Former Republican Congressman Wants Islamists To Behead The “Cowards” At CNN And MSNBC


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Former one-term Republican Congressman Joe Walsh sent out a series of tweets Wednesday calling for Islamists to target the “appeasing cowards” at CNN and MSNBC first if the United States was to suffer another terrorist attack. Walsh, who is now a right-wing radio host, is apparently upset that many media outlets have decided against showing many of the controversial cartoons from Charlie Hebdo that were the basis for the terrorist attack on the publication last week. Therefore, in typical Tea Party moral absolutist fashion, Walsh feels that the appeasers at the networks need to be killed for making an editorial decision.

Below is the tweet he sent out early Wednesday afternoon calling for beheadings.


After that tweet, the criticism started pouring in. Apparently, Walsh got some hear from Glenn Beck’s right-wing website The Blaze as he sent the following tweet criticizing them for being upset with his comment.

He continued with more tweets, some profane, defending his initial comment. He stated that he didn’t wish for another terrorist attack on US soil, but he knows one will happen eventually, so it is best that those who work for CNN and MSNBC get hit first due to their cowardice.

Now, there are a couple of things you need to know about Joe Walsh. One, he will do anything, ANYTHING, to get some attention. He craves the limelight, and now that he is no longer in Congress, he has to try extra hard to get noticed on the national scene. Another thing you need to know about Walsh is that he is nothing more than a tough-talking chickenhawk who wraps himself in the flag extra tight as a form of overcompensation. Remember, this is a man who once claimed during a campaign event that Tammy Duckworth was no true hero. The same Tammy Duckworth who lost limbs in Iraq as a helicopter pilot.

Last month, Walsh was on CNN and told host Carol Costello that Muslims are “animals” who engage in beheadings and genocide. Therefore, we shouldn’t be ashamed the CIA tortured people. Instead, we should be proud of it. When Costello pushed back on Walsh’s description of Muslims as animals and asked whether Americans should act like animals as well, Walsh merely said you have to act like an animal to defeat one.

That is Walsh in a nutshell. He is a full-fledged right-wing nutjob who says deeply offensive and inflammatory things for the sake of media attention. The scary part is he was once an elected official representing hundreds of thousands of people in Washington. The even scarier part is that there are dozens and dozens more on Capitol Hill who are just as extreme and irresponsible as he is, if not more.

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