Bernie’s On Board: Sen. Sanders Stands With President Obama On Tax Cut Plan

bernie sanders supports obama tax cut

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced that he is supporting the president’s plan to cut taxes for the middle class while closing loopholes that the wealthiest Americans use to avoid paying their fair share. Sanders said, “President Obama’s plan moves us in the right direction.”

In a statement Sen. Sanders said:

“At a time of obscene levels of income and wealth inequality, President Obama’s plan moves us in the right direction. I look forward to working with the administration to adopt a tax system that eliminates unfair tax loopholes that only benefit the wealthiest people and largest corporations and to increase the take-home pay of working Americans.”

The Obama plan to cut taxes for the middle class while raising capital gains taxes on wealthiest Americans should enjoy broad support within Democratic caucuses of the House and Senate. Obama’s proposal is the first shot in what could be a year-long battle over tax reform. Republicans thought they could get President Obama to agree to corporate tax reform, but they now know that the reforms they are seeking will come at a price.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) will be using his power position as the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee to push the president’s plan for tax cuts for those who have been harmed the most by the gap between the rich and the poor. Republicans who are opposing the president’s plan are arguing that the wealthiest among us should not have to pay their fair share in taxes. In November 2014, Bernie Sanders and other congressional liberals teamed up with President Obama to kill a plan to give $440 billion in tax cuts to corporations. Sen. Sanders blasted the corporate tax cut plan, “This tax cut agreement does exactly the wrong things. At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, it extends huge tax cuts to the rich and large corporations while threatening programs that help low-income children.”

The tax cut debate is a debate about values and priorities. Republicans are committed to building an oligarchy by redistributing resources to those who already have the most. Democrats and their allies firmly believe that the middle class must be rebuilt and that strong economies grow from the middle out instead of top down.

Members of the congressional Democratic caucuses are standing with President Obama on his tax plan, which means that the Republican plan to divide Obama and his allies just became a lot more difficult.

14 Replies to “Bernie’s On Board: Sen. Sanders Stands With President Obama On Tax Cut Plan”

  1. Of course. The only people who wont be on board would be the kochsucekers who think the piss will trickle down to them

  2. yes we need to raise taxes on wallstreet and the rich in this country, people like bill gates and warren buffet get away with not paying their fair share,

  3. This president is stubborn with his progressive ideology . Did he not hear the voters tell him that their tired of his big government polices . Its time for him to stop playing class wafare and attack those who have been successful and call for real reforms to reduce the debt which is not 18 trillion . Im sick and tired of having a community organizer as president whose more interested in his socialist agenda then addressing the country’s 18 trillion dollar debt and bringing our country together .

  4. If the republicans thought this President was going to be a lay down President for the last two years has another thing coming. This President will keep the republicans back on their heels and they will never know which direction the President will come. Great job Mr. President.

  5. Now if only Bernie could drop his unwavering support of Israel and his war mongering ways, we might be onto something.

  6. Kevin, you do know that Bernie is Jewish, right?
    At least he does not pander to Netyanyahu
    and the rich jews who try to run the country. I think if the truth were known he would welcome a jewish/palestine peace.

  7. This president with his progressive ideology has pulled this country out of a morass of debt and warfare created by his predecessor.

    You need to look at who actually created that $18T debt. A blown surplus of $128B, two unfunded wars, massive tax cuts, also unfunded, and left with a $11T debt. all of which damn near threw this country into a depression which would have made the 30s look like a picnic.

    If a community organizer can pull this country out of that, then I’ll take the community organizer.

  8. had dinner and talked Bernie as I sat across from him a few years back at a meeting with voters he is a very nice guy just not the brightest bulb as we can see by his political policies.

  9. One hell of a lot brighter then anything the gop has to offer. At least he cares for the people. You on the other hand, have to love Ryans plan of taxing your ass out of kansas, destroying your parents lives and allowing the heathcare companys to run wild again.

    Who is not the brightest bulb?

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