Meet The 28 House Democrats Who Sold Out To Big Oil By Voting to Approve Keystone XL


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The House passed by 266-153 a bill to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. While the Keystone Pipeline is a Republican agenda being billed inaccurately as a “Jobs Bill”, 28 House Democrats voted yes.

Frank Thorp, Capitol Hill producer and reporter at NBC News reported the names of the 28 House Democrats who voted for the bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline:


So, their full names and states:

Brad Ashford, Nebraska
Sanford Bishop, Georgia
Robert Brady, Pennsylvania
CheriBustos, Illinois
James Clyburn, South Carolina
Jim Cooper, Tennessee
Jim Costa, California
Henry Cuellar, Texas
Mike Doyle, Pennsylvania
Gwen Graham, Florida
Al Green, Texas
Gene Green, Texas
Shelia Jackson Lee, Texas
Daniel Lipinski, Illinois
Dave Loebsack, Iowa
Sean Patrick Maloney, N.Y.
Patrick Murphy, Florida
Rick Nolan, Minnesota
Donald Norcross, N.J.
Collin Peterson, Minnesota
Cedric Richmond, Louisiana
Kurt Schrader, Oregon
David Scott, Georgia
Terri Sewell, Alabama
Albio Sires, N.J.
Marc Veasey, Texas
Filemon Vela, Texas
Tim Walz, Minnesota

The White House confirmed that President Obama is still planning to veto this bill, citing the state department report and the need for “thorough consideration of complex issues.” The Keystone Pipeline will create 35 permanent jobs, which falls vastly short of being a real “jobs bill” in spite of how Republicans are selling it.

This is a list of oil sellouts.

Image: The Cycle, MSNBC

48 Replies to “Meet The 28 House Democrats Who Sold Out To Big Oil By Voting to Approve Keystone XL”

  1. One of the 3 Nebraska reps voted for this. Unbelievable. As for the rest of the Dem sellouts: There will be a reckoning.

  2. Seems to me they were voting for THEIR interests, NOT the country’s.
    Shareholders in TransCanada, LTD. maybe? Just asking.
    Follow the money or the committees they serve on in Congress; that should tip you (us) off.

  3. Well it’s obvious who the dem sellouts are that care more about money than protecting our environment.

    We don’t need dems like these. We can’t risk our water, air or soil any more than we already have. Remember these dems.

    Also, the repubs will try to roll back EPA regs or even get rid of the agency or defund it in order to cripple it.

    When environmental crisis occurs, hold their feet to the fire!

  4. Cheri Bustos: you pig turncoat. You don’t get another dime from me, not even if you’re dieing in the street. This seals it; go fuck yourself. I’ll remember you when your next election comes around.

  5. For some reason I was on her email list – the one which asks for donations. I just took myself off her email list. So glad I did now that I see how she votes.

  6. Like Senator Angus King said: You could create more jobs at a McDonalds in Fargo ND than this pipeline would create.

    And per the top post, actually, all 3 Nebraska reps voted yes. Brad Ashford is the only Dem rep from Nebraska, and I just voted for this KochSucker in November. I’m now experiencing buyers remorse.

    The good news is, I hear the ink in the president’s veto pen runs dark blue.

  7. Was anyone else surprised by this one: James Clyburn, South Carolina? I’ve not researched his stance on it, but am surprised. Can anyone enlighten me? Please, don’t just say he’s a sell out.

  8. Doubtful all 28 will go against the President when Congress attempts to override the impending veto.

    Maybe its time to show TransCanada a little old fashion American resistance. Let them build the pipeline, or at least try. How much sabotage will it take before they give up? In the meantime there will be jobs and taxes withheld and local economies to thrive. We could probably make this a twenty year project if we do it right!

    Eventually one side will give up the fight. Not the ideal solution, but a viable one none the less. [WINK]

  9. If this project is ever completed, and I have my doubts, all of these Kochpluggers will be long gone, probably dead and buried. There will be no accountability for any of them. They’ve been bought – no doubt about it. Check their campaign contributor list. As they always say, follow the money.

  10. Remember what BP and Exxon have done to our environment? And how hard they’ve fought in courts against being held accountable?

    People in Alaska after the Valdeze spill waited years and years and died before exxon finally paid out settlements and there is still oil just under the surface of soil more than 25 yrs later.

    BP says the ring of oil at the bottom of the ocean can’t be proven theirs because it’s degraded. And they are still fighting in court over settlements.

    This is how these corporations and environmental crisis play out. It is not worth the risk!

  11. They’ve aleady started attacking the EPA. I Can’t seem
    Post the link.

    There is an article at “the americans against the tea party” blog site.

    Weirdly enough a mormon senator wrote a bill banning scientists who study and write papers in their fields of expertise concerning environmental concerns from advising the EPA.

    Gah, the stupid, it hurts! If it passes out of the senate I’m sure President Obama will veto it, and I hope he embarresses the shit out of them doing it.

    The repubs use the claim they’re not scientists and then they pull this crap?

  12. Cheri Bustos, I Stood up for you when thing were not looking to good. Now you turn around and kick us in the teeth. I’m sorry babe but I’ll never stand up for you again. You must have your damn hands into Koch pockets also. You can’t be trusted.

    Daniel Lipinski, Your two faced also. You call yourself a Democrat? I don’t think so. Your just as bad as Bustos. Do you have your hands in Koch pockets also. Or has Rauner offered you money. That is just like the SOB.

  13. It is time to kick this hillbilly to the curb

    Sen. Joe Manchin has two jobs these days, representing West Virginia in the Senate, and repeating weak Republican attacks against the leader of his own party.

    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Thursday he was disappointed that the White House threatened to veto his legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline, arguing the president’s move was “not the way a democracy works.”

