GOP’s First Step To Inflict Kansas Economic Woes On America

McConnell BrownbackThere is nothing as evil, mean-spirited, and pathetic as a mature adult who sees firsthand that something is inherently dangerous to other human beings and should be prevented at all costs, and yet wishes they could do the same thing.

Last year, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, like all Republicans, witnessed the complete economic devastation Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and the Republican legislature wrought on the state budget, schools, government, and social programs and told Brownback that “this is exactly what we want to do here in Washington, but we can’t yet until we control Congress.”

Before even being sworn in just five days ago to control Congress, Republicans took the first major step necessary to repeat, exactly, what Brownback did to Kansas’ economy. Something several high-ranking Kansas Republicans complained will “bankrupt the state in less than two years.” It is also something the proponents of Brownback’s devastation admitted openly was for the sole purpose of “chopping the government down to size” by starving it of revenue. Remember, Mitch McConnell pledged to the Koch brothers last June that if they bought Republicans control of Congress, the GOP would “go after the federal government; all of it.” Anti-government champion Grover Norquist must be cheering wildly and trickle down god Laffer is celebrating that Congressional Republicans are embracing his trickle down scam to decimate America based on his Kansas trickle down model.

Brownback brought Laffer to Kansas to prove to Republicans that by using what is known as “dynamic scoring,” the state could take a healthy budget surplus and add in a billion or so dollars for give the tax cuts for the rich and the state would be awash in revenue and a job creation boom. The results are that Kansas’ credit has been downgraded several times, the state is hemorrhaging revenue, and the state’s schools are broke. In two courts have ruled against Brownback’s education cuts he made to partially fund the tax cuts for the rich. The details of Brownback’s trickle down disaster have been reported here, here, and here for a rough idea of the economic ruin Congressional Republicans are about to wreak on America by using Laffer’s failed “dynamic scoring” to justify trickle down tax cuts for the rich.

Dynamic scoring is a conservative economists’ scam that predicts the magical impact of trickle down fiscal policy changes by forecasting the beneficial economic reactions to incentives for the wealthy created by slashing their taxes and domestic programs. Before this week, when the Congressional Budget Office published a piece of tax or spending cuts “score,” it offered an official price tag to make it perfectly clear what a tax cutting or spending proposal will cost, how much it will affect the deficit or cost the government, how much it will reduce revenue, and how it adversely affects unemployment. Any American with a memory could tell the CBO exactly what trickle down tax cuts do to increase the deficit, adversely affect the economy, or failed to create jobs for thirty years, but that entails acknowledging reality; something Republicans are ill-inclined to accept.

Republicans, particularly math-challenged Paul Ryan, absolutely hated the way the CBO has calculated its scores on tax cuts for the rich using real data and real mathematics. Likely because, until this week, all non-partisan economists disagree with Republicans’ magic and lies that trickle down tax cuts for the rich create millions of jobs and increase government revenue. For the past three years the CBO used real mathematics to score Paul Ryan’s outrageous tax cuts in the Path To Prosperity budget as killing jobs and blowing up the deficit due to the loss in revenue inherent in Bush-like unfunded tax cuts. According to the CBO and real economists, Ryan’s math in projecting that slashing taxes for the so-called “job creators” was off-the rails errant, a guaranteed recipe for economic disaster, and an unsustainable deficit driver now and long into the future.

So Republicans being Republicans, they changed the Congressional Budget Office rules to fit their magical concept that slashing revenue streams with unfunded tax cuts for the rich will automatically produce more federal revenue and create millions of jobs. Something that has not happened in 30-plus years of trickle down “magic.”

Republicans insist, and passed a new rule on the day they were sworn in directing the CBO to verify, that epic tax cuts for the wealthy will produce incredible trickle down economic growth, create millions of jobs, generate mountains of federal revenue, and will not cost anything; ten years of Bush tax cuts for the rich belie the “trickle down” magic. What makes the Republican directive that the CBO use faulty dynamic scoring to approve tax cuts for the rich more despicable is a provision banning the CBO from scoring anything proposed by Democrats; particularly any measure remotely related to “economic stimulus such as infrastructure improvements that really create jobs and increase revenue.”

America is finally done clawing its way out of the economic morass caused by “trickle down” tax cuts enacted by Bush-Republicans and is on the road to a healthy recovery; with an increase in taxes for the richest Americans. The country is enjoying a four-plus year monthly job growth, increased revenue is paying down the debt and deficit, and GDP growth is leading the entire world. In fact, a similar situation is under way in California where voters approved a small tax increase and the state is rapidly paying down a crushing Republican-created deficit, creating jobs, and investing in infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Contrast California or the nation’s economy with Kansas that embraced magical “trickle down” tax cuts due to Laffer’s ‘dynamic scoring’ scam and it is beyond comprehension that Republicans intend on following through with what Mitch McConnell promised economic failure Sam Brownback even as Kansas’ economy was dying; “we want to do exactly the same thing here in Washington.”

The only hope for America’s economic salvation is Barack Obama who may not be a noted economist, or a mathematical genius, but he has witnessed 30 years of trickle down failure including the devastation in Kansas and he has shown no reluctance to use his veto pen. If any American is too stupid to understand that trickle down economics is failed economics, they can simply look at what economic havoc Brownback and Laffer have wrought on Kansas. Then they can anticipate the Koch brothers’ vision for a nation too broke to fund education, retirement accounts, homeless shelters, healthcare, road repair, or maintain crucial infrastructure because that is, as McConnell said, “exactly what  Republicans will do in Washington;” go after the federal government, all of it.

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  1. If it will make them and their buds richer, then this is fine for the GOP/TP as long as it doesn’t personally affect them in a bad way.

