Jeb Bush Suggests That Hillary Clinton’s Only Qualification for President Is Her Husband

Jeb Bush

In a rather desperate attempt to mitigate the meaning of last names, 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush preemptively attacked Hillary Clinton for running on 90s nostalgia. In other words, the brother of George W. Bush is trying for obvious reasons to negate all of those good associations people have with the economic boom of Clinton era. If your brother tanked the U.S. economy, throwing it into its worst state after the Great Depression, you wouldn’t want anyone discussing the Clinton era either.

Asked to “handicap” the 2016 field by “by a well-heeled network of contributors in his father’s hometown”, the former Florida Governor opened fire on Republicans’ worst fear — the nostalgic prosperity of the Clinton years, according to Hearst Connecticut Media, who were citing anonymous sources from the closed to press gathering.

“He said, ‘If someone wants to run a campaign about 90s nostalgia, it’s not going to be very successful,'” an insider told Hearst Connecticut Media.

Hearst reporter Neil Vigdor explained that the person asked not to be identified because “because the event, held at the $7.2 million Belle Haven estate of former Goldman Sachs investment banking boss Charles Davis, was closed to the media.”

The problems with this attack are many, but the largest one is the presumption that Hillary Clinton has no qualifications other than her husband, who is the most admired president of the last quarter century. Does Jeb Bush really think the public sees Ms. Clinton as a former First Lady and that’s it? Or is the problem that this is how the Republican sees her, and by extension — since it’s sort of hard to miss her recent stints as most beloved U.S. politician, Secretary of State, Senator — all women?

Jeb Bush also told the group of wealthy possible supporters that Hillary Clinton would have to explain President Barack Obama’s foreign policy “miscues”, which is an odd place to land for the brother of George W. Bush. However, Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama in 2008. Furthermore, 63% say she would do a good job on foreign policy and 61% say the same on terrorism, whereas Bush has no experience with either. But the good news is that this means Jeb Bush expects to explain the invasion of Iraq over non-existent WMDs, a rather large “miscue”.

It’s obvious that Jeb Bush is already on defense about his brother’s disastrous presidency, which ended just a short 6 years ago. When asked by the crowd about “Bush fatigue” (a nice way of putting the post traumatic stress syndrome disorder that the Bush name invokes in the majority of the country):

“He said, ‘Do you have a father? Do you have a brother? Are you the same person?'” the insider said.

And perhaps this is why he is attacking Hillary Clinton over her husband, to make the point that people are not their family members. The problem with this is that Hillary Clinton has her own political career, and it most recently involved working internationally for yet another Democratic president now known for economic prosperity. Hillary Clinton has way more experience than Jeb Bush, so if last names are taken out of the equation, she is way ahead of him. Ms. Clinton is known throughout the world and consistently polls as a/the top politician. It’s not as if she needs to run on her husband’s record.

But it’s also not as if her time in the White House as First Lady isn’t applicable. She has already lived eight years in the White House as a huge part of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Certainly Republicans attacked her then for her involvement in policy, so they can’t now pretend that never happened.

If Jeb Bush wants to distance himself from his name, what does he bring to the table? No one would know who he was outside of Florida unless they remembered his part in handing the presidency to his brother George W. Bush in 2000, as revealed in mails recently obtained by the Wall Street Journal (subscriber link). The Hill broke down citing an email “thanking John Roberts, now the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, for his ‘input’ on Bush’s role in that situation”:

George W. Bush was eventually declared the winner of the election following a Supreme Court decision on December 12, 2000. Six days before that, Jeb Bush had written to John Roberts, who was then in private practice.

“I really appreciate your input on my role in this unique and historic situation,” Bush wrote. No further details or context were provided in the Journal’s report.

This is a bit more than “having a brother.” It’s more like having a brother you handed the White House to via using your power as the Governor of Florida. That doesn’t exactly scream, “We’re just blood, it means nothing, we don’t share a political agenda.”

What exactly was Jeb Bush working so hard to get his brother elected for if not a belief in his political agenda? Is he going to deny the family legacy of the Bush political agenda?

