Mitch McConnell Lies and Blames Obama and Democrats For His Years Of Senate Dysfunction

Mitch McConnell CNN State Of The Union

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) desperately tried to rewrite history today by implying that President Obama and Senate Democrats were responsible for the campaign of dysfunction and obstruction that he orchestrated.


McConnell was asked on CNN what the message was that voters sent to Washington by electing a Republican run Congress. Sen. McConnell answered, “I think the American people had two messages. They were certainly upset with their president, and wanted to express that opposition to what he’s been doing. But they also wanted to do something about the dysfunction in Washington. I’m not sure that they knew who was responsible for it, but they want it to stop, and so I think the message from the American people is that they would like to see a right of center responsible conservative Republican majority. That’s what the Speaker and I intend to provide, and hopefully we’ll have enough followers to do that.”

The soon to be Majority Leader implied to CNN that Obama and the Senate Democrats were responsible for not getting things done. The truth is that McConnell blocked or slowed down hundreds of bills while serving as Minority Leader. Fact checkers who limit the definition of obstruction to only filibusters are ignoring the wide variety of procedural tactics that McConnell used to grind the Senate to a halt, and turn votes that should have taken days into a weeks long process.

Mitch McConnell has spent most of the Obama presidency slowing down the Senate and blocking any progress, but now that the Kentucky Republican is the new Senate Majority Leader he has completely forgotten the past. McConnell is trying to fool the American people by selling himself as a man of action that is interested in getting things done.

Both Sen. McConnell and CNN tried to spin the Republican pickup of red state Senate seats into a national Republican mandate when the reality is that the playing field for the 2014 midterms was heavily tilted in favor of the Republican Party. It is faulty reasoning to assume that one region of the country speaks for the entire nation.

Republicans only have 54 votes in the Senate, and will be facing off with a president who is ready to use his veto pen. The reality is that it is going to be nearly impossible for McConnell to pass anything substantial without the support of Democrats and Obama. McConnell tried to blame Democrats for his campaign of obstruction, but it will be his job on the line when Republicans fail to pass legislation under his leadership.

It is this dynamic that may lead to Mitch McConnell having a very short stint as Senate Majority Leader.

47 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Lies and Blames Obama and Democrats For His Years Of Senate Dysfunction”

  1. McConnell, Boehner, all of them speak as though there are no videos or records of past actions. They can because there’s a large segment that just unequivocally believe what they say. Just wait, they will soon take all the credit for the stock market, economic recovery, gas prices, unemployment numbers and anything that has helped progress, just as they have seemingly forgotten that their policies brought the country to near recession.

  2. There are no records because the limp wrist village reporters who interview these lying sociopaths will never bring it up.

  3. Unless, of course, the stock market hits another downturn, oil prices rise once more and the economy goes back to being in tatters. Then McConnell and Boehner will get to own up to that happening during their time in leadership. The GOP washout for 2016 would be so laudable that I suspect it will change the fabric of this nation for centuries. The problem with the last financial crisis was that it wasn’t severe enough in order to implement rigid reform on Wall Street and the banks. If this president doesn’t get us what we want, Warren will. [WINK]

  4. Why is McConnell Lies even news? Kentucky you must have the DUMBEST fucking voters in the USA…McConnell AND Rand Paul? Dumber than even Texas.

  5. If the Republizards thought they faced obstruction from the Dems and Obama up to now, wait and see what the next two years will bring. Suck it up, turtleboy.

  6. I find it unbelievable that this guy won considering the audio tape that said he would only pass bills for the rich to get more tax breaks and that t he other 99% just had to suck it up since he wasn’t going to do anything about minimum wage increase or anything else that would help the middle class.

    Does anyone actually believe that Mitch McConnell is going to get anything done in the next few years?

  7. Did the interviewer even bring up the “one term President” battle cry from McConnell after the first Obama victory? Yertle trumpeted his campaign of obstruction from the very beginning.

  8. It’s turtle Season!!
    Mitch is an old school “wordcrafter”, the blatant racist mantras of “take back ‘Merika” and in the ’14 mid-terms his “useful idiot” base was convinced that Obama and Ebola were connected somehow(maybe because they both start with a vowel). And the continued denial of Climate change, equating that with a war on coal. His “useful idiots” glom on to this to “prove” Obama is anti jobs whereas the truth is natural gas is now the fuel of choice ,mountain top removal ,not mining is the extraction method.. jobs lost (unions busted) as a result of business models not a democrats socialist ways.

