Romney 3.0 Crashes And Burns As Mitt Unleashes Bitter Whiny Tirade At Obama

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is making serious noise about another presidential run, so Romney debuted Mitt 3.0 during a speech at the RNC Winter Meeting on Friday.

Mitt 3.0 is Mitt 2.0, but with some more carefully chosen words meant to appeal to the 47%. He came across as almost Palin-level stuck on Obama, still desperately pandering to everyone, and though carefully rehearsed, unsteady on foreign policy.

Showing how warm and personable he will be this time, Romney opened with a stilted attempt at humor and a hip nod to selfies, “So young, everybody has lost weight and grown more hair. I mean as I get older, my eyes get a little weaker, but it sure is wonderful to see you. What a generous welcome. We have been able to say hi to so many of you and get some selfies taken and some other pictures.”

Recounting the heady glory days when he was the nominee for his party in 2012, Mitt Romney thanked the audience, “No greater honor has been bestowed upon me than to become the nominee of the Republican Party for the President of the United States.”

The former Republican governor attempted to plug the holes where he was weak in 2012, to assure listeners that they could trust him to win in 2016. His task was to show: He will not be a doddering fool who destroys diplomatic efforts with one reckless sentence who was likened to Sarah Palin by the British Press. He will not be caught hating on half the country. He will not blame the poor for being poor. He will not assume everyone has rich parents and a world class education. He will not fall into Please proceed, Governor pits. He will be human. He will not etch-a-sketch.

With these goals in mind, Romney announced that 2016 would not be about the Obama years but the post-Obama years, a message that he and the entire Republican Party seem to be unable to comprehend.

Romney has a vision for the future. Romney’s vision includes making the world safer (world peace!), providing “opportunity” for all Americans, and lifting people out of poverty. In other words, he is going to etch-a-sketch his weakness in foreign policy, his contempt for half the country and his clear disregard for anyone but the top 2% into Mitt 3.0.

Mitt 3.0 cares. How do you know he cares? DUH. He just told you with nice, caring (though undefined) words. Romney told the crowd that all Republicans need to do is communicate these things effectively and the American people will be with “their nominee.”

Here’s the part where Republicans always have trouble. It’s hard to “communicate” these ideas “effectively” in the age of the Internet because they can be quickly fact-checked and debunked, and this does not work for policies and ideas that actually harm the people whose votes you are trying to get.

Thus, Republicans are forced into a reliance on racism and sexism and any other tool of division to distract the masses from the great theft in progress. It is obvious that a smugly entitled and privileged person like Mitt Romney is not the best person to trick the people. This is why Republicans run through paper “stars” so quickly.

But it is unfair to lay the blame for Romney’s 2012 failure totally on him. Any politician running for President is going to be put through the ringer. It’s harder these days, and he was just one of the first sacrificial lambs to the modern era when a smile and a polished exterior doesn’t cut it anymore.

Romney went into bitter detail about what is wrong with the world and how it’s all Obama’s fault because he leads from “behind”, with only one slip up in which Romney referred to Libya as Liberia, “Liberia is in disarray. Libya, excuse me, I meant is in disarray.”

Well, okay, he had another minor slip up in which he mispronounced another country but it was better than Mitt 2.0. Overall, however, he was clearly struggling to sound as if he was comfortable with foreign policy (one of his glaring weaknesses in 2012). Romney didn’t project the aura of an expert on foreign policy, one who can discuss these things easily and quickly. He had the feel of a kid who has just managed to memorize those last few countries before the big test and covered this up with a lot of shade thrown at Obama, even though he said 2016 wouldn’t be about Obama.

There was an awkward moment where Romney clearly expected applause for attacking Obama, but it didn’t come. He came off as very stuck on Obama, stuck in the past. He accused Obama of the old GOP canard of being weak and just smiling at our enemies and hoping they would leave us alone. “The world is not safer six years after Barack Obama has been in there is no question about that and I used to joke during the campaign that President Obama didn’t have a foreign policy.”

