In Secret Meeting With Democrats Obama Vows To Go On Offense Against Republicans


President Obama told congressional Democrats in a closed door meeting that he planned to continue going on offense. The president vowed to defend the Democratic agenda and called on the members of his party to help sustain his vetoes.


Politico spoke to Democratic attendees at the closed door session:

According to several sources at the Thursday summit in Baltimore, Obama vowed to defend his agenda against Republicans in Congress, promised to stand firm against GOP efforts to dismantle his agenda and called on his Democratic colleagues to help sustain his expected vetoes. The president also was explicit about his opposition to an Iran sanctions bill, promising to veto legislation as his administration is in the midst of multilateral nuclear negotiations with the Middle Eastern regime.

Even though Obama’s position on Iran sanctions differs from that of a number of powerful Democrats, the session, several sources said, was more pep rally than confrontation. Despite his lame-duck status, the president promised that he would not sit on the sidelines in the next two years. He vowed more executive actions to implement his agenda, something bound to provoke anger from Republicans who have called the president’s unilateral moves, particularly on immigration, unconstitutional power grabs.

“I’m not going to spend the next two years on defense; I’m going to play offense,” Obama said, according to two attendees.

Democrats have already seen President Obama put action behind these words. The president quickly seized momentum away from Boehner and McConnell with executive actions on climate change, immigration, and Cuba. The president has also taken executive action to expand sick leave for federal employees, and has taken a strong position on net neutrality.


Those who feel that the president has reached the limit of what he can do on his own are engaging in some wishful thinking. Because Republicans have chosen to provoke confrontations with President Obama via their legislative choices, the president has become the central figure in the legislative process. McConnell and Boehner could have decided to pass legislation that there was a chance that the president would sign. Instead, they chose to attack Obamacare and push the Keystone XL pipeline. These are two issues that Obama was certain to veto, and Democrats were likely to stand with him to sustain his vetoes.

The president’s remarks confirm that Obama and congressional Democrats are on the same page and that they are not going to sit back and let Republicans do whatever they want.

Boehner and McConnell thought that they could use a divide and conquer strategy to get their agenda passed into law. By taking action on issues like immigration and Cuba, the president beat the Republican leaders to the punch. President Obama divided Republicans before they could split the Democrats.


Democrats are once again unified, This is why Republicans are on the defensive, and President Obama is setting the agenda.

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  1. I am glad to see him taking the position of sticking it to the Republicans. They started out saying they wanted to make him a one-term president, which they tried to do with obstructionism. Failing that, they managed to shut down government temporarily in their efforts to get rid of the ACA. He can point to a number of accomplishments in spite of them, and they can whine all they want. They are getting what they’ve earned and what they deserve.

  2. we were hoping that the prez was going to go all teddy roosevelt when he first got elected. i realize that he had the worst obstruction of all time, but he did foster the wall st slugs like geithner, and sumners who were, with dimon, the biggest criminals of all time, yet they are rewarded for their deeds. ask sen. warren. so we’ll see if his 4th quarter his big. so far the game is the gop’s and the rw msm.

  3. In Secret Meeting With Democrats Obama Vows To Go On Offense Against Republicans

    I guess it’s not a secret any more…

  4. In case no one noticed, he has been steadfast across the boards. You think he handed Wall Street benefits? Then why are they working like crazy to do away with Dodd Frank, its Volcker Rule, the Consumer protection agency, and everything else? Because they cannot operate as they did after Clinton and Bush gave away the store to them all.

    Of course he’s now coming out more bluntly – there is no hope for real democracy with this two house Congress. Prior to that, the president’s MAIN issue was restoring the democratic process which necessarily means at least listening to conservatives to find SOMETHING they can contribute.

    Now there is no hope. None. It’s up to him to be the sole voice for the American people. He is always mindful of time and place strategies – theater and emotional satisfaction are not the issue. Getting good policies in place is. NOW is the time to call out the GOP/TP thugs – there is nothing they can or will do that any longer matters.

