2016 GOP Hopeful Ben Carson Compares ISIL Militants To America’s Founding Fathers

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On Thursday, during a speech at the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting, neurosurgeon and potential 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson equated Islamic State militants to American patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War. The Tea Party darling and former Fox News contributor claimed America is too worried about “political correctness” when it comes to dealing with radical Islamists while ISIL fighters are “willing to die for what the believe in.” It should be noted the “political correctness” theme has been spreading within conservative circles since the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Before a group of Republican committee members at a luncheon in San Diego, Carson seemingly praised ISIL due to its willingness to fight against the odds due to its “rag-tag” nature and made a direct line comparison to American militiamen during the Revolutionary War.

“A bunch of rag-tag militiamen defeated the most powerful and professional military force on the planet. Why? Because they believed in what they were doing. They were willing to die for what they believed in. Fast forward to today. What do we have? You’ve got ISIS. They’ve got the wrong philosophy, but they’re willing to die for it while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness. We have to change that.”

Carson, who has a history of making outlandish and crazy remarks, preemptively struck at the press regarding the reaction to his comments. He brought up some of his previous remarks to the crowd, claiming the liberal press uses his words against him to create a “craziness narrative.” He stated that media outlets would report that he compared ISIL to American patriots and that would be “so ridiculous.” Because, as we all know, it is ridiculous to report exactly what someone said.

The reason there is a “craziness narrative” with Carson is that he regularly makes offensively hyperbolic statements to make his points. This is the same man who said Obamacare was the worst thing since slavery. He said Americans are currently living in a “Gestapo age” that is much “like Nazi Germany.” The good doctor compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia. Carson has also made ridiculous comments about Ferguson, claiming the women’s lib movement was to blame for protests and comparing the demonstrators to Hamas.

So, yeah, when you say crazy things, people are going to label you as crazy. Of course, for some far-right voters out there, the crazier a candidate it, the better.

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  1. “So, yeah, when you say crazy things, people are going to label you as crazy. Of course, for some far-right voters out there, the crazier a candidate it, the better.”

    For some, it is a way to garner much craved for attention. It doesn’t matter if most of it is negative as long as it is attention.

  2. Hm, I don’t see our current soldiers being saved from death because they have ‘given away our beliefs and values.’ What is he saying? I do think the man is taking elocution and logic lessons from Sarah Palin. Please proceed, Dr. Carson.

  3. “defeated the most powerful and professional military force on the planet”

    Just who did ISIL defeat? You know he’s a repug, as he has the fear mongering down to a science.

  4. Mr.Carson I do believe that this “craziness narrative” has been quite adequately presented by you yourself sir, there is no need for liberals to say a thing. You also demand that the Nazi’s were Liberal when FACTUAL HISTORY has proven that the Nazi’s were extreme Christian Conservatives. Hitler himself crowed about his Conservative values. If those Islamaphobes at the White Winter Reich Wing meeting did not shyte themselves at your insulting comparison then they are even more gullible and clueless than even we SANE Americans thought.

  5. Does Dr. Carson realize that the American Revolutionary forces were actually a very well structured army and not rag-tag militias? Does he also realize that much of the British effort was composed of Hessian mercenaries, many of whom chose to stay here? Does he also realize that the vast majority of British troops were elsewhere in the world and not sent here?

  6. This man keeps going farther and farther into a rabbit hole of pure insanity. He is making it increasingly difficult for folks to remember his successful career as a neurosurgeon. And if I read or hear any more conservatives talk about how he’s not on the “Democratic plantation,” I swear, it will take everything in me not to cuss that person out. They keep acting as if it’s 1865 instead of 2015, and it’s gotten tiresome.

  7. So this would make the 9/11 attackers heroes then.

    Well it did make Cheney and BFF super rich……..

  8. Is there anyone out there who would like to debate me on the fact that the GOP are completely frickin’ insane, especially after reading the article and what Carson said?!?
    Anybody? Anyone?

  9. This mook doesn’t even realize we send our poor kids to do the fighting for us; I see very few fortunate ones kids on the line fighting our wars.

  10. My dad would say, “he or she might be book smart, but he couldn’t pour pi$$$ out of a boot with the directions on the heel”. Sooo, what point did Carson make?

  11. I know that Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon and I have a question. Did this nutcase operate on himself and accidently remove part of his brain. Everything that comes out of his mouth is ridiculous. Now we know why he is a neo-con. Goes to show you degrees and titles don’t mean crap.

  12. It’s obvious that Carson is ignorant of any and all facts. He needs to read and learn history — of the American Revolution and of WWII which he constantly refers to. Obviously he has no knowledge of either.

    He should then keep his mouth shut and stop criticizing our President and the country, which gave him the opportunity to get him where he is.

    Dissatisfied with the United States of America? Then he should leave with those who think and believe as he does, and find residence elsewhere in a country that gives him what he seems to want/ need, whatever it is instead of looking for a platform here.

    In other words, GROW UP!

  13. Carson’s just warming up for the GOP debates. His fear of being labeled crazy is certainly justified as he appears to be staking out his position on the lunatic fringe of the GOP. The GOP debates are looking more like an encounter group session in an insane asylum than just another traveling clown circus.

  14. Why would Carson know an American history? He’s a ‘doctor’, doncha know, and docs are too smart and too valuable to have to read a bunch of history (snark). He is sounding more and more like the GOPTP’s (black) useful idiot. Can’t imagine how his former colleagues view him now but I’m betting he was the type who ordered all the nurses and “underlings” off the elevator before he got on.

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