Obama’s Plan For Free Community College Rocks The Red State Soil Beneath Republican Feet

Obama 2 years free community college tennessee

President Obama announcement of his plan to make community college free has knocked Republicans back on their heels as the president continues to dominate the political landscape.

The president announced what he called one of his most important State Of The Union proposals which he referred to as helping every American afford a higher education. The president said that in this country we expect everybody to get a fair shot, and in exchange you work hard. The president stressed that our education system is the backbone of a system that allows people to get a fair shot and get ahead.

Obama said that investment in education is a hallmark of America. According to the White House the president’s proposal is based on students maintaining good grades in exchange for having their tuition eliminated for two years, “Enhancing Student Responsibility and Cutting the Cost of College for All Americans: Students who attend at least half-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA while in college, and make steady progress toward completing their program will have their tuition eliminated. These students will be able to earn half of the academic credit they need for a four-year degree or earn a certificate or two-year degree to prepare them for a good job.”

The president said the he wanted to bring the cost of community college down to zero. He said, “I want to make it free. Community colleges should be free to those willing to work for it.” The president said that free tuition would have be earned, because, “There are no free rides in America….This is not a blank check. This is not a free lunch.” Obama wants two years of community college to become as free and universal as high school is today.

President Obama has painted Republicans into a corner. By stressing all-American values like hard work, and economic opportunity for all the president has created a situation where Republican opposition to his proposal makes them look like they are opposing the values that the U.S. was built upon.

Politically, this is another big win for the president. The political conversation isn’t about what the new Republican controlled Congress is doing. The conversation is centered around the president’s bold ideas for education. The reaction to Obama’s proposal from a John Boehner spokesman was telling, “With no details or information on the cost, this seems more like a talking point than a plan.”

Republicans have nothing. They are going to attack the plan based on cost. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are going to look the American people in the eye and tell them that some Americans deserve a shot at the American dream while others do not.

At a time when the Democratic president is supposed to be reeling, President Obama went to red state Tennessee and proposed a plan that will have immense appeal and popularity in both red and blue states. The president invaded Republican turf and unleashed a policy earthquake that was based on an idea that came from a conservative state.

President Obama is making Republicans march to his agenda as John Boehner and Mitch McConnell can’t compete with the power contained in a forward thinking presidency.

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  1. Like President Obama said recently: ” A lot of interesting things happen in the fourth quarter”. Proceed Mr. President. Wink.
    Republicans will be bawling, stuttering and crying foul. We can’t do this. Who does he think he is? Offering Free tuition with a 2 year degree to our American youth? (Snark).
    Obama: Ok. Call or Raise me. Or STFU and sit down on your hands, as usual.

  2. Which political party is for helping the people of this country and which political party is for helping big oil, big business, and the very rich? Proceed Mr. President.

  3. “Rocks the Red State soil.” That’s not Obama, it’s tracking. Obama has been rocking the GOP for 6 years now.

  4. For a very long time I’ve thought free education for our citizens was needed to prepare them for the job market. A high school education does not ready a person to enter the job market, except low paying fast food or walmart.

    When my kids were in high school, if students did well their senior year they could take certain community college classes at no charge. It was a step in the right direction. But all students need job training or higher education in order to help our nation compete in the job market and help themselves provide for their future.

    I totally agree with this proposal by President Obama, in fact I wrote to him in 2008 about doing something like this. A high school education is not enough anymore and who the heck can afford college these days?

    I’m excited to see what he proposes next.

  5. Next? Next should be single payer health care and free education through the doctoral level. All paid for on the backs of the wealthy and corporations. Cut DoD’s budget in half, raise the marginal tax rates, cut subsidies and it’s paid for. But…this is too much to ask for from Obama. I’ll have to wait for Hilary and then Warren to get those things done. They’ll have 16 consecutive years to git ‘er done.

  6. Billionaire Bill Haslam, GOP Governor of Tennessee produced a free community college program a few months ago…begins Fall 2015.

    I smell a ‘deal’ here…possibly a good deal…

    President Obama gets to support one of his agenda items (ACA) and a Republican governor…helps the President by being a ‘southern governor’ who is not insane, just too wealthy. It will ‘lure’ other southern guvs.

    The problem now in Tennessee is trying to get Haslam’s modified Medicaid expansion passed by the FULL BAGGER General Assembly. Lt.Guv Ron Ramsey is horrid and an Amendment passed in November that took more power from guv and gave to the General Assembly. There is a war going on here over healthcare and somehow the ACA has to be implemented.

