The First Act Of The Koch Congress Is A Vicious Attack On Social Security

It is too bad that Americans failed to heed to preponderance of warnings that if the Koch brothers and Wall Street were successful in buying control of Congress, Republicans would immediately “go after the Federal government; all of it.” Mitch McConnell’s pledge to the Koch brothers was fulfilled even before Tuesday when Republicans officially accepted the Koch’s congressional majority gift. There has been volumes written already about Republicans remunerating the Kochs for the gift of a Republican Congress, including subverting the Constitution by overstepping the Executive Branch’s authority to approve a permit for a foreign pipeline, and eliminating healthcare for millions of Americans. However, it was revealed on Wednesday that the evening before officially taking control of Congress, Republicans launched a Koch-Wall Street attack on Social Security as a first step in another Republican-created crisis; this time to hasten privatizing Social Security for the Kochs and Wall Street.

On Monday evening before taking ‘official’ control of Congress, Republicans secretly included a provision in the House’s parliamentary rules for 2015 banning Congress from shifting Social Security Trust funds into Social Security’s disability insurance Trust. Also, the Kochs added a brand spanking new trickle-down rule from Ayn Rand devotee Paul Ryan that forces the once-bipartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to automatically analyze, score, and approve huge trickle-down tax cuts for the rich as deficit reducing job creators and a bonanza for federal revenue; like the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich proved not to be.

Democrats complained that both the ban on transferring funds between Social Security Trusts and the Congressional Budget Office attacks were added to the Koch’s “broader rules package by surprise” very late Monday night before the Koch Congress was officially sworn in on Tuesday. The surprise bill (H.R. 5) the very first action in the new Koch Congress, caught Democrats off guard and was subsequently approved on a strictly party-line vote. The wording in the new Koch rules say Congress is forbidden, and out of order, to shift funds between Social Security’s Trusts even though it was a typical procedure eleven times over the past 60 years before the Kochs owned Congress. What it means is that there will be a 20% benefit cut in Social Security disability accounts affecting about 11 million Americans the Republicans, Koch brothers, and Wall Street say do not deserve any welfare; that money belongs to the Kochs in tax cuts and Wall Street in administrative fees.

For over a year, the Social Security Administration’s actuaries called on legislators to do what Congress has done 11 times since the 1950s without complaint or controversy, but of course that was long before the Kochs, Republicans, and Wall Street began calling Social Security a Marxist welfare program for, what Willard Romney said was, America’s 47% moocher class. The Social Security administrators projected that if Congress did not do what it has eleven times as a matter of course for sixty years, Social Security’s disability Trust will run out of money even though the money is there; albeit in a different account in name only.  It is basically an accounting procedure that never drew criticism until the Kochs and Wall Street decided “they” cannot afford to allow Social Security to function as it was intended. Their belief is that the Trust’s $3 trillion-plus reserves belongs to private Wall Street bankers and not Americans who paid into Social Security throughout their working lives.

The Republican legislator appointed to oversee Social Security, Sam Johnson (TX), championed the Koch’s ban on shifting funds within the Social Security Trust and said allowing Social Security to function as it has for over 80 years “does nothing to fix the program. Johnson said that the new Koch “rule seeks to encourage more much-needed reform” in Social Security instead of raising the limit on high-income earners instead of paying nothing into Social Security. In fact, Johnson and Republicans bemoan Social Security as a welfare sham that is plagued with fraud.

One of the real Democrats in the Senate, Sherrod Brown (D-OH), criticized the new Koch rule on Tuesday and reminded Republicans that shifting Social Security funds between Social Security Trust accounts was routine for sixty years and that, “Reallocation has never been controversial. But detractors working to privatize Social Security will do anything to manufacture a crisis out of a routine administrative function rather than solve the short-term problems facing the Social Security as we have in the past. It is obvious that Republicans want to set the stage to cut benefits for seniors and disabled Americans.”

