Bernie Sanders Flexes His Muscles By Introducing Bill To Create 13 Million New Jobs


Sen. Bernie Sanders is using his new position as the top Democratic caucus member on the Senate Budget Committee to push a new bill that he will introduce to the new Congress that will create 13 million jobs by rebuilding the nation’s bridges and roads.

Here are the details via Sen. Sanders,

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said today will introduce legislation when the new session of Congress convenes this month to authorize a $1 trillion, multi-year program to rebuild crumbling roads and bridges and invest in other infrastructure modernization projects.

The investment not only would begin to address a growing backlog of badly-needed repairs, it also would put 13 million Americans to work at decent-paying jobs, according to Sanders, who will take over this month as the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee.

“America once led the world in building and maintaining a nationwide network of safe and reliable bridges and roads. Today, nearly a quarter of the nation’s 600,000 bridges have been designated as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Let’s rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Let’s make our country safer and more efficient. Let’s put millions of Americans back to work,” Sanders said.


“There are a number of Republicans who understand that it is vitally important that we rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.”

Sen. Sanders was correct. Infrastructure spending is one of the areas where there is considerable agreement among Democrats and a group of Republicans in the House and Senate. There are two hurdles that an infrastructure spending bill will have to overcome. The far right in the House and Senate who refuse to spend money on anything other than benefits for the wealthy and corporations, and the second problem is that infrastructure bills always face is that every members of Congress wants something for their district or state.

Infrastructure bills tend to get bogged down in the politics of who gets what. If Congress could agree on a bill that would only fix the nation’s bridges and roads, there would be enough benefit to reach across the country. Sen. Sanders is proposing a bill that would fix the nation’s vital infrastructure. The legislation would also create millions of jobs and send the growing economy skyrocketing.

Sanders is going to have a stronger say in the new Congress. Some may look at this bill as the Vermont Senator showcasing his agenda for a potential 2016 presidential campaign, but Bernie Sanders strongly believes in the benefits of infrastructure spending. He has been championing this type of legislation for years.

What Boehner and McConnell do about issues like infrastructure spending will signal how serious they are about governing. What is certain though is that liberals will have a loud voice in the new Congress, and Bernie Sanders will be leading the charge to create millions of new middle-class jobs.

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  1. Good luck with that. Republicans start the year with a lot of muscle. The party will have 54 of the Senate’s 100 seats.

    That means they’ll control every aspect of Senate activity: topics for committee hearings, the Senate schedule and who can amend bills.

    The only upside is the American people will know who is working for them and not the kochsuckers. Now if the media covers it that’s up for debate

  2. Guessing Republicans will take the opportunity to add every sort of pissant rider to the bill so that if it even gets within a whiff of passing, it will also contain provisions for:
    moar guns,
    religion infesting politics,
    diminished healthcare for women,
    no food or education for children,
    tax breaks for financiers…

  3. Will the repubs even let it come up for a vote? They are pure evil and would rather we be destroyed than let any good happen where a Dem would get credit. You have to wonder if the hate of the repub base & the riches of their top donors will do well when we are destroyed.

  4. The media is repub owned and repub corp board run. I can see them covering the next 2 years as repubs trying to do something and PBO standing in the way. It is not going to be pretty.

  5. Governments don’t create jobs.
    Mysterious market forces do, lubricated by corporate tax dodges and low minimum wages.

    Uh huh.
    Yes, indeedie.

  6. deport the illegal immigrants and you gain 8 million jobs total 21 million. revoke the free trade agreements for an additional gain and impose a market entry fee on imported goods based on the revenue lost by foreign versus domestic manufacturing. we would be back in business.

  7. I am glad Bernie is introducing this bill – it should have been introduced a long time ago. I’ve always thought the answer to moving America forward is creating American jobs by fixing American infrastructure which is needed in all 50 states. Creating this type of job plan will create millions of jobs, improve the economy and put millions back to work and off government assistance.

    Could never figure out why the Republicans were so gung ho on passing a bill for dirty oil ripping through the US with very little financial benefit for most when millions of jobs could immediately be created by putting Americans back to work fixing infrastructure – which would financially help all 50 states.

    Oh, that’s right because Republicans and some DINOs represent only the Koch Brothers interests and do not care about 99% of Americans.

    Bernie’s jobs plan is a plan we can all live with!

  8. This sounds just like the “shovel ready” infrastructure jobs from 2008.

    Glad someone is coming up with new ideas

  9. The minute xenophobes have to pay 8 dollars for a pint of strawberries they will be the first ones crying “BRING THEM BACK”

  10. And not one word on how the good socialist plans to pay for it. Lemme guess….raise taxes on the rich.

  11. Are you rich? That’s the wrong question because if you were you wouldn’t be in the basement typing silliness. The question has your wages risen to keep up with the cost of living or are you sucking off the government teat?

