Fox News Analyst: All Muslims are Islamist Rapists

I am not sure if Fox News Radio political analyst Bethany Blankley’s December 29 piece in The Washington Times, As Christianity exits Europe, ‘Criminal Muslims’ fill void with rabid violence is more offensive on account of its suggestion that peace and order are impossible without Christianity or that Muslims are violent criminals. And then there is the ubiquitous false premise, without which any conservative argument is impossible:

History provides ample evidence of ways in which the local church provides continuity, encouragement and support of family life and societal freedoms. It also reveals what happens when churches close: societal structures erode, crime escalates, and freedoms evaporate.

Churches don’t provide “societal freedoms.” History does not show that they do. On the contrary, the Church has always been associated with limits on societal freedoms. You know, like black folks can’t get married in this white church, or a black man cannot marry a white woman in this church, or a gay couple cannot be married in this church. Or my favorite: that slavery is okay because the Bible says so.

Or this church is going to condemn abortion, or contraception, or even the idea of a woman working outside of the home. It would be literally impossible for the closing of a church to cause freedoms to evaporate. On the contrary, freedom blossoms, because suddenly the community is not being told “you can’t do this, you can’t do that” or you will go to hell.

Nor is there any evidence that closing churches leads to escalation of crime. This is a favorite meme of the Religious Right, that without the Bible, there is no law. But laws were around for many centuries before Moses and his Ten Commandments. Hammurabi is by far the most famous of these earlier codes, but there were others, including the Sumerian Code of Lipit-Ishtar, two hundred years before Hammurabi. The earliest code known is that of Ur-Nammu of Ur, from the 21st century BCE.

It quickly becomes clear that the crime Blankley wants to focus on is rape, which is interesting, because in the United States, the last thing Fox News political analysts like Blankley want to talk about is rape.

You are no doubt aware that central to America’s Jim Crow narrative was the idea of black men raping white women. Racists loved accusing black men of rape, and then lynching them. Well, move over scary black men who rape white women. It is time to fear scary Muslim brutes who rape white women.

And Fox News says we live in a post-racist world.


In support of her criminal Muslim fantasies, Blankley (above) claims that Europe is infested with Muslim rapists, that, for example, “In Sweden, Muslim immigrants account for 5 percent of its population but commit 77 percent of its crime. Sweden’s “rape crisis” is a direct result of an influx of Muslim ‘asylum seekers.'”

But at the Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah refutes these claims, saying that,

In fact…most rapes in Norway are carried out by men of Norwegian and European background. More importantly, the evidence shows that there is no link between ethnicity, culture or religion and propensity to carry out rapes or sexual assaults.

This is in line with a set of 1994 statistics from New Mexico Clearinghouse on Sexual Abuse and Assault Services, which tell us that “In single-offender rape/sexual assault victimizations, Whites and Blacks were victimized most often by members of their own race (Whites by Whites, 78.4%; Blacks by Blacks, 83.5%)” and that, overall, most rapists (49.4%) were Whites.

Abunimah points to the fact that, “Assault rape – stereotypically an attack by a stranger – is the rarest form of rape. Out of the 152 reported rapes in the Oslo Police District in 2010, 6 were classified by the researchers as “assault” rapes.” RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, tells us likewise that “The rapist isn’t a masked stranger” but generally – 73% of the time – someone you know.

Under the circumstances, it would be impossible for so few Muslim men to rape all these non-Muslim women, because a few men (6-7% of the population) aren’t going to personally know all these women. They would necessarily be strangers. It just doesn’t work, except as a means to generate fear and loathing of Muslims.

And Abunimah points out that the Oslo Police study often cited by Islamophobes actually says the opposite of what people like Blankley say it says, namely that,

Crude generalizations that have given the impression that rapists are only foreigners – and primarily Muslims – are shown to be inadequate and erroneous.

Blankley is doing her best here to arouse fear of the Other. They’re different from us, so they rape us. (I won’t even get into all the examples from the Old Testament where Blankley’s God tells his followers to rape the women of the Other).

The trouble for Blankley is that the Oslo Police study says,

It must be emphasized once more that the marked over-representation of individuals from a minority background in connection with several types of rape cannot be interpreted as a result of alien culture being a causal explanation for rape.

We could go on and on about the problem of rape, which is endemic in the United States itself, and rape culture is celebrated by the very people who read The Washington Times. One doesn’t have to look far to see evidence of this. If Republicans had their way, rape would, in America, be defined out of existence.

Yet Blankley tells us, for example, that,

The Dutch government must commit itself to repatriation of Muslims back to Muslim countries so we will not be plagued with honor killings, cousin marriages, anti-Semitism, homophobia, animal abuse, rampant crime, rape.”

So, if churches come back, rapes will go away? Then how does Blankley explain all the rapes in this country? You literally can’t turn around without bumping into a church. I have one at the end of my street. If churches made rape go away, America would be rape-free.

And you can’t have a report written by Fox News end without making gratuitously false and misleading comparisons to Nazi Germany:

Three generations prior, in 1936, nearly 6 million Germans were members of the Nazi Party, representing 7 percent of Germany’s population. Those 7 percent caused over 50 million deaths in less than 10 years.

The 6 and 7.5 percent of Islamists in Europe will cause even more death unless they are stopped.

