First ’15 Friday Fox Follies – A New Year to Screw Up


2015 begins with fireworks: Protesters Planning Massive Rally In Front Of Fox News Headquarters After Non-Stop Racist Coverage for today. Protestors noticed Fox “News” spins hard to make its predominately White audience (Only 1% of Fox News Viewers Are Black) resent Black folk, which has only been more apparent during its post-Ferguson coverage.

Constantly playing the Race Card, Fox News Mentioned Al Sharpton More Than 12 Times a Day in December. It’s a knee-jerk reaction; Sharpton is attacked when the topic isn’t even about this country: Fox Contributor: ‘Putin Is Al Sharpton with Nukes’. You know most Fox personalities have no Black friends when they say something so staggeringly tone deaf like Fox’s Jesse Watters: If Police Were Racist, They Would Just Let Black People Kill Each Other. That’s why it’s no surprise that Black Lives Matter Protests Scheduled For January 2 At Fox News HQ.

More curious is Why Didn’t Fox News Cover Ramos Memorial Live On-Air? It did not go unnoticed that ‘Pro-Police’ Fox News Has Least Coverage Of NYPD Ramos’ Memorial.

As 2014 ended two stories on Fox & Friends demonstrate why Fox “News” is not ready to eat at the adult table during holidays. That’s when fill-in hosts give lifers time off for time served. These Minor League tryouts even tapped former-Senator and failed candidate Scott Brown to pitch a few innings as a wooden host.

Schadenfreude all ’round as Fox News gets mocked on Twitter after asking people to tweet what they’re over in 2014 because Fox & Friends’ #OverIt2014 Twitter Campaign Hilariously Backfires. Proving it learned nothing from the recent Bill Cosby and NYPD hashtag disasters, Fox News creates New Year’s hashtag, gets old, old problems when Fox & Friends’ Invites Obvious Twitter Backlash with #OverIt2014 Hashtag. Dozens of hilarious tweets as Fox News gets slammed and mocked on Twitter after Fox & Friends asks viewers to share the things from 2014 they are ‘over’ when #OverIt2014: Fox News’ Year-End Twitter Campaign Backfires Spectacularly. Oh, snap:

The other story in which Fox ended 2014 in journalistic disgrace was another item about the so-called Nanny State attacking President Obama. But Fox “News” carried Obama Derangement Syndrome to illogical extremes when Fox & Friends claims federal ‘sprinkle ban’ that doesn’t really exist is proof Obama will ban Christmas cookies. Fox Flips over Claim Obama Is Trying to Ban Sprinkles is Must Mock Tee Vee™.  Watch:

Another scoop of schadenfreude because HA! Fox News Falls For Satire Of Obama Banning Doughnut Sprinkles. How could such a thing happen?

Most critical thinking folks would quickly deduce that this must be satire. If the name “Harley Sain” didn’t give it away, maybe the part where it says, “A Satirical Look at Recent News” at the top of the article just below the headline would offer a pretty solid clue that the article is satire. The only author on the page, John Semmons, writes nothing but satire, in fact.

The satire article was picked up by conservative cesspools Free Republic and Got News Wire, and inevitably was passed around as truth, since so many of President Obama’s detractors really do believe that he goes to bed at night thinking about how to deprive the rest of us from eating doughnut sprinkles.

Now, we’re not saying that Morris and co-idiot Jason Lusk read the article themselves, but somehow they picked up on the false story and actually went on the air with it. They certain ran with the story, playing into the “Obama is a petty dictator who wants to control every aspect of our lives” narrative that so many Fox News viewers fall for.

This reporter has been demanding a correction to no avail. FFF will let you know if that ever happens or hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

Speaking of Clayton “Sprinkles” Morris: Fox host: We don’t need smog rules because ‘whatever happened with acid rain?’ (Spoiler: Laws worked).

“Remember acid rain,” the Fox News host laughed. “Whatever happened to acid rain? It was ruining cars. Whatever happened with that?”