  12. I love Bernie Sanders and do so appreciate what he is trying to do. Sad to say, however, but his bill will not even be brought up for committee discussion, let alone let out of committee.

    And to YouAreKidding, you’re right. This IS the shovel ready jobs of 2008. You know, the one the Republicans killed because it wouldn’t benefit their puppet masters. You see, it is better to give those puppet masters $440M more in tax breaks than to even consider putting that same money into the infrastructure to benefit the poor and middle class with ANY kind of jobs.

    Not ONE of the bills created by the previous House Republicans create jobs. Nor will the tax breaks they want to give to give to corporations create one job.

    Check out Kansas. THATS what they want to do to the entire country. Apparently you agree with them.

  13. Are you going to work in a slaughterhouse or poultry processing plant?
    Clean your office toilets, and empty the trash bins?
    How about constructing your own home?
    Do any sanitation work?
    Do manual labor of any kind?

    You’d KILL our economy, oh wait you did that in 2006-2008

  14. FDR “shovel ready” EPA/WPA jobs helped keep us during the worst depression caused by the republicans, or did you forget that.

    “Between 1933 and 1939 dozens of federal programs, often referred to as the Alphabet Agencies, were created as part of the New Deal. With FDR’s focus on “relief, recovery and reform,” the legacy of the New Deal is with us to this day.”

    Eisenhower was the only republican who did much of the same thing when he built the interate highway system in the 50’s.

  15. do you really think the tea bag/repubs want to spent a dime on infrastructure?

    They’ll let everything fall apart and countless deaths occur and THEN do something…

  16. So a “$1-Trillion, multi-year project” that creates 13 million jobs?
    Well, let’s see now…
    1,000,000,000/13,000,000 = 76923
    so if we assume that “multi-year” is only 2 years…these jobs will pay less than $38500/year.
    I guess he doesn’t really believe in that $20/hour minimum wage thing even when he’s paying for it with other people’s money

  17. How about ending CORPORATE WELFARE, but your KOCH won’t allow that.

    Remember when Eisenhower taxed the SHIT out of the wealthy and corporations which built the interstate highway system we all enjoy today?

  18. I know being a homeschooled kochsucker you are slow but I will direct you to when the interstate was built. It wasn’t so much the construction jobs but what it meant to the local economy in jobs. And how much are getting paid to protect the 1% assets since we already know they don’t pay their fair share

  19. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average black man earns $679.00 per week in the U.S., while black women earn $608.00 weekly (BLS reports white men and white women earn an average of $896.00 and $733.00, respectively).

    I fail to see your point

  20. Thank you Senator Sanders. You, Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren seem to be the only ones left in Washington who still remember WHY you are there.

  21. Yes but don’t forget they’re BLACK. They’re supposed to spend all their time thanking the benevolent conservatives who to this day consider them property and not people for losing the Civil War.

  22. You’re exactly right, and the conservatives don’t seem to understand that. They seem to believe as soon as the illegal immigrants leave, Americans will take their place. Wrong! They have no idea how brutal the working conditions are (hot, humid, and lots of heavy lifting are all involved), and how little they’re paid with no, or very little benefits. Growers know that Americans will not work in the conditions illegal immigrants must work in, for the low pay illegal immigrants get paid.

    Don’t fool yourself, the root cause of our illegal immigrant “problem”, and the problem that continues to today, is the more than happy employers who actually prefer illegal immigrants over Americans because of their work ethic, low wages, and not having to offer benefits. Also, the reason the Republicans in DC seem to be soreluctant to do anything to help the problem is because most of the employers who hire the illegal immigrants are Republican’s.

  23. The “reply to” button isn’t on your reply to Brownback being POTUS.

    I lived thru Reagan as governor of California ’67-’75 when we were the guinea pigs for his “trickle down” voodoo economic plan…so, what do you think?

    It was just after 2010 for Governor Jerry Brown to begin to pull us out of debt and recession via BLUE LIBERAL policies. California now has a $2.5 BILLION state budget SURPLUS and Jerry Brown was elected again our governor in 2014.

  24. You need to drive thru the San Joaquin Valley of California and see all those people out working in the fields during the 100+ summer heat.
    Then go back to your air conditioned home and enjoy those fresh vegetables and think about it.

  25. He’s assuming poor blacks, (no talk of how they will get to and live there instead of cities) poor whites, ex-convicts, current convicts on chain gangs, and welfare recipients working for benefits will pick up the slack.

