Animal Rights Groups Tear Sarah Palin Into Pieces While Ripping Her A New One


Animal rights groups are leveling Sarah Palin for posting pictures on her Facebook page of her son standing on a family dog.

Here is one of the images that Palin posted of her son standing on the family dog on her Facebook page:

sarah palin animal abuse


To make matters worse, Palin wrote on her Facebook page, “May 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward. Trig just reminded me. He, determined to help wash dishes with an oblivious mama not acknowledging his signs for “up!”, found me and a lazy dog blocking his way. He made his stepping stone.”

Not only did Palin admit that she was ignoring her child with special needs, but she callously tried to use Trig’s disabilities as a motivational tool while ignoring the mistreatment of an animal.

In a statement PETA responded to Palin promoting animal cruelty, “It’s odd that anyone—let alone a mother—would find it appropriate to post such a thing, with no apparent sympathy for the dog in the photo. Then again, PETA, along with everyone else, is used to the hard-hearted, seeming obliviousness of this bizarrely callous woman, who actually thought it appropriate to be filmed while turkeys were being slaughtered right behind her in full view of the camera.”

The group Friends Of Animals said, “It’s no surprise to Friends of Animals that Sarah Palin is so insensitive she thinks a Black Lab should be tolerant of a child who isn’t told to not put his full weight on top of the dog’s back by standing on him. How lazy of Sarah Palin not to move the dog out of the way and teach her child the right lessons.”

It is troubling to see that Sarah Palin’s lazy, callous, and oblivious political style extends into her parenting and pet ownership. Most children who are not being parented by Sarah Palin are taught that there is nothing funny about using pets as furniture. Most non-Palin kids are also taught that animal abuse is not funny.

The fact that Sarah Palin would post pictures of her child standing on a dog as a joke speaks volumes both about Palin and the drooling right-wing masses that are defending animal cruelty. Just because the dog can’t express its displease does not mean that it enjoyed being stood on.

Sarah Palin continues to demonstrate why she is far from Mother Of The Year material.

Thanks to John McCain, this woman was once in position to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Sarah Palin is demonstrating that not only is she not fit to hold political office; she shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog.

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  1. Given the fact that this sociopath has stepped on numerous people on her way up politically, it’s not surprising that she finds this inappropriate behavior in a child “cute” enough to take a picture of. I’m only glad that folks are going up one side of her and down the other for not only being stupid enough not to stop her son from stepping on the dog, but making an even dumber move by taking a picture of it and posting it on social media.

  2. A. She, herself, is a doggess.
    B. It’s probably not her kid.

    Meanwhile, somebody needs to get that dog out of there…and maybe, also, the child.

  3. I have no use for SP; however, I think this is ‘over reaction’. The child is ‘barefooted’. I love all animals! Grew up with animals! If this dog didn’t want the child standing on him, he’d have moved!

  4. After all this time, is she REALLY still trying to pretend that Trig is her son? Is anyone in America not aware by now that Trig is the first out of wedlock spawn of dear old Bristol, formerly America’s Poster Child for ‘Abstinence Only’????

  5. And? what are you trying to say, does being barefooted mean the child weighs less? Or that his weight is not hurting the dog in any way?


  6. And the thousands of deer, bear, elk, wolves, moose and all the others massacred by the “so my penis is one inch long, who cares because I have a big gun” crowd each year could have just gotten out of the way too. And Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamil Rice, Eric Garner and all the other black Americans who were treated as animals could have just “gotten out of the way” too, right?

  7. Sarah Palin photographed each step of this. When Trig first set foot on the dog’s back, she should have run to his side and pulled him off telling him that people do not stand on dogs. Ever. Ever. She watched and clicked her camera even while he looked directly at her. He was probably daring her to stop him. And she failed to. She failed both the child and the dog with those camera clicks. Sarah Palin deserves all of the criticism she is receiving and then some.

