Lawmakers Ban Open Carry In Washington State Capitol After Gun Nuts Storm Building



In a classic case of a group hurting their cause more than helping it, approximately 200 gun rights activists demonstrated at Washington’s state capitol building on Thursday morning to ostensibly protest the passage of I-594, a law that expands background checks in the state. A large number of the demonstrators brought assault rifles and holstered pistols to the rally. Eventually, after a number of speeches on the steps of the Capitol, some of the activists entered the building with rifles and made their way to the gallery shortly after that morning’s House session had ended.

A day after this display, Lt. Governor Brad Owen, a Democrat and President of the Senate, announced that openly carried firearms are now banned from the public viewing area. Owen pointed out that other forms of demonstrating are prohibited in the public gallery, such as applause, and they do not allow backpacks and umbrellas to be brought into the area. With that in mind, it would only make sense that guns are off limits.

Owen, a Democrat who also serves as president of the Senate, said a notice of the change will be posted outside the gallery at the Capitol, likely before Monday’s floor session.

“We’re just noting that open carry is a form of demonstration and it’s no different than carrying a placard or something else of that nature,” he said.

Owen said it didn’t make sense to allow people to openly carry firearms while banning backpacks, signs and umbrellas.

“We’re not going to treat them differently than everyone else,” he said of open-carry advocates.


Much like other open carry activists throughout the nation, the group in Washington wanted to make a spectacle out of carrying assault rifles and dressing up in military garb during their ‘protest.’ By doing so, they only helped the cause of gun control groups, as their tactics give the appearance that they are nothing more than unhinged wackos and gun fetishists. This was perfectly demonstrated earlier in the week when the Texas state legislature installed panic buttons in lawmakers’ offices due to the actions of an open carry group.

Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts sent out a tweet Saturday referencing the panic buttons and the gun nuts’ actions in state legislatures.


Meanwhile, as open carry advocates and 2nd Amendment activists are doing their best to disgust normal people with their antics, another mass shooting occurred. On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at a Florida mall, killing in person and injuring two others. The mall shut its doors for the day so police could verify there were no other injuries or shooters.


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38 Replies to “Lawmakers Ban Open Carry In Washington State Capitol After Gun Nuts Storm Building”

  1. Look at the text of the comments in the Moms Demand Action snippet, where the gun nuts are claiming that they always have snipers aiming at them when they are “protesting their liberty” then the other states they have to finish MAKING a 50 cal sniper rifle and get up on a roof of their own! NUCKING FUTS these gun humpers! These are NOT Americans, these are Right Wing TERRORISTS!

  2. I think if they were wearing hoodies armed with skittles they would have been gunned down but since they were white storming a statehouse with guns they get a warning.

  3. With very few exceptions anyone who open carries should lose their gun rights, and their weapons seized. They are unhinged, insane, and a dangerous threat to society.

  4. The Mulford Act was ONE thing governor Reagan did right for California…

    The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill which repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, the bill garnered national attention after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.[1][2] The bill was signed by Republican California Governor Ronald Reagan and became California penal code 12031 and 171(c).


  5. Their own paranoia insures their inability to pass a mental evaluation for a background check, no wonder they’re so scared.

  6. Says a lot about your rights under the 2nd when they could be repealed when the darker crayons use it but they are sacred when snow white can march in you place of business with AK’s

  7. I agree as well. Different set of rules entirely for the whites. Its BS, these gun nuts reek of hypocrisy. Wonder how many warnings they will get?

  8. Only when these gun nuts got into the politicians house, did they see a need to save their own a**es…coward a** devils.

  9. Amazing what a bizarro world America has turned into.

    You can be arrested and put in jail in Wisconsin for peacefully protesting at a government building but you won’t be arrested and the rest of the public should not be concerned for mostly white people who open carry guns dressed in camo in a government building while acting in a intimidating way.

    “We’re just noting that open carry is a form of demonstration and it’s no different than carrying a placard or something else of that nature,” he said.

    Owen said it didn’t make sense to allow people to openly carry firearms while banning backpacks, signs and umbrellas.’ [except that backpacks, signs and umbrellas don’t kill and right now it seems that if someone accidentally kills you with a gun, there are no consequences]

  10. It’s telling that the Legislators feel they need the protection of a weapons ban in the state Capitol. But ordinary citizens in schools, shopping malls, theaters and taverns don’t warrant the same kind of protection.

  11. Never understood the objection to background checks. If you object to having your background checked it makes me wonder if you secretly think you can’t pass one. If that’s the case you are exactly the type of person I don’t want anywhere near a gun.

  12. I have no problem with open carry or demonstrations. I can’t see why they were allowed into the building armed as I thought it was already illegal to be on govt property while armed.