  26. You folks who say all of the problem in immigration is because of employers, obviously don’t have any experience in agriculture or construction. While employers are not without fault, so many of these jobs would go unfilled but for immigrants, legal or not. The stupid idea to deport millions of people would not only be economically impossible from a cost standpoint but would lead to the collapse of both agriculture and construction in the US. A fact recognized by experts I have talked to in both industries and my own experience.

  27. Your an idiot, haven’t read real history and are far from an economist. I managed economic development programs, including infrastructure development for many years and the jobs are both worthwhile and high paying. Plus for every infrastructure and economic development program you multiply the direct number of jobs created by about 2.5. You think, in your ignorance, people build houses where there are no roads or jobs? Your part of the shallow gene pool screwing up America.

  28. I have to disagree. Not sure what part of the country you are in, but I have been to construction sites, processing plants etc. Most of those jobs are filled by legal workers, and they are good paying jobs. It is only in some areas in the Southwest that they have reverted to slave labor wages. If they cannot get people to do the work cheap they will pay what they need to in order to get the job done. Same as sanitation workers, janitors etc. None of the jobs mentioned are menial non-skilled work. And the agg jobs can be filled by legal migrant workers here on a temp visa. Make it illegal for them to be hired, bust the people that hire them and fine high enough that the juice is not worth the squeeze and things will fix themselves.

  29. Off topic but RIP Edward Brooke. He Was the 1st Elected African-American U.S. Senator Since Reconstruction.

    Although Brooke supported the Republican Party, his stances were often contrary to the official party line. He typically adopted a liberal agenda with regard to social issues. During his two terms in the Senate, Brooke backed affirmative action, minority business development, and public housing legislation.

    He also favored extending minimum wage standards to unprotected jobs held by unskilled workers, providing tax incentives to companies with management training programs, and increasing operating subsidies for commuter rail services and mass transit systems.

    Until a few decades ago, there existed several moderate and, yes, even liberal Republican legislators and elected officials in the tradition of President Teddy Roosevelt (R-NY).

    Those were the days and if they existed today Sanders bill would have a chance

  30. Actually, Tea Partiers would let all the roads and bridges crumble, then say that it proves that government doesn’t work and then them off to the highest bidders (i.e.their buddies), and we would be stuck with astronomical tolls.

  31. You forgot that infrastructure spending has the biggest multiplier effect of any government stimulus, which can range conservatively from 1.6 to 2.0, and that’s not counting the effect down the road as the economy takes off, nor does it count the economic stimulus of having upgraded roads and bridges.

  32. Edward Brooke, the Republican senator from Massachusetts and the first African-American elected to the U.S. Senate by popular vote, was honored today, October 28 with a Congressional Gold Medal, according to the Associated Press.

    In his acceptance speech, Brooke suggested that today’s Republican and Democratic lawmakers put aside their partisan ways to bring conclusion to the health care debate. He also addressed the wars overseas, restoring the economy and adequate housing for all Americans.

    The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest award given by Congress to honor individuals for their achievements and contributions to society. President Obama was on hand to congratulate Brooke saying, “that was Ed Brooke’s way -to ignore the naysayers, reject the conventional wisdom, and trust that ultimately, people would judge him on his character, his commitment, his record and his ideas. He ran for office, as he put it, ‘to bring people together who had never been together before.’ And that he did.”

  33. So, how does that compare with the pay per job of the much-vaunted pipeline that is going to save America?

  34. When The American Jobs Act (S.1549) was broken into Smaller Separate Bills, the Second Bill was called The Rebuild America Jobs Act (S.1769), which was introduced by Senator Amy Klobuchar(D-Minnesota)on Oct.31,2011. This Bill would have put Workers back on the Job while Rebuilding and Modernizing America. It would’ve spent $50 Billion on Transportation and Infrastructure Projects and $10 Billion to Fund an Infrastructure Bank. It ”Failed” on a 51-49 vote for ”Cloture on Nov. 3, 2011. 51 Democrats voted in ”Favor of Opening Debate on The Legislation – 47 Republican Senators, 1 Democratic Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) and Senator Joe Liebermann (Independent) ”Voted No”. The $60 Billion Investing in Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure would have been paid with a ”0.7% Tax on American Earning” More than 1 Million per year.

  35. the republicans cry about the liberal media the democrats whine that the medias controlled by the republicans.
    the truth is probably that youre both nuts and need to be completely ignored

  36. that’s true and he also accepted the New Deal. But i think the reason Eisenhower built the highway system in the ’50’s was a cold war move to be able to move troops quickly throughout the US in case of a soviet attack. If you remember Ronald Reagans “evil empire”. Probably the only reason RepubliKKKans went along with it at the time. They certainly didn’t do it to improve the economy for working class folk.