  9. to some extent, they’re right… the budget was slashed by sequester, unemployment stopped(extended benefits)and moms and children starved all to come to to say ,”see told you, starve the poor,elderly,sick,unemployed and allow Wall Street ,and corporate ‘Merika to run rampant … so we got parity in a global economy. So now you can live like a Bangladeshi without having to pack.
    Anyone fool enough to take credit enough for a crooked game(Wall Street) is not dealing with reality, soon enough Wall Street will have a “correction” and we will be wondering why our 401k is gone, poof, gone nobody goes to jail, it’s a thing ,these corrections… the Market works in mysterious ways(God knows), actually it doesn’t ,it’s electronic front running, like Keno.

  10. Spineless Cowards John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s new plan is to pretend to oppose Obama’s illegal suspension of America’s existing immigration and border laws, while covertly protecting Obama’s abuse of power and conspiring to rubber stamp and forgive Obama’s dictatorial actions with amnesty legislation slipped into law later on.

    The only chance Americans have at defeating this new amnesty threat legislatively is if John Boehner and or Mitch McConnell are removed from their leadership positions.

    Please bring yourself and others rapidly up to speed on this crisis and be prepared to lead the way when our alerts go out from early Monday morning. Every American is urged to pick-up the phone. US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121; (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives who are committed to flood the phone lines on Capitol Hill with this simple message.’ IGNORE THE PEOPLE AT YOUR OWN PERIL.’

  11. The blatant arrogance of regressive McConnell and the TEA/KKK party in obstructing every presidential proposal with poisonous inclusions in passed bills shows just how flagrant they can be by trying to switch the blame. The president has good polling numbers when compared to single digits Congress. There is no opposition to Obama when election numbers in non-Gerrymandered states are counted.
    Let’s look at the numbers!
    Obama’s mandated numbers in 2012(332 to 203 Electoral vote and 61,209,598 to 58,194,587 popular vote) show the people want action for the people.
    Obama got overwhelming support from Puerto Ricans, Florida’s second-largest Hispanic group. They voted for the president over Republican challenger Mitt Romney by a 83-17 percent margin.
    Obama won 93 % of the black vote!
    Obama won 73 % of the Asian vote!
    Obama won 71 % of the Hispanic/Latino vote!
    And everyone remembers how Obama thumped McCain-Palin!
    Yeah, makes you wonder what polling numbers McConnell is using.

  12. Yeah, makes you wonder what polling numbers McConnell is using.
    That 64% didn’t give a rats ass for the anal cavity search without Vaseline the teahadist will unleash on the nation

  13. Some of our so called leaders prey off the average American person who have no idea what is really going on in Washington…. They like McConnell prey on our weaknesses of party lines… the party lines of misrepresentation is our weakness unfortunately…. People need to be informed and educated….The mighty powerful politicians don’t work for us they work for special interest’s period… I have researched and educated myself and I am disheartened on the corruption…. Mitch McConnell works for his special interest and himself what ever will put money in his pocket…. Self serving, career politician like TOO MANY….wish we had term limits, then the playing grounds would be fair…not bought….Disgusted in what has happened to our Country, but I blame myself and us all for not standing up and stopping this….

  14. And I don’t suppose any of our cowardly so called journalists called him out on being the obstructionist in the government!

  15. Of course he lied. What choice does he have really? He certainly cannot tell the truth about the cause of dysfunction in Washington, now can he. He is the definition of sleaze.

  16. C’mon Mitch, your agenda for the last 6 years has been obstruct and delay. Lying about it is pointless. Now you think the President should be helping you with the GOP agenda, not bloody likely. You get nothing, zero ,zilch. You don’t have the votes to override a veto. You don’t have the brains to outsmart Obama.

  17. McConnell brings to mind an old phrase that I haven’t heard for several years—”He’s a lying sack of shit!”

  18. Blinded by hatred of the black man in the White House! Also, the rethugs market that the gubmint is going to take yer guns and if you vote democrat you will burn in hell!
    Which resonates well for the uneducated and the gullible. I even told one of these enlightened folks that I would give them a dollar for every gun the gubmint confiscated within a year and they would have to give me a dollar for every gun not confiscated up to 5000……..they denied!

  19. He uses fox “news”‘s made up numbers. Remember Roves white board – Romney in a landslide. Meaningless numbers put out by Roger Ailies, Karl Rove, Kochs (the whole lyin bunch)

  20. It’s easier to blame someone else then admit that you screwed up… that’s been a part of human nature for as long as I know it.

    McConnell is just another example of it. I mean, think about it: It wasn’t the President that wanted to destroy his own health care law in some sort of Ouroboros styled fashion… it’s the right, who is doing nothing but basically being the loudest screamer in the room. Nothing can get done when one person is screaming so loudly that you go deaf.

  21. Now you think the President should be helping you with the GOP agenda, not bloody likely. You get nothing, zero ,zilch. You don’t have the votes to override a veto.

