Lindsey Graham Doubles Down On Claim That Obama’s Policies Are “Getting People Killed”

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During an appearance on Meet the Press Sunday, frequent Sunday show guest Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reiterated his previous claim that the policies of President Obama was “getting people killed.” When host Chuck Todd provided him an opportunity to walk back his previous statements about the White House in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, Graham instead doubled down on his harsh rhetoric and once again attacked the President. Specifically, Graham blamed Obama for the deaths that have occurred in the Syrian civil war and stated the release of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay would make things worse in the world.

Early on in their conversation, Graham tossed in his typical fearmongering about radical Islamic terrorism, making the claim that “there are more Parises coming” unless we fully engage ISIL in a large-scale war in the Middle East.

The answer now is to deny ISIL the safe haven they enjoy in Syria and Iraq because it is a platform to strike the United States. There are more Parises coming until you disrupt this network. There are more terrorist organizations with more safe havens, with more capability to hit the homeland than before 9/11. The answer is to form a regional coalition, America has to be part of it, go in underground, and get these guys out of Syria. The current strategy is failing.

After making those remarks, Graham was confronted by Todd about his previous statements regarding Obama’s policies. Shortly after the Paris attack, Graham made the media rounds (natch) and told both Fox News and CNN that the White House’s current foreign policy was “getting a lot of people killed.” Todd asked Graham if this was “proper rhetoric” and if he really believed Obama is “getting people killed?” Unsurprisingly, Graham not only stood by his comments, but once again attacked POTUS.

I think his policies are getting people killed. I think sound military advice was given to the president to leave a residual force in Iraq and he turned it down. And as a result, Iraq has collapsed. … Almost 300,000 people have been killed in Syria on his watch. Syria, the worst is yet to come. … Hell on earth is about to descend upon Syria and it matters to us. … Letting people out of Gitmo in this environment, I think is irresponsible. So yes, his campaign promises should be adjusted based on reality.

Below is video of the interview segment, courtesy of NBC:



This has been standard operating procedure for Graham and his best bud Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) since the President first walked into the Oval Office. No matter what is happening in the world, the first and only response they want is an immediate military action. If President Obama decides against sending troops somewhere, or getting involved in an indefinite war with no actual mission, then he is labeled “weak” or “timid”.

Of course, as we come to the end of Obama’s second term, it appears that Graham is using inflammatory rhetoric for more reasons than just to rip Obama. As he told Todd on Sunday, he is “testing the waters” for a White House run in 2016. Why? Because the “world is falling apart” and he’s been “more right than wrong when it comes to foreign policy.”

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  1. once again… Auntie Lindsey is on the Sunday talk shows with a bad case of the vapors and showing that he doesn’t understand the Constitution..

    please Mr President… negotiate with me BEFORE you negotiate with (insert boogyman of your choice here)

  2. This from the party that:
    1. Allowed the attack of 911 on their watch.
    2. Invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.
    3. Is against women having abortions when the woman’s life is in danger.
    4. Cut funding reserved to protect our embassies, as a result, Benghazi happened.
    4. Is pro death penalty.
    5. Did not want people with pre-existing conditions to receive insurance.
    6. Tried to repeal the AHA 56 times.
    7. Does not want citizens to have health insurance.
    8. Cut food stamps
    9. We’re going to defend Homeland Security because the black man in the WH was using exec orders to do THEIR jobs!….
    And with a straight face, Graham says PO is endangering lives

  3. Lindsey Graham sounds exactly like Gomer Pyle. Would you want that for your president? Gawwww-leeeee.

  4. Also the party that gave us George Bush, the man who negotiated and signed the Iraq Withdrawal Agreement that mandated we be out of Iraq — to the last man — by December 2011. Now this dolt seems to think that Obama should ignore the law and forcibly insert troops in a country –supposedly our ally — against the country’s wishes.

  5. Since when did they need a few countrys as a platform to strike America? That is really dumb. All they need is money

    We couldnt beat Iraq with 100,000 troops, what would a residual force do against ISIL?

    Graham is totally living for Israel. Nothing else. And the people who support him should be the ones to pay the most for military duty

  6. If this bastard had his way, there would be no more U.S.A. because he and his neo-con buddies would be sure to piss off a nuclear-armed nation and that nation would make sure they aimed their nuclear weapons at us. He has no idea how despised America is in some countries, and even if he had a clue, his sense of innate entitlement wouldn’t let him admit that not every nation sees us as a benevolent entity. Graham has no idea about how U.S. foreign policy should be conducted in the 21st Century. He needs to sit down and STFU because he knows thousands upon thousands upon thousands were killed in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East under Bush II when we invaded a country to wage a war of choice. Damn near bankrupted the country, and this old bastard and his minions are still trying to tell us that someone else (Pres. Obama) did it. A pox on his damn house now, and a hard death won’t be enough for this man when his time comes.

  7. What about the over 5000 that were KILLED under Dumya’s war criminal policies??

    Who also HATES our veterans for their VALUED SERVICE

    Rejected by the Republican Senate.

