Republican Senators Are Freaking Out Because A Bill From Boehner’s House Might Shut Down The Government

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

A handful of key Republican Senators are side-eying the plan House Republicans put forth on Friday in yet another effort to kill President Obama’s immigration executive actions. They are worried that the House Republicans’ defunding action may lead to a shutdown of government — including the Department of Homeland Security, according to a report by Politico.

“I think the defunding action leads us to a potential government shutdown scenario, which is a self-inflicted political wound for Republicans,” Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) told Politico.

More from Politico:

Moderate Senate Democrats and a handful of GOP senators are balking at a House plan that would block Obama’s new policy of deferring deportations for millions of undocumented immigrants, along with the administration’s earlier protections for immigrants brought to the country illegally at a young age. While those senators oppose the president’s unilateral moves on immigration, they are wary of linking the issue with a must-pass bill to fund domestic security programs, worried that a stalemate could shut down the Department of Homeland Security.

On Friday, House Republicans took their revenge against the President by attacking Obama’s executive actions on immigration reform. The House is seeking to dismantle not just the recent executive order, but Obama’s other actions on immigration actions for undocumented workers, including his 2012 actions for DREAMers. Their actions would also impact which undocumented workers would be targeted for deportation.

Previously, Republicans were given the bad news that they couldn’t just defund the President’s actions, so they found a new way throw a tantrum; the bill includes an amendment that will keep any money, including fees, from being used to fund the President’s executive actions on immigration. Any of his actions on immigration. Any and all of ’em, Charlie.

A pause while sane people realize what this could mean for future presidents.

This action is not going over well in the Senate, where most are not crazy enough to want their fingerprints on deporting undocumented workers who thought they were in the clear due to President Obama’s actions. Republican Sen. Dean Heller told Politico, “I’m a little leery about it. I just want to make sure those individuals that are affected by that legislation are treated respectfully. I just want to be very, very careful that we do it in the right manner, and we don’t do it in a way that is offensive.”

If the Senate doesn’t take action on the House bill, the Department of Homeland Security will be unfunded as of February 27th. This is the exact scenario that Republican leadership promised the public would NOT happen if Republicans were given control of both chambers.

… But we are back at chaos and crisis, a GOP corner that is becoming par for the course.

Drew Hammill, spokesman for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, wasn’t impressed, “Rather than building upon the President’s bold move to keep families together, House Republicans have decided to threaten a partial government shutdown and play politics with the security of our homeland by appeasing the anti-immigrant and extreme right-wing of their Party. As the risk of terrorism rises, this perilous Republican tactic sends the worst possible message at a very dangerous time.”

Republicans are still acting like petulant children in the House and even with the Senate, they still can’t seem to put forth bills that can go somewhere. Now they can’t blame Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) anymore. But reality won’t stop them from trying.

48 Replies to “Republican Senators Are Freaking Out Because A Bill From Boehner’s House Might Shut Down The Government”

  1. Hey look at that a real win for the TP/GOP. They will show the country how they can accomplish so many big things.
    1 Shutdown the Government yet again
    2 Alienate more minorities against the TP/GOP
    3 Threaten National Security of the USA

    All equals one real issue a fact the TP/GOP can not run from. They do not know how to GOVERN all they know is how to OBSTRUCT!!

  2. F.D.R once stated that “a conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs , who, however, has never learned to walk”. It’s evident with these nutcases running the House and Senate, hasn’t learned to govern yet. They have decided to govern their way or no way, and nothing get’s done.

  3. OK, as I understand this, the House Republicans have passed a budget bill funding Homeland Security, but has added an amendment forbidding the president from using fees collected from immigrants to fund the DACA and/or the DREAMers Executive Actions.

    We have several problems here. McConnell can hold the bill in committee until about the 14th, bring it out on the 15th, allow 1 day for debate and get to to the President on 16th giving him one day to sign, or veto it.

    BUT, and this is a big but, the fees collected are NOT subject to the budgetary process. The House has no control over the money collected. Can they legally prevent the President from using these monies as he sees fit?

    This is a somewhat dangerous maneuver. They would defund Homeland Security after terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of something like 16 people in Paris, thereby tying the hands of our OWN security to prevent the same thing happening here? What are they thinking?

  4. Those of us who voted for Democrats always knew this would happen if the Great Obstructionist Party were elected. Can’t wait until the shut down the government.

  5. Well, this will be interesting. In fact the next two years will be interesting to see if the republicans can actually get something done. The President has made it clear what he IS and IS NOT willing to compromise on. He will not tear apart his Hallmark pieces of legislation. He let them know clearly to get to work on a jobs bill regarding infrastructure to continue our job growth… look what they are doing! Gawd, who are the people that vote for these idiots, they must play with their own poop!

  6. It seems to me that the TSA is funded under the Homeland Security bundle. Will airlines shut down because they cannot promise a safe flight?

    “Republican leadership promised the public would NOT happen if Republicans were given control of both chambers. ”

    The what did what? Seriously?

  7. Shut down Homeland Security? Of course! Set them adrift. Gravity will determine their course. They’ll be moved toward the nearest larger mass to them. The sum of the mass surrounding them will determine direction and spin. Spin is a calculated resistance level to a constant force. On any scale, human ingenuity will succeed. ;-)

  8. The GOP will scheme to do this, rather than the peoples’ business.

    This is what happens what people don’t vote.

