House Republicans Pass Keystone XL Bill But Don’t Have The Votes To Override Obama Veto


House Republicans have passed a bill authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline by a vote of 266-153. President Obama is certain to veto the bill, and House Republicans don’t have the votes needed to override his veto.

28 Democrats voted with Republicans in favor of authorizing the construction of the pipeline. One Republican member voted present.

Attention turned to the House of Representatives after the Nebraska state Supreme Court cleared the way for the pipeline’s construction by throwing out a lawsuit that had been brought by landowners.

The debate on the House floor was more of the same rhetoric that was tossed around on all of the previous times that the House voted on Keystone. Republicans falsely touted the bill as a jobs bill, while Democrats spoke to the reality that few permanent jobs would be created by shipping oil across our country that was destined to be sold overseas.

Boehner said that the president is out of excuses for not approving the pipeline, “President Obama is now out of excuses for blocking the Keystone pipeline and the thousands of American jobs it would create.”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz immediately pushed back by reaffirming the president’s plan to veto the bill, “Regardless of the Nebraska ruling today, the House bill still conflicts with longstanding Executive branch procedures regarding the authority of the President and prevents the thorough consideration of complex issues that could bear on U.S. national interests, and if presented to the President, he will veto the bill.”

The Senate will in the coming days and weeks eventually pass a bill authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. President Obama will immediately veto it, and Republicans will not have the 2/3 vote required to override the president’s veto.

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post tweeted that House Republicans didn’t get enough votes to override Obama’s veto:

Republicans may control Congress, but very little has changed. Boehner and McConnell are passing legislation that will never become law.

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  1. Ken Conoly writes—
    Surprise from the same ‘do nothing Congress’, they may as well vote again to repeal the ACA, for the 56th time. Explain to me as if I am a 4 year old, how is this going to help Americans, ~50 permanent jobs, Canadian co is exempted from any liability for pollution/ruining our streams and wells, so that they can pump this crap down to be sold to China and the rest of the world. Just follow the money, to find the truth in this, this is lose/lose for America.

  2. Sure speaks volumes that the GOP can pass things quickly when it benefits them.

    Benefits for others’, not so much.

  3. A 4 year old has more sense then all the tea bag/repubs combined.

    We’re also stuck with all that “wonderful”, filthy, very hard to dispose of, byproduct of the crude oil processing..”COKE”
    There’s MUCH, MUCH more of it in this tar sand crap

  4. farm subsidies to themselves while cutting food stamps to vets. The party of dont know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  5. If the purpose of the Pipeline is to get Oil from Canada (theirs) to ships on the American Gulf Coast ports, then ship it to China…WHY through the continental USA?
    Why not run their pipeline through Canada to the West coast in Vancouver at the Pacific Ocean (Perfect to ship to China no?) or East to Quebec at the ports on the St. Lawrence River or to Newfoundland & Labrador on the Atlantic Ocean (Labrador Sea) ? I see it as viable alternative. But why are American Congressmen (Republicans) pushing for it to cross America? They may own stock in the companies building it? Or have an interest in the Oil that will be diverted to some American Refineries ? Lining their pockets BIG TIME ? Is that it? Hmmmmmmmm. Oh, by the way: Speaker Boehner owns shares in seven different Canadian tar sand companies and it is highly likely that he knows the job numbers are inflated as an investor and stands to profit if the pipeline is built.

  6. TransCanada cannot ship this crap through their own provinces because the other provinces won’t allow them passage due to environmental concerns.

    You see our Republicans really don’t care about our own environment + most of them have stock in the oil companies involved with this “venture”. And besides that if there is a spill, we taxpayers will be on the hook for the cost, and disposal, of the clean-up. It isn’t coming out of their pockets.

  7. FRIDAY 1-9-14 ACTION ITEM: Oppose Senate bill to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.
    Senate Democrats launch first filibuster of the year on Keystone
    Yesterday 28 House Democrats Defy Obama, Join GOP to Pass Keystone Don’t pull a Mary Landrieu! When you vote like a Republican – we can’t trust you.
    31 House Democrats and House Republicans voting for a debunked Keystone Pipeline for the 9th time, lying to the American people that it will create jobs, and do no harm to the land, subsequently making laws that kill Americans. Voting for this will be your demise as a politician, and one that knows absolutely nothing, and is solely paid by the Fossil Fuel Industry. You will be held accountable and impeached.
    Keystone Pipeline –President commits to Veto while Dems in …

  8. Who are the 28 traitors? Their reps to to contact them and tell them off! I have never known people to be so gone deaf! What part of “I will veto this bill” did they not understand? My toddler grandson is more mature!

