Pelosi Drills Republicans For Jeopardizing America’s National Security With Reckless Bill

Nancy Pelosi Republicans jeopardize national security
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“Republicans are taking an extremely dangerous and cavalier approach to the safety of American families,” Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) charged Tuesday morning in a statement, citing a new report on President Obama’s Immigration Accountability Executive Actions.

The state-by-state report is referring to the crazy amendments House Republicans stuck onto their bill that is supposed to fund the Department of Homeland Security, which they deliberately left unfunded after February 27th in order to use it as a hostage in their war on Obama’s immigration actions. These amendments kill not just Obama’s latest executive action, but his earlier actions such as telling his administration to target felons for deportation instead of families. This makes Republicans pro-felon?

Pelosi’s office reports that the new report, based on data from the White House Council of Economic Advisors, shows that the President’s immigration actions will grow the economy by $90 to $210 billion over the next ten years and would not only not impact the likelihood of employment by U.S. born workers but would increase the averages wages for those workers by $170.00 a year. Naturally, Republicans are against these things.

“It is outrageous that Republicans would threaten our national security to advance radical anti-immigrant measures that will damage our economy,” Leader Pelosi said in a statement. “Republicans are taking an extremely dangerous and cavalier approach to the safety of American families. Republicans should reconsider this reckless agenda, and come together with Democrats to swiftly restore certainty to the funding of Homeland Security.”

This might sound like partisan bickering, but what it really is is a gross understatement of the jeopardy Republicans are once again throwing the nation into just so they can have a temper tantrum in public for their base. The DHS is tasked with, among other duties, protecting from and responding to terrorist attacks.

Just imagine if Democrats had left the DHS funded for only a few more weeks as several acts of terrorism played out on the national stage. Imagine if after 9/11, Democrats refused to fund the DHS because they didn’t like one of Bush’s executive actions, unrelated to terrorism.

This is not something the opposition party does, normally. It used to be deadly to troll national security, but the press let’s Republicans get away with this in ways Democrats simply can’t manage. Part of the problem is that Democrats are so hesitant to say things like accusing the President of being like Hitler or accusing the opposition of being sympathetic to the terrorists. The rhetorical standards are much higher for Democrats. So they are left citing data laden “reports” instead of accusing Republicans of hating America and wanting to see millions murdered just out of spite. Republicans have accused Democrats of more over much less. Even questioning Bush after 9/11 made one suspect.

It’s ironic, but we wouldn’t even have a DHS without the Bush administration and now that we do, Republicans are trying to destroy it. And with it, our capacity to deal with terrorism and throwing the public into chaos and disarray once again, as the clock ticks down.

Representative Cedric Richmond (D-LA) reiterated the gravity of the situation given recent events, calling the House Republicans’ bill “outright reckless” in a statement. He continued, “Instead of presenting a bill that sufficiently addresses our national security, they have elected to jeopardize the safety of our nation for the sake of party politics.”

This is all true. And that’s probably why it doesn’t get much press. Remember the Obamacare glitch? That captivated the press for months. But national security, under a non-authoritarian Democrat who doesn’t accuse the press of being traitors and freeze out those who dare to ask questions? Meh.

It’s really not that hard. Republicans need to let go of their latest hostage and simply fund the government the way it’s usually done. If they can’t win their way through debate and having the majority in both chambers, which they do, then they need to acknowledge the checks and balances inherent in the constitutional system they claim to respect, part of which is that the executive branch actually does have some power. Too bad, so sad. Etc.

But let us not defund the department of homeland security just to cater to Republicans who hate Hispanics and Latinos, and especially not when doing so will only result in harm to not just undocumented immigrants but also U.S. born workers and the U.S. economy. Thanks but no thanks, Republicans.

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  1. Heard today that the rethugs want to COMPRIMISE!! When thugs want to compromise lookout America. They have other motives then being agreeable.
    Their plan from the beginning was to stop Pres. Obama in any and all ways.. that plan has not been repealed.

    Lets hope our congressmen and women of the Democratic way are alert,smart and not forgiving. Use their tactics on them for a change. Now that would be a great surprise for any thug. Being on the dirty end of a dirty deal.

  2. A Government Shutdown Can’t Stop Obama’s Immigration Plan—and John Boehner Knows It
    the nearly two weeks since President Obama announced he would protect millions of deeply rooted immigrants from deportation, conservatives have been impressively obtuse about how they hope to respond and whether they’ll try to shut down the government again.

    Republicans had hoped to use regular spending legislation—which must pass before the government shuts down on December 11—to fund all of the government aside from Obama’s deportation relief program. But just as the right’s plan to defund the Affordable Care Act in 2013 ran up against the small problem that Obamacare isn’t really dependent on annual appropriations, Obama’s deportation program is also largely on autopilot. Even a government shutdown won’t stop it from taking effect.

  3. Yet, the next time we are attacked unaware, they will blame Obama. I saw a image of Teddy Roosevelt and one of his quotes that stated patriotism means doing what’s best for your country, not what’s best for the President. Or something like that. Anyway, that quote applies to the GOP. They are not patriotic, if they were, they would do what’s best for “we the people” instead of allowing their bigotry to interfere with aiding this country and is citizens. I’ll have to see if I can find that quote and post it.

  4. Republicans never pass on an opportunity to prove they are America’s worst enemy. They have no love of country, or patriotism.

  5. they will blame the next Madame President for this.

    Teddy was a progressive repub and the repubs of that day really didn’t like him.

    Teddy broke up the monopolies and put wall street regulations into law, which the repubs in the ’20’s got rid of…and look what happened…OOPS

  6. Defunding DHS may be the single, best, accomplishment of this sorry legislative body.

    Terrorism is the ‘Red Scare’ of the early 21st century. Like the Commie under the bed, most of the threat is all in your head. Or from local ‘law’ enforcement.

    Delightfully, the Executive branch has a chance to end the DHS folly and disband its engorged ranks back to manageable branches of government. ‘Span of Control’ used to be taught to military officer candidates, and I assume ‘Business school’ attendees.

    Any organization with too many moving parts and too few divisions can not be managed effectively. Including Bush’s ‘Unitary Executive’ power grab.

    So, if the Congress has refused to fund ‘Homeland’ security, disband it to its components. Makes it harder to hide slush funds and bogus ‘contracts,’ too.

  7. I agree. The DHS was a mistake. DHS came to be as a result of the “Patriot” Act which should either be allowed to sunset, or be repealed all together.

  8. Sorry pal, but that is not a correction. Yes they are clueless, but they are also enemies of the American people, and a threat to the nation. Their treason knows no bounds.

  9. Two parties, one agenda, keep all of us looking for the “boogie man” who or what ever suits their mass media megaphones. I can see the enemy, they are elected and paid for and very easy to find. Google CORRUPTION and your bound to see at least one of their smiling faces as they avoid any responsibility for the destruction of America.

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