Bernie Sanders Blasts Paul Ryan and House Republicans For Trying To Cook The Books


Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted an idea from Paul Ryan and other House Republicans that would justify their tax cuts for the wealthy by cooking the books and rigging how costs are counted in legislation.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been working behind the scenes for months to try to change the way the Congressional Budget Office calculates the cost of legislation. Specifically, Ryan wants to force the CBO to use a discredited scoring method that will hide the real cost of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

Sen. Sanders blasted the Republican plan to cook the books,

The Republicans have hatched a plan to force the CBO to cook the books and paint a rosy picture of the benefits of trickle-down economics. They call it ‘dynamic scoring.’ In fact, it’s a gimmick to help justify more tax cuts for the wealthy and profitable corporations. It’s what the first President Bush called voodoo economics – and he was right.

The purpose of dynamic scoring is to conceal – not reveal – how Republican policies will affect the economy.

The basic problem with what the right-wing economists call “dynamic scoring” is that it requires the CBO to count hypothetical growth as additional revenue. “That means counting the chickens before they hatch.

The senator said the main reason Republicans want to change the budget rule is to disguise the impact of their plan to give more tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations. In fact, part of the reason the deficit is smaller today is that Congress in 2012 finally let tax cuts expire for the top 1 percent.

What history shows is that when you give tax breaks to the rich and large corporations, the rich get richer, corporate profits climb and the federal deficit soars. In these difficult times, we need realistic economic projections, not discredited theories, not voodoo economics.

The Republicans are politicizing the budget process in a way that will undermine the credibility of the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation, which have provided unbiased, nonpartisan analysis on the cost of tax and spending bills.

Republicans are refusing to face the reality that tax cuts for the wealthy don’t grow the economy. Instead, they are trying to rewrite the rules in order to hide their policy failures. Sen. Sanders (I-VT) is not about to let Republicans cover up their gifts to corporations and the wealthy without a fight.

Voodoo economics is back, but this time Democrats and Bernie Sanders won’t let the American people get fooled again.

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  1. I hope there is a way for them to block the appointment of anyone to the CBO that believes in “dynamic scoring”, or better put, the dynamics of screwing the American people.

  2. I remember the first George Bush using the term “voodoo economics.” It was when he and Reagan were vying for the Republican presidential nomination. I was 100% for Bush. But, of course we know what happened…

    Too bad – Bush was right.

  3. The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate jointly appoint the CBO Director, after considering recommendations from the two budget committees.

    So seeing that lyin Ryan is head of one committee and Beauregard Sessions is head of the Senate committee I would say get your Vaseline ready

  4. “voodoo economics” has been around since Reagan was our governor of California ’67-’75, and we’ve just recently recovered.
    All hail liberal Jerry Brown!!

  5. All I have to say is, I need to go out and purchase PBO large quantities of pens. The WH doesn’t have nearly enough

  6. “The Republicans are politicizing the budget process in a way that will undermine the credibility of the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation, which have provided unbiased, nonpartisan analysis on the cost of tax and spending bills.”

    Which is their true target. It’s one of the facets of government that actually does a good job, of predicting the effects and future costs of proposed legislation. Turn that into just another government function that is frequently wrong, because of partisan considerations, and republicans can say “look, even the CBO isn’t competent, just like the rest of the federal government, as we conservatives have said all along.” Trashing the CBO by forcing dynamic scoring on them will be a ideological victory, more than a legislative one. It will then become just another sign of a dysfunctional federal government.

  7. I don’t watch the village but I wonder have they covered this and the damage that will be done if you have yes men at the controls? I see the Today show devoted time to that grifter but not to this.

    This is why Americans are stupid and twice on Sundays

  8. A Republican Ruse to Make Tax Cuts Look Good
    AS Republicans take control of Congress this month, at the top of their to-do list is changing how the government measures the impact of tax cuts on federal revenue: namely, to switch from so-called static scoring to “dynamic” scoring. While seemingly arcane, the change could have significant, negative consequences for enacting sustainable, long-term fiscal policies.
    Read More

  9. Yep, and the ignorant and mis/ill-informed think the tax cuts are for them!

    What a country…what a country.

  10. “Republicans are refusing to face the reality that tax cuts for the wealthy don’t grow the economy.” They know it doesn’t because math doesn’t lie, they do. Couple that with the fact they don’t care who knows the truth..power rules, absolute power corrupts.

