GOP House Budget Chair Tom Price Is Itching To Cut Social Security


Social security has long been regarded as the third rail of American politics. The program is so sacrosanct that even Republicans are normally reluctant to call for cuts to social security. A vast majority of Americans want the social security program to be protected. Notably, older Americans are particularly strong defenders of social security. Even nearly three-quarters of Republicans, want to not only preserve social security, but they also want to expand the program.

However, make no mistake in understanding the position of the 114th congress on social security. The current Republican-dominated Congress wants to cut social security benefits. The GOP-controlled House signaled their intent to do just that, the very first day they were in session, when they modified the chamber’s rules to jeopardize social security disability payments. The Republican plan would imperil disabled Americans, who could see close to twenty percent reductions in their already meager incomes.

Attacking disability payments is just the tip of the iceberg. House Budget Committee Chair Tom Price (R-GA) made that clear on Monday in a speech at the Heritage Action for America “Conservative Policy Summit”. At the summit, Price stated:

On the issue of Social Security, it has indeed been the third rail as Tim [Chapman, COO for Heritage Action] mentioned, and what I’m hopeful is what the Budget Committee will be able do is to is begin to normalize the discussion and debate about Social Security. This is a program that right now on its current course will not be able to provide 75 or 80 percent of the benefits that individuals have paid into in a relatively short period of time. That’s not a responsible position to say, ‘You don’t need to do anything to do it.’

So all the kinds of things you know about – whether it’s means testing, whether it’s increasing the age of eligibility. The kind of choices — whether it’s providing much greater choices for individuals to voluntarily select the kind of manner in which they believe they ought to be able to invest their working dollars as they go through their lifetime. All those things ought to be on the table and discussed.

In 2005, George W. Bush tried to push a plan to privatize social security, but it collapsed under the weight of public pressure, and the idea never reached a vote in the House. Today’s Republican Party however is determined to tackle the issue again, and cuts to social security would stand a strong chance of passing both houses of Congress. President Obama should veto any such proposal. However, activists need to keep pressure on the White House to make sure the president stands firm on opposing any cuts to the social security program. In 2013, the President initially proposed a plan that included chained CPI for social security benefits. Facing criticism from his left flank, he later dropped that proposal.

Many conservative voters chose to elect Republicans on the promise of tax cuts and spending cuts. Many of those voters also assumed that the Republicans wouldn’t dare touch social security. They thought, and hoped, those promised spending cuts would only go after programs that didn’t affect them personally. However, as House Budget Committee Chair Tom Price has made abundantly clear, he has social security in his gun sights. For Americans who depend upon the program for disability or retirement income, the GOP plan promises greater hardship in the years to come. If the Republican plan is implemented, some of the suffering will be brought to bear on delusional conservative voters who thought they would be spared any pain from the GOP budget ax. They are going after social security, and if you voted for them, your future suffering was self-inflicted.

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  1. Koch got em all riled up to vote against their own best interest; I’t’ll be Obama’s fault even though the Republicans do it; they are wanting to bring those seniors back into the workforce at 5$ per hour.

  2. They’ve been after this for a while, and anyone – particularly their “base” of older white voters – who thought they were joking about it are about to learn a hard lesson.

  3. The Reich Wing has long held the belief that EVERY cent you earn and save belongs to them! No matter what YOU must pay their way AND give them every cent. Frankly I hope the old people who voted for this thief and all the other Conservative criminals DO FEAR losing their only means of support for a while then perhaps they will learn from their stupidity.

  4. Don’t count on it. The right wing base is notorious for their short memories, short attention spans, and a complete lack of critical thinking skills.

  5. It won’t happen. The GOP are being their usual cold-heartes, arrogant, prideful, greedy selves. Their egos are larger than the universe. Since they now control 2/3 Houses, the skies the limit.

    They are about to get a taste of their own medicine. Obama will veto what is not filibustered by the Democrats in the Senate. Cutting Social Securty is on their hit list. Not happening.