    Just a guess tho.

  37. We currently spend about $10B / year on Road Improvement while spending collecting about $50B / year through Fuel Taxes. Lets see Mitch and Harry explain that $40Billion annual Gap.

    Perhaps we do need to spend $1T / year (that’s perhaps 7% of our economy) – redirected – or added to – for rebuilding our clearly decaying infrastructure. OK – maybe it needs to happen, but there are few places the delta$’s can come from:

    1) added taxes – I suggest directly on those who use the roads, that is the Trucks and Cars, perhaps on a formula based on miles + axle weight. Maybe that is too complicated but at least it’s directly connected to usage, or,

    2) Reduction in spending elsewhere – I suggest the US Military Structure – which is perhaps not coincidentally a similar $1T / year (Direct + VA + DHS + Nuc’s + Covert Activity), or,

    3) Some Combination of the above.

    More in a moment …

  38. Continued from Above:

    Consider this: Consider Most Military Spending is to assure Secure Global Economic Trade. If that spending – a third of Federal Tax $’s – were paid directly by the Great Global Corporations who are the clear direct beneficiaries … AND if Congress actually were held to the cause … YOUR taxes would go down by that same amount – 1/3rd reduction in Federal Taxes – that money could be in YOUR pocket to decide if YOU want to spend it on Roads (through some Fuel Tax), or instead walk and bike and save that tax-reduction for something else …

    OK, I’m dreaming: But the Math Works and the Concept is Conservative.

    Here is Support from Forbes:

  39. Continued from Above:

    Consider this: Consider Most Military Spending is to assure Secure Global Economic Trade. If that spending – a third of Federal Tax $’s – were paid directly by the Great Global Corporations who are the clear direct beneficiaries … AND if Congress actually were held to the cause … YOUR taxes would go down by that same amount – 1/3rd reduction in Federal Taxes – that money could be in YOUR pocket to decide if YOU want to spend it on Roads (through some Fuel Tax), or instead walk and bike and save that tax-reduction for something else …

    OK, I’m dreaming: But the Math Works and the Concept is Conservative.

    Here is Support from Forbes:

  40. Why should I work there? I know the cost of living is high when you factor in utilities but if the wage is that low then its the fault of the voters for not holding their leaders accountable

  41. To Congress: Starting with NH Sen.Kelly Ayotte,Sen Jeanne Shaheen, Cong.Annie Kuster, Cong. Frank Guinta
    Take care of our Military.Take care of our Vets.

    $2,000,000.00 a day for Israel,158 more Foreign Country’s Military . WHY are we paying for their military and taking away from ours. If we are going to send them to war for oil, make sure you take some of that oil money for their healing.


    This is 1/4 of a page, there are 7pgs more just like this…WHY?
    military-spending please click here for complete report..pass it on

    Where does USA Military Aid Go
    Israel $2,799,544,121
    Vietnam $2,590,000
    Egypt $1,301,900,000 canceled
    Turkey $5,116,000
    Afghanistan $6,800,308,625
    Iraq $1,005,989,000 See More
    Why is this important?
    Because we can’t balance OUR budget if we Fund the World
    Write your Congress person.Don’t wait another day,another hour an…

  42. Exactly. I’m glad that Saunders is introducing this but let’s face it unless he’s gotten some positive feedback from Senate Republicans the votes just are not there.

  43. Thankfully during his two terms Brooke’s party had a pretty strong moderate wing. You even had liberal Republicans!!

    If President Obama had been dealing with those Republicans America would be in a Golden Age.

  44. I TOTALLY agree with you. As you and I know, a good share of the members of the US Congress are millionaires and billionaires, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about the middle class or the poor in America! Besides that, Wall Street REALLY controls Congress, anyway. So that’s why we non-wealthy, middle class and poor people lose out all the way around. We don’t have clout like the lobbyists have to plead our case to Congress members. However, the one thing we do have is: the VOTE! But, due to the stupidity of a lot of middle class voters, and a lot of the more intelligent people NOT voting, we are now faced with the Super Wealthy in control of America. And, we can’t forget all the illegal gerrymandering of voting districts, Voter ID, suppressing of minorities, the elderly, disabled, college students from voting, and hoards of other dirty tricks the GOP did to win the election. Add it all up and we have a corrupt, dishonest and money-hungry bunch of sleazy politicians in charge!!!!