  2. First line that stayed with me is” “Mountians of reveue” created.
    wonder just who will be paying these Mountians? seeing as the tax cuts will be for the rich and working men and women will be unemployed especially if the country is going to be a copy of Kansas?

  3. There is a reason the economy always does better under a Democratic President. The wealthy and big corps should be thanking the President and his party, unfortunately they are blinded by greed. What will happen when no one in America can buy their goods? Henry Ford knew the answer to that.

  4. The most effective means of pushing back on “dynamic scoring” may be to score LIBERAL policies under a dynamic scoring system that utilizes assumptions that favor the policy. This shouldn’t be too difficult considering we have empirical data from the great experiment in Kansas that redefines the assumptions with regard to tax cuts.

  5. President Obama may not be an economist, or be a super whiz at math, but he has access to those who can do the job for him.

    We have known for months, if not the last year, that the Republicans were going to put people in charge of the CBO that could perform the “miracle” of dynamic scoring. That could “prove” that the tax cuts given to corporations and top 1 % would, somehow, provide all these jobs and increase revenue some time in the mythical future.

    Reagan tried it and ended up raising taxes 11 times. G.H.W. Bush said,”Read my lips. No new taxes”. He was smart enough to realize it wouldn’t work, raised taxes and became a one term president. G.W. Bush actually did carry out these tax cuts and damn near caused a greater depression that that of the 30s.

    I think President Obama is just a tad smarter than Reagan and both Bushes combined. It won’t make any difference what a Republican CBO tells him, he will figure it out.

  6. I think there should be consequences for all these politicians for being wrong by lying and stealing money from a majority of taxpayers.

    We let the Republicans win to see if maybe they did have any ideas, see where it goes and if they didn’t, in 2016 the Republican Party will die because everyone will see that their misdeeds and lies destroyed America as we knew it – opportunity for everyone.

    If the Republicans are wrong, they should be fired, have all their riches possessed and put in jail because a few people destroyed the lives of millions.

    Where are the fkn consequences. Easy to see that the Republican Party is only the party of the rich … they have been paid well for destroying America and history in the end will show that when today’s America no longer exists because we’ve turned into a Mad Max world … where there will be no use for the rich … and they will be dead because we all have guns.

  7. Cut taxes for the wealthy.
    Revenues drop, so you must a] cut education and social programs b] kill gov’t sector unions 3] raid pension funds.
    Now, you have a] an undereducated, scared populace b] no unions to fight for the middle class and c] an unstable jobs market where workers are forced to work at minimum wage jobs with no benefits
    Oligarchs win!

  8. Your right on Ms. Rodgriguez. The problem we have is the GOP will hold funding for critical programs hostage in order to get the tax cuts for the rich and corporate welfare programs (like Keystone XL) they want. Will President Obama hold firm in the face of a government shutdown for example? I hope so. I’d rather lose critical programs for a few weeks than forever. We have a Congress by the Kochs, for the Kochs and owned by the Kochs and a few others. SCOTUS really screwed us.

  9. Warning: The GOP will try to steal 2016!
    The Bush Family have lots of pull.
    Plan to work in some way for Election 2016.
    We must inform people…get them excited to Vote. We are the grass-root strength!

  10. These are the supposed Christian Right. They would rather bring hardships on the poor to fatten their bank accounts with something they can’t take with them when their time comes. May God help them!!!

  11. Don’t forget, we must be vigilant about the voting machines and ballot counting. Who owns the machines, writes the programs, and who is in charge? This is important, there have been anomalies, and I trust no Republicans any more.

  12. I kind of hate the schools and don’t trust the government with a single penny, the least harmful (or most beneficial) being direct socialism where you get money and decide yourself what to do with it without having to become a professional hoop jumper.
    Moreover, it’s the democrats’ policies causing wealth disparity. The American dream is unavailable in blue states due to skyrocketing cost of living. Housing is far too expensive to even afford the picket fence, so naturally compassionate democrats start subsidizing everything which collapses the economy in its entirety.

  13. It’S CALLED the Kochifing of the United States. WE are no longer the United States of America, we are now the Unites states of Koch.
    Or maybe the Kochs would prefer just KOCH COUNTRY!! After all they bought and paid for it.

  14. Are you kidding? “We” already knew what the Republican economic plan would do – Kansas is right under our noses. Not to mention the last 30 YEARS of trickle down that only trickled down as far as the 1%.

    And don’t say “we” voted those Kochsucking liars in. Maybe “YOU” did, but “WE” sure as h##!! didn’t!

  15. My God! You don’t have a clue about socialism – or anything else. I am completely FED UP with this kind of inexcusable partisanship and ignorance. Go away!

  16. Actually Democrats receive 20 million more votes than the teahadist but small states and gerrymandering made it possible te idiots are now in control

  17. I guess the 2 NO votes were from Texas who can’t stand the FACT that California is WINNING. Hope y’all get all of our companies that pollute, because you could care less about that. Please enjoy all the cancers, tumors, undrinkable water, explosions and carcinogens.

  18. Governor Lepage(Maine) just released his biennial budget and it follows the same blueprint.

    The top income bracket($175’000 and above) will see their tax rate drop from 7.95 to5.75 by 2019. The middle income bracket($50’000-175’000) will actually pay a higher tax rate(6.5) then the top income bracket,so much for a progressive tax code.

    To make up for those large income tax cuts the sales tax would go from 5% up to 6.5%(ouch).

  19. Nate your kind of thinking is caused by home schooling. I advise you to get educated, then come back. Until then, better keep hidden the amount of un schooling you actually do have….I live in a blue state which keeps people like you out.. thank heavens!

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