Friday Fox Follies – Angels With Dirty Faces


Huzzahs and celebrations from coast to coast: While you were sleeping Fox News and Dish Network Have Reached a Deal. This truce came after Fox News goes full Fox News in its contract dispute with Dish Network promoting The New Big Fat Lie By Fox News: ‘DISH Is Censoring Us!’. It was even perpetrated by Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly: Dish Is Censoring Us! and they know better. Censorship is when government does it, not when the Invisible Hand of the Free Market slaps you around. This contretemps was a mere contract dispute in which Fox tried to big foot Dish. Details may follow.

As a public service to Dish subscribers, Friday Fox Follies runs down what you missed:

From the moment of the terrorist attack in Paris Fox “News” has been trying to blame the carnage on the words President Obama used, or didn’t use, or should have used, or could have used, to paint him as a Kenyan-born, Madrassah-educated, Muslim-lovin’, tare-ist sympathizer. NY Times Reporter Blasts Fox News’ “Political Attempt To Make [Obama] Look Like He Is Soft” On Terror Following Paris Attacks. According to Media Matters: “Jeremy Peters: Every Time There Is A Terrorist Attack, There Are Conservative Pundits Who Use The President’s Language” To “Show That He Is Soft On Terror”.

It’s top-down idiocy because Rupert Murdoch Thinks All The World’s Muslims Should Be Held Responsible For Paris Attacks. Headlines like Murdoch to Muslims: Destroy ‘Jihadist Cancer’ or Be Held Responsible for Terror created an immediate backlash on social media: Muggle J.K. Rowling Had The Most Perfect Response To Rupert Murdoch’s Anti-Muslim Comments On Twitter, comedian Aziz Ansari unleashes Twitter fury on Rupert Murdoch, and Jon Stewart slams Rupert Murdoch’s outrageous response to Paris attack.

Wait!!! What??? Amid Criticism, Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Backtracks On Controversial Comments About Muslims. Because he certainly “Did Not Mean All Muslims Responsible For Paris Attack,” which clearly demonstrates the courage of his Twitter convictions. While Fox “News” rarely walks back its mendacity, FFF shouldn’t act churlish because when Rupert Murdoch Walks Back Tweet About ‘All Muslims’ an angel got its wings.

If the Big Guy no longer calls all Muslims terrorists, who will say that instead? Just about anybody who appears on the Fox “News” Channel:

Meet The Extremists Who Lead
Fox’s Conversation About Islam

On Fox, Brigitte Gabriel Revives Myth That Obama
Is A Muslim To Attack His Anti-Terrorism Policies

Fox’s Bob Beckel: “I’m An Islamophobe”

Brian Kilmeade Foments Fear Of Radical Muslim
Enclaves With Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay Radical Christian

Eric Bolling: ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Protesters
Are ‘More Al Qaeda’ Than Charlie

Fox News host calls for mass murder
of Islamists in unhinged rant

Fox News – Obama Will Alter The First
Amendment To Align With Sharia Law

O’Reilly: “France Brought A Lot Of This Terrorism On Itself”

Bill O’Reilly Calls For World War III On ‘Islamic Jihadists’

O’Reilly: Obama Putting Us in ‘Grave
Danger’ by Not Saying ‘Radical Islam’

There is no shortage of Foxites and guests (previously vetted because no one gets on tee vee before Fox knows generally what they will say) to spew easily disproved crazy bile. F’rinstance: Birmingham [UK] is ‘totally Muslim’ city, claims Fox News pundit. Watch:

While the actual ‘pundit’ had an Apology for ‘Muslim Birmingham’ Fox News claim almost immediately, there has yet to be an apology from the Fox “News” Channel on this or any of the previous lies FFF has exposed. No matter. Because when Fox News Said Non-Muslims Don’t Visit Birmingham And Created A Meme, hilarity ensued and an angel got its wings:

Fox News expert ridiculed over
Birmingham is ‘totally Muslim city’ claims

Daily Mail Commenters Respond To Fox
News Saying Birmingham Is ‘Totally Muslim’

Fox News Gets Trolled Into Oblivion After Saying
Birmingham, UK Is ‘Totally Muslim’ Caliphate

#FoxNewsFacts Trends Worldwide After
Fox ‘Expert’ Completely Makes Up Fake Story

The condemnation came from the highest levels when the British prime minister [said]: Fox News security analyst is clearly a complete idiot. However, for MUST-SEE TV: French show eviscerates ‘credibility of Fox News clowns’ for comparing Paris to Iraq. You must. See:

FFF would be remiss if it did not report on a very ugly editorial on the Fox News site by The Five’s Bully Boy Bolling titled Paris: Mr. Obama, why can’t you show radical Islamists we mean business?

