Texas Protesters To American Muslim Group: “Go Home And Take Obama With You”

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Over the weekend, a protest formed at a conference in Texas held by a Muslim group titled “Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate.” The conference, organized by the group Sound Vision from Chicago, was held in order to raise funds for a Muslim center that would teach members of the faith how to deal with negative descriptions of their religion. A demonstration formed around the Curtis Curwell Center in Garland, where protesters expressed their anger and disgust with Muslims in general.

Per Dallas-area news station NBC-5, thousands of protesters and counter-protesters gathered outside the conference center on Saturday, even though the event itself was only scheduled to have 500 attendees. In a display of ignorant xenophobia, protesters brought signs that read, “Go home and take Obama with you.” A number of demonstrators were interviewed by the station for a story that ran on Saturday evening. As one might expect, the blatant Islamophobia and bigotry poured freely.

One protester, Greg McKinley, told NBC-5, “We are here to stand up for the American way of life from a faction that is bent on destroying it.” He also pointed out that “if they want to live their lives like the Middle East, they can go back to the Middle East.” Meanwhile, counter-protesters that were interviewed provided a much more reasonable perspective, telling the station they just wanted to show that they are also Americans.

Thankfully, there was no violence during the conference or at the demonstrations outside. Protesters did stay until the evening as the event ran, but the news station did not report any physical confrontations. It did point out that some of the protesters did verbally berate the counter-protesters and conference attendees. The main message of the demonstration appeared to be summed up in one sign: “You are not Americans. Do not fly our flag.”

In the aftermath of the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo, right-wing media and Republican politicians have once again whipped up xenophobic fears by using intense anti-Islamic rhetoric. Fox News, the lead dog in this effort, finally had to apologize for running blatantly false information about Muslim “no-go zones” and “religious police” in Europe. However, the ‘apology’ was run on a Saturday evening so as to reach the fewest number of their base audience as possible. And, seeing how Garland residents are reacting to American Muslims, it is clear that the underlying message of a radical Islamic takeover of the world has resonated and taken hold.

Below is video of NBC-5’s story:



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  1. Aah yes! The very sentiments the Native Americans feel about them! Can you just feel the Christian love (cough, cough) these so called Christians are illuminating? You don’t? Me either

  2. At least they weren’t also open-carry. That comes next. And there is no question in my mind that Fox is a seditious organization.

  3. Wow ! I am so embarrassed being from Texas. I love Texas and these people are making it sooo hard to love. These people do not stand for all of Texas.

    Proud to be a blueberrry in a bowl of tomato soup!

  4. Back in August of 2009 when the damn GOP unleashed their vicious tea party army all over the USA and destroyed President Obama’s town hall meetings on healthcare I BEGGED the democrats to quickly and aggressively Fight Back against them. I reminded the Democrats that despite the great 2008 victories they got in the White House and the Senate and the House and most state governor seats the GOP still had most of the money in this country thanks to REAGAN and BUSH tax cuts and they also still had the Supreme Court on their side and with those 2 POISON weapons they WOULD destroy the whole democrat agenda of this nation and turn America into a horrible Right Wing Christo-Fascist Dictatorship if not fought back against. But instead of Fighting Back the Democrats turned COWARDLY and were even stupid enough to send me an email telling me that they refused to take the nasty little Tea Party loud mouth crackpots seriously! That was a HORRIBLE mistake And that is why in 2016 the USA will be NAZI…

  5. Well I say that these TexASS Tea Pottiers should go Straight to the HELL that they claim exists and take their ignorance and guns with them!!

  6. The Faux News watchers out in all their glory, spewing their hatred and falsehoods. There probably wasn’t an active brain cell among them. Thanks President Reagan for allowing television stations such as Fox to tell blatant lies while masquerading as a news station. Ship them all to Texas and make them secede, taking Murdoch and his “news” station with them.

  7. These idiots can’t even spell Christians, let alone be Christians. It’s people like them that give real Christians a bad name. Don’t they understand that they can’t fool God. He knows what’s in their hearts. What they need, is to have the ground open up and swallow everyone of them.

  8. General William T. Sherman was born here in my home town and he said of Texas..”If I owned Hell and Texas I’d rent out Texas and live in Hell” Too bad he didn’t burn the ENTIRE south…But actually the great conflagration was caused by rebel soldiers burning supplies to keep them from yankee hands and they started fires where they shouldn’t have.

  9. I certainly understand that maybe only 1% of Muslims have been radicalized and it is a brash generalization to view them all in the same light. I do however believe that their leaders should be held accountable for not excommunicating and reporting to authorities those known to hold extremist views.
    I am also truly amazed that there have not been retaliatory attacks against mosques and Muslims in the street. This is a testament to the tolerance of all civilized nations. How long that tolerance will last is speculation as these morons from Texas demonstrate.
    I would like to see mainstream Islam condemn terrorism and the parts of their belief system that promotes killing. As mainstream religions condemned Westboro Baptist for their hideous beliefs, so too should legitimate Islamism around the world speak out against the cancers within their body. These malignancies cannot exist without acquiescence from the top.

  10. ‘Scuse. The major divisions of Islam don’t work like that. People can be told not to come back to a mosque, and they have been. There is no central authority who can excommunicate. As for denunciations of terrorist conduct, they have been plentiful, and in the mainstream press, those get printed between the society pages and the obituaries.