  6. When I was a kid, I had a cat who was easily the dumbest feline on the planet. None of the local animals (birds, gophers) were afraid of him, easily side stepping him when he came around. He couldn’t catch a mouse to save his life.

    As dumb as he was, Caesar was still smarter than the average Republican voter. He was familiar with the concept of current actions having future consequences. If his bowl was anything but full, he made a fuss until someone came and topped it off. Once assured there was sufficient food for when he was hungry later, he’d walk away.

    It’s scary to realize this country is filled with people who don’t have the reasoning skills of a stupid cat.

  7. I can’t wait to tell my GOP-votin’, Fox-Watchin’, and NRA-donatin’ father that Obama still hasn’t taken away any of his guns or gun rights but his own Republican party will be taking away his Social Security. He’s going to have a FREAKING FIT! I’ve been telling him and warning him for years; you’d think he’d believe his own daughter (the one he sent to a top-notch journalism school) instead of Sean Hannity (a drop-out and a liar).

  8. I don’t count on it for sure but The ReichWing and the Goebbels Channel know that these old folk and ignorant values voters yokels eat those lies up and they can count those votes even before an election.

  9. I worked my butt off and put money into SS and I will be damned that I finally retire and they want to mess with it. don’t they get it that some are just living / getting by with what they are receiving. this man is a complete moron or heartless.

  10. It’s interesting to me that the overwhelming number of Americans receiving disability are concentrated in the GOP dominated South.
    Some 8 million Americans.

  11. Actually, they are.. The highest concentration of Americans living on disability are living in the South.

  12. Republicans love to destroy things. The wrecking crew of American politics. Do they think that they will be punishing only older Democrats? Or they fail to realize that older Republicans will suffer by their mean-spirited goal too? Idiots!

  13. There’s nothing wrong with Congress or the Supreme Court that a few well-placed guillotines couldn’t rectify.

  14. The Heritage Foundation had this clown as one of several speakers,Ted Cruz was the “keynote” introduced by the dumbest former senator/grand wizard from South Carolina Jim(dimwit)DeMint. it could have only been better if Speaker Cruz was wearing a cape.
    So this numbnuts, Rep. Tom (Fora)Price was preaching to the choir. I was amazed these “useful idiots” are gulping down the debunked “Kool-Aid” talking points of the Regan era…
    When Pope Cruz (R-Canada)got up he ranted about the dismantling of “Obama care” a debacle, train wreak, must be repealed …too far gone… every where I read its going big guns… financing is always a problem but same with the rest of our benefits package, social security(repeal/privatize) Medicare(unsustainable) Every thing aimed at helping the elderly die with dignity is a burden to the GOP,so they blame it on the poor, blacks and Mexicans and poof!! the “useful idiot” base is out voting for their own demise ,cuz Jeebus Huckabee/Jeebus/Duke’16

  15. Also remember that all the red state Gov. cut all safety nets for their population.

    So If they start messing with Federal programs; (which they already have done to their states), the good o’l boys will get out their torches and pitch-forks, and chase the “Gov’ment” agents off the land.

    Popcorn anyone????

  16. The smart voters saw this coming. If you didn’t see it and you didn’t get out and vote, you deserve this. However that doesn’t mean you’re going to love doing without your meds, food, fuel, etc., when your SS and Medicare is taken away from you or becomes such a small amount that you can’t afford those things on which your very life depends. If Congress had never dipped into those funds to pay for other things or if they had reimbursed the funds they were never supposed to touch to pay for other things, we would be just fine. Ronald Reagan’s administration dipped into it at least four times. At least, that’s the story, and I know others have as well. Shame on you, Congress, for letting that happen, and now you want more of our hard-earned money! Shame on you!!

