White Supremacist Group Places Racist Billboard Along Highway In Alabama

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For the second time in less than two years, a billboard has gone up near Birmingham, Alabama, carrying a pro-white, anti-diversity message delivered by a loose-knit group calling itself the White Genocide Project. The newest billboard, erected along I-95 near Springville, delivers the message, “Diversity means chasing down the last white person,” and is accompanied by the Twitter hashtag #WhiteGenocide. The White Genocide Project is comprised of a number of white supremacists and online activists who follow The Mantra, a screed written by segregationist Roger Whitaker that promotes separation of the races.

Per, this billboard is very similar to another billboard that was posted near Birmingham in June 2013. That billboard read, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” It also had the same hashtag applied to it. At the time that billboard went up, League of the South president Michael Hill claimed responsibility for it. However, he later admitted that it was financed by another League member. Hill was also behind billboards in the state that simply read “Secede.”

On its website, the White Genocide Project bragged about the billboard and directed members and those sympathetic to the ’cause’ to donate money for a similar billboard to go up in the northern part of the United States. Steve Goode, the writer of the post hyping the billboard, also denied they were white supremacists. His reasoning is that white people “wouldn’t be facing genocide” if they were superior. Also, he claimed the media likes to call them white supremacists due to the image it inspires.

If White people were superior we wouldn’t be facing genocide, would we? The media love to call us “supremacist” because it conjures up images of street gangs with swastikas tattooed on their foreheads selling drugs.

The bottom line is: they’re only saying that because we’re White.

Per their Mantra, white genocide believers are pushing the notion that countries with white majorities are allowing non-whites to assimilate into their populations to finally destroy the white race once and for all. This is through interracial marriage and lax immigration policies. The claim is that African countries and Asian countries are only for those people, but white countries are for everyone. The blame for the so-called eradication of the white race is placed at the feet of liberals.

Just to give you an idea on who promotes this idea that there is a large-scale plan to kill off white people once and for all, below are some of the most recent tweets using #WhiteGenocide.


Obviously, with the terrorist attack in France last week, white nationalists and segregationists are using the narrative that political correctness and liberal attitudes emboldened the attackers. It appears they see a perfect time to push forward their white supremacist message and appeal to a right-wing base that has been fed a sanitized version of this missive by Fox News and other conservative media. Much like we had seen during the Ferguson protests, racist groups are going to come out of the woodwork and try to gain some attention, and perhaps, some new members.


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