An advocacy group for retirees and the elderly, Social Security Works,  that opposes benefit cuts and privatizing Social Security called the Koch-Republican strategy  “hostage taking.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) concurred with Senator Brown and accused Koch-Republicans of “inventing a Social Security crisis that will threaten benefits for millions & put our most vulnerable at risk.” Unfortunately, that is the Republican intent and now that the Kochs delivered control of Congress into Republican hands, threatening millions of Americans and putting the most vulnerable at risk is exactly what is going to happen on a regular basis, and on a much grander scale than making up rules to expedite the Koch vision for America.

Republicans have started the 114th Congress in a manner that makes their 2011 beginning appear to be an altruist’s dream scenario. That they began a crusade to attack and slash Social Security, and create a trickle-down friendly Congressional Budget Office the night before they were officially in charge and made it effective as their first order of business on Tuesday is a bad portent for Americans. However, Americans were duly warned when Mitch McConnell promised the assembled billionaires at the Koch’s strategy meeting in June (2014) that if the Kochs delivered Republicans control of Congress, they would make “going after the Federal government, all of it” their highest priority, and based on their first day’s actions, it is a promise Republicans are going to see through to fruition.

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  1. You cant fix stupid and the American people are stupid.

    No matter the evidence from the past 35 years, no matter what they say Americans are stupid.

    You can present the evidence but Americans go by who they want to have a beer with. Americans are the most idiotic man that walks the earth.

    I will continue to try to educate the stupid but lets face it AMERICANS ARE STUPID

  2. The American public is dumber than dumber.Mercifully, PBO has stated he was vetoing everything that comes his way. Now if only he would save the USPS.

  3. I have never understood the ultimate endgame of the Reichwing.

    Once at least 200,000,000 Americans are jobless paupers, what does The Party Of No think will literally happen next?

    How will they make MORE money when 200,000,000 Americans have nothing more to extract?

    These are not rhetorical questions.

  4. I have never understood the ultimate endgame of the Reichwing.


    Ultimate power. In the 21st century they are the new duma under czar, national socialism the white race is meant to rule, Franco one state one religion, Pinochet destroy your enemies and lastly the state and corporations become one like Mussolini, the end game will be fascism with a white Christian twist

  5. I am a 68 year old retiree who lost everything to criminal activity prior to retirement. My sole source of income is my Social Security. The same Social Security which I dutifully paid into for 50 years. On my mothers grave I swear that if my benefits are touched by these greedy Kochsuckers, as anti-violence as I am, I will use my Special Forces training and cut the throats of these so called Christians one at a time. My country trained me well. With nothing to lose, phuck with me, I’ll phuck you back!

  6. I like your game Billy. And believe me, your sentiment is shared by millions…even avowed non-violent types. This is more than theft, it is an existential threat for tens-of-millions barely making it after building this once-great nation only to see it destroyed by the Kochs and Republicans.

  7. The cap on SS taxable income in 2015 is $118,500. People spend money on things like toilet paper and paper towels and paper cups. Killing Social Security will only hurt their product sales. The SS tax on them is NOTHING compared to their income. The only reason I can think of for them to want to kill SS is that they are vile hateful people.

  8. THIS is what will happen next: once all the dumbass Republican-voting white goobers and crackers with guns have their unemployment and food stamps run out, and they are unable to feed their families, we will see a replay of 1789 or 1917. And the gated communities of the super-rich will not protect them for long.

  9. We no longer have a two party system that exchanges ideas to figure out what’s best for America. Now we have one party that are just sociopaths who love to see people suffer and die. They want to use the strongest to fight wars and become slave workers until they became weak and kill them off too. There will come a time for those who have nothing left to live for will take out as many as they can before they go.