  8. In the three photos the dog’s feet are in different positions – so he either tried to move or adjust in some way. Please also consider what would have happened to the child had the dog stood up. The child would have fallen over backwards onto the floor or would have fallen chin first into the edge of the counter.
    In any event event – the dog/child were not near enough for Trig to “help” with the dishes as he was leaning forward.
    Standing on a dog to do dishes? I don’t think that is a safe option for either child or dog.
    This dog is still a puppy. The family got it in April – and at that time it was small enough for Sarah to hold in her arms. Do you wonder how much training a young puppy could have received by then?
    Dogs are very faithful and will endure much abuse and neglect – but should they? I think we could all say – NO.
    In a previous post Trig was shown kicking the dog in the head to reject him. I think this dog deserves better than what he is getting.

  9. Bristols pregnancy, Willows ectopic pregnancy resulting in drunk family fight with prospective daddy,Track impregnating girl, marries, divorced by her within 6 mos. Sarah really is mother of the year! How dare she EVER criticize Obama, his kids arent knocked up idiots that cant keep their pants on. Well I guess it runs in the family. Sarah’s indiscretion with Todds business partner,cocaine fueled Glen Rice. Todds girl is Shailey Tripp. There’s the gotp version of a good “Christian” family. Disgust.

  10. That doesnt even make sense. Wow, you really need to stop repeating the load of crap you hear on Flushy and fox “news”, because it isnt. Time to buy a clue Mike.

  11. Well this shows how she treats black people in her house. She can’t even treat black dogs with respect.

  12. I don’t think that’s the cutest thing in the world at all.

    No child should stand on a dog. Aside from the fact that it could be hurting the dog, what if the dog shifts its weight and the child falls? What if the dog decides it doesn’t want to be used as a stepping stool and stands up or bites at the child?

    Either way, those children are too big to be standing on a dog – dogs are not step stools.

  13. Hi bebe –
    Saw your post and had to laugh. I totally understand the frustration. Hopefully Gryphen will have some interesting tidbits for us on Monday. In the meantime – pour yourself a glass of vino and so will I.

  14. Let’s see …libel..after a little girl dies behind her crosshairs on democrats…drugs and drinking with her minor age drop out children…doing coke while making $100,00 speaches .. audience applauds…as if she said something of substance. She didn’t. They applaud the one that is their best white supremist pit bull worthless mother queen of the day. Her kids look and act like they have never been around civilized people. Nor their audience. Yet they have millions. See what I mean about being rich and smart? You don’t have to be smart, educated. You just have to be a good white unladylike con artist greedy conniving repulsive liar and a republican. They praise vile people like her: king, bauchman, limbaugh, coulter. Listen to their venim. And then they found sarah …one of the most vile cold blooded mean classless worthless excuses of a woman and mother who made hate a new fad amonst the right. Doesn’t even go to church but calls herself Christian. The RW fools follow.

  15. She thought it would make her look motherly. You know while on coke taking pics of her special needs child standing on a dog’s back when he can easily fall and bust his head. Quite the mother that sarah. If she doesn’t want the media attacking her all the time about her mothering skills then she needs to stop advertising to the world how worthless of a person mother female she is. When you advertise its to say you are proud of what you just did or said. So now you yourself have confirmed to the world what an awful mother and just plain human being you are. I really wish you would just take your money you took from all those poor people…with lies(running for president wink..wink)..and just go live where we can’t know these troublesome things. First the cops for the drunken family brawl that was the media’s fault. Now Child Protective Services will be at your door because YOU not the media advertised your ignorance as a mother while froze on coke. Good job family values sarah.

  16. I’ve known many mentally challenged people in my lifetime because I worked with a lot of them and I can tell you now that probably most, if not all of them, would know better then to use a dog as a stepping stool (There are a few who probably would, but then again… they were idiots that did nothing but piss me off. That’s another story though).

    The fact that Ms. Palin is trying to pass this off as a joke is really sad. Any form of animal abuse should NEVER be tolerated and someone like her should know that.

  17. Too bad you didn’t read the comments under Ellen’s picture before posting and commenting, because most of the comments are ripping Ellen.

  18. What moron would allow her teenage daughter sleep in the same bed as her “hormones aragin” teenage boyfriend and not believe anything would happen?

  19. And to not scold that child who now thinks it’s OK to step on animals. This is NOT how to teach a child, especially one that is autistic, and I’m not a parent either.