  9. What about landowners????

    Do they matter????

    I thought the Kochheads believed in something called “Property Rights”???

  10. The article says the dems are divided on this because of environmental concerns and the unions wanting jobs.

    Well the unions need to lobby for good jobs bills, not just any jobs bill. What we need are infrastructure job bills. Not this dangerous crap.

  11. In tea bag land, they believe 35 permanent are worth it to potentially destroy OUR aquafir.
    The aquafir which feeds us and produces exports to many countries and feeds our economy.

  12. The Republicans want us to see them as steadfast protectors of libertea or whatever.

    What they look like are sputtering, impotent, unimportant old men who have no mandate, no agenda, and no clue.

    Obama is going to run these stupid bastards around in circles. Hell yea!

  13. 56 permanent jobs. Stunning!!utters multi-chin McConnell. How about the hundreds of thousands of jobs that would have been created with the numerous jobs bills proposed by President Obama? Where was the sudden urgency then?Oh that’s right….Bona’ didn’t have the investments that he has in the Keystone Kops Pipejob.

  14. I say let’s take a vote of ALL eligible voters and ask them what they think of this pipeline, sounds fair to me.

  15. Keystone-XL passes through Native American lands and they have declared they will consider it an Act of War.

  16. I could be wrong, but I believe if the Keystone passed,eminent domain would be in play.

    Here in NY an upstate area had this happen for a gas pipeline a few weeks ago.

  17. What part of NO don’t the GOP understand?

    Their eyes are flashing $$$ signs..that is all they live for. That is their “god.”

  18. Isn’t this special. They call a vote to enrich themselves but say no to jobs

    Boehner nixes fix on ‘crumbling infrastructure’
    The Highway Trust Fund, which plays a central role in financing U.S. infrastructure projects, is financed through a federal gas tax. It’s been a pretty effective system, at least up until recently – the current tax hasn’t changed in more than two decades, and as a result, American investment in infrastructure has fallen to its lowest point since 1947. Making matters slightly worse, the Highway Trust Fund is on track to run out of money in May.
    Read More

  19. No Buckeyewill land owners do not count. Today on the Senate floor a Senator read a letter he received from land owner One who said he had been informed his land was being taken as of now. Before the bill has passed or even discussed by the Senate.
    This is freedom in progress.

    The Kocks have already been placed in control of what and where they will take land by emiment Domain.

  20. What are the names of House Republicans who voted FOR the Keystone Pipeline,
    The names of Democrats were given but Not the Republicans, what and who are they hiding from.?
    Democrats..remember them!
    Brad Ashford, Nebraska
    Sanford Bishop, Georgia
    Robert Brady, Pennsylvania
    CheriBustos, Illinois
    James Clyburn, South Carolina
    Jim Cooper, Tennessee
    Jim Costa, California
    Henry Cuellar, Texas
    Mike Doyle, Pennsylvania
    Gwen Graham, Florida
    Al Green, Texas
    Gene Green, Texas
    Shelia Jackson Lee, Texas
    Daniel Lipinski, Illinois
    Dave Loebsack, Iowa
    Sean Patrick Maloney, N.Y.
    Patrick Murphy, Florida
    Rick Nolan, Minnesota
    Donald Norcross, N.J.
    Collin Peterson, Minnesota
    Cedric Richmond, Louisiana
    Kurt Schrader, Oregon
    David Scott, Georgia
    Terri Sewell, Alabama
    Albio Sires, N.J.
    Marc Veasey, Texas
    Filemon Vela, Texas
    Tim Walz, Minnesota
    Show your face House Republicans

  21. Andy,
    Tea party are the first to go to foodbank,sign up for food stamps,health clinics, but are the first to hang out their Snake Flag and Confederate flag intead of the American flag, see them in town all the time, know them by name as they bash the President.

  22. His VETO will get overridden. Just wait and see. There are thousands of jobs riding on this including all the processing jobs down on the Gulf Coast. The shine has worn off the POTUS and Democrats in jobs hungry states impacted will be turning their backs.

    Sorry I put a crack in your echo chamber ;-)

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