  10. This is the agenda for the Republican Congress.It is part of the agenda espoused by the Koch Brothers. It is now the GOP agenda — bought and paid for by the Kochs.
    •Repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive Social Security system. Pending that repeal, participation in Social Security should be made voluntary.
    •Oppose all personal and corporate income taxation, including capital gains taxes.
    •Support the eventual repeal of all taxation.
    •Repeal of all taxes on the income or property of private schools, whether profit or non-profit.
    •Repeal of federal campaign finance laws and abolish Federal Election Commission.
    • Oppose any compulsory insurance or tax-supported plan to provide health services, including those which finance abortion services.
    Like Europe in the Thirties, they’ve told us exactly what they plan to do. They must be stopped…

  11. The sad part is, which Republicans don’t understand is, when lower and middle income whites reach and far exceed the dire circumstances of poor , low income and middle class minorities, all Hell is going to break loose.

    Where will they hide, from these people who still don’t realize Republican promises were not meant for them.
    It will not be pretty!

  12. Not really stupid dj but just plain lazy.
    it’s much easier to have someone tell you how to think, then to think for your self.
    The American public is full of people who only think of their weekend, not the future. The next ball game, pool game, the next time they can go hunting(which makes men feel like real men)football (again makes men feel manly)hockey the same. Listen to the conversation of the public sometime discussing these events.
    It’s like these are world shaking events!! Not GAMES played by children.

  13. I really cant buy that argument. I love my sports could talk all day about any game with the exception of hockey and I do watch that sometimes. My Tube stays on ESPN and sports from the minute I wake up. What I do not watch is the news because they just make you more stupid. If you have a hour to watch that crap then you have a hour to read and expand your thinking. If you don’t do that then you are stupid

  14. This money does not belong to the Kochs or their Congress. It belongs to us. We the people put money into the Social Security account as did our employers, NOT these Ayn Rand sheep.

    Also Papa Koch initiated the John Birch Society. Remember them? I do.

    Here are some websites: (Ben Cohen’s site for the people to overturn Citizens United); (National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.)

    “Democracy is not a spectator sport…” (Thom Hartmann).
    ”The cornerstone of democracy rests on an informed electorate.” (Thomas Jefferson)

    Finally…we cannot / will not give up!

  15. I’m with you all the way, Billy. It doesn’t matter why my only income is SS after 47 years of work. How DARE they take away what I have EARNED. I guess it is easier for the American people to swallow something like that if they are still working or don’t ever think of on what they will retire, to actually BELIEVE that Social Security is an “entitlement” when it clearly is not. I’ll scream it on every rooftop I can get on.. It is NOT and entitlement..It is an EARNED BENEFIT. I EARNED MY PART OF IT. Take care of them for me, Billy.

  16. POTUS, and any future POTUS, had better have the People, the workers, elderly, disabled, out of work, homeless, hungry children, on their radar, the better to prevent the horrible harm that the Kochs and their Congress want to inflict to their own benefit. All of them are evil, because they know EXACTLY what they want, and what they are doing to the rest of us.

  17. Have to agree with you here,djchefron. I love football too – how ’bout them Cowboys! I was born and raised in Dallas…

    But none of my opinions come from TV “news.” Have always been a reader, and with the Net you can research ANYTHING. All right at your fingertips – if you can put down that freaking smartphone for a second that is.

  18. Has anyone here read a Robert Heinlein book “I will Fear No Evil?”

    THAT is precisely the kind of world the right-wing Kock-suckers want to live in.

  19. Jo, with all due respect, there are MAJOR differences between the two major parties. If you can’t see that for yourself, you must be blind, deaf and dumb.

  20. Dj it has taken me two days to answer. Mostly because I needed to think about the answer.
    In my experience(My family, the males) all watch these games, with apt attention. exception, my husband, Son and Son in-law. None are really great hunters. My Husband because of his experience in he Korean war, think Son picked up on that.
    You are correct in the fact, the males can talk all day about a game, but world events, not so much. My Son and Husband Dems, Son in-law a rethug. Daughter also a Dem so conversation gets interesting in the immediate family. Their is never a conversation of what the score was in any game. Both my children are active in their beliefs.
    Seems my branch of family is a branch from tree of the rebellion War from the 1700’s. True for sure, for a number fought in it.

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