  17. I dont love the GOP slimeballs, I despise them. I also cant stand all those seniors who couldn’t waddle to the polls fast enough to elect these heartless evil rightwing swine. I think THOSE old haters should be the FIRST ones to bear the burden of any cuts, since THEY are the ones who wanted these guys in office, I certainly did not! Next we can expect the GOP death committees, deciding who should live or be left to die. I hope when they do that all the old stupid bastard Republican haters are the first to go then, too!

  18. All I can say is: if they start messing with SS, best we start messing with their take home pay and benefits. We need to make cuts, best we start at the top and work our way down!!! Considering how much work they actually do, they should be considered part time and thus get paid part time pay with NO benefits!!

  19. The Republicans plan to “kill it now, to save it later” is just smeggin’ brilliant.

    You take 20% away from the people and the next election cycle you take another 20% away and you continue on until there is nothing left.

    And at that point, the GOP (or whoever is in charge at that point) will just kill the program because there is no more money left to give to their rich donors and benefactors.

    Utterly brilliant.

  20. the last sentence says it all; the Repuke party’s base is older people, and now they are busy alienating them. Come next election, they may well regret trying to screw their largest voting bloc!

  21. The only thing that some Americans live on you want to cut out for what everyone to be poor and homeless and starve that’s your f…. Ing way screw you asshole jackass. They should take all your money from you make you live in a box on the street and eat out of trash cans and see how you like being poor and no money and no where to live. Your rich and have money and you don’t even care about your own people in this country they need to get rid of you and all of the other ones that wants to make people poorer then they are you jackass.

  22. And also since when did you people make it where we have to get the Obama care plan what makes it right to take money from me when I didn’t want it it should be up to me to sign up for it and not all of you people in the White House I want my money back that you took from me. Obama wants to make all of us poor he’s a lier and the only people voted for him was his own dame kind 8 years of hell since he’s been there I seen videos that no one knows about what he’s doing to us. How can you’s people force some to sign up for something like that what happen to the bill of rights for the people he’s taking all of our rights away from us and all of you are letting him get away with it.

  23. nini I’m a 65 year old man I voted straight democrat all the way don’t paint us all with the same brush. I’m more progressive than my kids. Don’t let the media make you hate the wrong people.

  24. That’s part of why they’re 3rd world countries. All of Europe has some form of retirement security.

  25. Dale,

    Go brush your tooth and open your third grade primer. My four year old grandson has better writing skills than you, but then again, he’s not a racist cracker who thinks breeding with your daughter is acceptable.

    You are an absolute embarrassment. Typical Republican, southern voter. Food stamps, welfare and soup kitchens – that’s your ideal America. Whatever will you do when they are no longer available?

  26. Be careful. Boehner might take this as a death threat against a government official and hunt you down. Some poor, deranged bartender from Ohio is now in jail for allegedly threatening to poison Boehner for being mean to him. Some guys just can’t do anything right!

  27. Social Security should not be cut for retirement. HOWEVER, THERE ARE HUGE PROBLEMS WITH THE DISABLITY PAYMENTS. I will elaborate.I am a life long democrat. However, I strongly disagree with the statement that Republicans acted according to their own extreme ideology. This is what has happened: The Republicans have VERY CLEARLY stepped in the right direction on this issue. There are a few problems with Social Security Disability. 1) There is allegedly massive corruption, cheating, and fraud. 2) The biggest problem seems to be that once a person is approved for Social Security Disability payments, they usually get it for their entire lives-WITH VIRTUALLY NO REVIEW. NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE PERMANENT. 3) It seems that it is extremely easy to find a doctor who will declare people disabled. It seems that the government needs to have more than one opinion and the government should decide what doctors people need to be seen by in order to be declared PERMANENTLY disabled. 4) Law…

  28. Bobby, your concerns regarding SSDI are not accurate. Go read on the website what the three tiers of review are and what it takes to get SSDI.

    More than a quick report by one doctor and an attorney. It takes several months or longer to qualify, often requires a judge and a hearing, and can be or is often granted on a combination of multiple illnesses or injuries.