    The West Virginia lawmaker said he was upset Obama did not reserve judgment on the bill until it went through the committee and amendment process in an interview with Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.”

  14. ONE Representative from California: Jim Costa. The others bowed out when the vote was taken.

    Looks like he’s going to have a VERY short political career once his opponent unmasks him as the Republican-in-Democratic-clothing that he is.

    Shame on him!

  15. Obama should ban fracking through out the United States and her territories! Keystone is an environmental disaster that should never happen!!!! Let the Koch brothers bleed!!!!

  16. Only one of Oregon’s five U.S. Reps is a Republican, but one of the other 4 voted yes – Kurt Schrader, a veterinarian. He represents a wide swath of ocean beach communities, the logging industry, and the state capital. I can’t even begin to guess what his motivation was in voting yes. I’m going to Tweet-ask him.

    From his Wiki: “Representative Schrader has received a score of 66% from the Environment America and an 83% from the Sierra Club for his position on Clean Water. The League of Conservation Voters gave him a score of 93. Representative Schrader is a strong supporter of alternative energy.”

  17. The biggest disappointment on this list is Brad Ashford, Nebraska. The good people out there voted him in to protect their lands from the keystone and big oil. They bully them on a regular basis on their own land because they refuse to sell their ranches. They disregard the Native American sacred lands……he just put himself in bed with them! Truly disgusting….

  18. Dj…. Manchin will be toast when his reelection time comes just because he has a D beside his name. That whole state is trending red this past cycle. Ironically, the democrat govornor expanded medicaid so they enjoying one of the largest expansions in the US…thanks to President Obama.

  19. I have the list of dem traitors and if there is any way to vote these bastards out, we will do it. this group are the same dems who lost the midterms by running from Obama. shame on you.

  20. The Republicans voting for the bill are sell outs as well.

    This bill benefits only a tiny number of pollutocrats, so bringing this up as the number 1 priority exposes the GOP for the corrupt institution it is.

  21. It was no surprise when I saw colon Pederson as a vote for this pipe line; Don’t know Mr. Walz( he must be from a dist. down south in our State) BUT TO SEE Mr. Nolan from my Dist, was a complete surprise.
    Wrote to him asking for an explanation. Got an e-mail back saying it would be coming. We will see!
    Wonder, are all these Dem’s on the pay roll of the Kochs? If only half are, this nation is on the way down…the Kochs have won…The next election is already fixed and we, have nothing to say about it.
    If I sound very disappointed, distrustful and just plain down, I am..Had a much better thought of my Rep then he showed.

  22. Well, there we have it. I’m going to print out the list and save it. Every one of them should be replaced with a better Dem next election. This bunch might as well be Rs. We already have too many of them in Congress. At least, now we know who NOT to vote for next time they run. Let’s get to thinking of replacements for every Dem who votes with the Rs. They are traitors, and I don’t like wasting my vote on Dems who are really Rs. We should all do the same; and don’t have short memories on this, it is too important. Keep track of how your Dems are voting and kick to the curb any who vote with the Rs.


  23. My take on this is that these Democrats want to continue in their jobs after President Obama leaves office. They are looking out for themselves, period.

  24. To the 6 Texas DINOs (Cuellar, the two Greens, Jackson Lee, Veasey, Vela), what were you thinking? Perhaps Joaquin Castro needs to have a little talk with those 6 DINOs in order to straighten them out.

  25. Well, at least we still got Joaquin Castro (San Antonio), Lloyd Doggett (Austin), O’Rourke (El Paso), Hinojosa (Edinburg), Johnson (Dallas) on our side. I guess if you live outside SA,EP, Austin, Edinburg, and Dallas, you are either stuck with a DINO or a Rethuglican. Here in Lubbock, I’m stuck with a Rethuglican who yelled at a park ranger during the govt shutdown two years ago and I’ve constantly voted against him every election. Problem is: Neugebauer keeps getting elected no matter how bad of a job he does in Congress. You can thank gerrymandering for that.

  26. I am not in his district, but since my district is gerrymandered to the R’s, I was supporting Patrick Murphy. He seemed to be all for the environment, and he seemed smart and reasonable. But, he gets not one more red cent from me. I have asked for an explanation of why did he vote yes on that monstrosity, but so far, no reply. No reply? No more money, no more support.

  27. Irrelevant — you’re supposed to do the RIGHT thing in office, regardless of the futility of it. That’s what a STATESMAN does.

  28. The ONLY jobs that will be created are 37 permanent CANADIAN jobs. All the rest will end if the pipeline is ever approved which I pray it will NOT.

    To hell with Canada! To hell with using tar sands! The price of oil is so low now that the reasons it was supposed to work are gone.

    Canada doesn’t want to mess its air or water, so screw them. No XL pipeline.

  29. So far, Suzanne, so far.

    If it gets to Obama, it will be halted and there are enough votes to sustain his veto.

  30. Libertarians make the argument (I think..) that the pipeline is a private business decision between the business and the people they’re going to pay to put the pipeline in/through their land, apparently with revenues sufficient to mitigate risk and damage.

  31. Why isn’t the pipeline not being considered to be built ACROSS Canada? To the coast on the West or to their east coast? It’s their oil, yes? Then they should stay in their own backyard with it. Should a spill with contamination occur, then …. it’s their problemo.

  32. Don’t forget to distance yourself from nearly 60% of the US population who, in multiple polls, are for the pipeline.

  33. Did get a reply, filled with political drivel. I do know that at times, a Sen or Rep will vote with the opposing side when they know the bill will fail. But, I did not get a good answer as to why 35 jobs was worth it, or why the American tax payers would be held responsible for any spills. Sent back more questions. waiting answer.

    Also asked why we (America)should have this running across our country, when Canada did not want it

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