Religious Right: Loving Israel and Hating Islam Bestows Foreign Policy Cred

Indiana Governor Mike Pence meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. (Photo: Facebook Page of Mike Pence)
Indiana Governor Mike Pence meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. (Photo: Facebook Page of Mike Pence)

Apparently, the only qualification a Republican needs for foreign policy cred is being pro-Israel and anti-Muslim, and showing it by refusing to talk to one of the two parties in a conflict that has bedeviled the Middle East for more than half a century.

As when Indiana Governor and stimulus hypocrite Mike Pence traveled recently to Israel (because knowing how to climb aboard an airliner and let somebody else fly you across the world to Israel means you know your foreign policy stuff) and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in order to tell him how much he loved and supported Israel.

Did he meet with any Palestinians? No, he did not. As OneNewsNow tells us,

Pence was also invited to have a Christmas dinner in Ramallah with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas while in Israel, which the Republican governor didn’t accept – a decision that earned him kudos from pro-Israel activist Gary Bauer.

Bloomberg reports that Kevin Madden, a Romney adviser, as saying,

It’s important for prospective candidates to have a full command of the issues related to our national security and foreign policy relationship with a crucial ally. There’s no better way to develop diplomatic relationships and learn firsthand about the security challenges there than visiting Israel.

Without meeting the Palestinians? How does that work, exactly? You can understand the Russian-Ukraine crisis by visiting only one of the two countries?

Pence is clear: “US should aspire to be on side of the table with Israel.” Without even attempting to understand what is happening there, he has made up his mind. No doubt based on the Bible rather than the facts on the ground.

According to Pence, his words to Netanyahu were: “Israel is not just our strongest allies in the region, Israel is our most cherished ally in the world. If the world knows nothing else, let it know this: America stands with Israel.”

You remember Romney’s No. 1 foreign policy principle, of course:


President Reagan’s former chief advisor on domestic policy and anti-gay bigot Gary Bauer is president of American Values and a member of the executive board of Christians United for Israel. This is the Gary Bauer who told the Values Voter Summit this year that President Obama is “more interested in defending the reputation of Islam than he [is] in saving the lives of Christians.”

Of course, Bauer doesn’t think gay lives should be saved either, as former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop explained, “[B]ecause he believed that anybody who had AIDS ought to die with it. That was God’s punishment for them.”

So yes, voting for Mike Pence is voting to take a gigantic 500-year step backward. For the record, Mike Pence also has some very bizarre ideas about gays. No surprise, I suppose, given his support for 7 Mountains Dominionism, which has very bizarre ideas about the United States.

And it’s not just Gary Bauer thinking this way, as OneNewsNow tells us:

Tom Pauken served on Ronald Reagan’s White House staff and later became chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. He thinks Pence may be contemplating a 2016 presidential run.

“Clearly Mike Pence is trying to burnish his foreign policy credentials,” he offers, “and his pro-Israel stance is very strongly supported in evangelical circles – and evangelicals vote very heavily in a Republican primary. So I think that’s the connection he’s trying to make.”

Gosh, that’s great. But Israel is not the only foreign country in the world, or even the only American ally, and Evangelicals are not the only voters. Clearly, Pence, Pauken and Bauer love that small tent the GOP has fashioned for itself.

Pauken went on to say: “And he had a strong pro-Israel record [in Congress] before he was elected governor. But foreign policy is more than a stance on Israel.”

Oh! So Pauken does realize that Israel is not the only other country in the world!

“The real issue is how best to combat the threat of radical Islam.”


So other countries don’t exist, and the only thing that matters besides Israel is Islam.


OneNewsNow tells us that “In Pauken’s opinion, that’s the central foreign policy issue of the upcoming presidential campaign.”

So to win as a Republican, foreign policy must focus on Israel and Islam.

That’s a pretty limited set of criteria there. Have these guys forgotten that we live in the United States of America? That we are, in fact, Americans and not Israelis? That some American citizens are actually Muslims?

This is how big Israel is. Britain is not a big country. As you can see, Israel isn’t as big as Britain.


It’s not even as big as Scotland. In fact, Israel is only slightly larger than New Jersey.

Just for the sake of a sense of proportion here, this is how big Israel is compared to the Arab world:


And this excludes Iraq, Pakistan, India and Indonesia. You get the idea. There are LOTS of Muslims. It’s the second biggest religion in the world after Christianity.

So what Pence and others are saying is that that tiny little blue area is more important than that huge pale yellow area. That we should love that tiny blue area as much or more than we love ourselves, and hate that pale yellow area.

