Obama Devastates Republicans With Eight Facts About His Own Economic Record

obama cedar rapids economic recovery

Early in his speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, President Obama unleashed a barrage of facts about his economic record that was devastating body blow to his Republican critics.


The president said:

Last year was the strongest year for job growth since the 1990s. Unemployment fell in 2014 faster than any year since 1984. Our businesses have created more than 11 million jobs in the last 58 straight months — that’s the longest stretch of private-sector job growth in American history. Since 2010, America has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan, and every other advanced economy combined. A lot of folks talk about some of the jobs are being created in the service sector, they’re not paying as much — the truth is, American manufacturing is in its best stretch of job growth since the 1990s. Manufacturing is actually growing faster than the rest of the economy. Meanwhile, America is now the number-one producer of oil and gas in the world. And by the way, you’re saving about a buck-twenty a gallon at the pump over this time last year.

President Obama rattled off eight facts that all devastated the Republican argument against his economic record. In fact, it is becoming increasing more difficult for Republicans to come up with reality based criticisms of the economy’s performance. For example, Speaker of the House John Boehner began his latest statement on the decreasing unemployment rate by admitting that it was good news, “It’s always welcome news when more Americans find work. Yet while the economy is showing some signs of improvement, far too many middle-class families are struggling to bridge the gap between rising costs and stubbornly flat paychecks.”

The bad news for Republicans is that the American people are noticing President Obama’s economic success. President Obama’s job approval ratings are surging. According to the latest CBS News poll, more Americans say President Obama’s economic policies have helped the economy (43%) than say have hurt the economy (34%).

The president is vocally taking credit for the success of the economy, and the many Americans are agreeing with him. The Republican plan to make sure that Obama is a failed president is now in tatters. President Obama is defying the historical trend of presidents past. He is a president on the upswing, and Republicans are back on their heels as the Obama presidency is gaining momentum.

20 Replies to “Obama Devastates Republicans With Eight Facts About His Own Economic Record”

  1. The neck veins of the republicans are bursting every time they hear about the President’s successes.

  2. On the one hand, the GOP want to take credit for the good economy, but at the same time, they hate the good economy, because it hurts THEIR political chances in 2016! My head hurts!

  3. I find it amusing that when something is positive PBO is right out front touting his success, yet when anything negative happens, he has no idea what it is until he hears it on the news, deny he has anything to do with it and then it’s Bush’s fault.

  4. Naw, I doubt it, Judy. Repubes just ignore the facts they don’t like, and the worthless news media in this country let them get away with it.

  5. One thing I wonder is how much he could achieve if the GOP actually and genuinely acted in accordance with their professed desire to aid in the economic well-being of the middle- and low- income earners, as opposed to their demonstrated desire to aid in the increase of the financial wellbeing of high-income earners, corporations and foreign investors (though I use the term investors very loosely); imagine an America where both sides agreed that those who need help should get it, that veterans should be supported unconditionally and that education and healthcare should be at least as much a right as gun ownership or free speech…

  6. Facts? It says economic record, not economic success. We have the highest food stamp recipient rate in U.S. history. Highest debt in history. Highest non participation in the work force in history. Highest number of industry impact regulations in history… Those are just a few facts that speak louder than hope. Change is nice, but only when it results in improvement. I sure wish he had lived up to my expectations, but I have to admit, he hasn’t. Bipartisan leadership or at least compromise might be able to rein in the problems. Don’t be afraid of change my friends.

  7. Here are the facts. It involves math so your briefart brain may not understand them
    * 249m Americans were employed, the most in history.
    * 325m people live in America, the most in history.
    * Number of Americans 65+ (retirees age) 48m (up 20% in just 5 years) the most in history.
    * Number of Americans 18-64, 200m (up just 3%)
    * Growth of the number of Americans 18-64 (working age) in 5 years 6m.
    * Growth in the number of Americans employed in 5 years 11m

  8. He was handed the second biggest bucket of crap in our history and you expect it to smell like a rose after just a few years ?

    Maybe if the Conservatives actually tried to help our nation instead of trying to cripple every effort just to make the POTUS look bad, then it might have been better.

    Look in the mirror, open your eyes and wipe Rupert’s spunk off of your chin.

  9. Tim, you stated when anything negative happens the President denies involvement and then blames Bush. Let’s see…using your guys favorite “scandals”, he didn’t blame Bush for Fast and Furious, didn’t blame Bush for IRS, didn’t blame Bush for Benghazi. The only thing that Bush got blamed for was that minor thing called the Great Recession, oh yeah, and invading Iraq. We should be giving credit to Bush for that, correct? I mean, it happened under his watch afterall.

    The president’s detractors simply cannot tolerate anything positive about his economic record.

  10. Good News is like KRYPTONITE to the Republicans= It hurts them terribly.

    Bad News is a Pep pill for Republicans=It keeps them happy to hear bad news and blame it on the Democrats and Obama in particular.

    Are these people for America? Why would you wish bad things on your country JUST because you dislike the President (for no good reason except…well you know)

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