    H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.
    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act
    H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
    H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans
    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009
    H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act
    H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act

    The GOP rejects and tries to continuously kill the following Veterans bills:…/republicans-object-to……/veterans-jobs…/……/budget-cuts-may-hit…/

    March, 29, 2014, Senators’, McConnell, McCain, Burr, and Flake voted against eme…

  8. and Southern Belle Lindsey gets her petticoat tied in a knot about the constitution who obviously hasn’t read it

  9. All of the Islamic extremists point to George W.’s invasion of Iraq as the source of their anger. Lindsay Graham was at George’s side, fanning the flames eagerly. No, Lindsay, it is not President Obama’s fault. Look in the mirror; you are a large part of the problem.

  10. It’s called the Bush Domino Effect. You want to blame somebody for the killing of people, lay it right at the feet of George (duh) W. Bush.

  11. Your comment has quite an intellectually dishonest ring to it.

    Graham makes a valid point when he says “there are more Paris’ coming”. While remaining blind to the dangers we face may be preferable for you and many others, you will indeed only be helping to increase it.
    Fecklessness and gunpowder are a lethal combination.
    And the “ifs” are accumulating.

  12. Republicons and their lying, hypocritical contributions to society does absolutely nothing to help or heal this Nation. Rather they foster the notion that lying is a good thing and truth is a bad thing.

  13. Lindie Graham is a self-serving, alarmist little twit who’s spent most of its spineless life trapped in a really really scary world of fainting couches, smelling salts, and tiny little crinoline tutus. Deal with it.

  14. Deal with it.

    Deal with what? Stability and peace breaking out all over?

    I’m sorry to be the one to have to break it to you, Rip, but the terrorists intent to destroy the U.S. – at whatever cost to themselves – has been a given since 9/ 11.
    Only the extent of their capability is in doubt.
    The great goal of our age is the defeat of radical Islam.

    Too much all at once?

  15. “The great goal of our age is the defeat of radical Islam. ”

    “The great goal of our age is the defeat of radical religion. “

  16. How do you know when a Republican is contemplating a run for the Presidency?

    He or she starts spouting off a flurry of inane, inflammatory remarks about Obama’s character.

  17. The reason residual forces weren’t left in Iraq is because Bush signed an agreement with Iraq where they rejected residual forces to be left when the war was over. this guy is stupid.

  18. It’s such a easy and LAZY choice to have him on and say what we all know is going to come out of his mouth. Just play a clip from last week, last month, last year, two years ago, three years ago, five years ago, Chuck then go on to whatever you’re talking about. No need to have him on AGAIN with the same B.S.

  19. Why is the GOP response to nearly everything to send troops to war?

    Meanwhile, it was reported time and again that the CIA and others warned Pres. GWBush that terrorists were plotting something in NYC and DC. Where was Sen. Graham back then? How come he didn’t rake W over the coals for having ignored a known threat?

    At the last, Mr. Obama is obviously to blame (per Graham and most of the GOP) for everything that happens in the world. Probably because he was born with the wrong shade of skin…

  20. …I quit laughing at this dangerous Chicken-Hawk REMF long ago…he has proven that he is a traitor to the Constitution…and We the People…{one of many} willing for Americas youth to die in large numbers, {as long as their own kin are safe}but why??? The recruits mostly come from poor and middle class citizens…kill off as many as possible, and you will soon have a Koch paradise, with de facto slaves and their Koch-suckers…then they will be battling each other, and consuming the mere millionaires…

  21. His policies *are* getting people killed. Continuing foreign wars not only is very expensive, it kills lots of people and creates enemies.

    Lindsey Graham wants to expand this to kill more people, make more enemies, reduce more freedom, and create more risk for Americans. But the warmongers will make more money from the taxpayers.

  22. Does this STUPID Southern belle not know about the Status of Forces Agreement that BUSH signed?????

  23. My sentiments exactly! I constantly repeat “Bush is the one responsible for the ill feelings of Islam against us.”

    Bush is barred from entering all countries including Canada where he will be arrested if he does enter.

    So why are GW and Cheney still allowed to go free instead of being indicted for war crimes as the World Court has already done?

  24. My heart aches while I think of the next two years that we have to endure these arseholes.People we gotta vote these clowns out! or America will be a lost country.I think of my grandkids & whole family and their future & God helps those who helps themselves. PLEASE VOTE!

  25. Charlie. that is about as astute as saying ” there will be more jet liner crashes’ or ” there will be more theater, mall or school shootings”. I don’t think there is one person alive on the planet with over an 8th grade education that couldn’t come up with that foolish line. Of course there will be more Islamic extremist attacks, but there will also be more Christian attacks like the one at the Oklahoma City bombing.

  26. No way does anyone that hates the president, hate him as much as I detest this nasty, little, sissy, war mongering bugger. Can’t stand to look at his sissy face and mushy smile, can’t stand to hear him talk, can’t stand that actual American citizens listen to him and follow him. I am from a neighboring state and can believe that the citizens of South Carolina would keep voting him in. Until you live in the south, you cannot imagine the stupid comments made about the president and the democrats. I have to hold my tongue all the time. You just would not believe the ignorance surrounding me on a daily basis. God help us all, please.

  27. Lindsey, Lindsey, he’s our man. If he can’t do it, nobody can.

    I’ve often wondered, though, who it is he can’t “do it” to.

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