Rudy Giuliani Says Mitt Romney Could Have Won In 2012 If He’d “Made Benghazi A Bigger Issue”

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During an appearance on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed that 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney could have possibly defeated President Obama in 2012 if he “had made Benghazi a bigger issue.” This came during a discussion about the potential 2016 GOP field and the possibility that Romney may throw his hat in the ring for a third time. Per Giuliani, if Romney decided to get in the race, he needs to run a more aggressive campaign and not shy away from hard-hitting topics, like he did with Benghazi.

There were a lot of competing narratives going on in this short segment Thursday morning. Noticeably, Giuliani and the Fox hosts wanted to play the ‘what if’ game and provide fanciful post-game analysis regarding Romney’s 2012 campaign. Recently, we’ve had news that Romney feels that the improving economy was the reason he lost in 2012, even though his campaign centered on the premise that the economy was extremely weak and Obama was the main reason behind it. Now, we have a Republican saying Benghazi should have been hammered on even harder during the final weeks of the campaign.

Of course, while making the claim that Romney should have made a bigger deal about Benghazi, the hosts and Giuliani still gave him a pass because of the liberal media. Host Steve Doocy brought up CNN anchor Candy Crowley famously correcting Romney during a debate when Romney claimed Obama did not call the Benghazi attack an act of terror. Giuliani said Crowley was lying when she said that and essentially blamed her and the media for pushing a falsehood that could have cost Romney the election.

Another thing that was apparent during this segment is the right-wing media will obviously try to make Benghazi a lead issue again in 2016, despite the fact that a GOP-led House investigation revealed there was no coverup or scandal involved in the Benghazi attack. With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton more than likely the Democrat nominee, the feeling is that Benghazi has to be front and center in the debate, regardless of the facts. Therefore, this needs to stay in the conversation.

Another interesting point in the discussion is the apparent willingness to embrace a third Romney campaign. Considering that he failed to grab the nomination from an underfunded John McCain in 2008 and was soundly beaten by Obama in 2012, you’d think that conservatives would be doing everything in their power to stop him from running a third time. However, the feeling from the Fox & Friends set was a Romney 2016 campaign could work.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


30 Replies to “Rudy Giuliani Says Mitt Romney Could Have Won In 2012 If He’d “Made Benghazi A Bigger Issue””

  1. Mitt Romney Could Have Won In 2012 If He’d “Made Benghazi A Bigger Issue”

    If He’d “Made Benghazi A Bigger Issue” …and if he could have stopped all those youngsters, women and brown men from voting. [wink]

  2. So Rudolph the red nosed reprobate…what your saying is that if Robme had expounded upon a NON-ISSUE and fabrication even more he would have won…I will give you this much credit sure can top your last stupid remark with one that makes it seem sane. Here we printed some shirts for a bar, they were joke shirts and they read..FV(K you Rudy!! I think I will send him one…

  3. The Benghazi story was one of the reasons Mittens lost. He was corrected by the moderator and the President used his “please proceed, Governor” to allow ouRmoney to take himself down. Many critics considered it the turning point of the debates, if not, the election itself. Please proceed, Rudy.

  4. Benghazi is basically a kind of liniment-soaked bandage with which Republicans swaddle their sprained reputations.

  5. And polls say that Americans are not closely following the Ben Gahzzeee.

    The poll falls well short of the average 60% attention-to-news rating in Gallup’s data bank of major news stories measured since 1991. In fact, it ranks 189th out of the 224 news events Gallup has measured.

    Other than rabid Rethuglicans, very few care so please proceed to shoot yourselves in the foot Rudy and Mittens!

    not sure where you have been for the past 3 months or so considering the GOP just debunked its own Benghazi lies and deceit and witch hunt when the GOP released their Benghazi report which completely cleared Obama and Hillary of any intentional wrong-doing, scandal, or coverup, this POS Giuliani needs to put in his place. this racist clown should have been impeached in august of 2001 as he was accused of corruption, bribery, and abuse of power BUT we all know what happened in September of that year and the outright bigot is still around today. his man really gives cheyney a run for his money when it comes to being pure evil.

