Mitch McConnell Tries To Take Credit For The 11 Million Jobs That President Obama Created


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tried to rewrite his history of obstruction and failure by taking credit for the economic growth that has occurred under President Obama.

On the Senate floor, McConnell tried to hijack Obama’s record on jobs.


McConnell said, “After so many years of sluggish growth, we’re finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope. The uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama administration’s long tenure in Washington: The expectation of a new republican congress.”

Democrats could not contain their laughter. DNC Communications Director Mo Elleithee said, “Hahahahahahahahahahaha. That Mitch McConnell is one funny guy. He likes to remind people all the time that he’s not a scientist. Now we know he’s not a mathematician or an economist either. The fact is, under President Obama we’ve had 57 straight months of private sector job growth leading to nearly 11 million jobs added. All Republicans have given us is a government shutdown that cost the economy $24 billion. I get why he wants to take credit for the economic recovery. But maybe he should first do something to help contribute to it.”

The reality is that the economy gained 11 million jobs in spite of McConnell’s best efforts to keep the recession going. Unless Sen. McConnell believes that the economy started growing because the American people anticipated in 2011 that Republicans would win control of Congress in 2014, his point makes absolutely no sense. Republicans have no positive economic achievements of their own to tout, so they are trying to take credit for what President Obama has done.

As Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell realize that they aren’t going to be able to pass much legislation that will be signed into law, one should expect to hear a lot more of this sort of accomplishment hijacking. Republicans have done little that is worthy of praise, so they will try to justify their majority by taking credit for Obama’s accomplishments. Republicans like Mitch McConnell have been predicting gloom and doom for the economy since President Obama took office.

Instead of owning their mistakes, Republicans are trying to rewrite history in order to take all of the credit. Mitch McConnell’s policies remain the biggest threat to the economy that the American people and President Obama have worked so hard to build.

48 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Tries To Take Credit For The 11 Million Jobs That President Obama Created”

  1. The sad part of this will be Chuck Todd and all the mainstream news outlets agreeing with this man…The Democrats should push back hard on this lie…but I am afraid they won’t.

  2. Until Democrats grow a pair, including President Obama, the Rethuglicans will get away with this and rewrite reality….which they actually despise….

  3. I was about to say the same thing. I would just add Americans are just that stupid to fall for it

  4. What the fuck were the dumb ass people of Kentucky thinking when they re-elected this totally useless,corrupt piece of shit?

  5. It’s exactly what they did with Clinton, they said the good economy was because of the Republicans control of both houses. These people are absolutely shameless and they frustrate me to no end.

  6. Grover Norquist told them that instead of bashing what is obviously great economic news the GOP should be figuring out how to take credit for it, I guess they were listening.

    I knew, as everyone here knew, that they would do this. We are so screwed because no matter what happens good or bad, they will either take credit, or blame Obama. It is a lose/lose situation for Democrats.

  7. They don’t think. Because they are living in the dark ages as was meant to be. Unreal. He should be impeached for stupidity and the ruination of Kentucky. What a creep.

  8. Obama has the high ground and the GOP/TP are desprate because they have nothing when it comes to accomplishments that don’t fatten their wallets.

  9. That’s what the GOP does – take credit for things they didn’t do. They’re very good at this…because the damn DEMOCRATS LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

    For heaven’s sake, they need to shout their accomplishments from the highest rooftops and stop standing in the background acting all high and mighty and “above it all.”

    Get your asses out there and pound the GOP into the ground.

    Sorry for the rant – it’s just getting old.

  10. Thats true, they dont think. These are people that fought to ensure their ability to get black lung disease instead of manufacturing solar and wind alternatives. No sense.

    Hey, Mitch, 57 months ago, your party wanted bankruptcy for hurting industries. Remember? The Pukes proposed nada. Part of Obama’s amazing legacy is his 11 million jobs. Suck it up.

  11. It only took 8 weeks of optimism to recover the economy that it took Bush 8 years to destroy? Who’da thunk?

  12. Ok Dems! Are you just going to sit there and listen to this damn BS. These crooks have done nothing in the past 8 years but obstruct everything that the President attempted. These crooks have disrupted Congress with their slowdowns, shutdowns, and fairy tell readings, so it’s time to play their silly games. When they say stupid lies like this, stand-up and let them know about it. When the hell are we going to get somebody in there to actually fight for us. Wake up DEMS. Wake up!

  13. If I remember clearly, Mr.Turtle
    voted to eliminate food stamps to thousands and approve farm subsidies for his colleagues. He made absolutely no contribution to ANY recovery at all.

  14. Weak, Mitch, very weak. Nobody listened to you when you were minority leader. You could make up any kind of nonsense and it quickly passed with little fanfare because it meant nothing. Didn’t matter how stupid it was. That’s the beauty of being the head of the minority party. As the leader, you’re the head cheerleader, you get a pass. Not any longer you dipstick. Better stock up on BP medication, your gonna need it.

