Republican Congressman Compares Obama To Hitler For Not Attending Paris Unity Rally


Well, that didn’t take long. If you were wondering how long it would take for a Republican to invoke Adolf Hitler in the made-for-Beltway-media controversy surrounding the White House’s nonattendance at the Paris Unity Rally over the weekend, you got your answer Monday evening. Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) sent a tweet out Monday night comparing President Obama to the Nazi leader, stating even Hitler made it to Paris.


You have to love the fact that Weber couldn’t even spell Hitler’s name right. As one would expect, this isn’t the first time Weber has said something wholly inappropriate about POTUS. Prior to last year’s State of the Union, Weber sent out the following tweet calling Obama the “Kommandant-in-Chief” (another misspelling) and a “Socialistic dictator.”  


Anyway, over the past day or so, conservatives and media figures have been slamming the President over his failure to appear at the rally. The White House, for their part, acknowledged that they should have sent someone with a higher profile to appear with other world leaders in a show of solidarity. Josh Earnest, the White House’s Press Secretary, said that security concerns over a short window of time prevented Obama from appearing at the rally himself. However, with Attorney General Eric Holder already in Paris, they should have at least scheduled him to appear, or perhaps sent Vice President Joe Biden or a former president.

In the end, this is really a non-story made into a media-hyped ‘scandal’ because it is extremely easy to criticize the White House over an obvious mistake that even they recognize. And, as is typically the case, both media outlets and Republicans are overplaying their hand when it comes to attacking the President over this incident. Beyond Weber’s Hitler analogy, the crew at Morning Joe went overboard Tuesday morning with its condemnation of the White House.

During a discussion about the rally, host Mika Brzezinski claimed that this was much more serious than a simple situation of “optics.” Guest David Rothkopf, CEO and Editor of Foreign Policy, explained to Mika that there are bigger issues to worry about regarding foreign policy and this “is just optical.” Brzezinski, in a complete lack of self-awareness, responded back to Rothkopf with the following bit of unintentional comedy gold.

“I gotta tell you, I think that’s more than optics, though. I think that was a message that was missed. Look at these pictures, David. It’s not optics.”

Seriously, it’s not optics! Just look at the pictures! Totally not optics! (Other than that being the very definition of optics.)



CNN ran a story Monday night regarding the misstep by the White House regarding the rally. In the end, per foreign policy experts, the administration will not pay any real price for this faux pas. Basically, per those interviewed by CNN, this is mostly a Beltway media concoction and will have no lasting effects on the relationship between the United States and France. For their part, the French have completely downplayed the whole situation, knowing that President Obama and the US are the country’s strongest allies.

Despite it being a non-issue, expect pundits and lawmakers to continue to beat this horse dead for another few days, at least until they find their next ‘scandal.’

38 Replies to “Republican Congressman Compares Obama To Hitler For Not Attending Paris Unity Rally”

  1. while I might agree that the US should’ve sent someone to represent our country the flip side of Republican criticism is that all the Republican ‘Presidential’ contenders could’ve just as easily improved their foreign policy credentials by attending…

    Mitt’s not doing anything nor is Jeb and Fat Boy only seems to think that traveling to Iowa is foreign enough… not to mention Rand, Teddy or Marco…

  2. Yeah well I’m quite sure that the French didn’t want Hitler there you asswipes! The fact that Obama wasn’t there is a moot point because IF Obama would have went you know damned good and well that the insane Reich Wing would bitch about THAT as well. They would gripe about “Obama kisses the French asses by attending rally instead of focusing on the economy” or “Obama wastes your tax dollars with incredible security measures to keep him safe”or “Obama the muslim, socialist, anti American Dictator goes to survey the damage HIS people did” No matter what the man does they hate him for it and will always have something negative and childish to spew, Conservatism IS a Mental Disorder!!

  3. Hitler had an a motive for visiting Paris, he wanted to invade it! Hitler was a Communist, and if the GOP think PBO is a Commie, they should be pleased, shouldn’t they? I proves them right. Or does it depend on which way the wind blows as to Obama’s political leanings?

  4. The definition of Nazism is RIGHT WING. Is weber calling President Obama a right winger? Isn’t that what weber is? Does this mean weber is a nazi?

  5. Another teapuke congressman that doesnt know shit. He just regurgitates fox talking points that hes told to. Hes bought and sold. Obama is intensely popular over there and his presence would cause undue chaos and take away from the reason for being there. Why isnt an ambassador good enough for a teabag that has screamed about the importance of ambassadors for the last 2 years? Oh yeah, it shows his hypocricy.

  6. I’m rubber you’re glue method! They’ve been using this for years and it works with their sheep….

  7. It seems like teapubs dont even know the definition of communist. They dont seem to understand the meaning of anything. I think they’re all drop outs. They cant understand normal things.

  8. Actually and factually Maxie, Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were Christian Conservatives All! Hitler and his allies hated communism with a passion and tried their best to eradicate it. But with the Reich Wing throwing all manner of non-stick labels at Obama some people get confused and some revel in the confusion as Fox News and it’s brain washed masses do. Where did you hear that Hitler was a communist? This is what the Conservatives want, they want our populace to be un or ill informed because those people are easily led around by fear and ignorance and they vote Republican or Conservative.

  9. Remember when then Secretary of State John Kerry was The Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2004, and was ”ridiculed” by The Bush Administration for being ”too French” and ”looking French”, and his ”fluency in French” was a ”liability” in the Campaign.