  7. Like Huckabee, there is no end to the lengths they will go to lie about Obama. This is an all out propaganda effort and has been since the day Obama took office.

    Romney lost because he lied constantly

  8. I guess Uncle Miltie Berle, I mean Rudy, doesn’t realize just what the implications of that priceless “Please proceed, governor” moment actually were.

  9. Rudy is constantly flapping his gums, but he just can’t get a “bite”. He was so good at campaigning and it got him exactly nothing.

  10. Using Benghazi was a means of making idiots think the world was a better place before Obama became president and that there was an American promise land.

    If one of those four who were killed survived, the GOP/TP would have never made it a subject out of fear that the survivor would make them look like selfish fools, since I doubt they weren’t unaware of the risks they would take being in Benghazi.

  11. Say Rudy did it ever dawn on you that maybe why Romney never pushed this issue is that there was nothing there to begin with???

  12. The only way Mitt could have made a bigger issue out of Benghazi is if he had it tattooed on his forehead. I remember how he smirked while talking about the dead Americans as he walked away from the podium.

    There are a million things Mitt and his idiotic spokesman think Mitt should have done to be elected.

    But Mitt shouldn’t have denigrated 47% of the population. Mitt shouldn’t have insulted most of Europe, people who made cookies, people trying to get out of the rain, poor people, people in the military (well he didn’t actually mention them) and everyone else he thought less of.

  13. Ah, yes. The favorite tool of the GOP. Make every problem in the world the face of a failing President Obama. Instill as much fear as possible in the citizenry that the world is falling apart and it’s Mr. Obama’s fault.

    Apparently the government that’s too big isn’t big enough when it’s a political football for Republicans.

  14. Rudy Guiliani becomes more and more irrelevant the more distant in time 9-11 is. I had to laugh at this nonsense about Romney because Romney did just that at the second debate and suffered a humiliating loss. That’s because he walked into the trap the president set for him with “please proceed, Governor.” He thought he had a real zinger, and when Candy Crowley corrected his silly behind, that smug smile left his face.

  15. I’d like to know why Benghazi is such a hot topic and obsession with the retards in the Republican Party? Wasn’t it debunked a thousand times and put to rest by a Republican committee investigating this thing? Why are knuckleheads like Giuliani still whipping it about? Like vultures picking on the bones of a long dead animal. The Birther thingy is also on their minds, I bet. The Benghazi thing is a non-issue, what importance does it have in the scheme of things for the country? Giuliani is a joke. Why is he constantly on FOX? To be heard and to piss more people off. His popularity is in the gutter, who but FOX invite him anywhere? A sad figure.

  16. Perhaps unwise to expect much from retards? In other news, Benghazi was a weapons waypoint for arming Isis to defeat Assad for some reason. However, there’s no doubt this was done at the explicit instruction of Congress Cfr/Foreign relations leaders such as McCain, Graham, and Mike Rogers.

  17. The House Intelligence Committee, led by Republicans, quietly concluded that there was no deliberate wrongdoing by the Obama Administration in the Benghazi attack; that no one was deliberately misled, no military assets were withheld and no stand-down order to US forces was given. BUT, FOX “NEWS” AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY thank you for believing, and blindly perpetuating, their lies.

  18. Well, yeah. Because the expectation of more Benghazi is how the Republicans made the economy improve.

  19. Rudy thinks Mitt would have appointed him Attorney General to solve the crime problem. Maybe Rudy could have gotten his buddy Bernie Kerik named FBI director.

  20. actually, my recollection is that Rmney DID try to make a huge deal out of Benghazi. As I recall, before we (or he, for that matter) knew ANY facts about what happened, he jumped up in front of some microphones looking like he’d just been awakened from a deep sleep. His hair was sticking out, all askew — and I don’t think the number of deaths had even been confirmed yet!

    The man made a complete fool of himself that night.

    And THEN came the “Please proceed, Governor” that sealed the deal. Let’s face it, Mitt Romney couldn’t have won that election even if his name was Theodore Roosevelt.

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