  5. As long as Senate and House Democrats stay with him.

    I’m leery about their unity. Congressional Dems seem to side with the Republicans because the president hurt their feelings.

    Hopefully, they’ve grown up.

  6. Look for the Sen. from AIPAC I mean New Jersey Bob Menendez to stab the President in the back over Iran and Cuba

  7. “Quickly seized momentum from McConnell and Boehner.”
    Ha! The worm has turned. The hunters are now become the hunted! Bang! Bang!

  8. Djchefron, I have never understood why Martinez was a democrat, he is nasty enough to be a republican, he seems to work against us all the time.

  9. Now this is the President that I voted for twice. No more trying to play nice with a bunch of backroom, Koch brother owned thugs, whose only goal was to make him look bad. Notice who’s rising in the polls and who is not. Whenever your policies are exposed to be pro corporation and pro rich as well as anti poor and middle class, sooner or later even the low information get the message. The Republicans are destroying their chances for the Presidency in 2016 as well as holding on to the Senate by the policies they are putting forth. Have a good two years as Senate Leader Mr. McConnell.

  10. A BFD: Holder ends federal civil forfeiture
    This is a big deal:

    Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Friday barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without evidence that a crime occurred.

    Holder’s action represents the most sweeping check on police power to confiscate personal property since the seizures began three decades ago as part of the war on drugs.

    Since 2008, thousands of local and state police agencies have made more than 55,000 seizures of cash and property worth $3 billion under a civil asset forfeiture program at the Justice Department called Equitable Sharing.

  11. Both Roosevelts were president in much simpler times, and at a time when Congress used to govern, and work together! If either of those glorified Roosevelts had to deal with today’s media, the Koch brothers and Congress, they wouldn’t have gotten anything done!

    Only a naive fool thought “today’s” Congress was going sit back, and let President Obama go all “Teddy Roosevelt.” Yeah, right!

    And, who cares what Elizabeth Warren thinks? She’ll never be president, anyway. She has a loyal cult-following like Bernie Sanders, and Dennis Kucinich, but like Bernie Sanders, and Dennis Kucinich, she’ll probably never have any real legislative achievements. She’s in her mid-60’s, so she better get cracking, now!

    So far, Elizabeth Warren has been very good at talking smack about Wall Street, but nothing else.

  12. Yeah…Republicans. Can’t we just take a page from the Bill (Never Been Right About Anything, Ever) Kristoll and “just bomb them for a few weeks and see what happens?”

  13. I am happy he went after his own party.They have not been his best friend .They showed us that in the 2014 election.

  14. This is HUGE news djchefron. The fact that the vast majority of Americans don’t even know this is federal “civil” forfeiture even exists should tell us that it isn’t a good program and it’s bad for our rights in our form of democracy.

  15. Ann, if you want to make a difference, please check out our project The Power of I. To change what is going on in Congress the people have to take control of the politics and the only way to do it is to Vote in the 2016 elections. Here’s the web site. Please join us.

  16. > The president has also taken executive
    > action to expand sick leave for federal
    > employees…

    I’m a federal worker and I have no idea what you are talking about. Google doesn’t, either.

    I think you meant to say he has advocated that ALL Americans should have paid leave. I totally agree.

  17. Up until recently only CSRS system employees received credit towards retirement for unused sick leave. It isn’t uncommon for a federal employee with 30 or more years service to accrued in excess of one year, 2087 hours, of sick leave. If you have 2087 hours at the time you retire your annuity increases by 2% of your average high three salary for CSRS employees and You will receive credit for each whole month of accumulated sick leave that you have on the books when you retire.

    Now are you sure you work for the federal government or are you just ignorant of your benefits?

  18. We Dems fumbled the ball in the election. Maybe we’d better be thinking about getting it back before talking about going on offense. The agenda had better be coherent goals, strategies, and tactics instead of piece-meal items representing the latest whim.

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