  15. Mitch McConnell is just a one big failure. Make President Obama a one-term president-failed. Become speaker of the House-failed. Take credit for something he didn’t do-failed. I honestly think that the Republicans cheated in the last elections. The electronic voting machines can be manipulated according to sources. The outcome of an election can be determined before the election starts. Guess who owns the voting machines-Romney, wife, son Tag, and a associate of Romney in his bid for president.
    Just google, “Can electronic voting machines be manipulated” or “Who owns the electronic voting machines.” Also, google, “History of electronic voting machines.”

  16. It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

    Joseph Stalin

  17. does anyone remember the Republican opposition to the stimulus plan?

    and then the photo ops by all the Republicans for bringing all those stimulus checks into their districts?

    hypocrite much?

  18. You took the words right out of my mouth. The Democrats still believe there`s a fair and honest news media out there. Those days are over.

  19. Some may have forgotten that in 2010 McConnell stated his #1 goal by saying that it was to “make Barack Obama a one-term president,” but I haven’t. He didn’t say sh*t about doing anything to help our economy recover from the 2008 recession. That was the least of his worries, and it’s the least of his worries today. What he’s most interested in today is are the same things he was interested in in 2010 when he made his #1 goal known: promoting his political career and redistributing more money upward to the one-percenters. Nothing has changed, and he’s a fool if he thinks some like myself are being taken in by his attempt to portray himself as having always had the best interests of the average American in mind. Actions speak louder than words, and McConnell has shown by his votes and obstructionism where his allegiances lie, and it’s NOT with the 99%.

  20. Unfortunately, America has been without a “news media” for many years now. Mitch and the other scum in the GOP know that Republicans only watch Murdoch’s GOP propaganda channel for their disinformation. They will all hear his remarks.. cheer and clap as they always do when GOP scum takes credit for POTUS’s accomplishments, or lies about POTUS’s actions, etc. Its a safe bet they don’t follow this page or any other that is not dedicated to turning us against our government. God help us all if more Democratic Congressmen don’t start standing up to these Kochsuckers and telling it like it is. Call a liar a liar. Call a fool a fool. Call a money worshiper a money worshiper. Talk openly about who is bought and paid for, etc. The time for being timid is long gone. The time for being ‘afraid’ to be rude and offensive is long gone. The opposition (kochsuckers) have gotten away with those things for years and years now and it has worked to their advantage.

  21. Now watch the hacks/lapdogs/ho’s in the so-called media spread the lies the
    republican are responsible for the improving economy.

    This is what you do when you sell
    yourself to right-wingers.

  22. You know, taking credit for something you didn’t do is a very sure sign of narcissism.

    11 million jobs were created because liberal ideals and policies work. Instead of the conservative way, which has devolved down into nothing more then screaming as loud as you can to insure nothing ever gets done, the liberal way has gotten this country out of the doldrums and looking forward.

    Now, if we lose those 11 millions jobs, I’m pretty sure they’ll dodge it… when, in reality, people like us here will see them for what they are and have about about as much of a chance to get away as a fat kid at a dodgeball game.

  23. Vomiting like crazy. … just looking at that picture of that horrid nasty slime of a person.

    The sad part is that he knows the voters are stupid enough to believe him. No shame whatsoever.

    The whole world is looking at him and shaking it’s head, thing is that this nasty slime of a KKK slug don’t really give a shit.

    My poor stomach.

  24. Yeah, I know. The disconnect is crystal clear, but when the big corporate media are through with it, it will appear that President Obama, not Bush, destroyed the U.S. economy. He who holds the bullhorn, gets heard.

  25. Agree whole heartily. The democrats have demonstrated that when it comes to pushing back on the republicans they are totally ball-less. Case in point , one reason why they lost so misery is they let the republicans make them not claim any of their party’s successes. When one is afraid to profess to their successes they are destined to fail ultimately. Most ran away from the president’s successes and now we have to experience the result of their ball-less actions. One demo candidate fist action right off was to declare that he was not one of those Obama democrat. Voters in my district were left, especially him being a newcomer, with the question of what was he then and what in the hell was a Obama democrat. Yes, he lost and lost badly to a borderline dumb Teabagger. The one that really got this one laughing is that another demo candidate let a hog testicle pulling Teabager proclaim that pulling hog balls made her the better political candidate. Dam!! Demorcats need them balls.

  26. Republicons no longer think it’s only their constituents that are dumb and ignorant, they think ALL of us are. With the help of satan, they have made bad good, lies truth, hate love and wrong right.

    Under their control, this nation will perish.

  27. Dems mock McConnell for linking GOP to positive economy

    Recent weeks have indeed brought good economic news. Unemployment has remained at 5.8 percent, while the economy has added jobs. Gross domestic product also increased by 5 percent in the third quarter of 2014, beating expectations
    Democrats were quick to dismiss the new majority leader’s comments as equating coincidence and causation.

    “Hahahahahahahahahahaha,” Democratic National Committee Communications Director Mo Elleithee retorted in a statement. “That Mitch McConnell is one funny guy.

    “He likes to remind people all the time that he’s not a scientist. Now we know he’s not a mathematician or an economist either,” he said.

    White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer responded with a quote attributed to basketball player Stacey King, who played with Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls: “I’ll always remember this as the night that Michael Jordan and I combined for 70 points.”