  20. I also emailed the organization Puppy Jake, which trained and donated this dog, and provided a link to an article about this. Hoping they will recall the dog.

  21. How much do you think a six-year-old child weighs? And how much weight do you think the spine of a medium-sized dog can support without breaking, EVEN IF that weight is not applied with impact?

    Jeebus Cripes, I hope you never had kids or dogs.

  22. Well, actually she has blamed President Obama. At least she lashed out at him, as usual, saying that his experience of having eaten dog meat as a small child in Indonesia was worse than what Trig did. She actually wrote that as part of her anti-liberal (?), anti-PETA (?) Facebook diatribe today (see the immoral minority website). The woman is stark raving mad.

  23. The fact that this woman thinks there’s nothing wrong with this behavior says it all about her and her Ike! The kid weighs about 45 lbs. Standing on this dog could cause damage to its spine as well as internal organs, with a heel to toe movement. And what if he started jumping!
    This will only fuel the RW to cause more harm to all animals domestic and wild! This is their mentality……

  24. This is so wrong. The kid could have hurt the dog. Also the dog could have hurt the kid. The dog could have jumped suddenly and thrown the kid to the hard floor. This woman is just clueless.

  25. Cruelty is a feature among republicans, who can forget the incident of Huckabee’s son torturing a dog to death.

  26. Please, someone, get that dog out of that house. He is not safe there. Some people are just too stupid to be pet owners.

  27. This is Trig’s service dog not just a family pet.
    It is disgusting that she would let her child stand on a dog so she could ‘lecture’ the rest of us.

  28. Meant a child did not result from Sarah and Brads affair, too much cocaine on oil barrels. Her favorite things
    sleeping with men that arent her husband, cocaine, and oil barrels.

  29. My frustration comes from the disgust of hypocrite Christians. Do they know lying is a sin, adultery too? I guess if you are a tea party idiot, all is forgiven, you can be the biggest asshole you want to be.

  30. I’d like to add two things.
    First: Palin’s over-the-top, spittle-flecked reaction to the criticism sent her way – I think it’s the result of her delusional outlook. When she posted that carefully staged series of photos and added her “profound message” I think that she thought she would be lauded for how deep and thoughtful she was being – you know – so presidential and all. Instead, wow! Slammed and mocked by pretty much everyone in the world who has checked this out.
    Second: for those of you who mention that Jill is a service dog – don’t forget that with everything Palin you must look behind the curtain! Service dogs take 18 – 24 months to train. That dog is no more a service dog than my recently deceased cat was. The Palins may have purchased the dog from people who train service dogs, that does not a service dog make. I’d be surprised if that dog is even housebroken. They got the pup at about 4-5 months according to the “adoption photo.” More of their typical BS, I don…

  31. That was my initial reaction, too, Marion, until I saw the photos. The child was obviously coached into this unfortunate photo op.
    We lost our beloved 13 year old Rottweiler last year. She was a protector of toddlers, occasional pillow (and mattress), wrestling partner, cuddler extraordinaire. One thing she was never allowed to be was a step stool.

  32. Actually, bebe, I’ve seen several reactions from Trig Palin in various videos (the one of the family in LA in Sept. 2010, the one of SP campaigning for Joe Arpaio in 2010, and one of SP taking mooseburger meat out of the freezer recently) that show a great sensitivity to loud noises — something that autistics can’t bear.

    It’s been said that Trig is deaf or partially deaf — but I don’t think that’s the case. He can hear loud noises and shrill voices (like SP’s), and he doesn’t like them at all. I think there is an autistic component to his disabilities.

  33. I never notice that but my son who is autistic cannot stand loud noises. I took him to a high school basketball game and with band , crowd noise he couldn’t take it

  34. Hope they also haul away Palin and put her back into a cage where she belongs.

    I’ll never forgive McCain for unleashing this creature to the world.

  35. She posted the photo for attention. No one is listening to her or talking about her. Everyone is curious about her last born so she fed him to the media.
    She will do anything for attention. She should be shunned. That means ignored. We shouldn’t be noticing whatever silly thing this silly woman does. She is insignificant.