That is funny only to Mitt and Mitt’s sycophants. This is when clueless Mitt resurfaces to remind us all what we have been missing. It was Mitt Romney who made a fool of himself on the world stage, not Obama.

This is a Fox News myth of the Good Old Days when Republicans were branded with being strong on national security. Then Obama came along and showed them how it’s done, cleaning up their mess. Obama did this while Republicans clowned it up defunding the government, messing with embassy security, hampering the Secret Service, etc.

So those days are over. This is not safe ground for Republicans anymore, but they seem to be utterly unwilling to accept this reality.

After all of this, Romney closed by claiming Obama’s foreign policy as his own, saying economic and diplomatic strength with be the primary sources he will use to provide a safer world. “So in the post Obama era, I think we have to use our strength to anticipate events, to shape events rather than just react to them. When I say strength, I mean economic strength and diplomatic strength primarily. Those will be the sources we will be able to rely upon to provide a safer world.”

So that’s a Bushian nod to preemptive action with “anticipation” and yet also primarily use our economic and diplomatic strength, which is exactly what Obama does. All boxes are checked! If you want it, Romney’s got it. He’s an interventionist and a diplomat, ‘cuz that’s totally legit.

So what’s going to make Romney different this time is that he will successfully sell his “I am everything to everyone” persona. No one will see that one coming.

Watch Romney’s entire speech on C-Span.

53 Replies to “Romney 3.0 Crashes And Burns As Mitt Unleashes Bitter Whiny Tirade At Obama”

  1. Mittens von CLUELESS just can’t seem to understand that, Democrat or Republican, you must stand for SOMETHING, not be the wishy-washy “I am for whatever you’ll vote for” caricature that R-Money has become.

  2. If Mitt runs he is more delusional than anyone was aware in 2012. He is a pathetic person. The idea anyone who hides their assets offshore to avoid US taxes is worthy of being POTUS is beyond absurd.

  3. So, if there any GOP/TP types here who read this, please tell me if you actually BELIEVE the stuff that Mittens et al say about the Obama presidency, or do you actually recognize FACTS and not biased opinions? This inquiring mind really wants to know. Why? Because I just cannot believe some of the stuff I read coming out of the mouths of those who aspire to a Republican Presidency.

  4. Gee, if Romney only cared about all the workers whose jobs he outsourced while at Bain, as much as he pretended to care about the poor last night, the economy and those people’s lives would be much better.

  5. The marketing people are just phoning it in, aren’t they?
    Not even acknowledging that TV may not be the primary information source for Americans, anymore.

    Dinosaurs riding euro-Jesus into the history books. Which will not be kind.

  6. I’m guessing 17 months of lying everyday was not enough for the Repug loser. And now we are supposed to believe he cares about the poor because he said so in a speech. what a clown.

  7. Mittens will never get the nomination. He pissed off a lot of rich assholes who thought 2012 was there’s.

    They will not make the same mistake again

  8. Ooh, boohoo! I am sick and tired of these privileged, rich, male wasp always dumping on the POTUS! If either them were in the WH, they would deregulate what can be deregulated and privatize what can be privatize. Education, utilities, the USPS,…would all benefit the 2%. No NASA….outta here! Spare me!

    The economy is improving, no thanks to the right, things are looking up for we the people, and the left, and that bothers republicans. They’ll be alrig

  9. O’l Mittens must be a descendant of Joseph of the old testament. he has a “COAT OF MANY COLORS”.

    The person for all people of all stripes.

    Sounds like the definition of the “ANTICHRIST”.

  10. Attacking Obama won’t get him the presidency. He may win with the haters but the fence sitters and the Independent want more. I am a registered Democrat but I would vote for a Republican who spoke to my needs. Haven’t found one yet. He needs to find his own voice and his own platform. Tell us what you will do to help all Americans and leave Obama out of it. Does Romney really think Americans have gotten. Does he really think he can just change everything he did wrong and people will believe it. No tax return and money in other countries is a deal breaker for me.

  11. Are there any republicans asking Romneybot 3.0 to run?

    I have seen some friends talk about what a swell president he would be, but I haven’t seen anyone, including republicans, express any interest in having him clutter up the scenery again.