Jeb Bush can’t escape the toxic legacy of his last name by trying to discredit the prosperous legacy of the Clinton name. It’s not going to be that easy, and he’s going to trip over his own sexism one too many times and shoot himself in the foot with half of the country if he’s not careful. Jeb Bush’s basic argument is he is giving Hillary Clinton no credit for her own career, except to make her explain the actions of Barack Obama and dismiss the policies of Bill Clinton. But Republicans have already tried to taint Hillary with personal attacks on Bill, just proving how dangerous it is for Republicans to be facing off against a formidable female politician.

Hillary Clinton is her own person with her own record. On top of that, she can also claim some credit for the policies of her husband, whose own presidency is remembered fondly for its economic prosperity.

h/t Politico

47 Replies to “Jeb Bush Suggests That Hillary Clinton’s Only Qualification for President Is Her Husband”

  1. Tell you what we don’t have nostalgia for: November, 2000, and everything that followed for the next eight years.

  2. I guess people were right when they said that George is the smart one. Jeb I hate to tell you this but, you have just shown yourself to be an idiot. You would be an even worst President then your War Criminal brother. You bring nothing new to the table. Just the same old bullshit the Republicans have been giving the public for the past 50 or so years.

  3. I’d rather have a former first lady, senator, sec. of state, etc. than a guy whose only qualification is fcking up the state of Florida.

  4. Give me a break Jeb, what are your qualifications? Oh yes, screw up an election. WTF who really wants another Bush, especially this one in the White House…Give me Hillary or, Bernie but definitely NO REPUBLICAN. People, remember these idiots.

  5. So glad the GOP just ‘loves’ women. Poor Jeb. Can’t talk about his brother’s disastrous 8 years. Can’t talk about legacies. Can’t talk about his own dismal record as Governor. So he has to do what the GOP does best: lie, distort, and mislead to keep the money flowing. He wants all these dollars locked up before Mitt jumps back in, or Cruz throws his smarmy face into the ring. He’s resigned from all his important posts just to run for POTUS…just another deserving Republican. This should be quite entertaining. Give this Congress a few months of decimating the poor, women and the middle class, while raising CEO perks, hugging the oil barons and helping them take over our land and water, and no one will want anything to do with the GOP by next year. Please proceed, Jeb. We await your policy plans (or do you have nothing but attacks on Hillary going for you?)

  6. At least Hillary does not have to change her last name to run for office. Can’t say the same for old Jeb…

  7. Well…
    I had a aomewhat open mind about him…
    but this clinches it.

    Jeb is as smarmy a snake as is his father and ‘the kid’.

  8. Very well Jeb, using YOUR logic I guess the only reason why YOU could ever be elected is because of YOUR family! But there is a difference you and your Reich Wingers will NEVER admit…YOU are related to disaster in government and Hillary is related to SUCCESS!!!.

  9. Jeb is a white male, like euro-Jesus. So he has to be right. American bishops say so.

    Please don’t forget that Jeb’s Daddy was Reagan’s puppet master.
    You didn’t think St. Ronnie was bright enough to think it all up by his little lonesome, did you?

  10. I guess I missed the part where he was Sec. of State and a U.S. Senator. I suppose in his little world, if you were lucky enough to have the right sperm, you are entiltled to be President. DOH! I hope he gets the nomination and gets his ass kicked by her.

  11. Here’s the thing, at least her husband was capable of being a good president… and, gasp, he was! Despite the entire saga of him getting a blow job from an intern, the country was in great shape.

    Your brother and father, on the other hand, made a mess. Your brother nearly lead this country to another great depression.

    I’m sorry… the only Bush I trust are the ones in the local park.


    Jeb Bush = Bush I and Bush II. Need I say more?

  13. Jeb – unbelieveably more simpleminded than bro war criminal and murderer. Jeb wants to be Cheneys next pawn. Jeb have you been a Senator, Secretary of State? Oh thats right, you ran Florida into the top ten worst education, healthcare, crime, sex offenders, inequality,killers walk free unfair stand your ground laws.

    Jebs the flavor of the week til he screws up in a couple days, then it will be Charles Manson next week.

  14. Family is probably pushing him to run inorder to pardon his waste of space brother when charged in the world court.

  15. What would his qualifications be? Oh,I know…getting his family members out of jail…..yea…those are Jeb’s qualifications…..What a total piece of shit. Hillary is 10 times the intelligence…and her qualifications….Senator Hillary Clinton, Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton….what’s he done…oh…Governor….fuck him.

