Part one of the Wild Ferguson Grand Jury Ride

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I have spent a great deal of my holiday time reviewing every page of the Ferguson Grand Jury transcript. Should Missouri Police Officer, Darren Wilson, 28, have been indicted for first or second-degree murder or for voluntary or involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an African-American, 18-year-old, Michael Brown?

The decision not to indict was a difficult one. The Grand Jury overstayed their term by 2 ½ months. Their official term was to end September 10th. St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch addressed jury members on their first Ferguson day, August 20th. He went through the logistics of the possible criminal and civil rights violations to consider. He talked of the agencies involved and the fact jurors could only discuss the case when no one else was in the room. He noted, “Everything you see and hear will be released to the public.”

Jurors could ask questions and take notes. McCulloch closed by saying he hoped deliberations would be completed by the middle of October. He would never appear before the Ferguson Grand Jury again.

All of my information comes from the Ferguson Grand Jury transcript. The initial release date was Monday, November 24th at 9PM. These contents were followed by subsequent additional transcript pages released on December 8th and either December 12th or 15th. In my prologue, I indicated that there were no releases of photos, maps or diagrams. I just found over 250 photos from the case at this New York Times site. There’s still no sign of maps or diagrams, and, in truth, the photos still leave a lot of unanswered questions without context.

It should be noted that it took over a week before Ferguson PD would reveal Darren Wilson’s name as the officer involved in the shooting. Also worth noting, Wilson resigned November 29th, five days after the release of the Grand Jury transcript.

What follows was Wilson’s first recounting of the incident as told to an unidentified Sergeant, the first Ferguson PD Supervisor on the scene after the shooting.

“Wilson told the Sergeant he had been involved in a shooting and the subject (not named, but clearly Michael Brown) was now deceased. He had previously told the subject, who had been walking down the middle of Canfield Dr. with another male (Dorian Johnson) to “get out of the roadway and over to the sidewalk.” The Sergeant then said Wilson attempted to exit his vehicle and “contact” the males. After he attempted the exit, a struggle at the driver’s side door began after the subject (Brown) shut the driver’s side door on him. The subject would not let Wilson get out of his car. “The subject began assaulting P.O. (police officer) Wilson through the driver’s side window while P.O. Darren Wilson was still inside his police vehicle.” The assault escalating to the point where the subject tried to take P.O. Wilson’s firearm and P.O. Darren Wilson fired at least one gunshot while inside the vehicle.” P.O. was used repeatedly in the Sergeant’s report.

The subject then ran east on Canfield Drive. P.O. Darren Wilson exited his vehicle and gave chase on foot. During the foot chase, Brown turned around and began running toward Wilson. The officer indicated to the Sergeant that as the subject was charging toward him, Wilson fired his weapon to stop the subject from assaulting him further. The Sergeant did not believe the subject displayed a gun and the whereabouts of the Johnson were unknown.

This cursory explanation, with some large holes in it, did not necessarily mean Wilson is trying to hide something. The officer had been through the very traumatic experience of taking a young man’s life and was, most likely, in a mild, temporary state of shock. Once Wilson was possessed of all his faculties, objective observers might not be as forgiving
The next time Wilson found his voice, (and an attorney from the police union), the explanation had evolved into a highly detailed and expanded summary. The second interview was with a St. Louis County Police Detective. It started around 2:00 in the Ferguson police station and continued in the trauma room at a local hospital. A lieutenant Colonel and detective from the Ferguson PD were also present at both the station and hospital.

Wilson repeated the lines of his first interview when he pulled up to two young men walking down the middle of the street and told them to get out of the roadway and over to the sidewalk. The only difference in interview number two being his quote of “Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk?” He then adds that Johnson said they were almost to their destination, while Brown responded with “The ‘ef’ with what you say”, as “both subjects continued to walk past the patrol vehicle. Wilson then says he called dispatch and requested backup while putting his vehicle in reverse, backed up toward the subjects and said “Hey, come here.” He had skipped the backing step in the initial questioning.

Brown then slammed the door of Wilson’s SUV patrol vehicle twice, holding it shut the second time. The officer then says (for the first time) he ordered Brown to “get back and move away from the vehicle.” Brown then thrusts his upper body into the open window of the patrol vehicle and starts punching the officer, swinging wildly. He also grabs for his (Wilson’s) gun. This pretty much tracks the first accounting. New to the story was Wilson’s unsuccessful attempt to reach for the mace in his duty belt. We then hear more about the gun. Brown had grabbed it and directed the barrel towards Wilson’s hip, saying “You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me.”

The officer managed to redirect the barrel toward the door and tried to pull the trigger twice. The gun malfunctioned each time. Wilson speculated it was because Brown’s hand was on the weapon. On the third pull, a round was fired. Wilson thought it went through the door, though the bullet was actually trapped in the door and did not strike Brown, The projectile did shatter the glass in the lowered window in the door panel.

Another misfire and another successful firing followed. Wilson only told of one firing when first interviewed. In both versions however, the subject fled with Wilson giving chase on foot. The first interview said nothing of a further assault. The second time around, Brown supposedly struck Wilson a couple of times after the second shot, before running.