    He seems to be a legend in his own mind. “I can win this time because that mean old Obama won’t be running, and oh yeah, I like poor people!”

  12. Why won’t he tell us, specifically, what HE will do and, most importantly, HOW he will do it?

    If they want people to vote for a Republican presidential candidate, whether it’s Mitt Romney or someone else, they need to get specific and just stop saying what they think Pres. Obama has done wrong and start saying what they will do and how they’ll do it.

    Until they do that, then they won’t get enough votes. There aren’t enough true Republicans in the country anymore; they need independents and I don’t think they’ll get them with this strategy of just pointing fingers at Pres. Obama. I just don’t see it.

    I’d like for all the candidates – Republican and Democratic – to start telling us what they are FOR and how they will achieve those things, instead of just telling us what they’re against.

    Oh, and anyone who thinks Republicans won’t focus on social issues when they’re in office – think again.

  13. So full of sh!t this guy is. He looks like or is the guy that just walked into your workplace and said “sorry you’re all terminated, everything has been outsourced to china, just business. You know nothing personal”. Except his sickening wealth enrichment.

    The republican party is a sickening suck up to the 1% and has been since st reagan

    they do not care one bit about working americans

    They have opposed EVERYTHING Obama has suggested for 6 years that would have provided some relief to the vanishing middle class but they do not care.

    Do not be fooled!

  14. When Mitt Romney is not fed a script of memorizable talking points and instead is speaking from the heart to like-minded 1%ers, he reveals the extent of his contempt for the socio-economically disadvantaged as well as his indifference toward most middle class Americans.

    A peek into Mitt’s psyche:
    “I don’t worry about the problems of poor people … because there is a “safety net” … which I want to defund … because people (including single, full-time moms) who depend upon financial assistance such as food stamps lack dignity … because you must be completely self-sufficient to have self-worth … unless you inherited vast wealth … like I did … in which case you are inherently highly dignified … because you are a person of power and authority … who gets to enjoy the sheer pleasure of firing people … which I did countless times while running Bain Capital, creating huge profits … for myself and my fellow investors … at the expense of fired workers … who, as a …

  15. A call to all Mormons:
    Vote for Mitt to be president of.. planet KOLOB.
    If elected ,he will take you there with him to be happy forever..

  16. I hope all those tea bag/repubs staying at the Del Coronado will generate lots of tax reveune in BLUE California.
    Hope all the business will gouge the HELL of them.

  17. Sorry, Mr. Howell, but you and your wife Lovey will never live in the White House. Go build one of your own, you arrogant, entitled asshole! You lost. Get over it already.

  18. The White House would actually be to modest for him. He’d probably have it torn down and replaced by Downton Abbey.

  19. Questions for Mr. Romney: What is it that keeps you from understanding that it is your business model that has thrust many Americans into poverty? Can you really not see the relationship between sucking the value out of companies, loading them with debt and outsourcing American jobs for cheaper labor to increase your wealth and the increase in poverty in America? If not, have you considered mental health counselling?

  20. Mitt’s all pissed off because he wants to buy/steal his way to POTUS and his crony’s have bought up enough of the electronic voting machine companies now that can just about guarantee him a win in 2016.

  21. Romney won’t say what his plans are, in specifics, none of the GOP do. Because if we knew, we wouldn’t vote for them.

    Paul Ryan is the same way, they all are. Double talk, but never be specific. That is the biggest red flag of all.

  22. You know I was going to ban this. It makes no sense. The bagger couldn’t even use spellcheck. But I want people to know this is the ignorant dumbasses we have to fight. So be proud you stupid piece of shit you have been nominated as the dumbest fukass on the internet

  23. Who does a better job on self destruction than Mitt Romney? Let him hang himself because he is the biggest gaffer than any Presidential candidate in history. Good Romney go ahead and show to the world how unintelligent you are.

