It’s On! Ben “I’m not crazy” Carson Exploring 2016 Presidential Bid

Ben Carson for president? That’s what God is telling us. Er, um…well that’s what Ben Carson is telling us God is telling us.

Look, let’s just run down the checklist here, because we need to do this for all the people who have proven themselves too, shall we say, “off-kilter” to be trusted with high office.

Plagiarist Ben Carson wants to assure us that he is not crazy. He told the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee Thursday (what the National Journal calls an “establishment-friendly” audience) in California that “the liberal media” is to blame for all the things he said, not all the things he said.

The National Journal reports that,

Carson defended, among other things, his statements about Obamacare being the worst thing since slavery; comparing present-day America to Nazi Germany; and calling last year’s Veterans Affairs scandal “a gift from God” because it revealed holes in the system.

“I stand by those” remarks, Carson told the crowd. “I don’t think there’s anything crazy at all.”

Not “crazy at all.” Now this is the same Ben Carson, as Justin Baragona related on Friday, who used the same meeting to compare ISIL militants to America’s Founding Fathers.

Oh dear. But hey, at least he’s not crazy. It’s just a “craziness narrative.” For which the liberal media is responsible. Not anything he said.

You know, like that ISIL is like the Founding Fathers.

Just the fact that he thinks there is a liberal media calls his sanity into question. After all, he’s not one of the yokels of the base who has been brainwashed to believe this hooey. This is one of the politicians doing the convincing.

And he’s telling a crowd that knows better. I mean, they’re the ones spreading those stories.

The National Journal tells us,

Carson failed to bring the crowd to its feet, save for his entrance and exit from the stage. But some lines drew sporadic applause. He decried the “victimhood” mentality in America; reiterated his staunch opposition to same-sex marriage; and declared that “this is a country that is based on Judeo-Christian values and we should not throw those away.”

Wouldn’t you think that the very need to reassure people in your own party that you are not crazy is a sign that perhaps you should not run?

Apparently, Carson did not make this connection, because next thing you know…

The Iowa Republican is telling us Friday in an exclusive, that Carson has “tabbed Iowa political operative Ryan Rhodes to oversee his presidential campaign in our First-in-the-Nation caucus state.”

Carson is expected to launch an exploratory committee “within the next two or three weeks’, according to national campaign chairman Terry Giles. Carson plans to officially announce his bid for the presidency by May 1.

As for Rhodes…well, birds of a feather perhaps. The Iowa Republican tells us,

“It’s really something people are looking for. It’s not politics as usual. There’s a huge niche for him,” Rhodes said.

“If we’re going to turn America around, we need to make major changes. People need to take back their country from the ruling class that has set itself up in Washington, D.C. Certainly on the liberal left. That’s what we intend to do,” Giles added. “We don’t have confidence in any of the other candidates in the race that will make changes fast enough to turn this ship around.”

Perhaps Rhodes hasn’t noticed. The “ruling class” in Washington is currently Republican, occupying both House and Senate. The “liberal left” (as opposed to the liberal right?) controls only the White House.

Rhodes wants to “turn this ship around.” Let’s look at that for a minute, at the America of George W. Bush, the car, as President Obama once put it, driven into the ditch. Locked in two wars with no end in sight, our economy in shambles. Obama took us away from that. Rhodes apparently wants to bring us back.

Swell. He’s got plenty of company.

But what does Carson have that other Republicans don’t have?


They all have God, to listen to them. Carson told the Brody File over at CBN that he’s feeling “fingers from God” to run for president.

Wow, how convincing is that?

But Carson’s problems don’t end at his imagined “liberal media.” Even conservatives have a problem with him:

David Brody concluded that, if “Dr. Carson runs for president, he’s going to shake up politics and politicians” because “He’s not your typical, lunch bucket Republican” (I’m not too sure of that).

He tells us that “There will be pitfalls for sure as the mainstream media takes aim during the vetting process” (gee, I wonder why?) but that Carson will “appeal to apply reason and logic to a number of issues in a precise, surgical way.”

He will what?

This is the same Ben Carson who attacked Obamacare on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional because it doesn’t help everybody, even though the law’s table of contents, which we can be sure Carson hasn’t read (if he had, he’d be a liberal) says, “QUALITY, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL AMERICANS.”

This is the same Ben Carson who exposed a Marxist plot to “gay-up” America. Because those Bolsheviks are all about the gay.

This is the same Ben Carson who said that Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery.

And this is the same Ben Carson who blamed Michael Brown’s death not on a whole bunch of police bullets fired into his body but on his lack of a father figure, and who said protesters were part of a “me generation.” The alleged “me generation” he blamed on women’s libbers. Of course.

Reason and logic, eh?

We’ll hear from Ben Carson again in a few days, because he is confirmed to be at the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24, along with the rest of the Republican brain trust, including Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Perry, who announced on Friday he is “ready” for a White House run. No word on if he is also awaiting a final okay from God.

Yellow Dog Yankee pointed out here yesterday that we need to take the 2016 general election seriously, and we do. It’s just that it would be so much easier if they could give us a candidate we could take seriously.

David Brody says Carson will “be a breath of fresh air.”

Well, that’s one way of putting it, but I wouldn’t breathe too deeply

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