  11. Remember the uproar over nothing when Gruber called Americans stupid? Well guess what Americans are stupid because after all the evidence since Reagan that tax cuts do not work they still want to cut them using some voodoo to convince you that they do work.

    Now here is some evidence for the stupid to chew on even though they may be too stupid to comprehend it

    Sam Brownback’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 31 hours
    Gov. Sam Brownback promised Kansans that his deep income tax cuts favoring the wealthy would bring lots of great new things to the state.

    Instead, Brownback — and residents — have been enduring a steady drumbeat of bad news after the cuts took effect.

    Read more here:

  12. There is a way. Win the next election. Didn’t Barack Hussein Obama say that elections have consequences?

  13. Especially disabled ones

    V E T E R A N S included. More proof GOP hates our disabled vets.. no good to us now that youve been injured is what gop is saying.

  14. Obama grew the economy when gop said to let it bankrupt like Rump does with his businesses. Gop cant manage squat.

  15. The repugs aren’t trying anything, they are getting away with murder!!!! Literally, their policies will KILL millions!!!!

  16. The American people won’t be ‘fooled’, but they will be powerless to stop the repugs. Remember, that when you stay home and don’t vote, you give the GOP the power to make the rules that they like!!!

  17. This is a reprise of the Reagan years. Same lie, just a different decade. If cutting taxes happened to be the key to magical economic growth, how come Kansas isn’t booming? If eliminating regulations, including those that protect workers and the environment, would lead to an economic miracle or just another sad country like Bangladesh..
    I am afraid that too many Americans who know nothing of history are doomed to repeat it.

  18. Republicans Move To Gut Social Security Benefits on Their First Day in Power

    Dear Americans: this is what you got when you skipped out on voting last November:

    The House on Tuesday passed legislation laying out parliamentary rules for the year. The bill included a little-noticed provision blocking Congress from shifting funds to prevent a 2016 shortfall in Social Security’s disability insurance program.
    The Social Security Administration’s actuaries have projected that the disability insurance program’s trust fund will run out of money next year, resulting in a 20 percent benefit reduction for nearly 11 million Americans.

    The “demonization” of those receiving Disability payments is part of the broader overall GOP strategy of shifting money out of Social Security to pay for the Republicans’ main priority–tax cuts for corporations and multi-millionaires.

  19. The devil’s people (republicons) are fired up and ready to totally destroy the middle class and this country as we know it. Their goal is to have two classes, the rich and the poor and the icing on the cake is to have people dying in the street.

    I’m convinced that if you look at the top of their (republicons) heads, you’ll see horns!!!!!!

  20. To Djchefron:

    I’m just curious. I happened upon this site not long ago, and now absolutely make it daily reading. Very good site; I learn a lot from all of the authors and the commenters.

    You, in particular, always seem to “nail” it.

    Are you affiliated with the publisher of Politicususa? If so, my compliments to you!

  21. They think they are sticking it to minorities without realizing they are the ones getting it without the Vaseline

  22. Which 35 House Democrats Just Joined the GOP to Try to Gut Dodd-Frank?
    There is a deep and despicable cynicism at work in the behavior of many so-called “moderate” or “centrist” Democrats. They will vote with Wall Street every chance they get because they get to accomplish two objectives at the same time: (1) please their donors and (2) lower their “vote with party” score. Such purple district Democrats love being able to talk up a low “vote with party” score and a record of “independence.” But that independence normally just means shilling for the rich and the big banks.

  23. And a knowledgable one.

    It’s so nice to realize sanity and a grasp of real, TRUE history to counteract the FOXed-up crowd who have truly lost their minds. (some of whom never had them to begin with.)

    Keep up the great work.

  24. The rich have gotten richer while the poor have gotten poorer over the last 6 years.

  25. “Republicans are refusing to face the reality that tax cuts for the wealthy don’t grow the economy.”

    Not quite correct. For the people the Republicans care about, tax cuts to those people do grow the economy. Moreover, 100% of the growth in the economy goes to the people that the Republicans care about. So why wouldn’t the people getting all the benefit want these policies to continue right up to the edge of where there is a rebellion? Do you think they will know when to stop? History on this does say that sometimes the wealthy do wake up in time. I wouldn’t bet on this crowd, though.

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