    Something’s got to give soon.

  7. Spoken like someone who is paying no attention, reading nothing, preferring ideology to fact. Thanks for a post as arid as any RW one.

    Pssst – ever heard of CONGRESS? Hope you didn’t sit out the vote.

  8. I don’t believe the President believes that Congress will approve this. No way. So he’s throwing it out there for debate; but it’s the States and the Cities that will get the ball rolling. The president knows that. Just like the minimum wage is being done by the local governments.

  9. “too much for Obama”………have you been under a rock since 2009? Or just a troll with RW tendencies?

  10. The Thrashing of Congress has commenced. Expect more announcements like this for the next 2 years.
    The GOP cries against taxes lead to the POTUS pointing out that with the end of the war, there are literally billions of dollars available. and he’s cancelling Halliburton’s contract. And the F-35. For starters….

    The American White male conceit of ‘natural superiority’ is so damn predictable.

  11. Hey C – wake up and smell the coffee and the facts.
    Obama’s plan is just another cockeyed means of creating more money out of thin air to add to the already gross, overt and burdensome unsustainable U.S. National Debt that is already at the unfathomable rate of well over $18 trillion with its interest debt growing every second we take a breath.
    Guess who is the collateral for all this insane U.S. Debt? Answer: Each and every American taxpayer!

  12. I see you have done your research and never post with just opinions. Very good

    Well presented facts. Wait, I didnt see any!

  13. Hey dumbass you do know 3/4 or 11 trillion of that debt is from bonds held by Social Security, Medicare and other trust funds. So again what’s your point other than sounding like an idiot

  14. I like the idea of “personal responsibility” presented by Obama. Students HAVE to perform or they don’t get the money. There is nothing FREE about that. The two years of free education has to be EARNED by each student.

    Critics will sputter all they want, but they can’t claim it’s a hand-out. It’s really a hand up, which is desperately needed. The conservative cry for personal responsibility meets reality.

  15. I find your views to be all encompassing as well as inclusive.

    Sock it to the wealthy & take everything those greedy bastards have.

  16. $18 Trillion is a trifle amount.
    Taxing the rich will pay off the debt in n time flat.

    0bama’s hands are tied by a reich-wing racist congress (a congress who only cares about the rich).

  17. Damn the solution on how to pay for it is so simple I am surprise it wasn’t brought up
    How Obama Could Make College Free For Everyone Without Spending A Dime
    If President Obama truly wants to transform the cost of higher education, however, he could make college free for all students without having to lay out more money to pay for it. That’s because the federal government could take the $69 billion it currently spends to subsidize the cost of college through grants, tax breaks, and work-study funds and instead cover tuition at all public colleges, which came to $62.6 billion in 2012, the most recent data. (The government spends another $197.4 billion on student loans.) That would give all students who want to get a college degree a free option to do so

  18. The Reagan-Bush Debt is how much of the national debt of the United States is attributable to the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and
    the Republican fiscal policy of Borrow-And-Spend.

    As of Saturday January 9, 2015 at 11:39:05AM CT,
    The Current ReaganBush Debt is:
    which means that in a total of 20 years,
    these three presidents have led to the creation of

    of the entire national debt
    in only 8. 3682% of the 238 years of the existence of the United States of America.


    US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion
    Medicare Part D will add $852 billion to the debt over the next 10 years
    How much did the financial crisis cost us? $12.8 trillion, one group says

  19. Germany provides their citizens with a free college education. Is anyone saying that the United States is not as good?

    Although I do not back POTUS in all that he says or does, I back him on this.

    I paid for my Ph.D. before it became too expensive.

  20. Absolutely phenomenal!! A good education is the surest way out of poverty and despair. “Give me a fish and I’d eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I’d eat for a lifetime.”

  21. Beverly….you talking to me? !!!
    I think you misread or did not understand what I meant when I said Obama should tell the Republicans to: “raise or call me” (a poker term, try to understand, ok?) And that if not they should STFU and sit down. That meant….and please get this: It meant that IF they (Republicans) can not or will NOT meet him on this, or at least try to find ways to make the idea work, then get out of the game—go home, and let me with Democrats put our heads together and come up with a viable plan to make this “Free 2 year” higher education work for those who see this route as an alternative to expensive colleges and universities. The more people get educated the better it is for all of us as a society. THINK about that.
    Got it? And one thing you said is the crux of the argument: If Germany has it why not the USA? My point, and Obama’s point. So you see? We agree. Next time, don’t jump to conclusions off the bat—read with comprehension.

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