  10. I agree with the writer in that this is a non-issue. Personally I do not care whether he attended or not. It doesn’t affect my world one iota. Our local paper made fuss about ‘optics’ being important. At the same time, in the same paper, a story revealed that there wasn’t time – 36 hours notice – to clear the security hurdles. Most visits by our president take 6 months to arrange! The European countries that did attend are much closer and can even travel by train.

  11. And where were you Rep. Weber? For that matter where were ANY Republicans?

    Oh thats right you were too busy voting to force Obama to bow to your will by attempting to unfund Homeland security by undermining his Executive Orders on immigration.

    Yep, you all are a real patriot. NOT.

  12. Anxiously awaiting Pres. Obama’s memoirs after he’s out of office. I really want to know how he was able to put up with the Repubs’ crap every damn time he did or didn’t do something.

  13. This is a prime example of Republicans making ” A mountain out of a Mole Hill” with Hog manure on top of it for visual effect more to their likings. Of all the stupid, foolish, vile comments re: OBAMA’S non participation in the “European United Front Rally in France”, this one relating to Hitler is, frankly, speaking the low blow. But then it comes from low thinking Republican representatives, who seem to adore attaching Hitler comments to their putrid critiques of Obama. Makes no sense. But then again, what can we expect to come out of the mouths of the bat-shit crazy repugnant Republican in office.

  14. History tells us that Hitler had battalions of men as his personal body guards and NO German would ever bitch about the expense of it so going to Paris was no problem for Mr. Hitler. Now if Obama HAD gone and took only one Secret Service agent the 4th Reich Wing would raise un-holy hell. I just realized that the SS being Nazi’s and the Secret Service both share the same SS label…Now watch some rabid Reich Wing pundit read this and have an epiphany of insanity and go A_HA!!! I Knew Obama is a NAZI!!! I knew it!! He has the Secret Service and Hitler had the Schutz Staffel!…SEE AMERICA!!! We are REICH!!!

  15. well said Joseph. we have a lot of very ill informed, very ill people indeed. some even sit in the house or Senate

  16. Sitting here waiting for a repair man( to fix a faulty furnace)in this 20-25 below weather. scrolled to reynardine comment and burst out laughing. Thanks needed that.

  17. All you Obama haters who criticize him for not marching in a French parade should remember who is doing the heavy fighting against ISIS.
    Which is more important – getting your picture taken holding hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel or rescuing hundreds of Christian Kurds from a mass beheading?

  18. Hitler was a right wing christian white supremacist, he believed the white race was the master race and even had blonde haired blue eyed germans getting together to breed
    his idea of superior germans.
    The only white supremacist groups we have these days seem to be republicans.
    Perhaps the President could not get a plane ticket to Paris because all the republicans
    had them booked so they could go!

  19. The U.S. sent a low-ranking representative to represent the U.S. in the unity march, which actually turned out to be nothing more than a cheap photo-op for world leaders. Eric Holder also went to France, although he did not take part in the photo-op.

    I’m glad President Obama, and no high-ranking officials participated in that cheap photo-op. If President Obama had gone, the GOPigs, and the media would have slammed him for wasting tax-payer to fly France to participate in a photo-op. The French weren’t offended, so why should we be? All these people criticizing President Obama are full of crap.

    The U.S has done more than enough to show solidarity with France. France always sits on the sidelines, while the U.S. fights their battles for them. And, how many foreign leaders rushed over here after 9/11? ZERO.

    This latest manufactured POUTrage won’t last, either. This won’t stick to President Obama, either. By next week, nobody but right-wingers will care about this…

  20. I like the look on our Presidents face, it’s as if he’s thinking..”Oh what fresh hell is this!?..of Whathefv<k!?

  21. I guess they forgot to mention Canada and Mexico and S America did not attend either. Its not like they live next door, like Israel.Short notice to travel over 4000 miles distrupt the whole purpose of the rally, if President Obama is Hated by Republicans can you imagine what another terrorist attack would do if POTUS appeared?
    Where was Puten, friend of Fox News.

  22. These are the same dimwits who insisted on changing “French fries” to “freedom fries” on the Capitol cafeteria menu. What idiots.

    I’d like to tell them who’s the American fascist: it’s either one or both of the Koch brothers to whom all GOP members of Congress now pay hommage.

  23. For a man as President Obama and a wife as kind as he, should have to bare the burden of disrespect and hatred, from certain US citizen groups, is an insult to the office of the President of the United States.The people of the world love our President , one Country tells us how lucky we are, that our President is a man searching for Peacefull solutions to events he has inherited. I don’t know how these people sleep at night, they must have the nightmares with the devil, to think and say the things they do. They certainly carry a lot of hate.
    God forgive them, I certainly don’t

  24. That photo of Obama (the incredulous look) is perfect for this story. The look says: “Whaaaaat? I’m Hitler for not going to the rally? Which dumb-f-uk in the Republican party said that?
    Anybody at FOX agreed, and put that guy on their show?

  25. If this asswipe wants to compare President Obama to Hitler, maybe he should talk to some survivors from Hitler’s reign. He is an insult to all people who lived during that time under Hitler; and he certainly is insulting our President.

  26. I”ve been around since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt and never heard such utter disrespect for the POTU> My mother would have washed their mouths out with brown soap and plenty of it. I have empathized with the POTUS since the foul mouthed GOPers and Tea Partiers have made their feelings public.

  27. It is obvious that all of the conservatives that call the President Hitler or say he is acting like Hitler, don’t know a damn thing about the history of Hitler and just what kind of a crazy man he was. Learn some history you dumb conservatives.

  28. “Conservatism IS a Mental Disorder” Point it out to American Peeps every chance we get!
    Great Comments…Joseph P.Uhl!

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