Rudy Giuliani Uses Charlie Hebdo Tragedy To Demand America Become A Police State

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During an appearance on Fox & Friends Thursday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani used the terrorist attack on a French newspaper to insist that the United States needs to have a police presence inside all Muslim places of worship. Giuliani and the hosts also used the segment to criticize both President Obama and current NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for their apparent unwillingness to condemn the religion of Islam for the attacks and fully embrace Islamophobia. Specifically, the former Republican Presidential candidate said de Blasio made an “irrational” act by pulling police out of Muslim mosques in New York.

It is no surprise that Fox News is using a tragedy to stoke xenophobic fears within its base audience. That is, of course, their stock and trade. Still, the irresponsible and hateful rhetoric coming from the network over these past 24 hours is shocking, even for them. It appears that Fox has decided to use this particular incident to embrace the idea that America and its allies needs to engage in a full-scale holy war with the Muslim world. During his show Wednesday night, Sean Hannity said that the United States needs to insist on “assimilation” from Muslims if they are to live in this country. Also, in a clip shown on Fox & Friends, Hannity interviewed an imam who claimed Islam means submission, not peace, providing a perfectly scary soundbite for Fox’s viewers.

After the mandatory shots at Obama and de Blasio, Giuliani proceeded to pat himself on the back regarding his lifelong work on stopping radical Islamic terrorism (except, of course, on 9/11). He then used the Charlie Hebdo tragedy to make the point that the United States needs to demand that police surveillance units be present at all times in places of worship, specifically Muslim mosques and other gathering places. Giuliani claimed that Christian priests and Jewish rabbis have no issues with police officers and agents. Therefore, Muslims should welcome constant police surveillance.

Giuliani used the go-to right-wing excuse to justify constant surveillance and police presence — if you have a problem with it, obviously you are doing something wrong. Giuliani told the Fox hosts, “If you’re uncomfortable with police officers at your services,  you must be saying things that are dangerous.”  Essentially, this is the same justification used for Stop and Frisk and racial profiling. Regardless, it is fascistic thinking that argues for an overarching police state while treating certain racial, ethnic and religious groups as second-class citizens.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



It seems crystal clear that you are going to see fearmongering right-wingers use this despicable act of violence as a way to push for additional military action in the Middle East while trampling on the rights and freedoms of people in this country. Politicians and pundits are going to come out of the woodwork to blame Obama and liberals for this particular terrorist attack, even though the strike happened halfway across the world against a publication that revels in its anti-religious and left-wing bent.

Still, we will see conservatives claim that political correctness and tolerance of Islam has led to our country and values being made vulnerable at the hands of the terrorists. Anyone who argues that not all Muslims are radical terrorists will be labeled a terrorist sympathizer. Eventually, we will likely hear the old chestnut, “You’re either with us, or against us.” The rumblings have already started.


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  1. Actually at this time a police presence in mosques and community centers would be advised to keep those “Ril “mercuns” from attacking the Muslim population thereby fueling an even bigger religious fustercluck.

  2. It seems time after time, that republicans believe laws only apply to others and rights only belong to them. Maybe their intolerancy is their problem. According to repubs, all Muslim are terrorists because some are. Guess that means all Catholics are mass murderers because Adam Lanza, James Holmes, and Jared Loughner were raised Catholic. Goes both ways.

  3. Do we know if the killers were members of any particular group or simply individual religious nuts? I do not know.

  4. bebe, also Bonito Mussolini, Francisco Franco AND Adolph Hitler who was Jesuit Catholic AND he wanted to be a priest. History is full of faith based dictators and despots and yet they still get elected to or steal office. When religion exists no more no more will the reason for any bigotry or prejudice to exist.

  5. Puh-leeze. Bigotry and prejudice will exist in other iterations-skin color, cultural identity, educational or income level. It has to exist for conservatives, fear and loathing of “The Other” is the driving force behind conservative ideology, at least for the masses. The conservative elite use fear as a distraction while stripping basic rights from the herd. Without fear, they got nuthin’.

  6. To Giuliani, FOX, Hannity, O’Reilly, et al
    ALL Muslims (No matter where they come from) are evil and should be watched closely 24/7. Next we’re going to hear that every Muslim in America should be interned in prison camps and / or deported whether they are citizens or not. Or any Muslim looking person to be stopped and Frisked and asked: Papers Please.
    I’m kidding, but you KNOW it has crossed their minds to do those very things. It’s the Way the Republicans think.

  7. Speaking of Abu Ghraib
    Since it is potentially offensive to print offensive pictures that might offend muslims, why were all the Abu Ghraib pictures released?
    Because it’s ok to offend when you’re trying to get to republicans?
    What a bunch of twisted logic you folks run on.
    Obama is way too sympathetic to all these evil people and Hillary wants to Empathize with them.
    You can’t defeat evil if you are too afraid to name it.
    Islamic Terrorists must be dealt with in a war like manner, not with police and courts.
    They declared war on us remember?

  8. Well, he’s kinda right, you know. We need police presence in all places where terrorist policies might be advocated. Especially among the Christianist/Dominionists and other Christo-Fascist organizations, the Duck Dynasty show, Pat Robertson’s show, etc. Ever notice how gun fetishism and good old fashioned Bible thumping religion seems to go together these days? Best keep an eye on these yahoos before they go full Christo-Jihadi on us.

  9. True, but how much of the drama and trauma can be laid at the door of Euro-Christianity?

    The Crusades, the European Religious wars, the forced conversions under the whip of missionaries and priests all coincided with the explosion of white males and their white Jesus into the rest of the world.

