Obama Wins As Republicans Refuse To Shut Down Homeland Security Over Executive Orders

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

Gathered in Hershey, Pennsylvania to plot their strategies for the next session, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) tried to dampen conservative expectations over efforts to use the Department of Homeland Security to defund President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) told the press that shutting down the Department of Homeland Security was “off the table,” according to Matt Fuller at Roll Call.

Fuller notes, “But other than a blast from the past, the retreat has been about managing expectations for House Republicans.”

Nursery school is in session.

House Republicans don’t want to give up the “bargaining chip” of Homeland Security (that’s how distorted their thinking is). From Roll Call :

But Senate leadership is already indicating how difficult it will be to advance the House bill as written. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, in a separate event with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said Senate Republicans have no intention of shutting down the Department of Homeland Security. “That’s off the table,” Cornyn said.
House conservatives might not be so excited about giving up such a bargaining chip, but some do feel it’s important that Republicans be realistic about what they can accomplish.

Joel Gehrke at the National Review explained that the terrorist plot against the Capitol “seems to have diminished the GOP’s willingness to allow the funding to lapse.”

“That’s why you’re hearing an unequivocal commitment to funding the Department of Homeland Security,” Cornyn told the National Review. “We’re not going to put that at risk under any circumstances.”

And here’s the cave, per NRO:

Instead, they pledged to pass the Department of Homeland Security funding bill that was supposed to provide them the leverage needed to block the orders. The recent spate of terror threats has changed the political landscape, leaving Republican opponents of the immigration orders in a box canyon.

So it took known terrorist plans against their own place of work to get Republicans to rethink holding the Department of Homeland Security hostage.

It was delusional for Republicans to think that President Obama would change his stance about not bargaining when they hold government hostage. The first few go arounds, they caught the President off guard because their actions were so shocking. But now he’s got their number and he doesn’t play Hold the Country Hostage anymore. This leaves House Republicans looking impotent and foolish once again, and puts strain between Boehner and McConnell.

Of course, Republicans couldn’t have known that acts and threats of terrorism would coincide with their threats to defund Homeland Security, but they might have anticipated that leaving DHS operating on a CR with no funding after February 27th would be bad optics for their party.

Not only has President Obama shown up Republicans on national security, but now House Republicans are determined to stain the party with the stench of crazy extremists using national security as a “bargaining chip” even as the Capitol was threatened and the President of the United States goes without “crucial” security protections due to the Republicans’ actions.

The Republican leadership’s refusal to shut down Homeland Security over the president’s immigration executive orders means that Obama wins. Republicans aren’t able to stop the president’s executive actions. Boehner and McConnell will both count on Democrats to help them pass a clean Homeland Security funding bill. Once again, the president has succeeded in putting the Republicans on defense and forced them to react to his agenda.

17 Replies to “Obama Wins As Republicans Refuse To Shut Down Homeland Security Over Executive Orders”

  1. I other words, they screamed UNCLE!! Obama must be laughing his Commie/Socialist/secet muslim/weak/Emperorlisic/uppity/crachead/..a@$$ off!

  2. But, what about all those Ebola carrying illegals coming across the border? I heard they’re making their way towards Lyndsey Graham’s house.

  3. The GOP has to be twisting in their warped minds to think that they gave in to President Obama!!

    Go POTUS!..Show them whose boss[WINK]

  4. Under President Obama, most Republican controlled states have basically seceded from the Union.

    They defy laws that should be carried out nation wide.

    What should be the shame of America, Republicans have formed a party made up of 99.9999% White people.

    And, they organized a treasonous, bloodless coup against Obama, and the country with their unbelievable efforts to take away voting and a woman’s constitutionally protected choices.

    These people are dangerous!

    Because they don’t care if we can’t all live together.

    Their hatred makes them suicide bombers and they’d rather have us all perish together before they would ever let that happen!

  5. Once again, President Obama has outflanked them. I’m wondering when they’ll come to realize that he’s not going to put up with their extreme bases tantrums even as they do. Boehner’s caught between a rock and a hard place and his only cover is Mitch McConnell. They thought controlling the House and Senate would give them power. All it did was give them exposure and responsibility that they can’t handle.

  6. I followed the nro link, there are over 1000 comments of head exploding repubs lol……they are not happy campers! Threatening to not vote repub ever again. Quite entertaining lol

  7. The republicans keep underestimating the president. Their main reason for doing it isn’t because he’s always wrong, it’s because they politicize every d*mn issue. I read on Think Progress today that a new Hart Poll shows that a majority of Americans do not support what the republicans in Congress are doing by focusing on abortion restrictions, writing bills to deregulate everything, and by denying climate change is occurring. I predict that if they continue on this path, they won’t be able to win the WH in 2016, no matter how much money they spend running ads filled with lies. Imho, none of their potential presidential candidates possess the necessary qualities to do what is right for all Americans. They are all pro-corporation and anti-poor and middle class individuals. Salon had an article on site today that investigates Jeb Bush’s close ties to, and investments in, Chinese businesses. This will most likely be an issue for him in 2016. Oops!

  8. And remember who else has big time ties to China businesses, Mitch McConnell, whose Chinese drug dealing daddy in law financed McConnell’s political career.

    I don’t think the drug bust on the father in laws freighter ship has been figured out.

    Yes, this could get interesting. I’ll have to go read the article at Salon.

  9. Obama is lame duck-out the door peeps! He can command no Bill into Law for his last 18 months. He b kentucky fried-Lame!

  10. How come no one asks Mitch about his family connection to cocaine trafficking? How does he get away with this? He’s even said his fortune has come from his family.

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