Fox News Contributor Says “Communist Mayor” Bill De Blasio Will Cause Terror Attack In NYC


During an appearance on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, retired US Air Force general and current Fox News contributor Tom McInerney claimed “political correctness” caused the terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in France and New York City’s “communist mayor” would set the stage for another one in the United States. McInereny was brought on to provide his ‘expert’ opinion on the tragedy that led to 12 deaths in and around the satirical magazine’s building. Instead, what he provided was a word-salad filled with fear-inducing and liberal-blaming buzzwords.

Immediately after being brought on by host Steve Doocy, McInerney started attacking liberals and “political correctness” for causing this strike, claiming Muslims haven’t been dealt with in a severe enough fashion. Essentially, the retired general painted the entire religion of Islam as being evil and blamed the Western world for not holding Muslims “accountable” for the actions of Islamic terrorists. He also stated that Islam is “not a religion.”

After Doocy had mentioned, without any legitimate basis in fact, that most cops in Paris “choose not to even carry a gun,” the conversation switched over to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Fox & Friends host said he was thankful that NYPD officer are all armed. McInerney then interjected, saying that is only the case right now. However, the ‘military expert’ said that things may change in the near future due to “the communist mayor you have up here,” implying that de Blasio’s policies will directly lead to a terrorist attack by Islamic radicals.

As with all things Fox, eventually the conversation had to steer itself to blaming Obama in some way. In this instance, McInerney claimed that the president had made this all possible when he said ISIL isn’t Islamic. This was after he made the claim that 20% of France’s population was now Muslim and they are taking over the country due to the lack of will to denounce Islam. Of course, the Islamic population of France is nowhere near that high, but what do facts have to do with anything? Especially when you have to blame Obama and Muslim-loving liberals for an awful tragedy, right?

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:



The general’s claim that liberals’ “political correctness” led to this assault is laughable considering the magazine that was attacked is a left-wing satirical publication that revels in its disdain for all religions, not just Islam, and consistently pokes fun at right-wing politicians and groups. Of course, McInerney wants to somehow place the blame on progressive commies for trying to promote a message of peace rather than endless war. When the general claims that we must “hold the Muslim world accountable,” that is exactly what he is proposing — an open-ended war between religions without any mission or goal other than convert or die.

Thankfully, McInerney is a retired military officer and has no real say in anything. All he can do now is go on Fox News and peddle fear and hatred. That is all he seems to know at this point. However, it is a good business to be in for a conservative. Make sure all of the rabid right-wing news consumers are sufficiently scared stiff. and you get brought back to sell fear again and again.

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  1. Here is a headline I would love to see

    Fox news are to blame for the terrorist attack yesterday on a NAACP building for their anti government race baiting.

    Or how about this
    Fox news in their defamation of Islam in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, August 5, 2012: White supremacist Wade Michael Page allegedly opens fire in a Sikh temple, killing six and wounding four even though being a Sikh has nothing to do with Islam
    But who cares

    A oldie but goodie: Bill O’really has been indicted as a coconspirator in the death of George Tiller by inflaming his people by saying Tiller the baby killer

    We report you decide

  2. This man was once a General? !!!! Yikes!!! You never know, do you? Let me add, if this guy was in charge of the “button” to set of Armageddon he would be the right one to push it. Seems to be the type. Was he ever analyzed prior to being promoted back then? He is a raw, dedicated Islamophobe bent on antagonizing the group, commies, and everyone in between. Yet I bet he was a Putin A$$ kisser during the Crimea conflict.

  3. c’mon america. wake up goddamnit!!! these rightwing slimeballs are the most treasonous and anti-american pieces of garbage I have ever seen in my entire life… another traitorous righty just praying and hoping for an attack on his own country so he can blame the dems??? my god people, we have got to contain these incredibly dangerous, far rightwing fringe lunatics who are hell bent on destroying this nation forever. I mean some of these rightwingers are a bigger threat than most outside terrorist groups- seriously!!! it is getting out of control. there are illegal immigrants in this country who are far more American and patriotic than most of these rightwing wacko birds. can we last two years with this all out assault on America and americans by the republicans, conservatives, and fake christians??? I hope so.

  4. Might as well have burped; that act makes more sense than anything else coming out of this dingbat’s mouth.tune in for the fox burp off every morning and mid afternoon.

  5. that worthless, POS a-hole giuliani was headed for impeachment for corruption and fraud and bribery in mid to late august of 2001 and then 9/11 happened and this scumbag is still in the media today. this guy is an affront and a disgrace to not just every American, but to every human being on planet earth. this guy is evil, like dick cheyney evil, and thats about as bad as it gets. this guy should have been canned a long, long time ago. karma will visit him before he dies. I guarantee it!

