More Bad News For Republicans As 61% Support President Obama On Keystone XL


On the eve of the State Of The Union, Republicans were hit with more bad news as 61% of those surveyed in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll supported President Obama’s position on Keystone XL.

Via ABC News:

If the economy is providing new wind in Obama’s sails, some issues are puffing along for him as well. This poll finds broad backing, 61-34 percent, for his position on the Keystone oil pipeline, in a question that focuses on the specific dispute at hand – whether to approve it now or await a needs assessment.

The results of this poll reveal that the Republican attempt to paint the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline as a jobs bill has mostly fallen on deaf ears. The 34% who support the construction of the pipeline falls into line demographically with the 30%-35% of conservatives who strongly support the Republican Party in every poll. In short, the (false) Republican message that Keystone XL will be great for the economy is largely falling on deaf ears outside of Republican circles.

President Obama’s call for the approval process to play out is resonating well with many Americans who don’t feel a sense of urgency as it relates to Keystone XL. It is possible that plummeting gas prices have taken the teeth out of the main false Republican argument that the pipeline will lower gas prices and the United States more energy independent.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner thought that they could paint the president as an obstructionist by forcing him to veto the Keystone XL bill, but they have misjudged the political climate as a majority of those polled agreed with the president’s position. Not only are Republicans going to fail in their quest to get construction of the pipeline authorized, they aren’t going to be able to score many political points off of Obama’s veto.

Like a growing wave, the bad news keeps rolling in for the Republican Party. President Obama’s popularity appears to be growing by the day, and their agenda is not widely supported by the American people. The midterm election that the pundits called a disaster for President Obama is starting to feel more and more like ancient political history.

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  1. I’m very happy that Americans are finally waking up to the fact that this pipeline is NOT the job creator the Republicans claim it is. 35 permanent jobs and15 contracting jobs after completion. If you care about the environment and the future of your kids and grandkids you should be strongly opposed to this pipeline.

  2. Why, when the Public supports Progressive policies, on 90% of all issues, is there a sense of Reichwing ascendancy?

    This is Media corruption, bias, and disinformation.

    This is a very left-of-center country.

  3. Keystone XL is a X-Large boondoggle inflated by the vicious greedy right wing. The oil is corrosive and low grade and not worth the land it crosses. But in Fox News anti reality world the Keystone is a nation changing event worthy of carte blanche’ no matter how filthy it is. When will Republicans ever start acting like Americans?

  4. The midterm election that the pundits called a disaster for President Obama is starting to feel more and more like ancient political history.

    As GOPlifer, Chris Ladd, has warned, the past midterm elections was a BAD sign for the Republican Party as opposed to a victory.

    For Republicans looking for ways that the party can once again take the lead in building a nationally relevant governing agenda, the 2014 election is a prelude to a disaster.

    His words, not mine.

  5. Ha, I hope Boehner loses boat loads of money on his investments connected to Keystone. The Greedy bastard doesn’t care about polluting our water, he’s all about the money.

  6. Right, and many of those who favor it voted for the Republicans! This country needs a psyche exam! We vote one way and think another way!

  7. Yup, the 2014 election WAS a prelude to disaster for the Republicans.

    Its called giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

  8. Wow, that is a good article! It should be passes around.

    There are still some sane republicans that see what is happening to their party, are not happy about it and willing to talk about it.

  9. Great link and since it was written, November 06, 2014 it’s all coming true

    Texas is now the Republic of Baptistan

    “Keep an eye on oil prices. Texas, which is at the core of GOP dysfunction, is a petro-state with an economy roughly as diverse and modern as Nigeria, Iran or Venezuela”

    “Watch Republicans start touting a booming economy as the result of their 2014 “mandate.””

    “We’re about to get two years of intense, horrifying stupidity”

  10. Just read the post. If that does not hit the nail on the head I don`t know what does. A year and a half ago I moved to a red leaning area. I tell you there are a lot of people that are not happy with the these current G.O.P morons. If the Democrats play there cards right they just might be able to pick these people up.

  11. The people’s objection to this is not going to stop the R’s from telling us for the next 2 years that everyone wants this wonderful thing and the President is being unreasonable.

  12. We already know that this pipeline will increase the price of West Canadian crude , which will lead to increased gasoline prices in the Mid West.

    We already know that this pipeline will create an additional 500,000 ton PER DAY of toxic sludge be pumped into unlined “tailing ponds”, which leak toxins into the Athabasca river system, killing wildlife and increasing cancer rates in down stream communities.

    We already know that a foreign corporation is using the argument of “eminent domain” to violate property right of US land owners.

    And we already know that this project will create only 35 permanent jobs for Americans, and not more than a few of thousand temporary US jobs, and decidedly NOT the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even up to a million jobs that our politicians have been handwaving about.

    So, now that we have deceived the American people in every possible way, can we assess again

    What exactly about this pipeline is in the “national interest” …

  13. Any questions
    Republicans say no to American-made steel for Keystone XL
    Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey’s amendment to the Keystone bill would have prohibited oil shipped through the pipeline from being exported. It was killed by a 57 to 42 vote. Minnesota Sen. Al Franken’s amendment would have required that the pipeline be built with American steel. It was killed by a 53 to 46 vote.

  14. IT is against the law for any member of Congress to illegally profit from their votes on supporting any bill that well make them money. They should be investigated by the US Attorney General , be charged and either jailed or a fine which ever the case.Insider trading!!

  15. What Materials for Keystone, they are jumping ahead ,,,there is no, there well not be a Keystone Pipeline.
    A Foreign Country cannot take land for private use or any other reason especially a Indian Nation inside the United States .It is illegal. No Imminate Domain.

  16. Of course not,why would it? GOPers always claim they speak for the people,but the question is,WHAT people? A large majority of Americans favor,marriage equality,a hike in the minimum wage,more regulation of Wall Street,infrastructure spending,equal pay. They are opposed to getting us into another ground war,lower taxes for the rich and big business,and supply side economics in general. The Republicans are on the opposite side of all those issues. So,I ask again,what people are they talking about? A majority of a 36% voter turnout(voters should be ashamed of themselves for that) does not exactly constitute a mandate.

  17. The government has been stealing Indian land for centuries,what makes you think they will stop now?

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