  28. I agree that the Republicans did their best to reverse the recovery. But I disagree that the president created those jobs. Congress can create jobs by fixing our infrastructure. And it can pay for it by ending undeclared wars, and by removing incentives for Big Business to move jobs offshore.

    But the president can’t do much at all.

  29. Was thinking the same. The rethugs will succeed if the news media does not call them on it..(believe easily, they will not.)
    Be prepared in the next election to hear the thugs using the economy to fill their bag lies and the great steps forward they took. Forgetting(as rethugs always do) the way they obstructed every thing that did get done, regardless of their relentless obstruction. Pres. Obama managed to beat them.

  30. Agree 100%. think that’s why the rethugs are already acting like the next election is in the bag(because it is)They are salivating at the win…

  31. Watched a program yesterday on England. This program blamed Murdoch for the failure in England and that he set out to destroy England with forethought.. I Believe he now has his sites set on America and is succeeding quite well, so far.
    This man and his news(if that is what you call it)needs to be shut down, shut up, kicked out. Except, I think he became a citizen? God help us…should have rejected him.

  32. Disagree Howard. The Dem’s and The Pres, out maneuvered the thugs on this issue. THAT is why the economy is improving but watch, the thugs have control now and will try every trick in the book to give their owners(Kochs and other big money men) what they want..The stop will be the 60 Dems who must stick together and Obamas veto. Until the next election, then the ball could roll their way once again by the manipulated machines with another stolen election.

  33. It is quite obvious the Mitch has gotten control of the mystical time machine that Obama has used to go back in time to cause problems like the Vietnam War and civil rights problems while he was still a child. How else could these criminals take credit.

  34. Again…what contributions, job stimulus, creation or even a good idea where presented or introduced by the GOP? “John Boehner Just Admitted on Twitter That Republicans Have No Jobs Plan” (Oct 7, 2014)

    Let’s address that “infrastructure”.

    Jul 30, 2013 – President Barack Obama challenged Republicans on Tuesday to help him … reforms for increased spending on infrastructure and transportation projects. … The swiftness with which Republicans rejected Obama’s proposal.

    Jul 31, 2014 – Republicans said their $10.9 billion measure is now the only viable path for lawmakers to prevent a bankruptcy in infrastructure spending.

    Jul 30, 2013 – … hiring workers to build roads, bridges and other infrastructure. “Here’s the bottom line: I’m willing to work with Republicans on reforming our … But within hours, Republican leaders in the Senate and House had rejected it.

    And it GOES ON!!!!! Care to think that answer again, Howard?

  35. In his State of The Union address coming up this month, President Obama should point to all of these accomplishments: Job Growth, Economy on a move, (up), ACA high enrollment with no problems, Gasoline prices down, etc. And throw it in the Republicans face by mentioning that NO THANKS to them these things have been accomplished and will continue to spurt forward, unless the Republicans f-ck it up. And he should stick it McConnel in his speech. Let him and the Republicans squirm in their seats. Don’t care what the spin meisters will say later on FOX. To use an old term: Sock it to ‘Em!

  36. I live across the Ohio River from Kentucky (in Indiana, which is just as stupid) and what astounds me is the complete disconnect re: ObamaCare v. Kynect.

    They love their health insurance program called Kynect, and didn’t have a clue that Kynect IS ObamaCare.

    Grimes did nothing to inform them of that important fact.

  37. SarahG, that’s because that coward Grimes dissed Obama at every chance and acted at times like a Republican. She didn’t deserve to win at all.

  38. Do you mean taking credit for something you didn’t do as in saying the White House is responsible for low gas prices?

  39. Show me a link where the President or his administration took credit for the lower prices? I save you the trouble .You cant. Now being somewhat ignorant I will give you a pass. Don’t try my patience

  40. Yeah, it’s far more than ticked up for 6 years without them pitching in to help one iota. So the statement didn’t pass the truth test in any universe but Fox’s.

  41. The saddest part of his BS is that there are actually people that believe that crap. In Kentucky the only growth has been brought about through or local government especially in Louisvile (a Democratic mayor) and Lexington with our metro Council and our Mayors. Why Kentucky let McConnel back in is beyond me. He has done absolutley NOTHING to help our state grow. If his name were Pinochio he would have a nose as tall as he is, all that man knows to do is be a YES man to his higher ups and to lie like a rug. It scares me with our mountain folk and our coal miners they dont read as they should and they believe this lying piece of “Cow Dung” I honestly believe the reason he got back in this term was that his oppostion was a female but even at that it was no runaway win. I truly hope and pray that he has learned or will learn his lesson and realize his time is up and hwe is on his way out. Doing just as he is with this economic rhetoric could be his “swan song” and I PRAY.

  42. Maybe its time for “Democrats” to march on Congress, take back our country from the Snake flag and confederate flag people and the lying piece of dung that the Republicans have dished out since President Obama took office…the first time.. Come on young people..its your time now, your turn, you are the ones fighting their wars..dying for their oil
    Stand up against the wrong right wing!

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