#OscarsSoWhite Trends On Twitter After ‘Selma’ Is Snubbed By Mostly White Academy Voters


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this year’s major Oscar nominations early Thursday morning and revealed that the civil rights film Selma had been passed over for all of the major awards other than Best Picture. The film did pick up one other nomination besides the Best Picture nod, but it was for Best Original Song. Director Ava DuVarney did not become the first black woman to receive a Best Director nomination. Also, none of the actors in the movie scored nominations, including David Oyewolo, who was seen as an odds-on favorite to receive a Best Actor nod for his portrayal of Martin Luther King, Jr.

After the nominations had been announced, the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite began trending on Twitter. It was done to point out how both the Academy, and this year’s nominees, are overwhelmingly white and lacking in diversity. As Vox pointed out on Thursday, the average Oscar voter is a 63-year-old white male. In December 2013, the Los Angeles Times revealed that 93% of the Academy’s voters are white and 77% are male. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock that they tend to gravitate towards films that appeal to largely white audiences.

Below are some of the best tweets that came out after the announcement:



Among the Best Director nominees, all are male and all but one is white. (Birdman director Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu hails from Mexico.) Every single nominee in all four acting categories is white. Also, aside from Selma, the other seven Best Picture nominated films have almost exclusively Caucasian casts. The lack of diversity within the nominated categories is really almost unbelievable.

There was one person who took great joy in Selma being snubbed — Rush Limbaugh. The conservative radio host took to the air Thursday and celebrated Selma not getting nominated in the major categories because it apparently makes liberals livid, especially as the announcement came close to MLK’s birthday.

It is not a good day for the left out there, folks. The Drive-By Media and several elements of the pop culture left are not happy out there today. The movie Selma took it on the chin in the Oscar nominations, and they’re livid. How dare this happen so close to Martin Luther King’s birthday. Oprah got snubbed, totally snubbed.

Here’s a message to the Academy. If Limbaugh is praising your decision-making, you’re doing it wrong.


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8 Replies to “#OscarsSoWhite Trends On Twitter After ‘Selma’ Is Snubbed By Mostly White Academy Voters”

  1. Damn, what more do you people want? The Help won and it was a very uplifting and true story.

    The film in which the actress plays a black maid helping a white family during the civil rights movement is based on a book of the same name.

    The Help… The title says it all

  2. I am not surprised, because it was passed over by people who can’t even begin to relate to what Selma was about. Selma is about a significant part of American history that gets relegated to Black History every February. Therefore, too many people fail to recognize the significance to this country of events that are covered in this movie. There are folks who seriously think that just because they aren’t black, the Civil Rights movement didn’t concern them.

  3. Yes this is a frakkin tragedy! this nation is going backwards in civil rights only because of the 4th ReichWing KKKonservatives. But I’ll wager that grand Budapest disaster got all kinds of accolades that it didn’t deserve.

  4. Selma is the feel good film of 2015.

    I shall boycott the Oscars and eschew bathroom tissue until Hollywood gets back on track.

  5. I believe all of the stars who are people of color need to boycott the Oscars. No black, Hispanic, Asian or Indian celebrity should go to the Oscars this year. They want their Oscars WHITES ONLY then we need to give it to them!

  6. I truly like to believe that I am color blind. Not that it matters but I am American Indian (Abenaki Nation) & mixed European with some A.I. blood on that side as well but I appear “White.”
    !2 Years A Slave won best picture last year, The Help won recently so the academy of voters is hardly racist with this track record.
    Not everything has to be about race, I watched Selma & loved the film & its all so important history but I have also seen most of the other contenders & if I were voting, I too would have voted for other very well made films over Selma.

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