  36. this woman has been an embarrassment and disgrace to all americans since she reared her ugly head in 2008. sarah palin is pure garbage and the only thing that seems to motivate her and her delusional supporters is hate. does this woman even think before she speaks and comments??? my goodness- first she says she is neglecting her son with special needs than posts photos of the boy standing on the dog, which looks like a puppy. this woman makes me want to vomit every time I see her face or hear her shrill, whiny voice. nothing but a quitter, a hater, a liar, and a divider, palin will go down as just another rightwing clown part of the massive rightwing circus.

  37. remember, this is the woman who during an interview on fox and friends actually thought and said jesus and his disciples had been celebrating easter for years before the liberals made it all about easter eggs and candy. yes. she said it- jesus had been celebrating easter for years with his disciples. no joke. look it up on google. palin is delusional beyond comprehension.

  38. It hurt the dog. And it hurt the child, because he should have been learning that it is not a good thing to stand on the back of a dog. That is a life lesson and Sarah Palin failed to teach it.

  39. This is absolutely AMAZING!
    All you wackos are just as bad as the wackos on the other side (that would be the right for those of you who didn’t pay attention in high school). Sara Palin? Really? Relevance please. I thought she wasn’t anymore, or ever. This whole story is stupid as is my attention to it. You guys (and girls and any self-chosen identifiers) are as bad as the right bitching about Al Gore and his homes. Rome is burning, all, so in the words of Korn; Wake the fuck up. Guess what. When this whole thing collapses on itself it won’t have anything to do with Sara Palin or Al Gore or Mike Dukakis or Newt Gingrich. I can’t believe I just wasted 708 characters on commenting on this crap…

  40. Hes been kicking himself in the ass for 6 years for that lack of judgement and forethought. Glad he didnt make the presidency – he cant even choose a reputable, qualified, sane VP. Makes me question his mental faculties – hes not all there.

  41. OMG, cant stop laughing. I hadnt heard that before – classic from the queen of stupid. Im just surprised shes even at home with her kid.

  42. As a physically disabled person, I take offense if someone exploits my disability to promote themselves.
    Dont forget, this jerk pimped her family for $9.95 a month. That went directly to the toilet(along with the ratings).

  43. It seems to me that her kid could easily reach the sink without the dog, just another photo op designed by mommy to bring attention to the media whore she is. Like Kim K’s giant ugly ass.

  44. sarah palin and her reality show are tanking big time. she just had a special guest appearance to try to boost ratings. the guest?? rightwing folk hero ted nugent. how bout that? the quitter and the shitter!!!

  45. JS, whether this useless waste of space of a woman is relevant or not is not the issue. The fact is, a person who (inexplicably) garners public attention has proudly shown off a photo of a kid being allowed to abuse an animal, and then joked that “at least he didn’t eat the dog.” This failure of a parent missed a perfect opportunity to teach her kid proper behavior and treatment of an animal for a shameless publicity stunt. Whether she is known or unknown, the photo and the behavior it represents should be publicly attacked, even though she personally is of no significance, whatsoever.

  46. “Oblivious mama”? Moms have to have eyes everywhere. You cannot be so involved in something that you are unaware of what your child is doing or was she just ignoring him purposely. No wonder her other children grew up to be how they are. Having children takes time and patience. For someone who always preaches “family values”,she sure doesn’t practice what she preaches. Poor parenting. Most of my day is spent caring for my handicapped daughter. My entire day revolves around her and her needs. They need to be taught right from wrong,respect and social skills. If parents cannot do the right thing ,you can’t blame the child.
    I feel sorry for the little guy for all the yappin his mama does and not doing right by him. Sometimes there are more important things in life then jabbering away senselessly.

  47. Andy read the today article.
    Love the thought that the teabaggers may have a medical reason for their thinking process.
    This means, there may be a cure? Could we create this cure? Could we then dispense this cure to all red States?
    Now THAT would be a true blessing!!!!

  48. There would be a run on the vaccinations and we’d run out in seconds.

    How about a once a day, for the rest of your life, STUPID TEA BAGGER pill?

    A smart tea bagger is an oxymoron.

  49. Jesus was celebrating his own resurrection?
    I can’t stop LAUGHING!!!!

    To think this dimwit could’ve been 1 heartbeat away from the presidency

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