What’s funny is that in other areas, Bauer does care about proportion, as when he says that,

“I’ve never seen an administration so obsessed with pushing the rights of a really miniscule segment of the American population,” in reference to gays. And despite his own obsession with gays, including thinking they should just all die already.

One does not have to be anti-Israel (let alone anti-Semitic) to question the wisdom of a foreign policy that places Israel’s (or any country’s) interests even above our own. If anything, at this point, after the ethnic cleansing in Gaza, Americans should be questioning our unquestioning support for Israel.

Pence is thinking about running for president of the wrong country. He should immigrate to Israel and try his luck there. Clearly, ideological and religious fanaticism has blinded him to the bigger picture. This is not surprising, of course, given the Bible’s own endorsement of ethnic cleansing.

That kind of thinking might make sense in Tel Aviv. Not so much in Washington D.C.

29 Replies to “Religious Right: Loving Israel and Hating Islam Bestows Foreign Policy Cred”

  1. According to the Indianapolis Star, Pence did attend “a Christmas Eve dinner hosted by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas but declined an offer from Abbas to join the head table and a separate offer of a private meeting.” I’m not trying to defend Pence, who is a hopeless right-wing jerk, but left-wing sources are more credible if you check your facts better than Fox News.

  2. These Dominionists care for Israel as tenderly as a shepherd looks after a little lamb… that he is planning to eat.

  3. Those such as Pence are a danger and a menace not only to America and our society, but to the world.

  4. The USA and Israel are birds of a feather, warlike and genocidal.

    What I question is why everyone seems to think that Israel is such a great friend and ally. What has Israel EVER done for the USA? Accepting our money and arms doesn’t count.

  5. Perspective

    Judaism Is
    smaller then Korean shamanism

    Smaller then Shinto in Japan

    smaller then Sikhism in Indian subcontinent

    Vastly smaller then Buddhism, Islam and Christianity

    And its to this religion that American republicans base our government and their decisions on? Maybe they are in the wrong country speaking the wrong language

  6. Indiana is one of the most backward states of the Union. On the gay-marriage issue: the very lopsided GOP legislature, after wasting millions of taxpayer dollars trying to enshrine bigotry into our State Constitution, was slapped down by Federal Judge Richard Young. (Judge Young is a friend of mine, and I always knew he’d do the right thing!)

    Now, in 2015, the legislature wants to push through their “religious freedom” bill, making it legal to refuse service to gay people! It will probably pass, then Gov Pence will either sign it or not sign it.

    He’s hoping and praying they don’t force him to maKe that decision. He’s already “toast” when it comes to 2016, and he’s obviously too dumb to realize it.

  7. Well, yes, there was that one trifling little gaucherie…

    But they’re our best friend and ally so we need to forgive and forget, right?

  8. There was a time when I blindly supported Israel. The Holocaust & the horrors it inflicted on the Jewish residents of wherever the Nazis could lay hands on them. It is still horrible but I do not see these patriots supporting the American Indian who suffered their own Holocaust led by the US of A government & with legality, citizens as well going so far to offer these citizens bounties for an A. Indian scalp.
    Why is one group of people that was almost exterminated to one group that was exterminated be so much more important especially since the US did the extermination?
    One thing is that the A. Indian did not sit on a major port for shipping oil to the states from the Mid-East. If America succeeds in propping up a few “on our side Democratic puppet government” in some of these Mid-East countries then oil will flow through Israel like water down an eaves gutter & downspout.
    Follow the money & all of your questions will be answered which is business as usual in t…

  9. Israel is a mini-me of American – vicious, bloody handed and utterly inhumane.

    White men have been using Jerusalem as an excuse to pillage since the Crusades. With a stunning lack of success.

    Failure doesn’t stop them from extorting money to help ‘save’ white people from Death by overrunning someone else’s home.

    Fortunately for us, it is getting harder to slaughter innocent people without interference.

    Smartphones and the web connect us to each other better than our Fearless Leaders’ Apocalyptic fantasies.

    Killing each other for god is no longer acceptable.

    The GOP hasn’t figured that out, yet.

  10. That’s true, in particular in a Republican primary, but democrats fall in line too much of the time, issuing sanctions along with republicans that work to keep regimes in power for decades longer than they would have otherwise.

