NBC’s Today Show Lets Sarah Palin Blame President Obama For Her Cruelty To Animals

Screen capture from Today show

Screen capture from Today show

Sarah Palin was thrilled to be in the spotlight again Tuesday, as she appeared on the Today show to defend yet another bizarre stance in a relentless continuum of bizarre stances. Her basic argument continues to be that using her public notoriety to promote using the family dog as a stepping stool is totally cool, because Obama ate local food in Indonesia, and so everyone should hate him.

Referring to her son Trig using the family dog as a “stepping stone” was just part of Sarah Palin’s rather bizarre defense against the outrage resulting from a Facebook Post of a picture of her son standing on the dog, which also included telling the critics to kiss her “okole”. Wink. That’s just another classy way of saying “rear end” in Palin’s vast repertoire of ways to refer to people’s rear ends. “Asinine” is another fav of the family values Fox News contributor, something she used while Governor of Alaska to describe her constituents.

The rest of the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate’s defense was predictable Palin: It’s all Obama’s fault. Oh, and also, Democrats suck, neener neener neener.

Watch the family values interview here:

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First of all, you people need to understand that Sarah Palin has not forgiven you for rejecting her and twice embracing President Barack Obama. For this, the country will pay any time she can manage to worm her way before a TV screen. If she has to insult half the world and make a bitter fool of herself in the process, so be it.

So we got these goodies after the bit about how awesome it was for Trig to use the family dog as a “stepping stone”, since after all, the family dog is also a “strong and trained” service dog. What makes standing on the dog okay? Well, Sarah Palin is quite sure President Obama has done worse!

Savannah Guthrie, the Today host, asked if this was trading a cheap shot for a cheap shot, but Palin was pretty excited and disagreed. See, accusing Obama of eating dog meat was “the best line” in her Facebook post.

The woman who repeatedly likens herself to Esther from the Bible then accused the left of worshiping Obama (when they should be worshiping her?), “President Obama, to many of the far left radicals who are part of PETA, they look at him as I don’t know, their Messiah, and I think he as a child probably the same age as Trig, did much worse than just use the dog as a stepping stool.”

There was no pushback on this, because for sure, Obama is much worse than Trig. I think we can all agree on this, seeing as Palin has already established that Obama was probably not born here, I mean, it’s “okay to ask,” and he is a terrorist or at least he was in a terrorist’s living room years ago. Once. Or standing near a terrorist. Something. He did something horrible, like win an election against Sarah Palin. So hello. Standing on the family dog or beating Sarah Palin?

Try this when you are busted doing anything– just say you “think that the President did worse at your age” and then proceed to vilify half the country, the media, and anyone who has ever beat you at anything.

In reality, President Obama lived in Indonesia when he was 6 to 10 years old. This was a long time ago, and some people might think it’s reasonable to point out that criticizing him for what he ate as a 6-year-old might not be the same thing as asking alleged grown up Sarah Palin to be more careful about what she’s promoting. But reality has no home in Sarah Palin land.

Palin continued to list the Democrats who have done worse than she did and referred to herself as a “Constitutional conservative”. This from the woman who didn’t know what a VP did.

Confusion reigned on the Today show today.

In case you have a brain cell left to fry, Ms. Palin denounced PETA for being so mean to her, because we all know that first amendment rights are for Republicans only. Freedom is sort of parsed by party on the Right. Demonstrating her “Christian conservative” values, Palin slammed PETA and said they can kiss her “okole”.

We all know God loves “winners” and “winners” use animals (and people, obvs) as stepping stones, that is, when they aren’t making up ugly lies about opponents, inferring they are “not Christian” and don’t see America as the rest of us do.

In summation, this entire days long debacle in which Sarah Palin managed to offend enough people to land herself back on real TV for a few precious moments is President Obama’s fault. Also, “Constitutional conservative” is just another way to say “It’s Obama’s fault.”

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