licenses. Attorney General Pam Bondi, a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage, has said she does not plan to block the counties from issuing the licenses at that time.

Florida becomes the 36th state to legalize same-sex marriages. With nearly twenty million residents, Florida is one of the most populous states to allow same-sex marriages. Over two dozen states have legalized same-sex marriage through court rulings. Eight states approved gay marriage through the legislature. Three states (Maine, Maryland, and Washington) passed laws permitting same-sex marriages through voter initiatives.

The number of states that prohibit gay marriages continues to shrink rapidly. As the number continues to dwindle, one state may find itself embarrassingly in the position of being the last state to permit the freedom to marry.

A decade ago, the thought that Florida would allow same-sex couples the right to marry seemed almost unthinkable. The thought that Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah would permit would have been even more inconceivable. Yet, today what once seemed almost impossible is a 21st century reality. It should be only a matter of time before the remaining 14 states also yield to progress and enter the 21st century.

Progressives did not win many battles in 2014, but one area where everything has been going their way as of late is in the court rulings on gay marriage. The momentum is clearly in favor of the freedom to marry. Florida is the latest state to make same-sex marriages legal. But it almost certainly will not be the last state to do so.

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  1. And yet the Florida Attorney General apparently is refusing to comply with the judicial ruling — she has not directed the state clerks to process same-sex marriage licenses.

    This is what happens when you have an AG who regards her interpretation of “Biblical Law” to supersede constitutional law.
    Yet another reason why religious dogma and public policy make poor bedfellows.

  2. and soon texas. oh, and it looks like texas is going to start obamacare. but of course, like ky, they will call it something else, even though its the same big scam for the health cabal… but it is better than it was. of course scotus will kill it in june. so, lets all have a gay wedding party. its going to be a huge money maker in south beach and key west…

  3. Imo, Bondi is not so much concerned about “Biblical law” as she is about her political future. I doubt she personally objects to ssm but has decided to base her opposition on what she thinks those who would vote for her in future elections think/believe.

  4. This despite the evangelicals swearing fire and brimstone, while screaming their rights are being abused(no one else has rights you see)will demand war breaks out to bring baby jesus back.

    The states will approve, but the churches will go insane. Good

  5. Let these ChristoFreaks writhe with weepings and gnashings of teeth. Let them hiss Sodoms and Gomorrahs until the last one of ’em slithers into a fetid swamp of flatulent waste. Let them bleat JeeeZusss, JeeeZusss, JeeeeeeeeeeZusssssssss until The Rapture.

    In the end they’ll burn in Hell.
    They chose, after all, to bleat the blood-soaked scribblings of ancient scrolls even while The Spirit sang of love.

  6. Well, I think it’s because she’s a VERY strong advocate of “traditional marriages.”

    Hell, after all, she’s tried it out THREE TIMES so far.

    She’s not having a lot of success with it – but she’s all for it.

  7. To begin with the Rights of the Minority should never be decided by the Majority when it comes to Civil Rights. Should the right of Women to Vote have been put up to a vote for or giving blacks the right to vote? My state of Florida is weird in this context since it takes a 60% vote to amend the state’s Constitution.In 2008 they banned Same sex marriage & in 2014 Medical marijuana almost won with 58% in favor but short of 2%. Florida is becoming a liberal state hence electing Obama twice. Gay marriage becoming Legal on 1/6/15 in Florida will be a boon for our state which already has a large Gay population. I’m waiting to see how many Gay Marriages will be performed at Disney World this year![wink]

  8. I am one of those Christians who is really is not concerned about gay marriage.I look at the whole issue from this perspective, truth is truth regardless of laws or the decision of judges.Each person will have to answer to God for their actions.So you might say my view is this eat drink and be merry, but be warned there will come a day of accounting.

  9. …the Rights of the Minority should never be decided by the Majority when it comes to Civil Rights

    Nicely said, Bob;
    …and indisputable.

    We are, after all, a Constitutiomal democracy.

  10. Akin to a bus driver refusing to drive his route rather than allowing black passengers to sit wherever they choose to sit on the bus.

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