Democrats Blast GOP for Using Rep. Carlos Curbelo to Sell ‘Anti-Hispanic’ Platform


Not only will you be treated to Republican Senator/Castration expert Joni Ernst giving her rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address this evening, but you also get a bonus round courtesy of Representative Carlos Curbelo, who try to sell the Republican rebuttal to a Spanish speaking audience.

This is made awkward by the fact that Curbelo has a record of championing proposals that are seen by the reality based as less than hospitable to Hispanics. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is calling them “anti-Hispanic” proposals. Harsh but not unsubstantiated. As usual, Democrats have attached a list of linked facts to their charge:

Carlos Curbelo: Republican Party Puppet


Republicans in Congress picked Congressman Carlos Curbelo to do an almost impossible job: sell the agenda from the Republican State of the Union response to a Spanish speaking audience. Instead of Curbelo using this high profile platform to offer solutions for solving South Florida’s flood insurance crisis, demanding a vote on comprehensive immigration reform, or creating jobs, Curbelo will be doing nothing more than serving as a puppet for the Republican Party by translating their failed proposals.


Curbelo has spent his career putting special interests and partisan interests above working class families and championing anti-Hispanic proposals. Here are a few lowlights of Curbelo’s record that should give South Floridians heartburn:


Believes Immigration is “Not a Core Issue” for Florida Hispanics

Called Medicare and Social Security a “Ponzi scheme”

Troubling History of “Pay to Play” politics

Cut over 1,000 Education Jobs while serving on the School Board

Embroiled in a Campaign Finance Scheme

To be fair, Curbelo’s track record isn’t just anti-Hispanic, it’s anti-everyone but the 2%.

The questions on everyone’s mind this afternoon are:

1) Which Republican fringer will shout Fox conspiracy nonsense at the President during the State of the Union?

2) Will Joni Ernst be holding clippers and descending a Tara-esque staircase Jindal style and will she have a water glass within arm’s reach?

3) Will Curbelo go Romney during his rebuttal to the Spanish speaking audience, demanding a re-do on is intro and bussing in friendlies to play the audience?

4) How many ways will Republicans imply “trickle down” without saying it as they try to scare the public about taxing the rich fairly?

Tune in this evening as Politicus holds a live chat with our writers and streams the President’s speech. It’s set to be a very interesting evening.

6 Replies to “Democrats Blast GOP for Using Rep. Carlos Curbelo to Sell ‘Anti-Hispanic’ Platform”

  1. Think I’m skipping Ms. Ernst, even if she gets to the nut of the problem, as I expect it to be a ripping boar.

  2. You have to admit, for being cognitively and morally disabled, she really does have some “balls” to give a whack job rebuttal…

  3. WHat would make the SOTU speech a real winner for the country. Would be President Obama have Eric Holder hit the TP/GOP with Domestic Terrorism charges. Then all of them be marched off to Gitmo as traitors.
    Now that would be a great ending to the SOTU. Al rebuttals from the TP/GOP could be telecast from Gitmo.

  4. Nice thought. But the landlord, the government of Cuba, might object to us dumping more undesirables on their soil.

    Besides, they might be safer there….

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