    And the amount people receive is usually less than $1000 a month, so no one is living ‘well’ on this. The low amount should inspire people to work if they can. Most people on SSDI are over 50 so pretty close to retirement and age, work and other health issues have taken its toll.

    The republicans are sociopathic and vicious throat cutters who could not care less about you or me, democrat or republican in the working/middle class and especially the poor. They cannot be trusted with any issue that affects the general welfare of the people of this country.

  29. i agree with maxie cuts in ssi ssdi social security will not happen, either enough republicans in congress will stop it or obama will veto

  30. i get ssi and ssdi i had two attorneys and it took me 4 years to get it, one of ss judges ordered them to pay me, so no it takes more than a few months, social secuirty will tell u it takes atleast three years to get ssi and ssdi get ur facts straight

  31. bobby u are wrong they review every three years ok, i get it and im in a power weheelchair cant walk so get ur facts straight, theres fraud in every program but its not massive fraud in ssi ssdi ok

  32. all i can say to gop tp cut my checks, i committ a crime i go to prison, then it cost the government a hundred thousand a year to keep me locked up so i win hehe, and i mean it, i will not play games with congress, they fuck with my only income i get locked up, i get the last laugh and i will do it, fuck the gop and tea party faggots

  33. Sure have been after this for a while. Think, if Shrub had gotten his way during his administration and put the SS into the stock market, everyone on SS would have been left with NO way to even stay alive. When the market took it’s nose dive. Perhaps THAT is the whole reason for the suggested changes in the first
    The thugs have already tried to place SS in danger, by the change in funding.
    So all those supposed white folks on SS who did not vote, sort of asked for it. Did any one really believe these rethugs would NOT go after any and all items that help PEOPLE?
    Be assured, they will and you will be smarter then the usual think other wise and be prepared for the result

    The rethugs would have dearly loved to have had the SS in the market…When the market took it’s dive who do you suppose would have had the most to lose?

  34. Dear Joseph, as I have once before said not all old folks are addled in the brain, live in an old folks home, walk with a cane , drive a Hover round, need assistance with every day living.

    I am 81 live by myself. mow my own grass, remove my own snow, drive a RT Dodge Stratus. I also have had two bouts with cancer(Ovarian, and breast then a triple by pass)Still I am independent!! Not addled in the brain, able to think reason and make my own decisions.
    I and my Dog walk every day( except when it’s below zero) about 2 miles. (not with a cane either) So Joe I think you owe a few of us an apology.
    Actually I think it’s rather humorous people believe all elderly are unable o function. Love to see the look on others faces when I tell my AGE…..

  35. Deborah read your rant and broke out laughing, Not because of you, but the fact you Father sent you a top notch school and still will not listen…proves once again you can not fix stupid thinking…Or thinking when Fox is the only station being heard. I assume that is what he listens too. Am I wrong?
    re read and missed the fox watching..

  36. Dale from your long running sentence and the convoluted thinking pattern you are from the south and home schooled. Is it possible you listen to Fox news alone?
    you make no sense!!

  37. You are correct gsb I’m sorry if I offended you. My mother is 99 and she knows who cares about her and all Americans and it isn’t the Reich Wing. I know not all senior citizens vote stupidly but a majority do because of their adherence to faith most of all. Once a substitute nurse was sent to my mother and she was a staunch flaming Christian Conservative who tried to convince my mother that her son ME was an evil person because I was a Democrat and an atheist after a short conversation with my mom. Well..she found out just how stupid of a mistake that was, my mother read her the riot act and put that nurse in her place but good. The next day I was there when the nurse came back and I too told her exactly what I thought of her kind of person. This nurse left and claimed that I assaulted her but there were complaints about her before and she was promptly fired. This nurse tried to make problems for my mother via her Social Security and benefits and had her credentials removed.

  38. They don’t care WHO they hurt! They don’t care WHO voted for them–as long as the Koch Brothers have the money to pay them off and get them elected and re-elected!