Both versions tracked Brown to the point where he stopped and turned around about 30 feet distant, immediately placing his right hand in his waistband. In version number two, Wilson purportedly yelled verbal commands at Brown to “stop and get on the ground.” As in both stories, Brown “charged him.” In interview one, Wilson fired to keep from being assaulted further. In number two Wilson discharged 5 rounds from 15 feet, then 2 rounds as the charge continued, then a final fatal round when Brown leaned forward as if prepared to tackle him. Wilson said if Brown reached him, he knew he would be done.

Next on the agenda, the injury report and a succession of credible and incredible “eyewitnesses.”

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  1. There will never be justice as long as the crooks are running Ferguson. Vote these idiots out starting with the prosecutor right down the line.

  2. We will never have the truth because the powers that be don’t want the truth

    Darren Wilson Witnesses Too Far Away

    Witness 10 and 48 are the two that very strongly corroborate the defense in this case. But they were both at a distance that would absolutely limit their observation of intimate details.

    Most of those following this case are aware that Witness 10 states he was close to 100 yards from the event. He was east of the event so he would be looking at Michael Brown’s back side, he would certainly be able to recognize Brown’s apparent move back in to the road, but, would he know that this move was not a wounded Brown attempting to surrender? The answer is absolutely no. At near to 300 feet, this witness in fact states that he was too far to hear.

    Read More

  3. My question (one which I have yet to hear anyone ask)is that if Mr. Brown was such a ‘huge hulking or gentle giant’, how could he have fit through the car window?

  4. folks, im just as angry as you guys. I cant stand the GOP and their base of brainless, paranoid clowns. the racists that fester in this country and work on fox news have been coming out of the woodwork in droves. how can these people on the right be so blatantly, outright and unapologetically racist. they don’t even care any more. so we talk about change and we get upset when we see clear injustices and we want to do something about it. probably the most important thing we have is our right to vote. dems did not turn out for the 2014 midterms. that cannot happen in 2016. get angry and motivated and plan to vote. start checking on your local voter id laws so you know exactly what you need to vote legally. start thinking about it now. its not too early. we must be very vocal and very confrontational when it comes the GOP and their hypocrisy and endless lies. I think it would be an absolute nightmare if a repub won the presidency in 2016. we cannot let that happen.

  5. I want to scream every time someone mentions this kids size in regards to Wilson being “afraid for his life”. Brown was one inch taller than Wilson. AN INCH. :O I mean, holy crap, people! Their size difference was about the height of the poodle on Rand Pauls head!

  6. Yu are lying fools. Michael Brown was n ot the 13 y/o angel you show in the picture. He was a 300 lb thug that has just committed a felony.

    You should give serious consideration to the video ( purported to be Brown assaulting an elderly man.

    It is not conclusive that this is brown, but he had just assaulted another person in a robbery.

    If you were a police officer and were being charged bull-like by someone that large whith the obvious intent of hurting or even kiling you, what wouold you have done?

    By the legal standards permitting the use of lethal force by police officers and even civilians, this was a justified shooting.

    No, I am not a neo-con Rethugnican. But right is right, even when you want it to be wrong.

  7. Sorry you are mistaken. Taking cigarettes or cigars is not a felony and it certainly does not warrant the death penalty. No one said he was an angel because that is not the point. One does not have to be an angel in order to not deserve to be shot down like a dog in the street and their body left there for four hours, He was a human being and deserved due process and respect. You are not a republican? Well you are definitely a non-thinker.

  8. You are making assumptions. One could call you a lying fool

    Legal force doesnt include shooting one from a distance over a misdemeanor
    This “thug” was about to enter college. Very few thugs go to college.

    Right is right only when you dont make assumptions

  9. Hi SunnyDay (with a skull icon no less).

    The size differential is more meaningful when measured in pounds. Wilson, 210, Brown 289. I think you’ll agree that could be a meaningful advantage, Rand Paul, notwithstanding.

    Keep reading for the real point of the series.

  10. You are a racist liar. That is not Mike Brown. Look at the video again. If Mike Brown is 6ft 4 that old man is what 6ft6? Stupid ass

  11. Let me ask you a question; why should I give serious consideration to a video which is “purported” to be Michael Brown. You even admit that it is “not conclusive” that the person in the video IS Brown. Yet you put out this video as some sort of “proof”, of exactly what I don’t know.

    You also claim that he assaulted someone else. I presume you are talking about the store owner. The store owner NEVER filed any assault charges against Brown, nor was the store owner a witness in the grand jury.

    You are aware that the prosecutor has admitted to allowing liars to testify to the Grand Jury. You would have made a fine witness for the him.

  12. I asked that same question when this story first came out. I have yet to get an answer. I don’t know of any one that is 6’4″ and weighs about 300 lbs to test out that question.

    I do have a neighbor that is about as tall, but he only weighs about 210. His wife also has an SUV somewhat similar to the SUV driven by Wilson. Maybe I will ask him to find out how it could be done. It would be interesting.

  13. Wilson should have been indicted. That’s all the people asked for. Let him be tried by his fellow citizens and let the verdict fall where it be. It would have been brought to trial.

  14. One of the biggest problems was witness #40, a woman who lied on the stand about being anywhere near the scene of the incident. She is also alleged to have been instrumental in printing out pro-Darren Wilson shirts. I understand that the man in charge of the hearing was also pro-Wilson and that he played a part in having those same shirts made and distributed. These alone are very sound reasons for having the AG take over.

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