Obama Smashes Republicans With Threat To Veto Scheme To Stop His Immigration Executive Action


The House Republican plan to stop President Obama’s immigration executive actions fell apart today as President Obama threatened to veto a House bill that would fund Homeland Security, but stop his executive actions on immigration.

The veto threat came in a statement of administration policy:

The Administration appreciates the Congress’ continued robust funding of the Department, including support for important Federal cybersecurity initiatives, disaster relief and recovery programs, and essential law enforcement activities. These funds are critical for ensuring the Department can help keep our Nation safe from harm.

However, the Administration strongly opposes the addition of any amendments to the legislation that would place restrictions on the Department’s ability to set smart enforcement priorities focused on criminals, national security threats, and recent border crossers, hold undocumented immigrants accountable, and modernize the legal immigration system. The President’s immigration accountability executive actions strengthen our border security, ensure undocumented immigrants who are parents of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents pass background checks to obtain temporary relief from removal, and require everyone to play by the same rules.

If presented to the President with objectionable restrictions, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto this bill.

House Republicans thought that they could force the president to undo his executive actions by attaching their immigration provisions on to the funding bill for Homeland Security. Before the White House issued their veto threat Senate Republicans, were already worried that the House plan was going to backfire. At a time when the world is deeply concerned about terrorism, House Republicans are continuing hold Homeland Security funding hostage in order to score partisan political points.

The nightmare scenario for Senate Republicans is that the Department of Homeland Security gets shut down because House Republicans refuse to move off their demand that President Obama take back his executive actions on immigration. If Homeland Security gets shut down, the blame will be all on the Republicans for jeopardizing national security because they are angry over President Obama’s immigration executive actions.

House Republicans thought that they could pressure Obama, but the president has turned the tables and it is Republicans who have their backs against the wall. If House Republicans refuse to yield, Homeland Security will shut down, and Republicans in the House and Senate will be blamed. Obama has given Republicans enough rope to hang themselves with, and it appears that Boehner and his delusional caucus are happily stepping up to the gallows.

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  1. While I applaud our president’s persistence, we should all be prepared for the spin FOX and the right will put on this veto. They will blame Obama for any shutdowns should they insist on going that route. Sadly, the same ignorant electorate that installed the Koch Congress will drink the Kook-Aide as they always do.

    The real terrorists are on our payroll and call themselves public servants. We must now redefine the word “public.” I believe it should now be call Koch servants, maybe even a new religion, Servants of Koch or Kochites. How about Kochism? Instead of just a cross, their symbol could be a clan hood with a cross and dollar sign emblazoned on a field of green (pure symbolism) with a silver and gold border.

    Kochism. I wonder how long it would take the 5 Catholic justices of the Supreme Court to convert?

  2. Please, please please please PLEASE!!!!
    Shut down ‘Homeland Security!!!

    Free FEMA and the Coast Guard from the paranoid fear-mongers who profit off making us ‘safer.’


    I figure the President has them by the short and curlies either way.

  3. FOX News has lied and fabricated so many stories and BS, they have lost a lot of credibility (not sure if they ever had any). So if the clown show circus run by Boehner, attempts to blame the President, if something happens because they decide to hold Homeland Security as hostage. The American people will see through it. Mr. President veto every damn thing they try. Make their lives as miserable as they made yours.

  4. I like your style.
    You said what I was already thinking! Thanks!
    A little schadenfreude never hurt anybody!

  5. I wonder what would be on the news if the events in France had not been the sole story of late. The GOTea Party has not been playing nice in DC. We won’t bury it under world events, our own elected officials are trying to bring chaos to America, and the world. The United States of America has one (1) president at a time, and he is our leader. Unfortunately the GOTea Party could not care less, they are manic in their hatred of President Obama. If President Obama had gone to the Paris gathering, the GOTea Party would squack “it costs too much”, I can hear it in my mind, like all the other off the wall garbage they spout. What I see is two years of actual sabotage of our country by the GOTea Party. I think sabotage against our President and our Country should be punished with federal prison time.

  6. Law enforcement officials: Obama’s immigration actions will ‘improve public safety’

    The law-enforcement officers, in their brief, said that the executive action “will improve public safety by encouraging community cooperation with police.” They also said that offering undocumented immigrants the opportunity to have verified, secure identification “aids law enforcement in carrying out its day to day duties.”
    Those signing the amicus, or friend-of-the-court, brief include the police chiefs of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and Denver, and the sheriffs of Dallas County and El Paso County in Texas, among others.

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