    After 400 years of Euro-Christianity, we’re tired of worshiping white males. It doesn’t work. In fact, the Abrahamic religions, which assume a pissed off solitary male god, are obsolete. We can all read anything we please, and criticize it as we see fit. Including their Sacred Books. They hate that, because they cannot defend their ideas.
    They can only try to silence those who speak against them.

  10. Fox clearly pushes fear-mongering, which is exactly what terrorists are going for. Fox is furthering the terror agenda to the foolish that watch them and lap it up.

  11. The terrorists who went on the murder spree were motivated by hatred of free speech. There are people, even after this event, who kinda sorta think it’s okay to use violence in response to free speech.

    Giuliani, it should be remembered, has been quite vociferous in his attacks on similar speech. Remember his attacks against Chris Ofili?

    Je suis Charlie. Je ne suis pas Giuliani.

  12. dj – I do not think we can ignore the origins of two of the supposed perpetrators. They were apparently French born but of Algerian descent. Anyone who knows the outrageous genocidal – real and cultural – assault on Algerians by the French needs to pay attention to that as an enduring factor.

    I would recommend people see “The Battle of Algiers” because it pulls NO punches about the actions of the French.

  13. I didn’t say they were all released. What a picky point. I said it was ok then to release whatever pictures that were released because they were attacking Bush and really didn’t care if anyone Muslim got offended as long as Bush got attacked.
    See? the point is that the feelings of Muslims were set aside because it was an attack on Bush. I don’t have a problem with them releasing the photos at all just the hypocritical nature of the reasoning behind it and all the worry about offending Muslims who blow stuff up. (the bad Muslims, not all of them).

  14. Saw that movie and the French had nothing on Darth Cheney. Also that conflict led to an attempt on De Gaulle’s life

  15. Seriously? Even with the police violence in America, we are so far from a police state that it’s mind boggling you would say that. You live and speak with impunity in every thing you do. No roundups, no disappeareds, no censorship, no spying on you and your actions. Give it up – you’re NOT a victim. The murders of young Black men are horrific, the militarization of police departments dangerous yes. But we turn out in the streets, speak in print and electronic media, all without being tracked, hounded, arrested for those acts. We have the right of resistance.

    Had you witnessed Argentina, Greece, Chile you’d never once speak such self pitying nonsense. We are not a police state and have the right AND responsibility to act and speak out to make sure that doesn’t ever happen. The fact you CAN is evidence we are still free.

  16. And I quote: “Since it is potentially offensive to print offensive pictures that might offend muslims, why were all the Abu Ghraib pictures released?”

    You cant make this shit up

  17. Tell you what I will personally lead a collection to send you over there with Onward Christian Soldiers on your iphone to kill them all as long as you would just STFU with your idiotic rants

  18. By all the pictures I refer to the body of work that was released. Since I have no way of knowing the total number of pictures taken I certainly could not be talking about a specific number of pictures.
    Again , Let Me Be Clear, by ‘all the pictures’ I meant the ones that were released.
    What a picky point really.
    Did you get the point I was trying make? Or did all the tricky english throw you off?
    And as the President said, ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the ‘Prophet’. Or something very similar. Apparently the terrorists agreed with him.
    Anything else you would like me to clear up for you?

  19. Okay I get it dittohead you hate Muslims. But I bet you didn’t hear about this
    Muslim groups in Detroit donate $100,000 to help avoid water shutoffs for residents
    Two Muslim organizations are donating $100,000 to provide assistance to Detroit residents facing water shutoffs or recovering from recent flooding.
    The Michigan Muslim Community Council has partnered with Islamic Relief USA, the largest Muslim charity organization in the country, to help thousands of households at risk of having their water shut off. The grant will be divided between the Detroit Water Fund, United Way of Southeastern Michigan and Wayne Metro Community Council.…toffs/30570082

    “Sure not all Muslims are terrorists but most of the terrorists are Muslims these days.”

    See not all domestic terrorist white male white Christians but most domestic terrorist are white male Christians

  20. Pssdov, No Puh-Lease about it at all! If you would study history enough then you would realize that religion and faith are the beginning of all prejudice and superstition. Religion and faith are infections of the human race and have caused more death and destruction that any other force on earth.

  21. As yet, indeed, round-ups and disappearances have not taken place, but have no illusions. We have actually been under surveillance for some time, the horrors used against “enemy combatants” were really paving the way for their legalization against American citizens on American soil (Jose Padilla, q.v.), and all it takes is the capture of all three branches of government plus a Reichstag fire…and it *will* happen here. So, if you don’t want Santiago to come, don’t sit on your hands or bite your tongue. As they say in the cross-country bus station: Leak now, or forever hold your pss.

  22. They take a “bible verse” and twist its meaning to suit their racist hatred philosophy. I would bet Jesus would not approve – especially of the weapons of hate, war and murder.

    At least not the one that hears my prayers.

  23. Somewhat Ill…you just used the last resort of a conservative who has lost the debate. You went to the “joke” defense, the humor shine on and the “hey I’m just like you” ploy. A man I know Robert Russell of Lancaster were I live does the same thing when he loses a debate with me and I’ve told him these very same things and I know I’ve gotten the best of him. The problem with you on the Reich is that you assume we are as clueless as all of you, and when you find out the bitter truth that we are not then you do your level best to pull us down to your level. And when we refuse then you go to the lame assed default positions I mentioned above. Give Up Ill! You have lost.

  24. Mr. Googliani knows that if his daughter is caught or accused of stealing at Victoria’s Secret, she doesn’t have to worry about the police. She’ll live to talk about it.

  25. Rudy Giuliani, you’re in the wrong country! And that you’re Italian-American makes your comment even worse!

  26. “United States needs to have a police presence inside all Muslim places of worship.” I’m sure we already have a police or CIA or FBI presence inside all Muslim places of worship.

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