  6. McInerney reminds me of the fireman who sets a building on fire, then rushes in to save the day so he can claim to be a hero.

    People (and I use that term loosely) like him hope and pray that something bad happens so they can jump up and down and scream “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”

  7. US Air Force general and current Fox News contributor Tom McInerney was quietly retired after some severe hush hush trouble that he got into.

  8. Is it just a coincidence that the Jihadis have never attacked Fox News headquarters? Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. You said it dj….also, fox is probably shaking in their boots with their anti Muslim/Islam hate speech they’ve been promoting for years.
    Instead of promoting liberal policies of tolerance like democrats, they continue to fan the flames of terrorism domestic and foreign!

  10. Nobody really gives a damn, what crony FOX (Fake) News gets on there to speak. You know they are always going to say what FOX wants them to say. I really don’t give a damn if he is a retired Air Force or not, it doesn’t make him an expert at anything, but knowing how to double dip. Paid by the government and paid by Fox. I’m not impressed with his American Flag on his lapel. Is that suppose to make him a patriot. A patriot doesn’t support comments, bills or anything else that is not for the good of this country. The GOP is is a good example of this.

  11. Anything to stir up their ignorant viewers.

    Survey: NPR’s listeners best-informed, Fox viewers worst-informed

    Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All viewers

    Watching Only Fox News Makes You Less Informed than Watching No News At All
    Read more:

    Faux is BANNED in Canada

    A Law Against Lying on the News
    Why Canada has one and the U.S. doesn’t.

    Tea bag/repubs have lower IQ’s

  12. Is that the same ALCON commander Tom McInerney who was part of the ‘controlled OER’ code words for promotion in the early 1990s?

    They had special words that would get you promoted. Or not.

  13. Andy, Having worked in collegiate academia in the Midwest for 35 years I trust my gut intuition via experience. At a glance the studies and articles you post look like pure BS and pretty much bogus and meaningless especially given the sources and research procedures, etc.
    So what is your point. My highly educated university academia liberal sister listens to NPR almost exclusively. I on the other hand listen to many sources including FOX. Then I verify as much as I can from each source when I sense “foul”. I can tell you my sister did know most of what I tried to carry on a conversation with. Most recently Jonathan Gruber of which she knew nothing and her knowledge of Benghazi and the IRS scandal was very limited and full of left leaning liberal spin. I guess it is unfair that I know the wife of one of the first responding soldier contractors on the ground at Benghazi.
    My unofficial lifetime study declares academia libs to have high IQ’s and lacking in common sense with limp hands…

  14. People need to read this
    How Cops and GOP Are Teaming Up to Undermine the BlackLivesMatter Movement

    When hundreds of cops from around the country and as far away as Canada turned their backs on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during the funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos, the NYPD officer shot to death alongside his partner Wenjian Liu by a deranged gunman, they fired the first salvo in a carefully coordinated political operation aimed at discrediting the liberal mayor and shattering the ongoing anti-police brutality protest movement.
    Read More

  15. I agree, in fact if there ever was reciprocity against Fox News in the form of a planned attack, I would not shed a single tear no matter what. Cruel!? in human!? you say!…SO WHAT!!?? for what those people and their rabid viewers have wrought upon this nation!? They don’t deserve any sympathy because they have NEVER shown any sympathy for any one other than the sick minded who they embrace and praise as patriotic American hero’s.

  16. Earth to Liberal:
    Your whole post sounds like nothing but word salad. Benghazi was investigated ad nauseam and there was no wrong no scandal. You all , meaning the right wing use Benghazi as a distraction when you cannot figure out what else to say. What research procedures exactly are you talking about and what sounds bogus and why? See this is what the right does the attack posts and use very general complaints and never explain themselves. Also, how do you know what research procedures the writer used?

  17. earth?toLib, Mary is correct that your post sounds like a word salad. You claim that Liberals have no common sense and “limp hands” Well you idiot I am a Democrat which in your shallow mind is the same as a Liberal and I have a handshake that could crush every bone in your hand AND I have NEVER EVER known a Democrat or Liberal who lacks “Common Sense” in FACT reality PROVES that our side is the soul of common sense and your side is commonly senseless in nearly every way. Give up before you embarrass your self please.

  18. You are so correct, and I agree with you 100%. But what are we to do? We are far outnumbered by RWNJ Fascist idiots! Someone needs to (whisper) You Know What!

  19. You’d think a retired US General would remember his high school poly-sci, or his years fighting the Red Menace, and know the definition of Communist. What is it with these RW Fox nuts that they just don’t know the definition. DeBlasio is no more a Communist than Tom McInerney.

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