  39. Come next election, they figure that the old folks and disabled that they screwed over will be DEAD by then and that they won’t have to answer to them!

  40. countless knee-jerk reactionary bad decisions on the part of the rethugs. Many who want to send your kid into war when, they, themselves were draft dodgers.

  41. it seems like dale wants others to pay for his hospital bills should he have a major accident or illness. Typical teapub “its ok for me but not for you.” attitude. You’re lucky to have health insurance. Move if you dont like it. Im sure some 3rd world nation will take great care of you.

  42. Let them defund or devalue Social Security. Two things will happen:

    1) Mr. Obama will quickly veto such legislation

    2) Those who vote in favor will carry a scar into the next election — and if their opponents don’t highlight it, loud and clear, then they’re losing their greatest opportunity at unseating the b**tards.

  43. They will still be millionaires
    Congress is mostly made of millionaires

    The rich (and very rich) are right in their element in Congress. Millionaires made up more than 50% of Congress in 2013, with nearly 271 of the 533 members claiming personal fortunes of at least seven digits. The median net worth of members was $1,029,505 in 2013, up 2.5 percent over the year prior. Contrast that with the median net worth of your average American household, which sits at a comparatively paltry $56,355.

  44. Social Security disability fraud is rare

    AP Reports that 99.8 Percent of Social Security Disability Payments Were Proper

    So once again republicans and the mean hateful ghouls that makes up their base are liars but we already knew that

  45. Great Joe, love that you stood against the rethug nurse. People like them need to be put in their place. Just not enough of them.. Had people also tell me if I voted for a Dem I was surely going to hell. NICE GOING JOE!!!!

  46. That’s all he watches, gsb. I’ve literally cried, trying to reason with him, asking him why he believes any of the Foxstitutes over me, especially when I’m more interested in his well-being than they are. He was never so unreasonable until the last 10 years or so. Some may say it’s age; I correlate his change to fear mongering and brainwashing by Fox.

  47. I’m 76 and I voted straight dem. I recieve SS and medicare is taken out of my check. I’ve paid into SS for 20+yrs. The gop cong. has no right to take my SS away from me. The gop cong.should take away their own benefits NOT SS THAT SENIORS DEPEND ON. All those poeple in cong are rich and don’t need their benefits. I’m with you Steve.

  48. EXCUSE ME, I’m a 76 yr old voter that voted straight dem. We are more informed than you think. I personally have the time to do my homework everyday on what congress and Obama are doing. I’m with Obama almost all the way. He is for us common people, where Romney and others are so rich that they can’t put their minds and themselves down to our level and understand what the COMMON people need.

  49. i hate republicans all of them. but i think when they start to take social security that people who have to live on it seem to develop the need to play with matches every time they pass a right wing church. you know those buildings they throw a cross on & call Gods house but it truth is a place they go to plot & scheme of how to hurt other americans.

  50. Fear, is the rethugs greatest advantage. Used it after 9-11 still using it. Fear the Muslims, fear anyone who is different, who believes differently, who votes differently. Fear and lying is a way of life. Especially, lying for the LORD. Because if you lye for the Lord it is not a sin. Perfect Domionism thinking and used by almost all rethugs.
    Every election they produce a new fear to fear.

  51. Old white repubs on SS are the biggest haters that I know. I wish they could be scared shitless about losing their SS.

  52. They only think the coloreds will lose the benefits. They are in for a big surprise but being entitled they will still blame the blahs, brown icky people and the moochers who claim disability

  53. We need to educate young folks about what life was like before Social Security. Folks lived with their children or went to poor houses. When Social Security passed there were 2000 poor houses in the US. I have no children. Folks like me will be in poor houses like back in the 1930s.

  54. Young folks need to know how it will be if SS is gone. They will have to support their parents and grandparents. No kids? Off to the poor house like in the 1930s when there were 2000 of them throughout the country. This needs to be told loud and clear.

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