  11. Actually I was thinking that by their logic the white folks should be packing their bags for a return to Europe.

  12. Texas is a tea bag cesspool of pure hate, racism, bigotry and the STUPID uneducated…all thumpin their babbles, going to church and worshiping an imaginary being.
    Hope y’all scream like little girls with your increasing earthquakes due to fracking, have a glass of that polluted aguafir water, fertilize plants exploding and increased cancers due to no-regulations.
    Y’all SUCK the tit of the blue states!!

  13. While I’m not sure that there’s any value in posting this on a site where the folks appear to have made up their minds, I was on the ground at the event and came away with a different perspective. While the news orgs immediately ran to the most offensive and loudmouthed members of the protest, there were actually several different groups there protesting with different messages. I humbly submit my own first hand experiences: http://robertjsmithtx.com/blog/?p=643

  14. Texas Protesters To American Muslim Group: “Go Home And Take Obama With You”

    LOL — weren’t these the idiots who wanted to secede from the US?


  15. ignorance is like cancer or love it is blind infecting all sides of any debate but anyone that follows any religion definitely has no rite to talk about ignorance!!!!!!

  16. I got some value from it. It won’t matter much to this crowd as shown by the level of discourse above, but the Blink Sheikh’s son threatened to take American’s hostage and attack the embassy right before the Cairo attack. Imam Siraj Wahhaj should be “protested” vociferously, but not violently like they “spontaneously” do in Cairo or Benghazi. Robert Spencer, a cohort of Pam Geller (mentioned in your blog..)once got reprimanded by Benazir Bhutto for comments about Islam.

    Further commentary from Bhutto is unavailable due to her being killed, along with 12 others in a suicide bomb attack..

  17. Is the Blink Sheikh related to the Milk Sheikh? The latter has been weighing us down too long! Whip his cream! Split his banana! Swipe his cherry! End the ferment in Curdistan!

  18. bernie – so true!

    As a Christian and a Liberal, I find the actions of self-proclaimed Christians like the KKK and other assorted hateful bible-thumping White people more anti-Christ rather than Christian in any way. Obviously, they know nothing about being a Christian.

  19. “has no rite to talk about ignorance!!!!!!”

    That’s more true than I’ll bet you even realize.

    Talk about missed irony . . .


  20. East of Elanoy, and north of Fricassee, which is north of Tennessee. Fricassee’s capital is Kayeffsee, and chickens avoid it. It’s easy, once you figure it out.

  21. Muslim leaders do denounce attacks and terrorism all the time (just do a Google search for “Muslim leaders denounce attack” or “…terrorism.” It is just either ignored by the public or the media, I am not sure which, because it doesn’t fit with their pre-conceived narratives of the relationship between main-stream Islam and radical, violent Islam.

    I also wonder if main-stream Christians in the US denounce this sort of bigoted protest.

  22. A Note to the Editors,

    Being from Arlington, TX, I just want to point out that not everybody from Texas is like this.
    It’s easily agreeable that there are a lot of absolute nuts down there, but still, I think it would be wise to be more specific when choosing titles to articles.

  23. mjh,Oscar is not even up on being actually cogent. And besides the ReichWing abhors education so to assume that Oscar knows anything not of Fox News value is folly.

  24. Mathme, no even so called “good Christians” will never denounce these kind of people because the blowback would cause too much trouble. And the Christian Reich calls these tyrants and morons “patriots” even though there is not one iota of patriotism among the entire Reich Wing.

  25. Johnny, “this crowd” is had it up to our eye sockets with the myopic and purely fascist corporate Koch sucking Reich Wing that has absolutely NO feeling for Real America. So I hope you will understand our completely logical angst at the criminals and despots that comprise the Reich Wing.

  26. I’m afraid we will not see the end of these type demonstrations.

    The new target will be Muslims in America.
    Blacks and Latinos are in the loop.

    If this were the early 18th and 19th Century—Muslims would have been Lynched all over the place by now. This is the way America rolls. But you know what? I think that the Muslims would have staged a couple beheadings of their own too. Tit-for-tat. Big difference…Blacks did not retaliate in kind, neither did the Latinos, or Chinese. Native Americans fought back, but……Read: “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”. Anyway, as I was saying….things might get ugly, if cooler heads do not prevail.

  27. These type of demonstrations will not end anytime soon in this Country. The new target of the Haters are the Muslims.

  28. If you’re a straight, white christian male, they like you, if not, you’re 2nd class.
    How many rights has Texas blocked, supressed or repealed? MANY

  29. Some of those Texans are part Native American. You are being contradictory. Also not many Native Americans are 100%.

  30. I’m sure if Christians hold a similar public conference in Iraq, or in any cities of Saudi Arabia, Christians would not only have Muslim protesters – but Muslim police officers arresting all Christians.

  31. There were some pretty thriving Christian communities in Iraq until we butted in. Tariq Aziz was Christian. We not only don’t have a Muslim of equal rank, we’ve never even had a practicing Jew.

  32. First of all, there is nothing called moderate muslims, what you see in Iraq and Syria is the real islam. If you study Quran and Haddit, your will figure out that moderate muslims are Islamic scouts spying the land, paving the way for extremist islam to invade US soil. All these terms: moderate muslims, peace and love is just a lie to buy time for them to reach enough majority, then will turn their backs on us and do to US soil, exactly what they are doing to UK, France and Denmark.
    So far only Norway and Australia are deporting muslims. Norway is successfull of them all deporting muslims in masses. They stooped buying into Islamic lies and protected their own country and way of life. Read for yourself and know what real Islam is before sympathizing for them. What you see in the US, is sugar coated Islam. Many European countries made this mistake and now paying the price.

  33. I’m printing you, you vicious little bigot, just to show that when people like you are characterized as modern-day Nazis, it’s no exaggeration.

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