    Any sustained use of the veto won’t be politically safe.

    Sorry to be the killjoy.

  22. I remember when CNN was a reputable news outlet. When did everything go so wrong? There’s no difference between them and the fox BS. Dose McConnell think we the people are that stupid and naive. How he threaten to block every bill the President wanted pass, wanted to make sure he’s a one turn President. If that woman that ran against him had not run such a stupid campaign maybe we would not be having this conversation.

  23. When Mitch McConnell says he is for the American people, I do not suspect, I know he is not talking for people like you an I. It is the Koch Brothers and people like that. He is so glad the conservatives have the two houses and believes he has the real American people by the tail. McConnell is miserably wrong and so are his GOP buddies. We the progressives are up to the challenge to stop the especial interests and that useless pipeline is one of them. And not a single job was created for more than ten years by the republicans and the word “jobs” from McConnell’s mouth is just a tool to lie to the average citizen.

  24. Aaahh…you’re vilifying me.

    Glad to see you’re feeling feisty again.

    The President doesn’t have Harry anymore.
    Without Reid to block a vote in the Senate on Republican passed bills , the vetoes will have to be explained. Explaining a veto on VERY popular items such as Keystone, tax reform, repealing the medical device tax, repealing the employer and individual mandates in the ACA, won’t be easy, and won’t go over well.

  25. All what you say is popular is bullshit. Tax reform fro whom? The average American pays less taxes today than 30 years ago. Ask any of your cave dwellers what is the medical device tax and you get a blank stare. The same with everything else you listed. Now knowing that your party revels in ignorance like a pig in shit that’s what you are counting on. The idiocy of the majority(white)people in the country to pass shit you would never benefit from and like always when giving the keys to the car proceed to drive it in a ditch

  26. All what you say is popular is bullshit.

    Now knowing that your party revels in ignorance like a pig in shit

    The idiocy of the majority(white)people in the country to pass shit
    Smooch on the head.

    You win.

    But I keep telling you, they’re not my party and I’m not a Republican.
    Don’t forget, Democrats need to appeal to more white working-class voters like me. The last two off-year elections have been spectacularly unsuccessful for Democrats.

  27. Uh, did anyone forget that the Democrats got their collective ass’es handed to them on a silver platter???

    By the time we Americans wake up, realize the damage that is going to be done, will be done. Well, it may be to late, that is unless you hate the climate, hate giving everyone an equal chance, hate the thought of equality, hate equal rights for all.

    Oh, wait we just spoke about all of this as a nation, didn’t we?? And the winner was???? Hate, bigotry, despair and on, on and……….

  28. You meet with a group of the biggest conservative douche bags the night a new President is inaugurated and vow to obstruct everything he will try to do, and you go on record as planning to do everything you can to insure he’ll be a one term President.

    You are a piece of shit.

  29. Youtube, the GOP/TP’s greatest annoyance.

    Thanks to things getting better at the wrong moment, for the GOP/TP that is, Obama has the high ground advantage and it’s getting higher, so they have to rely on ignorance and hope some miracle that they’re the majority of this country, which is no doubt why some are trying to mess with the next generation’s education.

  30. Mitch McConnell is the main and best reason to make a law allowing ANY elected government person ONLY 2 terms. 2 and done. He’s had 30!!! No wonder Kentucky remains on the stupid train. They missed it again by not electing Alison L. Grimes, and that’s for sure!

  31. Mitch and the GOP have no one else to blame but themselves for their “dysfunction.” They are greedy, immature sheep following “dirty money” and “big money”, instead of doing the bidding of the American people as they are charged to do in the U.S. Constitution, and who pay their salary.

  32. Debra, don’t blame the citizens of this country alone. Remember please, the rethugs would not win elections WITH OUT, the gerrymanding of Dist’s. They do not represent the whole! Thugs cheat at every chance available, that is why, every person of any belief in our country should vote in every election. That is the only way to beat them!!!! If you live in a red State, educate your friends. Stop the lies at every chance you have.

  33. McConnell thinks we are stupid, blind and dumb. Does he think that he can get away by saying the Democrats and Obama are the ones to fault for the obstruction! ??? Lying with a straight face this deceitful man will say anything to place himself and the Republicans in a good light. He fails to realize that it is HIM and the Republicans who planned to NOT do anything, but obstruct Obama’s efforts.
    Well, ponder this: —“Republicans only have 54 votes in the Senate, and will be facing off with a president who is ready to use his veto pen. The reality is that it is going to be nearly impossible for McConnell to pass anything substantial without the support of Democrats and Obama.”—– Let’s see IF they can come up with anything that is helpful to the country. If not, Obama will put it in the garbage and tell them to try again, –“give me something ( a bill ) that will work.”

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