Needless to say, the analogy is completely, egregiously false. Nazism is a right ring ideology that embraces ethnic nationalism and fear of the Other. Yes, like the Republican Party The Washington Times exists to serve. The Nazis, needless to say, took power in their own country, and did so electorally, at which point Hitler announced he would be staying in power until further notice.

Does Blankley mean to suggest that these 6 to 7.5 percent of Muslims are going to win power electorally in their various European countries? How does she imagine, assuming every single one of them is an extremist “Islamist” (an assumption she does, in fact, make here) are going to kill more than 50 million people in less than 10 years?

This is fear-mongering at its finest, an exercise in propaganda that would have made those selfsame Nazis proud. It is certainly not journalism. It is, all too sadly, typical of the Fox News echo chamber and its ethnic nationalist audience.

Photo from The Washington Times

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  1. I have noticed, in fact, a tendency of this type to be preoccupied with the genitalia of The Other. Because of the practice of FGM in certain countries which have Muslim populations (to which this practice is by no means confined), the first thing female white-wing pundits speculate about any Muslim woman is whether she has had her clitoris cut off. There used to be rumors, long ago, that women from Pacific Asia had the rima pudendi positioned crossways, and that the men had tiny, pointed intromittent organs. I need not explain what has been said about people of Sub Saharan descent. And going back to Julius Streicher…let us not.

    While in law school, I sat in on an admiralty trial. After listening to testimony about buttocks lines, seacocks, butt blocks, and cntlines, I concluded mariners were deranged by Saturday Night at Sea. So, I think, are these people.

  2. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be gotten away with if there weren’t some grains of truth to it. 100,000,000 muslims sympathize with radical extremism, making the issue one that non-radical has to deal with and denounce. There are other contradictions to the cliche compassionate liberal, one being , for instance, that with child labor, the labor in many instances keeps the child out of a much more dangerous situation(starvation etc.) worldwide.

  3. Let us consider how many people right now sympathize with radical Christianity, how high they have gotten in government, and how much death and destruction they have caused. The first decade of this misbegotten century should be most illustrative on this point.

  4. Faux News has picked a fight with DISH Network, and is seeing its ratings drop as a result of being dropped from DISH. Even though FAUX my be restored to DISH, but on DISH’s terms, this is good news. Other cable companies have had contract disagreements with DISH and other cable/satellite providers, but this is the first time any company has decided to play hardball to get more money from the provider. In previous cases, the conflicts were resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, but this one will be resolved to DISH’s satisfaction.

  5. I’ll call BS on your assertion that 100,000,000 Muslims sympathize with radical Islam. Source? Without being able to back up a sweeping generalization, your grain of truth is actually a flea turd.

  6. Conservatives do know that, with a “New Year,” you are supposed to go forward in time, rather than backwards, right?

  7. I live 20 miles north of Knoxville, well up on a hill. I can see 5 churches from my perch up here(in the winter of course). My small town has over 12 churches(almost all Southern Baptist). Yet my area has a higher crime rate than Flint Mi does per population. More divorces as well. And I am here to tell you Flint Mi., due to the loss of its car plants, is no slouch when it comes to crime.

    This is simply nationalism of the religious kind. Crime is not based on religion but of socio-economic pressures. And Fox news is a criminal activity

  8. People might want to help Dish fight an smear campaign generated by Faux News loonies. Consumer Affairs web page(which is not a government site)has commentators rate a company. Many of them are legitimate complaints such as service yet 9 to 1 gave Dish one star rating merely because Dish wouldn’t capitulate to Faux News’outrageous price demands. Almost all of them threatened to drop Dish if they don’t agree to Faux News. Paid trolls has a egregious smell and anyone with a brain should be able to detect them on Consumer Affairs right away. Then you have the loonies who are sincerely addicted to Faux News and really are lost without them. Many are a little scary when they say Faux News is the only station for them and are truly fair and balance. I’m afraid there’s no hope for them. They’ve been brainwashed for too long to return to a state of normalcy.

  9. Ah yes, the old Gingrich theory. The schools should fire their union janitors and put grade school kids to work doing the janitorial work, to help them out of poverty. Why educate them, just put 9 year olds to work.

    After all they would only work until 1 or 2 am. Keeps them off the streets. Keeps them stupid and more willing to accept the crap that Faux Noise puts out.

  10. “Many are a little scary when they say Faux News is the only station for them and are truly fair and balanced”

    That’s because they are fairly unbalanced.[WINK]

  11. Every day we hear some bigoted, racist, sexist idiot from FOX come up with some type of BS. FOX news is the head of the snake of hated and evil in this country. Nothing that comes out of this place contains fact, but are nothing but lies. Americans should go FOX hunting in 2015 and bring and end to this den of hatred and stupidity. Through many protest and law suits, this can be done. It’s time to send these idiots to the unemployment line and let them see what it’s like.

  12. All “religions” prohibit rape. So what? Does any would-be rapist think about his religion when he tries to rape a woman? Hell no.

  13. Hey Nate – fox lies alot, fabrication is their bread and butter. The facts are most rapes were not muslim. Read the article.Fox is an opinion channel, not news. Although you probably consider flushy to be news.

  14. Right, “Shiva”, you are obviously against the 1st Amendment as well. No free speech for the commoners!

  15. Irish, that comment makes no sense and is irrelevant to the conversation.

    ..against the 1st amendment? SMH..

  16. Never..they will dig their heels in even deeper to go backwards. They do not know what advancement means, it is a foreign concept to them, you know..just like facts.

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