Editorial Cartoon: Paris


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  1. A comment is in order.

    This kind of violence over the spoken or printed word is never justified, yet Charlie Hebdo was not the bastion of journalistic integrity that everyone claims. The material they were publishing was profoundly abusive in a way that might have made Julius Streicher blush. If I had a way to post pictures, I still would never post them here. They could not be legally sold over the counter at most US newsstands, and their purpose was specifically to humiliate and enrage those seen as powerless to strike back. Their targets had not been solely Arabs or Muslims, but included women,nonwhites, Jews, and the poor. In short, they made journalism’s bully pulpit into a pulpit for bullies, a thing abhorrent for journalists to do.

    Was this mass murder an outrage? Yes. Were these journalists heroes and martyrs? No. Et je ne suis pas Charlie.

  2. Powerless to fight back over a cartoon ?

    If you find it offensive, then change the channel and get on with your life.

  3. I get the distinct feeling that Reynardine is the type who thinks Chris Kyle was just a “really nice guy.”

    I’ll bet he also thinks that Dick Cheney is nothing but a lovable Grandpa-figure.

    Freedom has a different definition to some people than it means to most of us.

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