  16. This is another reason Jeb Bush should NOT be President. He obviously believes a woman can’t make it to the top unless it’s on someone else’s coat-tails. It disrespects women, in the workforce or not, who every day have to deal with his “I have balls, I am THE man” attitude.

  17. Google PNAC. Jeb was a founding member. If that doesn’t scare the s**t out of you, well…
    Bush wants to privatize every possible government agency, “expedite” the death penalty process, dismantle the Dept of Ed, etc etc etc. His past statements on policy will either prove him to be another Ted Cruz or a liar. There is no in between. Either he stands by what he campaigned on in the past or he’s flip flopping. Bush is, at heart, a Neo-Con. His world view is that of Kristol, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld etc. They were all founding members of PNAC as well.
    No More BUSH. EVER!

  18. Jeb can go F himself. I have a feeling his Mother and other Bush women do not agree with his assessment either.

  19. Glad you mentioned a couple other tall fences he has to leap – Mitt & Cruz. And, there’s always that fat chance of a Palin run. The clown brawl ought to get real interesting this year.

    I just read earlier the most hysterically delusional news that Scott Walker is also thinking of jumping in too. Hey Scott, really? Really??

    Must be the lure of the PAC funds cause even as stupid as he is, he must see he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.

  20. Don’t forget his role in helping to steal an election for his older brother.

    P.S. I have always believed that John Roberts was appointed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court because his role in stealing that same election.

  21. Still want to find out about all those junk bonds Jeb sold Florida school districts right before the 2008 crash…

  22. if what he says about Hillary’s only qualification to be president is true, then perhaps Jeb’s main disqualification to be president is his brother, Shrub Junior G W Bush

  23. Just what are Jeb Bush’s qualifications to be President other than his father. His brother certainly does not help his cause. The reason his father is important is he is the one with the network of contributors.

  24. …Bush1…helped establish “Voodoo Economics”…{Arthur Laffer should be executed for the damage he did to this country}
    …Bush2…Leshrub did infinitely MORE damage with 9/11, Iraq invasion and Afghani “adventures”…yup the War Crimes president…
    …Jeb would be Bush3…bringing his Florida expertise in trashing environment,education,healthcare…oh, yeah, keeping a brain-dead wife and mother named Terri Schiavo “alive” against her familys wishes…
    …more Bush legacy of Trickle-down economics, unnecessary wars,Cheney,feeding the rich and fvcking the poor,destroying the middle class,{what’s left of it} killing off education and Social Security, giving failed charter schools free reign on OUR dime…
    OR…we can have a leader…our choice…

  25. And here we go. The Bushes and The Clintons have been knowing each other forever and he would come out and say something as disappointing as this.

  26. First Old Man Bush,then Bush Shrubs,now Scrub Brush Bush. What a family tree. So sick and tired of shrubs and bush’s invading the White House with their war Mongering. Jeb built up his personal fortune after leaving Florida. He has been solely focused on this goal. Now he wants to let his wealthy buddies cash in on the taxpayers dime. He’s into Charter Schools which eat up the budget without quality education. Only the head honchos make out in that.
    Personal wealth is their only goal,fill the family coffers and the heck with the Middle class and poor. His brother was the worst so would Jeb even be worser? Probably. I would never trust him as President.

  27. And following his choo choo train of logic, his only qualification is his father was elected president, and his brother was appointed president by the Supreme Court.

  28. As much damage as that disgusting family has managed to do to this country over a period of nearly half a century, I find it ironic and amazing that any of them can still be taken seriously by anyone. But they are and there’s nothing any thinking person can do to alter that grim reality. Let’s just roll with the punches.

    Tom Degan

  29. I believe Pres. Rooseveldt had to step in when it came to Prescott and warn him his business could or would be nationalized. That is the swarmy family of the shrubs. Patriotic to the letter????

  30. Hmmm…Seeing as we’re pointing out who’s related to who, Jeb is related to 2 of the worst presidents in modern history, Bush Sr and Bush Jr…. I dunno..I think I’d go for Hillary.

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