However, the reason Morris can’t remember “whatever happened to acid rain” is because regulations worked.

Beginning in 1980, Congress began passing laws like the Acid Deposition Act, President George H. W. Bush amended the Clean Air Act during his term, and the EPA issued the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) under President George W. Bush.

More than 20 years after the government began regulating acid rain, the EPA estimated that 2009 sulfur dioxide levels were cut to about one-third of what they were in 1990. But the EPA has also said that further reductions are still needed to recover from the effects of acid rain.

Speaking of Fox & Sprinkles: Fox Suggests Metric System Or Asian Culture Brought Down AirAsia Plane and Got Irony? Fox & Friends Proclaims ‘Banner Year’ For Mainstream Media Bias! are just two more stories in which those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends failed Journalism 101. Watch:

A Friday Fox Follies Follow-up: Last week FFF reported on this mendacity. To its credit the Fox Affiliate Fires Reporter And Cameraman For Deceptive ‘Kill A Cop’ Story But…

According to Baltimore’s City Paper (via Raw Story), the newsroom thinks [News Director Mike] Tomko should be held responsible:

An insider told FTVLive Tomko was the one who pushed doing the story. “It was found by him, assigned by him and ultimately proofed by him,” the source said.

Now a person familiar with the situation tells City Paper the news director is losing control of the newsroom, with photographers threatening to stage a “sick out.”

“The reporters and photogs believe Tomko sacrificed two little people to save himself,” the source says.

A top down solution.

When The Five debuted in 2011, this reporter called it the worst show on tee vee since My Mother, The Car and that it wouldn’t “be long for this world.” One out of two ain’t bad.

Since then Bob Beckel has worked hard to make himself a national joke. When he’s not swearing, he’s totally unprepared for topics on the run down, or he’s saying something sexist — or all 3 at once. The other hosts and the viewers are happy to play along. This New Year’s Eve clip shows why Beckel should wear clown make up. Watch Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bob Beckel Awkwardly Kiss at Midnight:, but be forewarned, you can’t unsee it:


The Dish ran away with the spoon-fed audience: Ratings for Fox News latest casualty as war with Dish Network continues into a 3rd week tomorrow. The network is getting the worst of the press: Fox News Ratings Plummet As Dish Network Proves Ideological Bullying Doesn’t Buy Air Time while the Des Moines Register’s Kyle Munson [says]: Fox News addicts struggle with DISH blackout.

The shriek of agony you’ve heard from some corners of Iowa (and beyond) since Dec. 20 has come from staunch conservatives deprived of their steady diet of Fox News on satellite TV.


DISH subscribers who crave a daily chronicle of President Barack Obama’s socialist sins have been haranguing their local satellite retailers for answers.

The last battle of 2014 is shaping up to be the first big battle of 2015.

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  1. Here is some more satire I found the other day that resulted in a snore of beer up the nose. enjoy. for pissing on cheneys grave announced/

  2. Norquist and the GOP/TP are desprate because they wasted time trying to make Obama failed and it backfired in a big way, so they’re trying to depend on ignorance and make everything think they had something to do with it.

  3. Thank you fox news and GOTP, you really allowed Barack Obama to show and use his power to spotlight his ability to overcome inconceivable obstruction while accomplishing the tough agenda he put forth for his Administration.

    I bet Putin wishes he had “mom jeans”. Oh, thats right, hes just a little wimp.

  4. Listen, God is about truth, love and light. Fox is about lies, hate and darkness. Any idea about who their master is???????

  5. Faux News should be moved to the Comedy Channel, because they are the biggest joke on a major network. Who watches their jibberish, I don’t, haven’t for years.

  6. It’s kind a prophecy of self fulfillment – that is- chase your viewers off by making your programming unpleasant and awkward and your ratings fall; we can’t watch it. Happens to me with that channel among others. You can only take so much. It does bother me when they somehow manage to mention Al Sharpton 15 times per sentence.

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