Friday Fox Follies In France


Early in the week Friday Fox Follies crafted a touching remembrance after Mike Huckabee Quits Fox News to Explore 2016 Run. However, BREAKING NEWS put the kibosh on that.

Consequently, there’s no room for Mike Huckabee’s Worst Media Moments or how Mike Huckabee Sold Out His Fans To A Quack Doctor, Conspiracy Theorists, And Financial Fraudsters. Huckleberry was so brazen even Fox’s Kurtz Questions Ethics Of Huckabee Announcing Possible 2016 Bid On His Fox News Show, calling it an “infomercial.” Nor is there room for this bizarre rape reference: Huckabee: ‘Bend Over and Take It Like a Prisoner!’ Just enough room to say, “Don’t let the screen door hit you where the good Lord split you, Huck.”

The BREAKING NEWS that caused FFF to change tack was a brazen attack on a Christian leader, which Fox “News” is always quick to condemn. However, Fox News Runs Outrageous Hit Piece On Pope Francis For Making Republicans Look Bad flips the script:

Some of the “controversial” things Fox News criticizes the pope for: being more tolerant towards gays, helping Obama ease tensions with Cuba, believing in the existence of climate change, believing in the existence of evolution, arguing that greed and unchecked capitalism are bad.


The conservative right has gotten left so far behind that now everything – from the Pope to reality – looks like it has a “liberal bias.” Rather than view that as a massive problem, Republicans have become more entrenched, more paranoid in their belief that they, and they alone, see things clearly. Science has abandoned them. And now so has religion. What do they have left? Just Fox News. And Fox seems fine with playing the role of spiritual leader to its aging, white conservative flock. It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad.

Included would have been How Fox News Covered Pope Francis’ Action On Climate Change; Skepticism, Fearmongering, And Comparison To “Widespread Population Control” until newer BREAKING NEWS changed those plans.

NYPD and Race was still a hot topic. On Fox News: Protest BY Police is Honorable. Protest OF Police Is Pathetic, yet Fox Once Again the Only Cable Network That Didn’t Broadcast NYPD Funeral, where police turned their back on the mayor again.

Whenever the issue of Race comes up it’s always a question of which Foxite soils themselves the most. This week’s bronze goes to the man who felt giving a platform to the KKK was a good idea:

Bill O’Reilly Agrees With David Duke That Media Is “Sympathetic For The Left” On Race Issues

O’Reilly Hosts Former KKK Leader David Duke To Defend GOP Rep. For Speaking To White Supremacist Group

The silver was won handily by Tucker Carlson: Talking about white privilege is “openly bigoted, openly racist”:

Co-host Tucker Carlson chimed in, betraying his utter misunderstanding of the issue: “Here’s the problem I have with it. It’s not just that she’s obviously an extremist, but she’s a race hater. She attacks people based on the color of their skin. That’s just not a good thing. That’s not moral. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t be allowed.”

“And two, she’s an associate of the president,” he went on. “Why is it that President Obama has people like this supporting him? Has people like Al Sharpton in the White House 70 times? People who are openly bigoted, openly racist, and nobody calls him on it?… Attacking people on the base of their race — and this white privilege stuff is just that, it’s attacking people based on their skin color, and I think we should call it what it is.”

Watch an unhinged rant from a man/boy who has enjoyed more White Privilege than your average ‘Merkin:

The right’s big racism lie: How Tucker Carlson & co. distort “white privilege” only underscores his racism.

The Race Baiting Gold™ belongs to Charles Payne. First the Fox Host Falls For Racist, Fake Photo While Bashing ‘Black Brunch’ Protests. Then when slapped on social media for posting a Racist Meme, he defended it more than once. He categorically refused to accept that a pic showing a Black mob had been altered to include a KFC logo. Eventually, Fox Host on Tweeting Fake Photo: ‘Mistake’ but ‘Everything I Said Was Right’, but everything he said was actually an opinion, which doesn’t make it right or wrong. Besides, this hardly justifies — or apologizes for — a Black man using a Racist Meme to attack Black folk on a Racist “news” channel.