    These jackasses will go to any length to discredit and demolish this President’s work rather than work for the whole country which is what they are being paid for. They are pretty disgusting.

  9. Well, if the airlines do shut down..I hope it’s for EXCEPTIONS, not even the pieces of shit who call themselves Senators and Congressmen. They need to suffer like everybody else..or else walk to your destination if there are no flights, hoof it.

  10. I’d love to get these, and other relevant points, out asap into the nation’s consciousness. George Lakoff, we need you!

  11. “Republican Senators Are Freaking Out Because A Bill From Boehner’s House Might Shut Down The Government”
    Now why should they be freaking out?

    If they believe a bill would be harmful to the country if passed, all they have to do is think back to their oath of office and realize that it is their responsibility to vote against it.

    No need to fret, senators. Just do your job.

    Will it look odd to have a republican-controlled house vote for a bill, and a republican-controlled senate vote against the same bill?

    Yes, of course. But that is only because you refuse to govern. You only vote to try to hurt the President, not to help the country. Please proceed.

  12. We all can remember the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & bailey Circus. With the GOP governing this country we have the Ding-a-ling Bros. and Boehner & McConnell Circus. Waiting in the wings are the real clowns, Huckabee, Bush, Cruz, Paul, Santorum and King Clown Romney. Pure entertainment!

  13. Hey America do you still feel sitting out the election was worth it? Do you still believe that BS the MSM been feeding you, “Their no difference btw the 2 parties?”

    As for the senate repukes griping. They’re going to fall right in line w/ the House. B/c none of them have the balls to go against the loony tunes hillbillies.

    Finally, all the non-voters & the ones who switch their vote to repuke, going to be screaming for Pres. to stop the insanity that coming down the pipe-line.
    They could have nip this in the bud, by getting off their asses and vote. What Diaz-Balart & Ramon going to tell the Latinos now? It’s Obama fault?

  14. What a wonderful opportunity to shut down the excesses of the Patriot Act. Defund the surveillance system of DHL. Hell, defund the DEA while we’re at it. And the CIA. Then the military.

    Sort of like the NYPD strike. Our own ‘security’ was creating the most trouble. Not murky ‘terrorists.’

  15. they better start doing what the people who voted them into do, or they will be in the same boat as the democrats who got slaughtered in the election this year for not doing what was good for our country , instead kissed oboma’s ass , and screwed us all over time and time again..

  16. They aren’t thinking. They haven’t for the last 6 years. Their only goal has been to obstruct anything President Obama tries to do-whether it helps America or NOT.

  17. Speaking of infrastructure, I watched a documentary on PBS about our crumbling infrastructure. It was a somewhat old documentary – 2009. But it was no joke. The stupid Republicans are playing with fire by not agreeing to fix our dams, bridges, roads, etc. We are in a world of trouble and it won’t be long before some of these structures completely fall apart.

  18. Are you a Right-wing Revisionist, sheri?

    With a mere 35% of the American electorate voting, and Democrats having to defend no less than THIRTEEN SEATS in Red/Purple States in the 2014 elections, this election was the Republicans to lose. But that’s not a good thing. GOPLifer, Chris Ladd, sees this last election as the last hiccups of a dying RW-Party.
    Read about it here:

    Come 2016, Republicans will have a whopping twenty-THREE seats to defend, of which EIGHTEEN are in serious trouble and the Democrats have a mere 1 seat – yes, you read that right, ONE seat to defend. With an energized electorate out to vote at at least 60%, your Party is faces a political massacre.

    These two years will be nothing but a lot of hemming and hawing by a lame-duck Republican Congress before they’re returned to the minority in 2016.

    The American people can’t stomach your Party anymore. Why do you?

  19. And, by the way, can you list what exactly did President Obama do that screwed us over? Back up your claims or you’re just talking out of your RW ear.

  20. If they’re in charge, why do they have to shut down the government? Can’t they be trusted to legislate?

  21. This is the exact scenario that Republican leadership promised the public would NOT happen if republicans were given control of both Houses ”

  22. if you are trying to say that the 34% of all voters who voted in the 2014 midterms, and of that number- a few more votes were cast for the GOP, represents what the majority of America believes, you are sadly, and pathetically mistaken. the 2014 midterms had the lowest voter turnout in over 65 years. and if you righties really want to know what a voter mandate looks like, look no further than the 2012 elections as Obama won both the electoral and popular votes in record setting fashion. that, righties, is a real voter mandate… and did the GOP do what the majority of americans wanted??? hell no. your rightwing arguments are so delusional, so hypocritical, so bizarre and not based in reality, its a wonder you folks make it through a day without killing yourselves with your stupidity and ignorance.

  23. “Republican leadership promised.”
    The only thing that is true and clear about Republicons and their leadership, is their need and great ability to lie to God and the American people.

    Republicon’s Pledge:

    “If we lie we cheat and if we cheat we steal.”

  24. Fortunately we finished behind those sore winners, so if we can manage to act together, we can kick those asses properly.

  25. Plain and simple they are saying”we just don’t like colored people on all levels including the president”.

  26. first of all i follow sarah jones on twitter i like her, but she is wrong only the Department of Homeland Security would shutdown not the whole federal government

  27. again if the disagreement sticks only department of homeland security shuts down thats it, i checked i know what im talking about

  28. im democrat but and i dont go along hook line and sinker with the party, im not a card carrying aclu liberal thank u, and i gave u a iron thumb down shiva

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