  45. deporting of all illegals is simply impossible and will never happen. it would cost billions and billions to round these folks up, many who live off the grid anyway. it is a problem that is not going away and will get worse. that is why the GOP must work with Obama and the dems to do comprehensive immigration reform.

  46. Socialists have the trump on the right insofar as they spend money domestically rather than blowing stuff up and paying to rebuild it poorly(and repeat).
    There are some republicans that in order to get a bipartisan bill will have democrats put together an infrastructure bill. Rand Paul has said, money saved by repatriating corporate taxes can be put in a bill.

  47. You want to raise a quick 350 billion and 95% wouldn’t even know its there?
    The Wall Street Trading and Speculators Tax Act would impose a tax of 0.03 percent on financial transactions, meaning that longterm investors would barely notice it, but traders who move rapidly in and out of positions would feel its sting and, the authors hope, reduce the volume of their speculation in response.

    But I am not finish
    The Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act (S. 250, introduced by Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and H.R
    694, introduced by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)) would end the current practice of deferral that allows
    companies to avoid taxes on offshore profits, both those earned offshore and those shifted there through
    accounting gimmicks. This bill would tax the global profits of U.S. corporations and provide for a 100%
    foreign tax credit for any taxes paid to foreign governments. It would raise $590 billion over ten years
    according to the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

    So that’s 940 billion right there and I didn’t even sleep at a Holiday Inn last night

  48. Because you don’t understand what the Federal Government does when it exercises it’s monetary sovereignty you don’t understand it never needs to tax, borrow or impose austerity to complete the act of spending. All it needs is a Congressional Appropriation and tax policies which serve to manage inflation. Look up monetary sovereignty.

  49. Read the 1946 paper by former Federal Reserve chairman, Beardsley Ruhml, “Taxes For Revenue are Obsolete”.

    MONETARILY SOVEREIGN government never needs to tax or borrow to spend. It does so for political reasons, not economic or financial reasons.

    Look it up. Moreover, because the dollar is nothing more than an IOU, tax credit the gov destroys it when you satisfy your tax liability. The gov. does not need to save its own IOUs.

    Why would the sole issuer of its own currency need income/revenue to fund itself?

  50. Because the a monetarily sovereign nation it never needs revenue per se to spend. It does not need to get dollars from any other source. Look up monetary sovereignty.

  51. If you had a clue about the implications of our abandoning the gold standard you wouldn’t post the inane comments about taxation, spending and borrowing.

    You’ll need to know about reserve accounting, sector financial balances and monetary sovereignty.

  52. Check out the Wikipedia for monetary sovereignty. Our gov never needs to tax or borrows for economic or financial reasons.

  53. You’re correct, General Eisenhower saw and LOVED the Natzi autobahns being able to move tanks and trucks loaded with troops.

    Eisenhower won the presidency in 1952 because he was a war hero and build the interstate system to move our own tanks, trucks loaded with troops and to able to move people OUT of the cities in an emergency like a nuclear bomb (it WAS the 50’s and the soviets were coming)
    However, I know firsthand how “well that worked out” in car clogged Los Angeles after the 1994 Northridge earthquake…HAHAHA.

  54. The Republicans have their own “jobs bill”, the Keystone pipeline. And I suppose building a bridge is as temporary as building a pipeline – but keeping the total infrastructure working should require a continuing budget.

    But watch the Republicans try to sell themselves as favoring jobs, and condemn Saunders as being a Big Government Socialist.

  55. You equate chartalism with libertarian gold standard rubrics which is absolute proof that you know little or nothing about either.

  56. Pretty much all you need to know about libertarianism is no matter what they say about your rights and freedom, they will toss you in a New York Second for corporate rights.

    Thats all you need to know

  57. What you propose, raising revenue for the Federal Government, is never necessary for our government which issues its own currency. Understanding modern economics requires an understanding of monetary sovereignty. This has nothing to do with Rand Paul or his throwback notions of returning to the deflationary environment of the gold standard.

  58. Sanders will introduce a bill to create 13 million jobs by rebuilding roads and bridges. Right? How does that moron propose to PAY for all this? Government created jobs require MORE taxes from the PRIVATE sector, or have you all forgotten? And, if the “gubmint” prints more dollars, it only serves to devalue our currency. If they’re going to pass meaningful laws, make them ones that allow entrepreneurs, current industries and anyone else in the private sector to create those jobs.

  59. 1. The private sector would be doing the work
    2. The private sector will not do the job without being paid
    3. The government and states own the roads and bridges.
    4. 13 million jobs puts a tremendous amount of money into the economy.
    5. You should not be near a keyboard

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