  11. Israel is the ONLY democratic State in the entire Middle East. Those who forget that little fact seem to also forget that only Israel has the same freedoms we Americans love.
    Christians are not permitted to exist in ANY Arab countries. The only religion that is permitted is the cult of Islam. Religious freedom exists only in Israel, freedom of the press, freedom of speech and all of the freedoms we Americans have, Israel also has.
    So what do the Arabs offer us? Nothing except oil and now that we have oil, the Arabs have nothing to offer except Jew hate.
    Israel offers us advances in the medical sciences, technology advances, and the most Ph.D.s per capita than any other country.
    What do the Arabs have to offer other than the most capital punishment outside China.
    If Israel goes away, so will what they offer go away.
    We need Israel, we don’t need the Arabs.

  12. Inhumane? Israel? Israel is the ONLY state that has the same freedoms the U.S. has.
    Christianity is not permitted in any Arab state!
    If you think that Israel is a bastion of white people, you need to discover that ONLY Israel has people from all over the world come to Israel to escape their brutal, inhumane Arab lands. Wake up!

  13. What has Israel ever done for us? Medical advances that are used every day, inventions we use all the time Do you use cell phones? Invented in Israe’s Motorola R and D division. Internet phoning (VOIP), instant messaging, coronary stents, CURING some cancers, flash drives…and the list goes on and on about the Arabs in a fe.
    Arabs have full citizenship, ask any Arab if they want to be an Israeli or a citizen in any Arab state. They have rights that other Arabs can dream of.
    Like most Americans, you blindly accept Arab propaganda. Wake up. Oh the money that Israel gets? That money is spent in the USA. If you visit the middle east, don’t show any Christian jewelry, you will be thrown out except in Israel. Israel has religious freedom.

  14. We dont need either.

    Christians are allowed to live in some muslim countrys. Egypt and Lebanon for example

    And no, Israel does not have our freedoms. Especially if you are an arab that lives in Israel. Dont get carried away thinking its a democracy, its a democracy for the elite

  15. Wow, man have you sucked up the propaganda!

    The money is not spent in the USA and it is not paid back.

    We dont even hear arab propaganda, but its obvious someone has prepared you to think we do.

    Go get depropagandacized and deprogrammed

  16. Check your sources. Lebanon is a Christian country, Egypt is destroying its Coptic churches.
    Hate to burst your bubble, but Israel IS a democracy.
    Islamic countries are anti American, Israel is the ONLY country in the middle east that supplrtsthe U.S.
    I upped my attitu5, up yours.

  17. Pull your head out of your @ $ $ and get some facts straight about Christians being allowed to exist in Arab countries before posting ignorant stuff here. There are quite a lot of Antiochian Orthodox, Maronite and Melkite Catholics, Armenian Apostolic, and Assyrian Christians that do just fine in areas we haven’t destabilized. Including IRAN, though that is not an Arab country. These Christians were quite free to work and worship in Iraq, too, before we “liberated” it.

    Now do a little investigation into Israel’s hostility toward Christians and seizing of Christian property in Jerusalem.

    And no, we don’t need Israel for ANYTHING. They do nothing for us besides stroking our egos by imitating our genocides and bloodthirstiness.

  18. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. Ben Franklin

    You are right, we don’t need Israel for anything. So do not use any Israel inventions. Get rid of your cell phone, do not use a coronary artery stent, don’t use flash drives, or any of the hundreds of Isralie inventions.
    Christians can operate in the pen as can Muslims, Druze, or any other religions. If you have ANY proof that Israel is doing anything to Christian property, say it, don’t accept propaganda blindly.

  19. Anything Israel may have invented could and would have been invented elsewhere.

    Israel is good for nothing but weapons and vegtables.

  20. Wrong, amazingly wrong.

    Israel is no longer the only democracy in the middle east. It’s not even the largest democracy in the middle east. Lebanon is a democracy, Tunisia is a democracy, Turkey is a democracy, the list goes on.

    Second, Christians are all over the middle east; they run the government in Lebanon. They are a sizable group in Egypt and throughout North Africa. Go back to school and learn something.

  21. That’s a very bold faced lie Christianity is allowed in Arab nations the only and in fact Qatar actually paid $10 million for a church for a mere 100 people meanwhile Muslims can only dream of such luxury.

    USA and Republicans best buds the Al Sauds however do restrict Christianity funny that.

    There was peace in Syria until your buds started arming the “opposition”.

    A democracy that has discrimatory laws against Palestinians and policies to ensure mass colonisation.

    besides don’t deny you guys are racist you despise people of colour the treatment of Black Africans working in Tel Aviv is unacceptable

  22. In Lebanon the Muslim population is 51 % and Christians are 33% so despite being the minority that still makes Lebanon a Christian country yes? You are a really bad troll

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