Kansas Tea Party Experiment Fails As Brownback Supports New Tax Hikes



Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s attempt to make his state a model for Tea Party governance has ended in abject failure. Brownback’ massive tax cuts for the wealthy were supposed to create a Grover Norquist inspired utopia where the government could be drowned in an irrigation ditch, and the Sunflower State would morph into the land of milk and honey. Instead, the ruinous, ideologically-driven, tax cuts have starved the state of revenue, lowered its credit rating, and left gaping budget shortfalls.

Now Governor Brownback, once the undisputed champion of tea party economics, has waved the surrender flag. While he hasn’t specified all the details in his new budget proposal, he is calling for some “revenue enhancements” to help close the burgeoning state budget deficit. Revenue enhancements are Republican-speak for tax increases.

In the understatement of the decade, Brownback’s chief of staff, John Hummel lamented that, “Revenue didn’t come in quite as was projected”. Imagine that. Huge tax cuts don’t increase revenue to the state’s coffers.  Faith-based economic policies may play well before a crowd of die-hard market fundamentalists, but in the real world, it takes more than an abiding faith in the market to raise revenues. Sometimes it takes taxes.

Brownback apparently is slowly coming to the realization that the state will not be able to simply grow its way out of the current budget mess. Unfortunately, even with his admission that tax hikes are required, he still plans to focus more on spending cuts than tax increases, to try to cut into the over 600 million dollar projected budget shortfall. Education cuts are expected to be a major part of his new plan.

By acknowledging that tax increases are necessary, Brownback is tacitly admitting that the tea party experiment is over in Kansas. It has ended in failure. The Governor still seems to be minimizing the extent of the problem. He continues to assure voters that future budgets will be “revenue positive”. However, he at least now realizes that taxes need to be a part of the budget equation.

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  1. Tax cable, cell phones, groceries, all that stuff that everyday people use, Mr. Brownback. You wouldn’t want to burden the wealthy by going back on your promises to them.

  2. How the phuck do idiots like this hold public office? Are Americans that phucking stupid? Rhetorical question. We know that they are![WINK]

  3. He will be taxing the people who can’t afford it ; he is not I repeat is not going to tax the wealthy as they are the favorite ones and they need their money to make political donations.

  4. He needs to tax the wealthy, and nobody else. To raise taxes on food, petrol, cigarettes, property taxes, utilities…hurts those already suffering

  5. I could very easily teach a five year old that taking more money out of his/her piggy bank than s/he puts in would leave less in it. That Brownback and the true believers can’t understand this shows how their belief in trickle down economics clouds their ability to understand simple economic practices. The fact that their citizens continue to elect them to guide their states says something very specific about them—they do believe in fairy tales.

  6. He is at the very beginning of his second four year term. Education funding is considerably less than the court mandated level.
    Only the first of many cars have left the tracks of this train wreck. Stay tuned.

  7. The “Conservative Petri Dish” grew something that stinks, and now it’s there for everyone to see. The deadly scum crawling from that experiment must be killed before it can affect anyone else. Watch Brownback raise revenues by placing exorbitant fees and taxes on everything but what really matters-the already wealthy. You’ll get license plates that cost thousands of dollars a year, marriage licenses (for straights only of course) beyond the reach of all but the rich. Fuel taxes, surcharges, and of course the pension funds will be drained dry. All of it will continue to crush the middle and lower classes, while marginal tax rates will never rise. Brownback, and KKKobach too, better hope the Koch’s buy them a villa somewhere out of the country, because in a few years they won’t be safe in Kansas anymore.

  8. I would say have a recall election for this incompetent asshole, but it wouldnt work considering the fact they have probably spent millions across the country rigging the mid term elections and they’d do it again.

  9. Brownback sounds like a great guy, god bless him. I feel bad for democrats that think taxation at the point of a gun (imprisonment if you don’t comply) is somehow a lawful and moral act. The revolutionary war was fought over 4 taxes not comparable to today’s police state dozens. Maybe more spreading the wealth will make the biggest wealth gap in modern history (courtesy Obama and dem Congress) even worse.

  10. Did this guy really write this claptrap?

    Brownback has cut millions from education and plan to cut more. Don’t think this will make a difference to the people who keep him in office though. They are not smart enough to do better for that state.

  11. Can’t happen. Tax the wealthy and they leave. Pro tax people always go after the people that can’t afford to leave.

  12. he [Brownback] is calling for some “revenue enhancements”

    Exactly how much is Brownback expecting to lower Kansas’ deficit by taxing food stamp, section 8 and medicaid recipients benefits?

  13. Kansans elected this (these) fool (s) and then reelected them. They’re reaping what they’ve sown. I’m sorry, but I have little sympathy for anyone who either voted for them or did not vote at all. I do feel bad for those Kansans who voted against these morons.

  14. One of the real education reforms needed is basic economics. Teach students how to balance a checkbook, how to create a budget. Even how to shop frugally. Along the way they will learn match.

  15. Nate, that has to be the most ignorant comment I have read so far this year. But fear not Nate I’m quite sure I will read even more completely insane comments from the ReichWing as well as you in the year to come. We have entered the election cycle for 2016 so I know the insanity will again rise to unbearable levels from the Bat Guano Ga-Ga Right. I am putting my money in Aluminum futures and am thinking about a line of tinted red aluminum foil hats for the GOP, TEA NRA and KKK spittle spewing flamers.

  16. Nate;You got your clueless head so far up your clueless ass that your grandchildren will never get it out. What a fucking dumb statement. Typical Fux News delusional lie.

  17. The Revolutionary War was not fought over taxes. (And by the way, your comprehension of English is appalling) The Revolutionary War was fought over taxation without representation. There is a HUGE difference. The original Tea Party (the name with which this despicable group of politicians have absconded) were outraged that they had to pay taxes to the King, and not get anything in return, and without representation in government policy. Heck, even Jesus was for taxes! “Pay Caesar what is owed him.”, remember? Paying your fair share of taxes is only right. Only selfish, egoists think taxes are not fair.

  18. Nate.. you are definitely proof that NC should give thanks for Mississippi and Arkansas, lest it be ranked dead last on the “intelligent life lives here” list. As is, you might be able to get a job fluffing your own state’s gov. if you think Brownback is bright enough to pour piss out of a boot.

  19. Cant wait till they tax the majority out of sustainability, and then when they cant afford the taxes, arrange to have them arrested and jailed… Then they will have their slaves once more! Lots of forced labor jobs, paying well below minimum wage, hence they can afford to create 1000s of new jobs, and conveniently strip the normal workforce of 100s of jobs. Soon enough the majority of “jobs” in Kansas will be slave labor jobs, which of course businesses LOVE! And they will start to drain jobs from all over America. Pretty soon EVERY state will have to do the same, just to remain “competitive” and we will be well on our way back to the “good old days” of slavery and exploitation, at the hands of our “masters”…

    I just hope we are still able to manage a good old “french style revolution”, where we can “cut out the rich”… Guillotine style!

  20. No governor can rule a state. Of course the left wing thinks the president can rule the country. I would take a peek at the state Assembly and Senate before pointing a finger at the governor. I wonder just what they didn’t give him that he needed??

  21. Nate in Raleigh Reply to Nate in Raleigh

    Sun, Jan 11th, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    “Can’t happen. Tax the wealthy and they leave. Pro tax people always go after the people that can’t afford to leave.”

    This has been proven to be total BS. Conservatives said if Cali raised tax rate on the rich the wealthy would leave CA. Ca raised the taxes rates and collected more tax money than ever. Hardly anyone left.

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