  24. Be nice if everyone tweeted to @mittromney that “they can be quickly fact-checked and debunked”

    I dont think he knows that yet

  25. Well maybe not the dumbest … think of the crazy that Palin worshippers come out with, but yeah, it’s dumb alright.

    Or perhaps the comment slipped in from an alternate universe where it actually made sense. If we could just send it’s owner back across that event horizon, the collective IQ of the planet would experience a cleansing uptick. Ahhhhhhh!

  26. Romney busy whining while Ann is trying on crowns. Both in the midst of their belief in entitlement and delusion. Bring the clown car around. Romney won’t get to check POTUS off his bucket list.

  27. Isn’t this the same Mitt Romney, during whose 2012 campaign Grover Norquist said, “We don’t need a thinking person in the WH, we only need someone to sign the bills republicans in Congress pass? And, isn’t this the same MR who told Netanyahu he’d permit him to guide U.S. foreign policy in accordance with Israel’s plans? I do believe it is. This “new” MR is the same as the old MR—concealing his real plans beneath a cloak of fake populism and strength. This man has no enduring beliefs about anything, so it will be very interesting seeing him, once again, flip and flop from one position to the next on the same issue in 2016.

  28. Are you ready for the split screen ad showing Hildabeast saying we should sympathize with our enemies on the left with the right showing an ISIS fighter cutting off an american’s head? You know that one is coming.

  29. Remember the “3 strikes and you’re out” rule? You’ve already struck out twice!

    Waiting for the final pitch? Here it comes!

    Give it up Mitt! Give it up!

  30. Remember the “3 strikes and you’re out” rule? You’ve already struck out twice!

    Waiting for the final pitch? Here it comes!
    Whoosh…right by you, again.

    Give it up Mitt! Give it up!

  31. What a lying, two-faced hypocrite! Don’t forget that Romney made his millions outsourcing U.S. jobs. I suspect he is still doing that as he participates in his greedy son’s business.

  32. He is so delusional its embarrassing. If he didn’t have money,they would be sending him for a psychological examination. Maybe his entire life is one big lie,his investing prowess maybe isn’t so great. Probably others gave him all the tips to invest,he used his money and ta da,he’s wealthier. You always need a front man and I guess Willard is it. If they allow him to run(again) it will be comical. No matter how he try’s,he can never change,guess his “magic underwear” is speaking to him again. It’s comical to see his grown sons standing behind him instead of working or serving their country like most males do. They are paraded around like a circus act. Huey,Dewey and Louie,baby Huey and Jughead.

  33. Like a generic drug … he still puts you to sleep, for less than his previous expensive brand.

  34. Mr. Romney bet on Street Wall
    To fund his quest to lord it over all
    But all of Anne’s horses and all the
    Rovian henchmen
    Can’t make Mitt the president, my friend.

  35. Hey Shiva,

    Some of us participated in The Great 2012 Romney/Lyin’Ryan Fact Check via MoveOn and Think Progress on Twitter while the media was debating whether or not it was the job of journalists to fact check. Keep your eyeballs peeled. Judging by the latest, the GOP will be pulling an even more extravagant Lie-a-palooza in 2016. I estimate we’ll be needing more debunkers:)

    And I quote:

    The New Right, circa 2001: “This essay is based on the belief that the truth of an idea is not the primary reason for its acceptance. Far more important is the energy and dedication of the idea’s promoters–in other words, the individuals composing a social or political movement…”

  36. Does he think that he has converted the “49%ers” to vote for him?

    He turned his off shore accounts in the Bahamas to his wife’s name.

    What has he been doing since he lost the POTUS election?

  37. Can’t you envision the debate amongst the GOP candidates? How about Christie (the bully) and Mitt the slick TALKER?tHERE ARE AT LEAST SIX VYING FOR THE POTUS.

  38. I wonder if the 5 time draft dodging, animal abusing, job outsourcing, pension stealing, tax evader got some stronger magic undies for this run!

  39. Mitt’s ‘problem’? He’s capable, handsome, successful, accomplished, intelligent – all the things O’Dumbo isn’t. He’s going to make a better president than Ronald Reagan and George Washington combined.

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