  13. Hey Gun nuts, just because we support the right for a woman to have an abortion, we would NEVER ask a physician to perform an abortion in the state Capitol…let alone in public. Your stupidity will eventually lead to my right to have a firearm revoked…you morons!

  14. It always seems that it is only after an issue becomes personal, that some of our lawmakers suddenly become “concerned” about an issue they have ignored that most Americans care about. Lawmakers in TX wouldn’t need to install “panic buttons,” if they found the courage to stand up to the NRA and gun lobbyists. It was only after they felt threatened by those they had emboldened that they finally decided enough is enough. Too late, imo. The gun enthusiasts have been successful in pushing the idea of “guns everywhere,” so I doubt they’ll let something like panic buttons stop them from continuing to intimidate our cowardly lawmakers.

  15. Any private business can choose to ban and frequently does ban just about anything they want. I am not clear on how that applies.

    Are you suggesting citizens pay for protection for businesses?

    Are you implying banning something makes someone less likely to be impacted by that which is banned?

  16. If that was the case, no one would die. You are not for the most part in control of your own safety unless you have a bunker in the basement that you stay in.

  17. Lt. Governor Brad Owens of Washington State showed courage and common sense when he banned open carry in the capitol.
    Too bad outgoing Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst didn’t have the guts to finally do something right and do the same thing when the gun-worshipping anarchists used a 3-D printer to construct a firearm at the door of the Legislature!
    Too late now, though. The incoming Lt. Governor, Tea Party poster boy Dan Patrick will probably be sworn in with an AK slung over his shoulder.

  18. It applies because any law-abiding business owner should not be forced to make the decision not to allow guns in his establishment for reasons obvious to most intelligent people. He’s naturally fearful of the violent reaction he might get when he sticks his neck out and defies any irresponsible armed person looking for a fight.
    It applies because law-abiding, peaceful citizens have the right to take their children out to eat, shop or go to a movie without masses of armed maniacs terrifying them while screaming for rights they already have.
    An untrained “good guy with a gun” is likely to fail to recognize a “bad guy with a gun” because, don’t you see? You all look alike and I don’t want to bring my family close enough to any of you to be able to tell the difference.
    You all should at least make an effort to show people you are as peaceful and law-abiding as you claim. So far, you haven’t convinced me.

  19. This is REAL. Most people I know that grocery shop etc….make a big list and get out quick! So we won’t be in there long or have to go back soon. With all these people running around with concealed weapons or I can’t even imagine open and carry are all accidents waiting to happen! Just like that baby shooting its mom in Walmart. What if you were at the meat counter and were shot by a baby getting a gun out of its mom purse? This is now reality in the USA. Run through the aisles….run!

  20. Not John,

    I don’t understand your question about what am I doing to ensure equality?

    Please be specific.

  21. would love to hear your take on what happens if and when open carry meets stand your ground. as in, an armed group enters a public building with the intent of intimidation, and one of the building’s occupants chooses to defend himself against the perceived threat. this incident is a potential bloodbath, which could and should be averted by the same weapons ban that is in place in most courtrooms. where I live, even police officers are not allowed to carry a loaded weapon in court.

  22. Why is the 2nd amendment the only one conservatives want to live with NO limits??? When they get rid of the “patriot” act and revive the FOURTH amendment Then we can talk about “FREEDOM”.
    They want guns on demand but they also want to tell us who to marry and what to smoke. Why can’t we just do whatever we want across the board?

  23. Maybe “the POWERS” that be didn’t like the chief and could blame his death on this nut as a “accident”. I’m glad his deputy was watching out for him… one else was!
    I’m sure officers/officials have been gotten rid of before that didn’t conform or fit their perceived mold!
    Certain RW militia groups even taught their mission is holding officials accountable…….what ever that means!

  24. Actually, I’m beginning to root for those FEMA camps the NRA dimwits are always going on about. They seriously belong on a terrorist watch list:

    Come to think of it, there was just such a report that foretold of the advent of the Tea Party Brown Shirts back in 2009 as I recall:

    I seriously want the NSA and the FBI keeping a close eye on these whack jobs.

  25. Since there’s no reply button attached to Not John’s comment, please explain to him what we are doing to ensure equality:

    Not voting white supremacists into public office for starters:

    And unless your name is Glenn Greenwald of Libertarian Cato Institute, we are also not cheer leading this ever so “principled” candidate for President:

    “Ron Paul Promotes Revisionist Civil War History in Front of Giant Dixie Flag”

  26. Because someone knows their rights and fights for them that makes it white privlage? Whites knowing more about their rights imagine that. If no one is standing up at all history will repeat itself. Look into the history of gun rights and what happens when they are lost!

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