BREAKING NEWS — after terrorists killed 12 people in Paris — put a stop to that idea, too. The Paris story played to every Fox “News” talking point except the IRS scandal:

Fox News Exploits Tragedy In France To Attack NYC Mayor De Blasio; Fox’s National Security Expert Blames Attack In Part On France’s “Really Strict Gun Control Policy.” It took no time at all to attack President Obama because he didn’t use the exact words that Fox “News” wanted him to. In Fox News’ Conveniently Confused Standards For Labeling Terrorist Attacks, Media Matters proves Obama Derangement Syndrome:

But to Fox News, describing the attack as terrorism wasn’t enough. The network spent the day of the attack in Paris moving the goalposts for how the administration should have responded to the shooting.

Fox initially attempted to portray the change in the White House’s characterization as scandalous. During Earnest’s appearance on America’s Newsroom, anchor Bill Hemmer took issue with the fact that Earnest used the term ”act of terror” when earlier he’d used the phrase “act of violence.” Hemmer repeatedly insisted that Earnest justify the change:

The demand soon grew. Claiming that it’s insufficient to call the attack terrorism, Fox figures argued the White House “has to say ‘Islamist terror.'” According to these personalities, the failure to say “Islamic,” coupled with the White House’s “reluctan[ce]” to say terrorism, evidences Obama’s soft approach to fighting terrorism.

“The best thing Americans can do is arm themselves”: The worst Fox news responses to the Charlie Hebdo attack and 7 Despicable Ways Fox News Exploited The Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack In France (Including Benghazi) is the sludge on the top of this very ugly barrel as FFF scrapes down to the bottom, where you find such sentiments as:

For naked racism you can’t beat Shannon Bream: Fox Host: How Do We Spot ‘Bad Guys’ If We Don’t Know ‘Tone Of Their Skin’? and Fox News Host: Skin Tone Can Be a Good Indicator of ‘Who the Bad Guys Are’. WATCH:

No wonder Cenk Uygur slams Fox News’ Charlie Hebdo response: ‘A vat of ignorance, fear, and hatred’.

And, he could have added, hypocritical finger-pointing. After Fox News [says]: ‘No Plans to Air’ Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammed Cartoons, Fox’s Starnes Calls Media Cowardly for Not Running Hebdo Cartoons, Forgets Fox Won’t Show Them. Fox’s Gutfeld to U.S. Media: You Are Not Charlie, You’re Cowards and Fox Contributor: ‘Appalling’ for Media to Censor Charlie Hebdo Cartoons are two more examples of rank hypocrisy.

Wait! What? Fox’s Bob Beckel: Acceptance Of Radical Islam “Sort Of Like” Acceptance Of Multicultural Dating. What’s drug is he on?

Meanwhile, What Fox Won’t Show You: Muslim Leaders Are Condemning The Paris Terror Attack and 46 examples of Muslim outrage about Paris shooting that Fox News can’t seem to find demonstrates how twisted a slogan is “fair and balanced.”

BREAKING NEWS: As of this writing two terrorist hostage situations in Paris appear to be concluding. I hope I don’t have to write this all over again.

Headly Westerfield is tired of changing this week’s column.

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  1. fox news is just about singlehandedly responsible for the race issues we are facing today. the hate and the lies they get away with is truly stunning.

  2. I bet most fox viewers have no clue that the man who basically co-owns fox news with Rupert Murdoch is a saudi Arabian citizen. but fox likes to keep their viewers in the dark about such things.

  3. Tucker might want to do a little research. One person who spent MUCH more time (even overnights) at the WH was none other than the male prostitute Jeff Gannon, when W was in office. I doubt he was there to discuss policies – certainly NOT with W!! How does Faux feel about the fact that the Senate swimming pool was male only, and NUDE until 2008? Crooks and Liars has the story. Who regularly swam there during that time, I wonder? Who voted for it to be nude?

  4. BS”D
    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    3 Cheshvan 5775 (Oct 26, ’14)


    Also a powerful Video from Moishela to all Jews worldwide to watch NOW “as a wake-up call”

    “The Noose Is Getting Tighter”

    The world has absolutely gone mad, absolutely mad. Murder, accidents, weather related deaths, riots, plagues, Mamash a very scary world. Every day something new. Every day something more bloody. Every day more and more deaths. Every day we become more and more frightened.

    The noose is getting tighter and tighter around us, and the worst part about it is that no one seems to feel it except a very few. Very few people feel it at all. Either they don’t want to feel it so they ignore it, or they are really in some very strong daze or under some kind of drug that keeps them from seeing what is happening. It doesn’t even have to be medication, al…

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