Among his snide comments:

[…] By not showing up and locking arms with President François Hollande, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and others…has our president hat tipped terrorists that we in America still are afraid to offend them?


I first mentioned the extensive network of “no-go” zones in Britain and France after the beheading of a British soldier in the streets of London by a radical Muslim.

The left called me intolerant.

I was called Islamophobic by CAIR.

I didn’t care then, and I could care even less, now.

Back home, we need to make sure there are no safe places for terror in America.

There are pockets of high density Muslim populations all the across the United States.


Sorry, does that sound politically incorrect? Too bad! How many more beheaded journalists or massacres of innocents do we need to rethink the current administration’s political correctness strategy?

It simply didn’t work. It made liberal progressives feel better about their tolerance but that tolerance has turned deadly over and over again.

Finally, watching those leaders marching through the Paris streets sans Obama, I wanted to shout, “Hey Islamic terrorists, he doesn’t speak for me!” And likely MILLIONS of Americans, who are ready to fight for our freedom and safety feel the same way.

True story: Eric Bolling has a dog named Freedom, so maybe that’s who he would fight for. Otherwise he’s just another Right Wing armchair quarterback too chicken to sign up himself.

BTW: If you decide read the entire article (but, WHY?), make it worth your while and read the comment thread. The Fox News and Fox Nation comment threads are where you will see the true result of Fox “News” indoctrination. It’s ugly. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! Remember when MoveOn dot org shot itself in the foot by making a pun out of the name of (then) General David Petraeus, called him “Betray Us,” and Fox “News” went nuts? Well, funny story: He really did betray us by [allegedly] passing classified information to his biographer, who also happened to be his mistress. The case is still being decided, but FBI And DOJ Recommend Petraeus Face Criminal Charges. Folding Betray Us Petraeus in with its favourite Talking Point Fox Won’t Let Benghazi Go: Host Suggests Petraeus Leak Inquiry Aims To Suppress “True” Benghazi Story. Yes, even after the White House was exonerated by a House report Fox Resurrects Baseless Allegation That Petraeus Investigation Is A White House Attempt To Silence Him On Benghazi. According to a Fox Host: Petraeus Investigation May Be An Attempt To Prevent Him “From Maybe Seeking Political Office” because only in Fox World [alleged] secret-leaking David Petraeus is simply a misunderstood hero. an angel who didn’t get his wings.

Headly Westerfield also covers Fox “News” for The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society and the Not Now Silly Newsroom, where he also explores far more important topics.

8 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Angels With Dirty Faces”

  1. I have Dish and was never happier than when FOX was not in the channels. I heard yesterday that it was back, I also heard that we will be charged extra now for FOX.
    If anyone else here has DISH and feels like I do about it, I hope they will join me in complaining to Dish.

  2. What an unsavory DISH this is….

    So sad that the “free market” can be bullied by the Reichwing, just like our Government has been…

  3. “Vote” with your wallet, call Dish and tell them you are canceling their service due to being charged extra for Fox.
    I personally think a la carte satellite and cable service is the only way these corps are going to survive in the near future, what with streaming video killing them.

  4. If a cable provider wants to charge extra, walk away.
    Most of the expense of cable is paying the huge sports franchises for broadcast licensing. Not being a part of a Sports Tribe, I resent subsidizing NFL/NBA/college coach salaries.

    Why should I be forced to pay for massive sports subsidies I never watch?
    You can’t just rent the good channels – they pile on 200 channels of crap – homeshopping and Elmer Gantry, red neck ‘reality’ and ads for drugs, catheters and medical ‘alerts.’
    Ask your children how to watch TV without turning on cable feeds. Or just turn off your TV.
    You’re on the computer right now, any way.

  5. Robyn Ryan. Pitiful but true, so true. Now I don’t feel like I’m by myself on that subject. Thank you. Duck Dynasty. #@it.

  6. A subscription to Netflix and Hulu Plus and a 30 dollar antenna from Costco. More TV entertainment than I want. You might be surprised what still comes in over the air, at no cost, especially if you live in any form of metro area.

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